Stuff, and Then: Surprise! MORE WHINING!
THROWDOWNUP with Amy Storch

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People, I have what may be the best story ever -- in the HISTORY OF EVER -- to tell you. Seriously. My brain is leaking out my nose in frustration because to TELL you the story I have to TYPE the story and the story is just long enough to require both the space bar AND punctuation. Dammit.

Oh man, it's so good. It involves both 1) celebrities and 2) me being an idiot around celebrities and also 3) a kind of hot guy lifting my shirt to attach a microphone to the waistband of my maternity pants.  It's got everything!

I should probably start typing it, instead of this, because I feel very tempted to go off on a Tangent.

Okay! FOCUS! I will get to typing THAT STORY, and direct you in the meantime towards this week's Zero to Forty update at Alpha Mom, and also to interject a housekeeping thingie for anyone (Bueller?) wondering where today's Advice Smackdown column is. Today's Advice Smackdown column is off having a fabulous time in the future, i.e. tomorrow. We're switching the publishing schedule to Monday/Thursday/Friday for the sake of my very tenuous sanity.

That is all. As you were. I'll be back later this afternoon with a sure-to-be-disappointing update, now that I've gone and gotten everybody's hopes up.