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The Hunger

Okay so I am emerging again from my near-narcoleptic state to post another damn run-on sentence entry and you know what I think I posted a lot of run-on sentence entries when I was pregnant before so I wonder if I should go ahead and make "punctuation aversions" an official pregnancy symptom on my still-to-come, just-hammering-out-a-few-final-details pregnancy calendar blog over at AlphaMom, because hey! It's my pregnancy guide and I CAN INVENT WHATEVER SYMPTOMS I WANT. FARTING. THAT'S A SYMPTOM. ALSO EXCESS EAR WAX, WHILE WE'RE AT IT.

What the fuck was I talking about? I got thrown off by all that punctuation. Oh, right, differing pregnancy symptoms between this one and my first, like the complete lack of puking (I really do believe I did have a stomach bug two weeks ago, although I'm sure the rising pregnancy hormones didn't help things any) and only the barest waves of post-prenatal-vitamin queasiness, which I cannot lie is freaking me out a little because last time I was so unbelievably miserable I lost over 10 pounds the first trimester, while this time I am eating us out of house and home and THIN MINTS THIN MINTS THIN MINTS! Followed by NACHOS! And then I want some PEPPERONI SLICES! And then more 85% off clearance rack Valentine's Day candy! And then I am STILL HUNGRY NOM NOM NOM I think I shall make some cauliflower and broccoli gratin (with ham!) and then eat the entire thing straight out of the casserole dish while sitting on the kitchen floor and eying the box of Tagalongs, because YOU ARE NEXT, MOTHERFUCKERS.

And yet I am still really very nervous about Monday's ultrasound, because I am unsure where the line between "crazy pregnant lady" and "fat whore pig who was just waiting for an excuse" lies. I am more comfortable with puking than with gnawing on the refrigerator handle, is all.

So if anyone has any experience with different pregnancies = different symptoms, particularly of the morning sickness variety, I sure would like to hear about it. My boobs would also appreciate it, since they are tired of me mashing on them to make sure they are still vaguely sore because otherwise I have nothing to BELIEVE IN ANYMORE. EXCEPT FOR THE DOUBLE-STUFF OREOS.

(Oh! And while I do like to imagine that my readers are the sort-of types who always have fabulous parties to attend on Oscar night -- perhaps parties where you dress up as obscure indie-film characters and everybody wears elbow-length gloves on principle -- but if you ARE going to be watching them at home this weekend, we're throwing a virtual Oscars party over at Mamapop [virtual = a swinging sexy time for the social anxiety disorder set!] and I would love it if y'all would stop by and join me, Sweetney, Mrs. Kennedy, Her Bad Mother, JenB and a slew of other hilarious people, either for just the red carpet fashion snarkfest at 7 pm or for the awards at 8 pm or both or just to hear the running list of Foods Amy Consumes During the Telecast and Then Cries About Because Now They Are Gone and She Can't Eat Them Anymore.)


Lisa Ann

I eat like that & I'm not even pregnant.

Someone Being Me

Don't feel bad. I did no puking during my pregnancy. My version of morning sickness was a complete aversion to anything not coated in chocolate or glazed. Seriously, I would gag at the smell of real food but could eat chocolate milkshakes with donuts all day long. Not surprisingly my son also is showing signs of a budding sweet tooth. Oh, and guacamole. Lots and lots of guacamole.

One of the Amy's

Holy hilarious!!!

My pregnancy (HAD A GIRL) was much like the one you are describing. YAY!!! GIRL GIRL GIRL. BABY SISTER FOR NOAH!!! (sorry, too many capital letters.)


Pregnancy #1 - got by with small amounts of nausea not unlike what you are describing. Pregnancy #2 - threw up 6 times a day until week 13. So, yeah, the symptoms? They can be widly different. Oh, and you are also not alone in being terrified of showing up to your first appointment & having everyone laugh at you because you are most certainly NOT pregnant & here let us show you to the wing for the CRAZIES.


I puked my guts out with my first pregnancy, and like you, ended up losing weight. The second one was totally different. I threw up, but hardly at all, and it completely freaked me out. I just knew something was wrong...or that I was having a girl this time around. Everything was fine - and I had another boy. So don't obsess too much, which is far easier to say than actually do. You'll be fine. And go ahead and be crazy pregnant lady, you've earned it.


Almost 14 weeks into my first pregnancy an no puking. The idea of veggies is gross {making dinner for vegan Mister is a challenge} but my stomach has been oddly ok.

Thanks for reminding I must beg for girl scout cookies because I am a dumbdumb head and forgot to order.

Amy the Mom

First pregnancy? Lots of puking, even more eating. Second pregnancy (twins) no puking, even less eating. Go figure.


My first pregnancy (girl) was like your first...puking all the time and loosing tons of weight. Granted, I puked for 9.months with her and lost 30 lbs during the whole process. I was so so so happy to have her out and actually be able to eat food (even looking at food made me puke, had to get a DVR so I could fast forward through commercials because they made me puke).

2nd pregnancy (boys! twins!) I was sort of sick but still eating. And then eating eating eating all the time and I felt great! It's so nice to actually be able to eat anything you want during pg. And then I got diagnosed with gestational diabetes so now I can't eat those 3 boxes of thin mints I ordered months ago.

Wow, long...sorry!


My boobs were not even the teensiest bit sore with my second pregnancy. I was told it was normal and probably the result of all the breasfeeding trauma from the first kid. So there ended up being a positive side to my breastfeeding nightmare - no sore boobies the second time around. Huh.

Jill (CDJ)

I can relate with the bizarre eating habits. I had that with both pregnancies and I want to barf just thinking about all the wholy non-nutritional foods I consumed in strange combinations -- boiled eggs and M&MS anyone???

And I'm so in for the Oscar's party. I used to throw a party every year, but since all our friends have moved out of the city to the suburbs we are social outcasts and don't know enough people to scrounge up a decent party (that doesn't involve toddlers) anymore.


First pregnancy, ate fruits and veggies and was all healthy-like in my first trimester.

This pregnancy (I'm 9 weeks), cannot stand veggies/real food. Must have fries and pasta and more carbs. And an entire bag of M&Ms (not an individual sized bag, either).

I've been sitting at my desk with some green beans in front of me since noon (it's 2 pm, now). My husband lovingly bought them for me and made me pinky-swear to eat them today. They're still sitting in front of me. Untouched. Unwelcome. Smelly.


The symptoms with both of my pregnancies were indentical: slight naseau, hungry, tired, vaguely sore boobs (extra vague the second time). I have a boy and a girl - in case you were wondering if different symptoms equals different gender.


My symptoms change on a daily basis..somedays I can hardly bring myself to eat and others I eat all day (I ate an entire box of Tagalongs one sitting)


Dear Amalah,

No worries. With son #2 I felt NOTHING....I was ravenous and ate everything and anything, even the DISGUSTING daycare food that was cooked daily where I worked at a preschool...I'm mean we're talking floppy, soggy tuna noodle casserole..(at least that's what I'm told it was)....and with my daughter, who is almost 3 months old now....I was MISERABLE..sick for the first 4 months...lost 10 pounds too, and only gained 28, unlike the 60 I gained twice before with my boys....have no fear....every pregnancy is different, I promise...that cliche is actually true.


P.S. I am soooooooooooo excited for you and Jason and Noahlah!


2 girls 2 totally different pregnancies. My first the only symptom I had was sore boobs. the second I had every symptom you could imagine. 2 totally diffrent pregnancies, but my girls look very much alike (excpet for their hair color) and have pretty much the same personality.


I'm a firm believer that the nausea only really sets in if you let yourself get hungry. So you know, you're doing the right thing. ;) That got worse for me each pregnancy. I would have to just eat ALL THE TIME.

I also have excessive ear wax when preggers. What the heck?

Also also: Double Stuf Oreos with the minty centers? Taste almost EXACTLY like Thin MInts. Except they're available ALL THE TIME. Muy delish.


Excess ear wax - oh Queen Amalah if only that were a pleasant fiction. My earwax production took off during my pregnancy and I even asked my ob/gyn about it in a "hey any chance this is related?"-sort of way. Turns out it can be impacted by those surging hormone levels - I guess like everything else in our bodies when we are cooking up a new person. But it's funny to me that you were kidding around and yet it really happened to me.


Mmmmmm....thin mints! Have you had them cold? Stick them in the freezer and then eat them cold- OMG sooo good!!! (I wasn't pregnant last year during girls scout cookie time- no sir!) now that is my preferred way to eat them.


1st pregnancy - hardly any symptoms, just really tired, I might have dry heaved like once, had a girl. This time, I am constantly nauseous, but have yet to puke, and since I'm only 6-7weeks I have no idea what I'm having yet :-)

Amy H

maybe it's a girl.

my first pregnancy was smooth morning sickness and no big eating binges. no crazy cravings. I had a girl.

this pregnancy has been completely different. Lots of puking...all the way to 25 weeks. No sore boobs at first, but boy are they sore now (with 3 weeks to go).

I think the differences you are experiencing in this pregnancy are normal. Hang in there until Monday!


My first pregnancy: NO morning sickness whatsoever.

My second pregnancy: I'm pretty sure I puked every day until the day of my c-section.

My third pregnancy: Queasy a lot in the first trimester, but no real morning sickness... until one day in the 8th month. Then not again.

It was like I gave birth to three different species or something.


I'm glad to hear you're not nauseated. I'm on my first pregnancy (after a miscarriage a few years ago), and the no-sick thing makes me paranoid. When we were at the doctor's office after the positive test result, I kept telling my husband that they were going to come in and say I was crazy and very NOT pregnant. . . instead the dr. high fived my husband and said we were definitely pregnant!

But still, not sick. Boo. Of course, I'm only five weeks along, so that's probably why.


My first pregnancy was a breeze, but the second was harder. I had to get up in the morning, give my son a bowl of dry cheerios and a sippy cup of milk then lie on the couch of at least 2 hours to avoid the nausea. Toothbrushing? That's a gag. The tird time around was the most unpredictable because I was sick morning, noon, or night. No rhyme or reason and it lasted until into the second trimester. I lost 15 lbs (much appreciated since I had a lot to lose) at first, then gained a total of 30 (net gain 15!). I also enjoyed the oreos with mustard. Gross? Absolutely. But it was a craving and all you can do is give in to the cravings!


Oh my golly. Effing hilariousness, you have.

My 2nd pregnancy? I was much, much, MUCH more tired than with the first one. Also, I went into maternity clothes at 2 1/2 months (versus 5 months with the first), but I'm sure the excessive eating played a role in that. Yet in spite of having a larger mid-section sooner, I didn't feel ANY movement until well into the second trimester. (I thought I would feel it sooner, because I knew what it was like. Not the case.)

So yeah, even though you've had a baby before, it's still a completely different pregnancy and new set of symptoms to throw you off.


You're totally having a girl! OK, I actually AM a scientist and I know there's no evidence for this. But seriously, I had WAY worse morning sickness with my boy than with my girl. FWIW.


I only ever had one child, but MY SISTER had three - two girls and then a boy - and guess which pregnancy was NOTICABLY different symptom-wise?? RIGHT! The boy! So I predict this is all b/c you're having A GIRL this time.


Is me thinking of getting pregnant just so I can eat twice as many double-stuffed oreos a bad idea? Because I'm tempted. :)
House of Jules

jive turkey

Dude, I'm 10 days late, my boobs hurt, I'm weepy, I'm breaking out, and I CANNOT STOP EATING. Test I took last week said "negative, fat ass." I think otherwise.

Your post gave me hope, is what I am trying to say.

Although, yeah, I think I'd feel more confident that the test was wrong if I was puking all the time instead of stuffing my face with english muffin pizzas.


First preg--craved soda and those horrible pink coconut covered marshmallowy dingdong thingies. Snowballs, I think they are called. Ate fifty million of them. Surprised son didnt' come out pink-coconut covered and carbonated. Also, extremely tired all the time and very emotional and should not have been allowed around people.

Second preg- Ate my own weight in french fries and Big Macs. Up to that point (age 34), I could have taken or left a Big Mac, they were not my fave. But during preg? Seriously, the child's bloodstream must have been filled with special sauce. No lie. Was still tired, but not as bad as with first preg. But the chesties? OhThePainandTorment of the chesties!!! They hurt sitting in my bra. They hurt without my bra. They hurt when I breathed. It was horrible. Worst symptom ever. And I was so emotional ALLTHETIME that my husband calmly looked at me one day and said, "No more babies for you."

With both, very little nausea, no throwing up at all, hair/nail/ear wax production up 200%.


Wasn't going to repeat what other people said but why the heck not..

1. You are still early, I NEVER had symptoms until around 7 weeks, then the puking festival was all around my party!

2. In my humble, 2 baby experience, less puking + more eating = GIRL!!!! Yeah!!!!

Amanda Newfield

Extreme polar differences between #1 and #2. Like you, I lost weight the first time around and was a constant eater the second time. Also like you, my first was a boy, so maybe all the eating means you'll have a girl... or maybe just a baby with a HUGE appetite. My baby girl out eats her big brother any day and she's one and he's six!


I have to go google 'cauliflower and broccoli gratin (with ham!)' because YUM that sounds good.


First son, sick, sick, and more sick, craved citrus...second son, no sickness, no nausea, but pain and cramps, craved cheetos and apple slices and and oh my, earwax unlimited, so bad at times I could not hear...both beautiful babies! congrats pregalah!


Um..I eat like that after I go to the gym...does that make you feel better? No? okay then, I am going to go eat some cheese and jam-together-ssooooo good!


#1 (girl) - not sick at all but very sore boobies

#2 (boy) - sick but pain-free

I think the soreness went away because I'd already breastfed my first. But the sickness? Who knows! Lots of my mommy friends say every pregnancy is different.

With both my kids I was sure at first that the pregnancy was all in my head. I feared my first doctor's appointment and kept qualifying my statements with "I THINK I'm pregnant." The nurses kept incredulously asking me if I had taken a pregnancy test or not? Of course, but still...


also? My main pregnancy symptom that I'm hoping you will disucss in future posts? Complete air-headedness.


Also extremely different pregnancies experienced over here - but, less eating plus less throwing up = girl, and eat everything not securely nailed down and throw up constantly = boy.
Clearly there is no merit whatsoever in any of these theories and the only answer would be having at least three of each sex yourself and figuring out what applies to you!


I ate like crazy first pregnancy, and have lost this time. It just happens like that.


I'm there too!

(I'm trying not to be insulted you forgot about me) sob.


I have 3 children, all boys, and all 3 pregnancies were completely different from each other. No Nausea the first time, slight nausea for a few weeks and extreme nausea the 3rd time through 16 weeks. Just like every baby is different, every pregnancy can be different.

It's totally ok.


Sorry, that would be slight nausea the 2nd time...


Dude, you are totally making me hungry! :)


1st pregnancy: no nausea, just non-stop hunger cmbined with major food aversions. Gained 70 pounds.

2nd pregnancy: non-stop nausea for the first trimester. Gained 35 pounds.

I have two girls.


Yeah, all 4 of my pregnancies were different. And while I had queasiness during the 1st trimester it turned off like a switch after 3 months. Weird. The only time I had the pukies is for my very 1st pregnancy which didn't end happily.

Don't worry if you don't feel sick and your boobs don't hurt. I'm sure everything is moving along swimmingly! :o) But thats no reason not to make your doctor earn his astronomical pay. Good luck!


My wife made me read this entry. Where I was only mildly concerned before, I'm now quite terrified.

But I'm sure you'll be fine. When you get the ultrasound? That's lube, not jelly. Just sayin'.


No morning sickness here! I ate like horse with my son. Food 24/7 all-the-time, gimme more! Of course, I paid the price by topping out at 200 lbs when I gave birth. It was so worth it though - I had some really good food! =)


Lesseee...I never had morning sickness at all, I only had tenderness, say, once a week or so, on average, and I ate like I did when I was a teenager. The only difference between pregnant vs. normal was I really really enjoyed chocolate. So I wouldn't worry.

Lisa M

Like so many people have already said, 2 pregnancies and they were very different in some respects. #1 - 3 weeks of morning sickness and then poof it was gone. I ate blocks of cheddar BLOCKS of CHEESE! I couldn't get enough cheese. And I couldn't stand the sight or smell of cooking meat #2 - mild morning sickness for a few months, no cooked/ing meat in the house, lots of weird reactions to normal smells, but no cheese fetish. And my boobs were barely sore and nowhere near as big as with the first one.


Okay so

1.) You are hilarious

2.) I am not pregnant and I ate a 16 piece dark chocolate godiva box in 2 days (yes it took 2 days)

3.) I was only pregnant once so I have no comparisions but I couldn't eat my first trimester so I think that means you are having a girl (since you and I lost weight with a boy)


Began reading when you just had Noah - on my bday - and now AM PREGO with first! 8 weeks! I concur with the hunger. There is no in between - RAVENOUS or full. Also the cramping - had it! Sore boobs, check, but no sickness of any kind. Hooray!


All three of my pregnancies were totally different. With my first, I just felt kinda uneasy, nothing a Saltine didn't fix right up. With my second, I was so sick! With my third, I didn't even feel pregnant. Pretty much every symptom was totally different, and it wasn't because of the baby's gender, because I have two girls and a boy, and the two girl pregnancies were so different.

With one, I had migraines, with another, I had depression. With one, my ankles swelled up, and with another, nothing.

Don't read anything into your pregnancy symptoms, I think they are just random.


Have you tried the Oreo Cakesters? Yum!


I think they're all different. First pregnancy: nauseated all day every day, puked a few times, boobs so sore that the wind made them hurt, baby girl.

Second pregnancy, never sick a day, didn't realize I had boobs, only puked once when I got food poisoning, baby girl.

Third pregnancy, sick once or twice, boobs slightly tender, never puked, baby boy.

The only thing they all had in common was that around the middle of the first trimester I went through periods of being prone to fainting, I gained enormous amounts of weight, and the babies ranged from 8 lb. 1 oz to 8 lb 2-1/2 oz and all looked exactly alike. Except for that external plumbing on the third one.

I do think that with each succeeding pregnancy the symptoms show up earlier. And you show up earlier - I was still wearing normal clothes, albeit with the top button of my skirts undone, when I felt the first baby kick. By the third, I pretty much got up the morning after and put on maternity clothes. Everything happens faster, perhaps because you are so much more aware of each symptom.

Except the last two months. They still last five years.


my pregnancies were complete opposites. if i had it with one, i didn't with the other. i even carried one high and one low-both girls, btw.


I didnt have the faintest trace of morning sickness for my first pregnancy. And my boobs were so damn sore that I couldnt even hug anyone.

This time around, to hell with morning sickness, this is ALL DAY LONG SICKNESS and have been way for the latest 25 weeks - I'm 29 weeks pregnant now. Nausea has been so bad that I couldnt function at all and my doctor finally took pity on me and put me on Diclectin - a godsend. Oh and my boobs dont hurt at all this time around.

Different pregnancies, completely different symptoms for me.


1st pregnancy--terrible want to die morning sickness

2nd (right now)--terrible want to die morning sickness until the OB recommends supplimenting calcium and B6 and now I am feeling good and back to the boob mashing. Still sore? Yep. Now? Yep. What about now? OUCH! and frequent trips to the ladies room to check for spotting (none yet).

I cannot wait until I can feel this kid move! Neither can my boobs, or anyone else in the house who likes to use toilet paper.


I didnt have the faintest trace of morning sickness for my first pregnancy. And my boobs were so damn sore that I couldnt even hug anyone.

This time around, to hell with morning sickness, this is ALL DAY LONG SICKNESS and have been way for the latest 25 weeks - I'm 29 weeks pregnant now. Nausea has been so bad that I couldnt function at all and my doctor finally took pity on me and put me on Diclectin - a godsend. Oh and my boobs dont hurt at all this time around.

Different pregnancies, completely different symptoms for me.


I have to jump in on the comment bandwagon because I think I have the exact same due date as you. (I haven't been to the doctor yet, but if those online calculators are right...) Anyway, I keep expecting fo the nausea to set in as well, but it hasn't yet. I am exhausted and hungry and the boobs feel heavy and sore but no food aversions and no either its too early yet or maybe its not going to happen. I'm hoping for the latter.


My first pregnancy (girl) I had horrible morning sickness. Every smell ever made me want to die...including good old boiling water. The only foods i could handle in the first trimester were super bland carbs (plain bread; plain pancakes; plain bagels, no cream cheese)The second time around (boy), virtually no morning sickness and absolutely had The Hunger. I'm not normally much of a meat eater but came home from the grocery store one time with six different packages of beef.

And, can I say how happy I am that other people had the excess ear wax? I really thought I was the only one whose ears went crazy during pregnancy. I googled it a thousand times and nothing...i feel like less of a freak now!


My first pregnancy (twin boys) I didn't have any symptoms. No nausea, no sore boobs, but I was intensely hungry.

My second pregnancy (one girl), I was sicker than a dog most of the first trimester.


I've only been pregnant once (17 weeks so far) but the tiredness? That vacation we took to Hawaii back in December might have been cooler if I wasn't asleep on the couch the whole time. And oh the hunger! Enough to turn me from vegetarian to omnivore.

I need to go eat another hamburger now..


I think excess earwax is pregnancy related. Both times I was pregnant I had to have my ears flushed out because I had so much wax in them. Gross.

Both times I was pregnant I was sick as a dog but the first pregnancy was ever so slightly worse. I had to have a few rounds of IV fluids put in that time. The first one my boobs hurt like a mofo and the second one they didn't hurt at all. No two pregnancies are alike I guess.


I am exactly the opposite when it comes to the food. I have aversions to everything. EVERYTHING. Every day the list of what I can eat is different. Today it is soup (provided there is no meat), yogurt, and Fiber One bars. I'm constantly hungry, but I can't choke down enough food to fill me up. I don't have morning sickness unless I eat the foods to which my brain says DANGER DANGER. And then that time a couple days ago when I had a delicious glass of milk and ten minutes later absolutely had to have six pickles. That was horrible.


I was so, so sick with my first pregnancy I actually had to quit my job, because I would just spend about 50% of my time hanging out over the porcelain. It started at about 3 weeks pregnant, and didn't stop until I was about 4 or 5 months along.

With my second pregnancy, eight years later? Nothing. Nada, zip, zero. As a matter of fact, I was almost three months pregnant before I even knew for sure that I *was* pregnant. (The tests prior to that were negative, so I attributed my 'lateness' to stress, etc.) But I was not sick at all with my second, not even a little bit queasy (although the heartburn hit later, just as it had with the first.)


Two prior pregnancies, both identical, both girls. Nausea hit on almost the same day of each and went away almost on the same day. Sore boobs, normal weight gain, some food aversions (red meat EW, french toast YUM!). This time with baby #3 (due Oct 13!) the nausea hit AGAIN on almost the same day. Hopefully it will leave earlier or at least at the same point, at about 12-13 weeks. No puking, just constant (or occasionally crippling) nausea, but as a previous poster pointed out, keep eating and you might keep the nausea at bay. My OB said to stick to dry carbs (toast, crackers) and sugars (ginger ale, hard candies). My acupuncturist said to slice ginger root and boil it for 30 mins, then let it cool and drink as tea. It worked marginally, but it didn't really make a dent on the most nauseous days, although neither did the acupuncture, btw. Just hang in there! Good luck on Monday - I just saw a heartbeat at 6w1d - amazing!


Oh, and one friend told me a good tip. If you kept a pregnancy journal (I was given one titled, oddly enough, The Pregnancy Journal) you can keep track of baby #2 in the same journal just use a different color ink. That's how I know when the nausea hit with each pregnancy and other cool comparisons. Although baby #3 is making the entries look a little messy...


Don't worry too much. I was really sick my first and second pregnancy (both boys) and then not sick at all my third. so of course I thought i was having a girl. but no. all boys (all HEALTHY boys). and all pregnancies are different (to quote my OB/GYN).


IMHO, you are preggers with a girl and she is already PMSing, hence the crazy food love ;) When I was pregnant with my DD, I tried to explain what it was like when you satisfy a pregnancy craving- it's like nothing else! Kind of like eating when you're very hungry, combined with afterglow and the dingdingding of a slot machine when you win. Although I am Italian and kind of still feel that way about food!

Here's what my great-grandma told my mom when she was pregnant with me- if it smells good, eat it, because that means the baby wants it. Buon appetito!


IMHO, you are preggers with a girl and she is already PMSing, hence the crazy food love ;) When I was pregnant with my DD, I tried to explain what it was like when you satisfy a pregnancy craving- it's like nothing else! Kind of like eating when you're very hungry, combined with afterglow and the dingdingding of a slot machine when you win. Although I am Italian and kind of still feel that way about food!

Here's what my great-grandma told my mom when she was pregnant with me- if it smells good, eat it, because that means the baby wants it. Buon appetito!


Well this is only my first pregnancy, but I will share anyway. I only threw up three times in my first trimester. Twice because I accidentally gagged myself while brushing my teeth. And while I could only tolerate the one elusive food of glory (that happened to change every...three seconds) I was able to eat like a normal person and only lost 2 pounds. The only food I could not stomach at all ever was a chicken salad sandwich. I'm in my 33rd week and still can't even look at that junk without wanting to barf.


I can't add anything more enlightening than all above - so I will just say "ditto." Same in some ways, different in others. The kids, however, are totally different in personality. Not sure how they are related.


The first time, I was not too sick, but had the occasional moment of pukiness. This time I threw up every damn day until 18 weeks, and still have moments of nausea. (am 21 weeks now) Not fun. So every time is different. Eat what you want, you are in baby-making-machine-mode. You need to fuel the fire!


I had differing symptoms! First one (boy) sick from 6-14 weeks with the worst. nausea. ever. Boobs were sore early on. Was tired, but nothing I could not handle by going to bed at 8:30 every night.

Second one (girl) got sick right at 6 weeks with what was definitely the new definition of worst. nausea. ever. It lasted until 12 weeks but was compounded by the toddler diapers and meals and was so debilitating, I had to have my mom come and help out with the first child because I could not deal with the smells of poop or chicken nuggets. Also, extreme narcolepsy in the late afternoon. Boobs were less sore, and not sore until later than with boy child.

So not to bear bad news, but you might not be in the sickness stage yet. It might be lurking. I, like you, actually thought "Maybe there is something wrong because I am not sick yet." The next day, it dropped me like a brick.


Well, I can't help you out with the whole puking thing, because I didn't have morning sickness with the first or with my current little strawberry sized leech. However, with my first I didn't really have any cravings, and this time I'm having wicked crazy craving and aversions (omg my husbands deodorant is going to kill me in my sleep). Also, no sore boobs this time... actually... no real symptoms at all except for the crazy eating. 12 weeks and I've only gained a pound, so maybe it is all going straight to the babe!


I'm 16w pregnant with my second baby. I did nothing but vomit, eat, vomit during my 1st pregnancy. All that puking and I still gained a few pounds. This time around I want NOTHING! to do with food. The sight, the smell, the taste - eww. I haven't puked once, but I honestly feel like I might die I am so dizzy and nauseous. The only thing I can eat without feeling bad are fruits and veggies. I have never ate a healthy piece of food in my entire life and now that is all I want! I've lost 10 pounds. I eat three meals a day but I'm hungry all the freaking time! It's weird how similar yet so different pregnancies can be :)

Must be Motherhood

Ah, I just polished off a box of Thin Mints myself.

My first pregnancy (boy) I had mild morning sickness in the am from about 6 weeks to 13 weeks. No puking. I lost 7 pounds no longer drinking (ahem) and b/c I had no interest in sweets.

This time around, I was nauseaus from 6 weeks until just about now (12 weeks) 24 HOURS A DAY but still didn't puke. And when I wasn't feeling ill, all I wanted was chocolate and mayonnaise. So, pretty different. Maybe a girl this time?


after enduring 10+ months of it, I can promise you flatulence is a symptom.


My babies are around your age, but honestly, every pregnancy is different, even for the same woman. A few can rely on puking and such every time, for most, it's a different thrill ride each time. I was hyper-sensitive to foods and smells with my first (the boy) and oh God I got carsick if I wasn't driving. The second time around I had a cast iron stomach, no queasiness, but was so tired the first trimester I don't know how I did it with a toddler underfoot. Oh, and then there was the spectacular 3rd trimester heartburn with the girl, instead of the massive flare-up of allergies the first time with the boy. All seemed like a big deal at the time, but in retrospect, really wasn't. Don't judge this pregnancy by the first one, it won't be just the same.


I can only give one example and that's my mum. With my brother she wasn't sick at all except right at the beginning and ate whatever she liked. With me she puked from start to finish - even throwing up while in labour. She carried a sick bucket with her everywhere. That may be more info than you actually needed.

Mrs. Flinger

What the hell kind of friend am I?! Dearmotherfuckinglord, you're pregnant! And WOOOT! And then WOOOT some more! And, while I'm at it, Fucking WOOOT!

God, Amy, I'm both thrilled and feeling a wee bit "Where the hell have I had my head shoved up the past several weeks, hrm?"

Not that you need even more input but my pregnancies were about as different as could be. With LB I was all "ICE CREAM!" and with O I was all "BEEF! I want a whole COW!" And dude, I hate beef.

I'm right now setting aside all of Monday to refresh your page and see your ultrasound because WOOOOT (Wait, did I say that already?) for more cuteness of Amy and Jason!



I am 14 weeks along and have hardly any symptoms, except for my skin breaking out. No puking, no nausea, minimal tiredness. Oh, some food aversions (like to bacon...delicious, delicious bacon! SOB!). Boob soreness stopped after 2 weeks.


I have been lurking on your blog for awhile. I can't even remember how or when I found it. I love reading your posts and usually laugh out loud or something. I also have a boy named Noah with speech problems and I have an 8 week today little girl name Sofia. With Noah I was sick 24 hours a day with his pregnancy and gagged all the time. With Sofia I had some bad moments but nothing bad and I was so starving just like you describe. It will be interesting to see what happens


First pregnancy, I had no symptoms at all. My boobs were slightly sore - but that's it. I gained 18 pounds (boy was 8.5, placenta was about 1, water 5, fat the rest). I walked out of the hospital in jeans.

Second pregnancy... sea sick for the entire time. Not puking mind you... just really woozy. Breasts hurt like an m'fer and I gained 30 lbs. BAH!


With all this advice, you'll agree most pregnancies are different.

Here's a tip - I could not get enough fruit "stuff" with one of my sons. Cookies, pies, cakes, danish, etc. Lots of lemon, cherry, blueberry - you name it. My son has always loved fruit AND vegetables, more than baked goods or candy. So you eat those rasberry zingers, apple turnovers - you get the idea. Start the baby out the proper way.


4 pregnancies, 2 girls, 2 boys. With the girls I was tired, bone tired, wanted to die tired, but little nausea, and wanted to eat constantly, just like you describe. Seriously. It was like we had a teenage boy in the house for as little time as it took to go through the groceries. As the pregnancies went along, I looked fat more than pregnant, my butt got huge, I turned huge. Emotionally mostly pretty manageable, though more prone to crying than anything.

With the boys I puked my guts out, lost between 8-12 pounds with each pregnancy, I wanted to eat and did, I just horked it back up. As the pregnancy went on, I only gained weight in my belly, just as if I'd shoved a basketball under my shirt. Butt stayed fine, if anything got smaller. But emotionally? OMFG the rage. I. Was. Pissed. All. The. Time.

YMMV, of course, but my bet is you're having a girl. Also my boobs were never as sore as the first pregnancy, I suspect due to what breastfeeding put them through. Good luck, hon.


Well ... if you even get this far ... I never had morning sickness in the first trimester when I was pregnant. I counted myself as one of the lucky few.

When I was 30 weeks, I threw up for 24 hours straight and went to the hospital for an IV and drugs to combat the nausea. Apparently, my body got the message because that was the one and only day I was sick throughout the pregnancy.

In my first trimester I craved anything GREEN and so ate many things with avocado on them.

Baby was fine, everything was fine ... YOU are fine! Enjoy those GS cookies! They sound delicious!


I had my daughter 6 years ago. I had nothing but mild queasiness with her that lasted until 13 weeks or so.

I am now pg with a boy and I ended up on Zofran until about 21-22 weeks long.

Hope that makes you feel better! I understand the anxiety. I had a sleepless night just this week as I convinced myself that baby boy wasn't kicking anymore. He is totally fine, I just have those anxiety attacks every now and again. First trimster - it was just constant.


I've only been pregnant (currently) once, but I had no morning sickness and no sore boobs. And the kid is currently kicking my bladder. So I'm sure the little tike is doing well, and enjoying all the thin mints (who wouldn't!)


NOT READING COMMENTS so don't get in my grill if i happen to repeat someone else's experience with my morning sickness.
BUT...with my first child i had no sickness unless i was within whiffing distance of a chinese restaurant. then all bets were off and the barfing commenced.
i was so cocky about how great it was to be pregnant that i got pregnant again (!!).
lo! behold! the all day sickness and bilefests and ohgod fortheloveofsatan do NOT JIGGLE THAT BED one more time or i will surely spew on you.
3rd time? more spewing, so severe that it was hospitalization time.

so, my scientific summary of all this is:
testosterone=makes me sick

and because i am omnicient, you are having a girl.
you are welcome.


With baby 1 (a girl)....I didn't even know I was preggers until I was 13.5 weeks. Because I had no symptoms at all, escept for a little booby issue and extra peeing.

With baby 2 (a boy), I puked for 3 months, lost 10 lbs (damn, I looked good), and felt like ass. For five months. And my daughter was only 5 months old when I found out I was pregnant again, so it was lots of fun puking, then carrying around the baby.

Yeah, totally different pregnancies. Totally different kids.

Both really healthy.

And I'm in NOVA, so if you want to get together and compare notes, shoot an email my way....

Miss Britt

Surely someone has already said this, but...

Different symptoms = Different sex.

With my son I puked every single day from conception to birth.

With my daughter - never actually threw up. Just had nausea so bad I actually had to be medicated for it. I would take the constant puking ANY day.

Just remember - they are different, two different people/babies. And YOUR body is different. It's been through this before.

Black Belt Mama

My first and second pregnancies were completely different. First: very sore chest (like couldn't even tolerate the shower) and barfing almost every time I brushed my teeth which was sort of counter-productive. Second: no soreness to speak of, no barfing at all, just some general waves of nausea that only lasted for about two weeks and then disappeared completely.

I so envy people who can eat and eat when pregnant. I had GD with my second and could only gorge myself on salad. It was just plain not cool.


I have a Noah who is about 6 months younger than your Noah, and I'm almost 12 weeks preggo with #2.

My pregnancies could NOT be more different so far, and it looks like you and I swapped symptoms.

With my first? I gained almost 15 lbs in the first trimester. Hun-GRY! Now! Now! Now! Now! I felt like there was a 15 year old boy trapped in my stomach, starting at ~6w.

This time? Ill. Puking. Horrible. Ill. Can't keep the prenatals down. Keep that damn food away from me, except maybe apples and toast.


I'm 11 weeks pg with my second and oh my God, this one is kicking my ass. The first one? I puked maybe three times, and that was all during the 3rd trimester? This one is making me want to die. DIEEEE.


Hey Amy -

I can give you my pregnancy symptoms, although this is my first (I'm due in 5 weeks, yikes!). Anyway, no morning sickness at all, no nausea, which really freaked my out until I saw my doctor who told me that there are many women who never experience morning sickness. I was expecting to be thowing up all over the place with my luck. But no.

I had a TON of hair falling out the first trimester, and this wierd acne which started out on my neck first trimester, and gradually made its way down my chest in the second trimester, and now it's on my big belly. It's annoying, but there's nothing I can do about it. Besides, if that's the worst symptom I have, I can totally handle that!

I haven't had any cravings either. It's the world's most boring pregnancy, but I'll take it!

I wish you the best and can't wait to follow along with this pregnancy as I did when you were carrying Noah. Again, I'm so happy for you guys!!


OMG, yes, the ear wax is a symptom! I haven't said anything to anyone about it, because I didn't want people to think that I'm crazy! But I'm with you!!


Pregnancy #1: Puke-tastic up until 24 weeks, had to take Phernergan. #2, threw up a few times a week rather than 5 times a day. Feeling lots better now. Also, am hungry hungry hippo.


Totally different pregnancies so far and with this second one (I am 17 weeks) I can't stand the smell of food but want to eat everything in sight. This means I have to shove it in as fast as possible so I don't gag at the smell.

First one boy, 2nd one - I'll know in 3 weeks but I think its a girl.


baby 1 - lots o' puke, little weight gain, acrobatic fetus boy who never sat still until he was born.
baby 2 - LOTS of NEVERENDING hunger, no puking at all, the most scarily sedentary boy fetus ever conceived. He's 20 now and still hates to move.
baby 3 - not much puke, normal hunger, MASSIVE weight gain any-damn-way. female soccer star fetus who literally kicked my breath out of my lungs.
My point? I has one. They're all completely different, expect the unexpected. Sit back and enjoy the ride.


I was deathly sick w/ first 2. One was a boy the other a girl. With the third I wasn't sick, my boobs only slightly hurt and felt really good. Oooh and I craved all types of food, especially steak. Also I can help you out on your thin mint addiction. I have a case in my garage cause somehow I got suckered into being a troop leader.

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