Knocked Up and Over

First Look

I am thinking of changing my default publishing settings here on the ol' weblog. "Publish Now" should really mean "Publish in Five Hours, When Amy Will Inevitably Need to Eat a Few of Her Words."

After mentioning how ever-so-calllllm I was on Friday about the lack of a doctor's appointment in my immediate future and blah blah cramping tra la laaaaaa, I was on the phone with my doctor's office several hours later procuring myself a first-thing-Monday-morning ultrasound because of the constant, painful cramping.

Carry toddler upstairs to bed? That's a cramping.

Go 10 minutes without a big swig from the water bottle? That's a cramping.

Bake yet another batch of brownies while standing upright? You better believe that's a cramping, fat ass.

He mentioned stuff I already knew: drink lots of water, lie down and rest as much as possible, is probably completely normal as long as there's no bleeding. But he also felt that it was worth getting a look in there as soon as possible, just to be sure.

I almost canceled the appointment several times over the weekend since the math suggested that it was way too soon to see anything useful, like a heartbeat or some tiny jazz hands. But in the end, I went, because CANCELING A FREE ULTRASOUND? Who the fuck does that? Sensible people, maybe.

And...yeah. It was way too soon to see very much at all, although we were able to confirm the existence of a single (whew) beanish and lumpy-headed embryo, right where it is supposed to be (double whew). Quasimobryo appeared to be about 5w6d old, just a day or two shy of the visible heartbeat stage. I go back next Monday.


For today's entry the role of Quasimobryo will be played by some random image Amy found on Google.


Checking the angles for a resemblance.


Content with his continued status as "the cute one without a tail."



Well, thank God you got that pic on the internet. I was going to demand my $$ back from the OB's office.


The one with the tail seems pretty special too!

bon mariage

Are you hoping for a another boy or a girl?


Call me crazy, but I like your blog even more when you are pregnant. I am looking forward to the next 35 weeks.


Tamara, I second that! I am so excited!


imstell - tell me about it. We didn't even get a freaking print-out of our little smudgebaby.


I actually gasped when I saw the image of Quasimobryo.

Then "psag" as I read the caption - sucked that gasp right back in!


Awesome! Cute pics, of course!


So excited for you! And those pictures of Noah (and the guy with the tail even) make me want to get on that baby thing already. Til then- I will be pregnant vicariously thru you. (I mean that in the least-creepy way possible.)


I had a great amount of cramping my first trimester...even some spotting. I have no history of miscarriage or difficulty conceiving...but it still freaked me the hell out! My doctor assured me that you have a lot more round ligament pain the second time around and that trying to keep up with a toddler (mine will be two next month) is just more taxing on your body.

Now I am 30 weeks and things are moving along just fine. I still get the occasional cramps from hauling 30 lbs of toddler around but so far everything has been fine.

And if your doc is willing to do ultrasounds to put your mind at ease...i say go for it. I never get tired of looking around in is so cool.

Good Luck!


Try not to worry to much. If it's any consolation I had cramping, then bleeding, then giant blood clot only to end up with a perfect little man. (Albeit a few weeks umm months ahead of schedule).
Good luck and take all the ultrasounds you can get. We had 17 and I treasured them all!


Glad that it is nothing to be worried about. Yay for free peaks at the baby! And, heartbeats.

Looks like Noah had his curls cut?


you has a tadpole!


I am CONSTANTLY saying "that's a BLANK," which often generates blank stares real quick-like. We just taught our 18-month-old jazz hands and are lobbying for her daycare teachers to get the rest of the class doing it.

Congratulations on your lovely tail-blob!


I think you should train Noah to peel grapes, then sit around for the next seven months and have him feed you. Too bad he is too little to be baking brownies yet.
Good luck, Amy...


I'm glad everything is okay. I really thought that you had the most high tech doc out there before I read the caption under that picture!
Try to rest!


So, I recently became addicted to your wit, which has caused me to embark on the challenge of reading all the archives, and occassionaly spitting out soda with laughter...

So, not to make your life a soap opera or anthing, what happened to VJG? I noticed her early on and then she seems to disappear. Did she get another job? Do you still hang out w/the Judith Light Brigade?

Wow - this comment makes me seem like a real dork, but at least I can hide behind the anonymity of the internet...


the tiny jazz hands bit... it's killing me.

Someone Being Me

I agree. Never turn down an ultrasound. And now you should have a better idea of a due date and such.


I had the same experience as Aardvark--way more cramping the second and third time around. It freaked me the heck out, and I was not happy unless I was getting pretty regular peeks at baby bean. Fortunately my lovely doctor was very accommodating!

Imstell--I was also thinking that holy hell, ultrasounds had come a long way in five years!


My friend experienced the same thing in early her pregnancy (she is now five months)but her doctor said that pregnant women shouldn't carry anything over 15 pounds b/c it's hard on the fetus. I am assuming you are still feeding Noah so I assume he is over fifteen pounds? hehe, just thought I would pass it on.


What are you going to call this project? Project twoalah? Doubalah? Babalah 2: Electric Boogaloo?

Anna at Hank & Willie

I had one of those free ultrasounds at that stage, god they are reassuring, aren't they?

Though why producing anything with a tail should be reassuring, I'll never know.


I definitely remember a ton more cramping the second time around. Maybe it has something to do with the scaring from the section, or maybe it's just that with a toddler there's no time to lie around and relax.
Glad to hear that all was well in there!

Hot Librarian

To echo previous commenters, I love reading BWP (blogging while pregnant) too and am totally excited for you and the tiny one and the less tiny one (also Jason).

ALSO, we didn't get jazz hands from our first ultrasound, but rather an adept performance of The Robot, my most favorite dance trend EVAH.


Not to put any pressure on you, but I'm now expecting you to pull a Britney and have the baby either on or the day before Noah's birthday, obviously this would be in September. And also, please get an 'I have the golden ticket' tank top.


For a second I was all, WOW, those ultrasound things sure are getting DETAILED and LIFELIKE! Am dumb.

Congratulations, again!


I had cramping throughout my 2nd pregnancy. I don't know if you just notice it more the second time or what but I swear I had Braxton hicks from the second my little guy attached to the wall of my uterus


Phew, that must be such a relief! Haha, cute one without a tail.


Wow. I just caught up on the last several posts. CONGRATULATIONS!!!


that's really what it looks like at 6 weeks? huh.

glad you and embryo are doing fine :)


I meant to comment last week, because I, too, had been all zen-oh-ten-weeks-is-fine...see you then! And then around six weeks I called my OB begging for a mercy ultrasound. I got a lot of mercy ultrasounds.


Oh Amy, dear Amy -

I should know better than to read your words when I am sick. For they make me laugh SO MUCH, and right now that's kind of painful.

"Tiny Jazz Hands" - omg.


cramping (check)
oh what fun it is! 4w5d, doc can't see anything we wait.

Grats on your embryo with tail^^


Do they make Plaid Work Shirts in size Embryo?


LOL I thought I'd gotten a raw deal on my U/S's too until I read where you got the picture! If it makes you feel any better, I had big ol' cramps around that time, too (though it was my 1st time being pregnant). I didn't know I was pregnant and I was Googling stuff like "prolapsed uterus" because of the pain and cramping.

Yay for extra ultrasounds, though. Now all you need is an OB who will actually prescribe extra brownies and you're all set!


The internet would have been very upset if you had cancelled the appointment.

Next Monday, please tell them you will cut them if they don't give you a photo.


i second the Babalah 2 - Electric Boogaloo suggestion. gets me dancin' and everything.


I cramped a ton more with my second pregnancy, and then even more with my third, but don't worry about that yet!

laughing mommy

I know everybody's pregnancy is different... but in case it helps calm your fears to hear this...

I had braxton hicks type contractions the entire 9 months of my pregnancy with my second daughter. I'm serious, strong abdomen tightening contractions the WHOLE time. Worse with any type of activity.

Cramping can be a bad sign I suppose, but also it can be totally normal.

I'm really praying for you and your baby.


Damn Amy!! I saw that picture and started thinking how early u/s must be soooooo much better now since I had my baby 2 years! Looking forward to seeing your little ones first photos in the near future! :)


I was seriously worried reading those first two paragraphs, thinking "oh fuck, not CRAMPING", but then I remembered that when pregnant with Kaitlyn, I had Braxton-Hicks contractions for months.

I prescribe lots of reality TV (there's a former Penthouse Pet and a guy who made a gay porn movie on Big Brother 9 this season!) and TONS of water and REST. And please put up the caption Project: Bablah Two, Electric Boogaloo! Please!


Elizabeth, Babalah Two, Electric Boogaloo? I second the nomination. I almost jumped out of my chair when I saw the picture, because hello? I would really like something like that. But I am definitely not interested in the cooch cam. TGI Google.


Thank goodness. YOU may have been calm at the time you hit "Publish" (or at least when you typed the original offending statements) but I certainly was not. "MARCH?!?" I sputtered in disbelief, to no one in particular.


I'm glad you got in for the exam and helped calm your nerves. I am sitting here super nervous/excited about my first OB appointment tomorrow. I also had tons of cramping for like 3 weeks straight... of course I thought the worst, but they still made me wait THREE WEEKs for an appt. Normal or not, cramping is freaking scary when you are preggers.
I'm glad to hear all is well with your "little bean" though.


I vote Babalah Two: Electric Boogaloo, too.


Yay for TWO cute ones, with and without a tail.
I'm SO glad everyone is well!! :)
(I will also add my vote to the "Electric Boogalo" chorus :)


Glad all is looking well :) Here is to 9 months of ease.




I'm so happy for you guys, Amy. Going to the doctor probably was the best bet, even if you can't see anything. Ought to help with piece of mind, at least, yeah?

I'm so excited for you guys! I can't wait to see what the next few months bring.


It will be quite a feat on your DNA's part of course, to make the 2nd one look any more like you than Noah. This will be interesting. At least he can buy some more time because the newborn stage is not a lot prettier than the embryonic stage even though that New Mom phenomena kicks in and you can't see it for 5 months or so. ;)

Expectant Momma

First of all, congrats!! But I can't tell you how excited I am that you're pregnant -- for selfish reasons. I have been a long-time lurker on your blog but never posted. I loved reading about your first pregnancy even though I was quite a ways off from trying to concieve myself. Now I find us pregnant at the same time. I think you're 6 days ahead of me! So I'm going to love reading about everything that's happening in anticipation!!

Making My Own Fun

That's it. "Quasimobryo" has got to be the single best word I've ever heard in my life. Ever.

Lisa M

Take care and rest!


Pregnancy is not all its cracked up to be, It can be a constant worrying.

I am very happy for you.

Hoping everything stays well.


Go Quasimobryo, Go!

*unofficial cheering section*


glad to hear everything was okay... a million thoughts run through our head, it's good to have some peace of mind :)


Just caught up on your news. Good work, guys!

(Me next, please?)


Good luck with everything, but maybe it's time to have Noah start walking himself now. You don't need the extra strain and Noah is going to have to 'grow up' alittle....


Yay! I'm pregnant too--after a year of trying and am so relieved. I had to laugh at your previous post--that was me three weeks ago!


I was so excited to see the newest Storch then realized that maybe it wasn't a Storch after all. Either way, it's pretty cool to see what your baby looks like since they all look the same at that stage.

Fortunately for Naoh, there doesn't semm to be much resemblance.


Due date?


Holy shit! I'm so happy for you. Seeing those two lines when you really, really wanted to see those two lines is such an awesome feeling. Congrats to you, Jason and the really, really cute one without a tail :)


I felt everything sooner during my 2nd pregnancy. Hope you're well today. I taught my preschoolers "jazz hands" during our calendar time. They're totally into it, that and the "Baby bumblebee" song.


I don't know if it will make you feel better or not, but I had cramping every. single. day of my 38-1/2-week pregnancy. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. My little 6-year-old seems none the worse for wear. I feel like I was gypped out of what I thought was supposed to be my 9-month vacation from my period and all its associated splendor. Meh.


Whoah. I can't believe we all used to look like that.

I agree with those who are especially excited about your pregnant too! Woohoo :)


I am super excited for you and Jason. My first baby is only 3 1/2 monthes right now, and so I have quite a ways to go before I even want to think about baby #2. But I'm looking foward to following your pregnancy. I love your writing.


Take it easy.... I'm glad things are looking good! Also, I think you & Katie Holmes might be the only ones who get free ultrasounds. Of course she gets hers whenever she wants because Tom Cruisazy bought one for her, but still.
House of Jules

Aunt Becky

Oh darlin', how tricky. What a nasty feeling that is (been there, done that). I'm not generally good with the whole "make people feel better stuff" so I will tell you that I am here, and that I think you're rad.


i, too, could not wait 8-10 wks before my first appt. i think i willed my body to do something for a reason to go in! i've had bleeding for a week and a half but have seen the little blueberry twice--heartbeat and all! my first real ob appt is the 25th and i hope all will still be well.

this is my first so it's easy to relax my body. as far as relaxing my mind, that won't happen. i wish someone would've told me how worried and freaked out i would be.


Did I miss something? When did Noah get a hair cut???


I can't say I know how you are feeling, because my worries were different. (No problems getting pregnant, or staying pregnant, until 34 weeks or so) But - realistically, if you didn't worry now? You'd worry once he/she arrived, right? (I think anyone considering having a child should be told their new motto will be, "Embrace the worry!")

It's the way you will feel no matter what, right? Even if everything was perfect... which it pretty much never is? What is there left to do? Embrace the worry, cherish the differences, and all that crap.

(Also? You'll be able to drink in, like what? A year? I'll totally buy you a drink!)


i love the Simpsons reference. intended or not! ooooh, you better believe thats a paddlin'. :)
congrats on being preggers :)


Yay for Quasimobryo! I'm so excited for you and I love your pregnant blogs just as much as the normal ones. Although it might not be for the best since I have baby on the brain and we want to wait two years before making our own little beans. I'll live vicariously through you till then.

Her Bad Mother



Welcome to preggo-crabby-pants-land. It's AWESOME.

(really it is)


the words "quasimobryo" and "the cute one without the tail" just made my love for you increase by, i don't know, like 70% or something.

sending happy non-crampy thoughts your way.

p.s. i think 'quasimobryo' might even be better than 'eraserhead.'

Miss Britt



Quasimobryo! I also love your pregnant-blogging. But mostly, I love that you're pregnant.


In the first picture, Noah looks all, "Whatchu talkin' bout, Willis?"


Just want to weigh in with the rest of the world to wish you a huge congratulations! Good luck with the cramps. Eat more brownies.


Add me to the list of crampers. I had cramping for the first 12 weeks with both of my pregnancies.

And, don't hit me, I didn't have any morning sickness. So, cramping, no morning sickness and lack of physical evidence left me very worried on a regular basis that I was no longer pregnant.

I'm sure you are going to be fine and in about 34 weeks you will be meeting your second miracle.



Can we please please go with "Quasimobryo" for the next eight-ish months?? Please, I agree, that may be the single best word ever. "the cute one without the tail" is much cooler than "big brother"....


De-lurking for the first time to say Congrats and Thank God everything looks good! I love the snark and you now have a loyal reader!


glad to hear everything looks alright.
sorry in advance for the assvice, but with the second pregnancy, I had WAY more aches and pains than the first time around--like that blasted round-ligament pain that was 10 times worse at 8 weeks with baby #2 than at 9 months with baby #1. Doctor told me it was pretty common and told me to essentially suck it up. Glad to see yours is more sympathetic and let you take a look-see at the baby. :)


Congratulations! Amy. We are thrilled for you two! (Three! actually.) And "Quasimobryo"? Fantastic.


Glad all's OK. I had more cramping for my 2nd - I also had a difficult delivery and c-section for my first (the daugher with a similar diagnosis with Noah). I think possibly the internal scar tissue doesn't help.

Try and rest!



I love the little guy. He's a beautiful picture what's yet to come.

Noahs pretty cute as well ;)


I just saw my little "bean" baby for the first time yesterday during my ultrasound. It is so freaking weird to see something that small with that little heart just beating a mile a minute. I am 9 weeks (tomorrow) and am counting the days until I get past this trimester so my worry-level can go down a notch or so.

Let us all know how your second ultrasound goes next week. Fun!


I know you have 100 thousand readers/commentors and I have not commented in like months because my computer at work is fucked and would not let me see your blog so I would check from home from time to time but never had a chance to comment SO I am here to say CONGRATULATIONS!

OMG that is SO awesomely awesome!!! I found out I was pregnant and due around the end of July-ish so it will be fun to read your story in conjunction with mine because I am weird like that (and you know like to know when other are puking and have largish belly what the hell do I wear issues just like me!) BUT I AM SO SO HAPPY for you because I know this has been such a long road for you! YEAH!

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