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Wow, so I feel like I need to apologize for the sporadic posting this week but I should probably spend the time it would take to type an apology to actually post something worthwhile but there's this thing that keeps happening every afternoon, right when Noah goes down for his nap which is finally my time to write something worthwhile...I get on the couch...with my laptop...and...yawwwn...oh...wait...





the beauty of the 1st trimester!


We forgive you. ;)


Trust me, take it when you can get it!

I used to count down the hours until it was Dylan's nap time so I could nap too. Now they're both asleep at the same time and I'm sitting here on the computer! It'll work out in the end and we'll wait for you! :0)


Sleep now, for in 8 months you will forget what sleep is!


Ahh yes, the exhaustion of the first trimester. Only to be replaced by the exhaustion of the second trimester. And then the 3rd. Which subsequently becomes the sleepless nights of being the mother of a newborn.

Babies are energy-sucking, right from the moment of conception.

jive turkey

If that's an electric blanket cord I see in the background, then there is no explanation necessary. Those things are like Ambien.


I was like that for the first 15 weeks of this pregnancy. I would work, come home and take a nap, wake up and eat dinner, and then go to bed. I tried to stay up because I missed spending time with my husband, but then I would fall asleep on the couch.

Now that I'm in my third trimester, those between work and dinner naps are sounding pretty good again.


At least you have a reason to nap.

I just nap for the fun of it. :)


Oooh, cute the baby knocks you out allready.


Heehee, that's how I feel in the afternoons and I don't even have as good a reason as yours.

Aunt Becky

Oh how I remember those naps.

Feel better soon!


So excited for you still.


It's ok. You're pregnant so we really can't expect too much more from you. Pregnant women shouldn't have to do anything at all except eat brownies and french fries and take naps.


So excited for you still.


at least you have a couch. im working in an office, so id either doze off sitting in front of my computer (that always looks professional to coworkers), or (im not proud of this) go to the bathroom and rest, sitting on a toilet.
finally at 11.5 weeks that doesnt happen nearly as much.

Amy H

just so glad that you are preggo. Don't mind that you rest at all. Besides, when the second trimester rolls around you will have enough funny posts to make up for all the sleep in the first trimester.

common mom

Enjoy your naps :-) I'm remember the tired . . . apparently it takes a lot of work to bake an alien!


Snooze now, my pretty, for in eight months, you will be all, "Sleep? What is this sleep you speak of?"

Someone Being Me

I remember those days. Rest during your first trimester but we expect makeup blogs in the 2nd. With belly shots.


Just don't go outside. Iz cold.


Amy, take it when you can get it! Hey, maybe you should do the Utterz thing for a few weeks, until you pass the sleepy 1st trimester?


i fell asleep in a meeting today (almost 8wks preg)
and i have a dinner commitment so i need to stay awake even longer!

any post is a post, i was happy to see an update.

Mama T

are you drooling?


Nap it up, you don't have loonnnggg.
I figured you were busy baking.


OMG, during the first trimester I would book a conference room right after lunch so that I could nap because I was so tired I couldn't even put together a coherent sentence.

We all feel for you, along with being overjoyed for you. Enjoy those naps!


that was me today - except i'm not pregnant, just nursing a hell of a cold.

sleep now while you can :)

Reluctant Housewife

Hey, don't worry about it. You need your rest. When 1st trimester's over & you have a bit more energy we'll still be here. Congratulations on your pregnancy.


Ah, first trimester. I used to fall asleep on the couch at approximately 9:15 am. When I was supposed to be supervising my young toddler.

Eh, the house never burned down so I guess I did ok.


Awww sleep away. Cause in 9 months or so you won't be able to any more


You just nap while you need it. I've been there. Post while Noah is transfixed by Blue's Clues or something. ;)


Ahhh... The first trimester! Sleep all you can!


You are a cute napper :) It's hard work, making a baby! You need your sleep!


Oh, you're pregnant! It's completely OK!


I napped every, single afternoon for my entire pregnancy with my was AWESOME! I love naps.


that extreme exhaustion was actually my first pregnancy symptom the last go round. even this early, it's just your body tellin' ya to grab it while you can :-)


I believe you can be forgiven. And I'm totally jealous- I missed my daily pregnancy nap today and I am a BEAR. My poor children.


Happens to me too, my youngest is now four.....I think I am broken for ever. How is it that nap sleep is SO much better than night time sleep. I love naps, very much.


Oh, I remember those naps. I would wake up with drool down my cheek and onto my neck. Oh so attractive.


Be very very thankful that Noah is a napping superstar...and don't worry about us, we'll be here reading all your posts no matter how teensy. Especially once they can consist of simply a belly shot :)


Dude. I feel you. All I do is sleep. And try to think of foods that don't immediately make my stomach curl up into a weepy ball. Enjoy your napping. It's the most beautiful activity on this earth.

I'm not even pregnant and I feel like napping after seeing the picture of you napping.
House of Jules


oh yes. first trimester sleepy insanity. i'm getting there again as trimester two comes to a close...

Karen (miscmum)

Enjoy your naps! Never apologise for them!


I remember this well, Amalah! I was SOOO tired in my first trimester of the second pregnancy. It was a chore to blog! But, blogging also helped me because it made me feel like I was accomplishing something even though I felt like shit (physically AND emotionally). Blog when you can. We TOTALLY understand! You need your rest.

CONGRATULATIONS on the pregnancy!


do you wear your wedding ring on your right hand?


lucky...I could only nap on weekends...boss kind of frowned on me napping at my desk.


That's ok my son is 2, and my daughter is 7 weeks and I had to nap today. No problem sleep all you need.


This will be me in about 10.6 seconds. Goodnight!


Just sleep. You need it. We get it. I think I was awake a total of 9 hours my entire first trimester.

Crystal D

We are in the same boat friend. This is the first night in a week I am up past 8:30.


Dude, you even *look* pregnant! Those first-trimester naps were DELICIOUS...enjoy!!


Is anyone else curious as to how this photo was taken? Isn't Jason at work? And Noah is supposed to be sleeping, therefore not able to demonstrate his uncanny ability in framing shots....

Jamie AZ

Amen! A nap on the couch while the kiddos are down is a favorite of mine! Enjoy your rest time - we'll be here when you wake up.


get ur sleep on, get ur sleep on...
oh. sorry.

but, you get the point.


You're forgiven.



wish i could have an afternoon nap...


Wowza - I don't read three entries and what the? This is amazing. Congratu$@#*lations!!!! How exciting!


Sleep tight!


You are not alone, oh, no, you are not.

Like waking up in my chair to find the laundry half-folded in my lap and realize I'm 10 minutes late for preschool pick-up.

The first trimester, she is a tricky (and sleepy) bitch, is she not?


Mmmm. Naps....
Also? You're pretty cute when you're sleepy! Enjoy your rest :)


Yep, that's what I remember from my wife's first trimester too... come home from work and sleep until dinner, then fall asleep early for bed.

It's what you need!


Aunt Bossy says: rest up dear, rest up.

Miss Britt

Oh those first surges of pregnancy hormones are FUN!


I LOVED those 1st trimester naps. Sigh. Now I cannot sleep at ALL like ALL freaking night. I have tons of energy in the 2nd trimester BUT the no sleeping is making me a little err short, cranky - all right I will say it BITCHY!


Get it while you can, babycakes!

Hehe, I'm in my 3rd tri now..and have managed to revert back to my nappish ways. Then again, maybe I never stopped.

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