The Hunger
Because What I Really Need Is Another Outlet For All My Whining

thump thump thump thump thump

And more thump thump thump thump thump.

Translation: we saw the heartbeat. Um, whew? Yes. Whew. We even got to see it in 3D. It was...lumpy.

Everything looks fine, if a little on the petite side.  Quasimobryo measured at only 5w6d. exactly how far along we thought I was LAST Monday. An entire week of progress, gone! It's like crossing off every time on your to-do list, only to flip it over and discover it's a two-sided list. Or waking up, showering and getting dressed...and then waking up and realizing it was all a dream and you have to get out of bed AGAIN.

So my due date got pushed back ANOTHER week, to October 22nd. Ish. If this keeps up I will be pregnant until 2009.

Now if you'll excuse me, I am going out back to go all Office Space on that fancy fertility monitor with a baseball bat. Oh, I'm kidding. You know I'm just going to go take a nap.



Yay!! Hearing the heartbeat always made it so very real for me. Congrats!

imagine community

Yay! I'm so glad all is well.


Hurray for thumping! Many congratulations to you!

We had to have a lot of ultrasounds when I was pregnant with our daughter (and yes, "had to" seems silly to say because I loved peeking in obsessively to see if all was going well), and we had widely different predictions of gestational age based on measurements. Fast forward, reverse, fast get the idea. The kid ended up being 6 days late, which I'm not really convinced was late at all by the end.

Of course, the ultrasounds had me thinking she would be born 3 weeks before she was, so you can imagine my surprise when I had no signs of labor for days and days.


delurking to say: my birthday is Oct 23 and I highly recommend it :)


I'm so glad you have a good one in there! Congratulations for the thumping, it's such a lovely sound. I thought we were going to be due-date buddies (only in my mind, of course, as you don't have a clue who I am) but apparently it isn't to be.

samantha Jo Campen

Congrats on the heartbeat! And I got my date pushed back too and it felt like such a slap in the face. Like, all that 'progress' for nothing? C'mon! But you won't be pregnant until 2009 so that should be some comfort, no?


Big sigh of relief on the thumping. I'm just so excited!!


Thumpdy, Thump, Thump, WAHOO!!!

Don't worry about the size, it's just a cute, petite little girl who can't wait to be dressed up and have pigtails!



Yay! Congrats on the healthy baby heart!


Lucky ho! Not only is my uber-beloved OB retiring at the end of this month, forcing me to audition a new one, but my appointment and opportunity to hear the thump-thump (which I always think sounds more like "whoosh-whoosh") won't be until I am supposed to be at 10 weeks. 10 WEEKS! (and then they'll proabably knock me back down to 9 1/2 or something, just for spite).

Congrats on confirming the little bugger is in there and doing well. I'm still jealous. My only evidence so far beside the pee stick is constant nausea, frequent urination, and the fact that ALL THE TIME now I look like I just at an entire large pizza. (And how's THAT for a run-on sentence, baybee?)


Woo Hoo! You were on my mind today and I am so happy to hear all is well.


ok well i commented on the announcement that your due date was my birthday but now your new due date is my anniversary. i still feel special & all connected like :-P


Think of it this way, its just one more week to enjoy the fruits of your labor! :)


Happy Thump Day!!!

I think I smell a baby girl in your future!!! Well, really who knows...but it would be great!

I had a great time lurking at the mamapop site last night for the Oscar Party! You were fricking hilarious...actually..I sort of just scrolled through all the posts, only stopping to read the Amalah posts...LOL...

Also, I posted an Oscar Fashion Rounduop on my blog..just sayin'...


You're so cute...well it's good to hear the appointment went well anyway:) I hate that showering dream, i've totally had it!


Congrats! We're about 6 weeks ahead of far as we know... ;-)


It's a girl, and she needs her beauty sleep ;) Congratulations on the healthy thumping!

If you want to go all "Office Space" on that fertility monitor, can you at least video yourself doing it to some nice gangsta rap and post it on YouTube?


October 22 will be here in the blink of an eye.

I'm hoping for Oct 19. It's my younger sisters birthday.


Yeah for hearing the hearbeat. I would save going Office Space on the monitor for when you're having a really bad day.


Yay for Heartbeats! Boo for loosing a week. Thank goodness your not sick or you would be even more upset!


Oh I am so glad everything went well!

Someone Being Me

I'm happy for the heartbeat. The longer you are pregnant the more Amalah pregnancy stories we get to hear. Although I do want to see baby pictures so please have the Babalah before Christmas.

Sassy Pants

Congratulations on the Thumpa Thumpa. That is when I actually quit freaking the hell out with my boys. I still freaked out but to a lesser degree. And for that their father was grateful.


So glad you got to see the heartbeat! That is such an amazing experience!

I am about to go Office Space on my monitor and it's only my first month using it. WTF am I getting "high" readings for 5 days in a row, but no pretty little egg yet?!!

sigh. Congrats!


Congratulations Amy! I'm one of the lurkers but this is such great news I wanted to offer my congratulations and best wishes for all of you. I read your site daily (for yrs. now, um, wow) and can't wait to read more about the journey. Great news; so happy for all of you!


i remember the first time i heard ash's heartbeat, i bawled. reading your entry reminded me of that moment and it turns out that almost 3 years since then, i still cry just thinking about it. yes, i'm lame.


lumpy babies are the best kind.

mama speak

Yeah for heartbeats!!! Not sure what kind of fertility monitor you have, but I think a baseball bat is a tad big for that project. I'm thinking it's more like a prada pump that needs to be taken to it, I'm just saying....


See, it's NOT just that you're a crazy lady and want to subsist on Thin Mints. We told you so. ;)

The later due date means a different astrological sign. So, in theory, the whole baby's personality just changed entirely. Weird, huh?


Heartbeats=good. Congratulations! What I want to know is this, what exactly happens to that missed week? Is the baby just waiting in limbo? Do you put him on hold for a week? How does this stuff WORK?

Burgh Baby's Mom

Am I the only one that thinks it's hella weird that peeps are already predicting gender? It's like we're your MIL or something!

Congrats and woohoo! for a heartbeat!

She Likes Purple

My fancy monitor is on my shit list, too. Apparently monitors across America are forgetting they WEREN'T FREE and therefore really shouldn't get away with acting like they came from Wal-Mart. I'm so happy for your heartbeat, though. Again, it just gives me a ridiculous amount of hope.


Yay! I'm very glad everybody is doing good. I should tell you that, as someone who was also born on October 22, it's a great day. I'd be happy to welcome Quasimobryo to the 10/22 birthday club.


Yay on the heartbeat. I hear you on losing a week, but sometime in my second pregnancy I realized that my baby couldn't read a calender and therefore would come out when he was damn good and ready no matter how many weeks I was. Unfortunately he wasn't ready until I was about 89 1/2 weeks. Therefore I was forced to obtain a court order and eviction papers to remove the little shit from my womb. Enough about me though congrats on the thumpa thumpa


yay on thumper. So good.

And yes, you don't know me, but anyway I have to say that October is a grand month to be born. If nothing else, the entire Fish family will be celebrating, because we have our anniversary, BigDaddyFish's birthday, Trout's birthday, FIL's birthday, two uncles and two cousins' birthdays, you get the idea. It's an awesome month.


I say go Office Space, because damn it feels good to be a gangsta, and then take a nap, maybe after some thin mints.


I am one of those folks who has been reading for ages but rarely comments, but I am pregnant too and got to hear the heartbeat last week and it was by far the coolest thing ever! I am due Sept 18th. I am enjoying following your blog as I don't really have any pregnant friends at the moment to talk to so it is nice to read about someone else going through the same thing. And heck I am in the metro area too:>

Anyway congratulations!


Woo hoo! I am so happy for you, especially after your bad dreams about today's appointment.


I was also born on October 23rd. It's the best time of year for a birthday!


Oh, what a lovely, lovely sound that thump, thump is! Congrats!


I didn't get to post in your last one, but a lot of people beat me to my theory that you're carrying a girl this time based on your cravings and difference in symptoms. And yay! for the heartbeat! So exciting!


Yay for little baby heartbeats! We first got to hear our baby's (embryo's-whatever) heartbeat this past Valentine's Day. They also knocked me back TWO weeks and told me I had a vanishing twin. WTF?!




Yay, hearbeat!! I'm so glad you have that reassurance!
And I'm sure quasimobryo is just petite... :)


Yeah, Ashley and Valerie, Me too! October 23rd, all the way Amy. Mark it on your calendar! :)


Yay for Quasimobryo, a.k.a. Thumper! So happy you got to see the heartbeat. You all were in my thoughts today, and I was definitely waiting for good news!


Here's what's awesome: if it's a boy, then YEA! BOYS RULE! We know how to do boy!
If it's a girl, then YEA! GIRLS RULE! American Girl catalogs!

I just love a win-win...
Blessing you big time from AZ.


Hey! October 22 is my son's birthday. I think that's a wonderful day to have a baby.

Karen E

Aww congrats! Nothing's sweeter than hearing that heartbeat.

Well moving UP a due date would probably be sweeter. ;)


congrats and if he or she comes on oct 22 they will have the same due date as my babe but he was born a week late.


Congrats on the great appointment.

I am rather partial to your new due date since that is my birthday. :-)


Amy - I was behind on reading, but in terms of differing pregnancy symptoms, I am with you. I am now 39 weeks into my 2nd pregnancy, and this one has been different in many ways. For instance.
- my boobs were vaguely sore at the beginning but that went away really quickly - and I vaguely recall that I was uncomfortable through delivery last time.
- My morning sickness was way worse this time than last time.
- My food cravings and appetite was totally different - I am still eating like a champ through week 39 right now, and last time reflux and a full feeling made eating at the end really uncomfortable.
- my feet didn't swell this time.
- I gained a little less weight, but it is distributed totally different - I have cut mommy arms still, my face looks fairly normal, but my back is the back of an obese person.
- I don't have insomnia this time.

Probably TMI - but just proof that the pregnancy and the kid will oddly not be identical in the least. It was kind of like the realization I had the first time around that although this kid lived inside of me and I fed him, I actually didn't control his thoughts and actions.


Woo! Maybe our babies will be born at the same time! I'm due 10/24. I haven't heard the heartbeat yet (my next appt is 3/13) but I can't wait!

And I had my first bout of morning sickness this morning! I love how pregnant people are the only ones excited to vomit.

Congrats on the heartbeat, condolances on the lost week.


Having a late October baby isn't bad. My 2nd daughter was born last October 30th and I can't wait for the Halloween birthday parties. I heart you pumpkin shaped Peanut Butter Cups!!!


That is so funny, my daughter's due date was the same, she came one week early but I loved being pregnant last year...I miss being pregnant.


quasimobryo has got to be the funniest name I've heard. It's perfect
I wish you no morning sickness. although....according to the ultrasound, you may be right around the corner from it. (I'm so encouraging, I know.)

Yay for quasi-thumper!


woo hoo for a heartbeat! we heard ours today and it was more of a swish/swish/swish. but whatever it sounds like it's great that it's there!

my due date is now officially 10/6/08. until they come w/ a reason to change it.

damn it feels good to be a gangsta.


November 5th is a good birthday. I'm just saying.


Yay congrats! You're due two days before my wedding so I'm hoping for the 24th! :)


Whoa, freaky. The exact same thing happened to me two years ago (almost exactly, actually, since my due date was October 24th): I went in for an ultrasound at what should have been 6w6d by dates, but the little bean only measured 5w6d. It was like, poof, a whole week of my pregnancy had disappeared and I had to do it over again. It was a major bummer.

Incidentally, this could explain the lack of puking. I felt pretty fine until my seventh week, and then bleargh.


Thump thumping is really great. Although 5wks (okay, nearly 6) seems early to see the heartbeat. I would bet that you are just measuring small and you are farthur along than you thought.


BTW - on the whole 'no symptoms' bit and the 'no puking yet WTF??'. I would give that a wait n' see. I was puking my guts out but didn't start until week 7

Don't wish for it .... blech.

PS - congrats on the whole thing, I couldn't be happier for you. YAY FOR BABIES!


In a show of solidarity, I'm going to nap everytime you nap.
House of Jules


Aww, hooray for thump thumps!

Ginger Swanner

Yay!!! I know exactly how you feel about having to "redo" an entire week of pregnancy. When we saw our twin beans they said they measured on 4 weeks but, dang it, I was on week 5! But still exciting to hear AND SEE the heartbeat! We have heard, but not seen....


A heartbeat! Woo hoo! Congrats.

BTW - October 22nd? The greatest day in the birthday. :)


Oh, how exciting hearing the heartbeat! My husband and I are starting to talk about having a baby, and I'm definitely getting baby fever. Guess I'll have to live vicariously through you for now!


My belly has been feeling weird lately and I blame you. You have osmosisaciously transferred your queasiness across the river.

Your welcome.


That's fantastic news about the heartbeat! You both must be so relieved/thrilled.

I'm writing partly because my brain is totally gone haywire-crazy: we just found out that we're expecting #2 as well (the two positive tests are still on the bathroom counter as I write this) and suddenly I'm pregnant again and we're thrilled, but omg I'll have an 18 month-old at the same bloody time!. So, if you have any words of reassurance whatsoever, please be to sharing:) Danks.

Heather B.

I just now realized that I never said how thrilled I am for you that everything went well yesterday.

I hope you're feeling better today.


I am so thrilled for you guys!!! I found your blog through and read ALL the archives because I found them so hilarious and wonderful (plus I have a lot of free time). When I got to this month and read your V-day post I cried with happiness for you (yes, I'm pregnant too). Anyway, just had to de-lurk and say congratulations!


Holy cats I'm excited for you guys!!!


10/22 is the best day EVA!

It's my bday if you didn't guess.

Congrats on hearing the thump!

Mrs. Flinger

I thought about you yesterday and hoped everything went well. I wasn't worried, of course. I knew you'd be knocked up watching a heart-beating tail-sporting baby. :-) YEY for that!


Babies grow at different rates throughout pregnancy, so I doubt that either date is correct. Although,, I think pushing it back is good, so the original due date doesn't come and go and everyone is like YEEGADZ PITOCIN TIMEZ GET THAT BABY OUT! Of course, mine was 3 weeks late, so I had to stop answering the phone. Just sayin.


yay baby heartbeat! I always thought it sounded a bit like a cappacinno machine, myself.
Maybe your babies are just a bit small in the beginning? My cousin's babies were always on the small side so they kept pushing her date out an out and out...and she ended up birthin' babies that were a little small for their gestational age.
whereas my babies were always within a day or two of their gestational age, yet when they came out they were HUGE for their gestational age. Although in my defense, my insurance and doctor didn't feel it was necessary to do more than those 2 ultrasounds...the teddy graham one at around 10 weeks and the girl-parts/boy-parts check at 20 weeks. Any subsequent ultrasounds might've shown that my babies were turning into giant hairless gorillas in my uterus and I might've gotten the chance to deliver them before they hit well over 8lbs...


Ah, the heartbeat! So your baby looks like a piece of rice right about now, right? Or is it the seahorse yet? (Both my hubby's descriptions and oh-so-accurate!)

So sorry your due date got pushed back! But, the good news is that you're getting closer to MY due date, and we both know how important that is! :)

Her Bad Mother

Thumping. Thumping is AWESOME. HURRAH HURRAH.


The obnoxious thing about teh fertiilty monitor is taht it is looking for the difference between your estrogen level and your LH level, so if your estrogen level is high (either naturally or because of clomid) the LH surge might not register. That little factoid ruined an IUI for me--after that I was a digital girl all the way. Not that you have to worry about that now!


I also had this same sort of thing happen to me. I was having some cramping (and some bleeding!) about 5-7 weeks pregnant. I went and saw ultrasound and my due date was pushed back, I ended up going into labor 3 weeks early (by their due date) and everything was fine. I always thought the doctor was wrong about my due date, though. I think I ended up with about 6 ultrasounds altogether becuase I am a freak and was in the office at any little twinge. I ended up with a beasutiful baby girl, though, 7 months old now!


That's awesome and so exciting!


October 23 is Weird Al's birthday, and a very good day indeed; if the due date gets pushed back, aim for October 27, which is my half-birthday but more importantly John Cleese's birthday!

(It's also my friend Mike's birthday. He once wrote a sequel to My Fair Lady that had Higgins and Pickering in a gay relationship, and a parody of Into the Woods that was titled Into da Hood and a very silly song, "The Spanish Pirate Midget Song," about the title character's life after his father kicks him out of the car and drives off to Mexico. Now he wants to be a priest and is the most Catholic Catholic I've ever met.)

Congratulations on the heartbeat!


Congrats! This is so exciting! It's so comforting when you finally hear that little heartbeat.

Mrs Hannigan

Congratulations, that is so exciting. I have 6 daughters and I can remember that moment with each of them. For the record, I don't own a scrapbook either but I discovered digital scrapbooking, and I think you'd like it. Of course, I blogged about it but I won't be so tacky as to link from my comment, I trust you'll investigate the matter. have fun.

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