Eggplant Will Make Your Baby Addicted to Cigarettes & Other Important Lessons*



I am grateful you post pictures of such an adorable little scrunchy-nose punkinhead. And your dog that looks like a deboned chicken in the back.


I second being grateful for those naptimes!


And for cheap-ass IKEA plates!


They are both adorable. Noah and Ceiba. :)


Wow...that Ceiba sure is flexible.


I am trying to get my dogs to come inside now, they are having none of it. They are enjoying the spring sun way too much! going on 2 hours of them laying out


I have just put my the baby down for her nap when I read this. So I am grateful, too. And Noah is the cutest little boy. (and I have two boys! Shh!)
The first picture had me look twice because I was like "Play-dough makes jelly? Why haven't I seen that?"


Ceiba's photo is killing me. :-)

And Noah is adorable peeking at the neighbor girls.

I'm grateful it is almost the weekend.

Mama T

PBJ with a side of playdoh?
yum :)


I'm glad someone else's dog lays like that. Mine always looks like he's broken something when he does it.


Except why won't my kid nap?


Cutest dog evah!

I love Noah peeking at the neighbor girls! Hee!


...and Fridays. Definitely grateful for Fridays. Ahhh, the first taste of Spring! We watched #1 play baseball for a little while until we (#2, that is) realized that there were SLIDES! Slides to slide on! Ladders to climb that give mama heart arrhythmia. Nap time is the bestest. Highly recommend tap time every day.


I'm grateful for the first 70 degree day since last October!


I am also grateful for naps. And I don't even have kids! I'm also wishing we were having as nice weather today here in Boston as it looks like you have there. I want to lay on the grass!


Grateful for your inimitable, graceful prose and for how you remind me how wonderful mothering a boy can be.
Also grateful that it's Friday, payday, and the start of Spring Break in Upstate New York.
Happy weekend, Storches and Amalah fans.


Wow, Ceiba. That does not look comfortable. Like, at all.

Noah is too precious.


heh, I was thinking the same thing - Yum PB&J with a side of play-doh! Isn't this weather to die for?!?!


When I saw that last picture, I couldn't believe how LONG Noah looked! He is one damn beautiful child. Also, I have to admit that I got just a little misty eyed at that same picture, remembering his (apparently!) former grass texture issues.

Jen L.

Ceiba's pictures is almost euphoric. She's like "yeah! warm deck feels goooooooood to the puppy!"

Noah is a doll and a half.


Those are great photos! Makes me so, so happy springtime is upon us!

Happy weekend to the Amalahs!


What an adorable boy... Love those curls! Sweet pictures.


He looks so big in last photo!! So cute he is! Thanks for the photos!


so is noah taller than you yet?


That picture of Ceiba is hilarious. The way that she has her back legs would be funny on its own, but her facial expression cinches it.

Plus, your PB&J-covered little guy is the cutest thing!


How sweet! Ceiba looks thinner?


Ah, yes, there's nothing like PB&J on IKEA plates!


Love the crocs. :-b....

I guess pokey grass isn't an issue. ;-) Yay. He's so cute laying there.


Your day sounds very much like ours. We had our first beautiful day of the season and spent several hours at the park playing soccer, rollerblading, tossing a football and swinging. And the dog enjoyed a nice afternoon on the deck.


Amen, sistah. We're in NC...kinda the same weather pattern as ya'll.

And since we are kinda in the same weather pattern...snow for you on Sunday? Yes for us.

GAWD. enough.


I'm totally ratting you out to the Fug Girls for putting your innocent child in Crocs. Won't someone think of the children???

I kid, I kid. Adorable as always. Have a great weekend, Storches!!!!


look how tall Noah got over the winter!!!

and we've got those IKEA plates (and cups. and bowls), too. :)


I'm grateful you post such adorable pictures for me to look at!

Suzy Q

Peeping Noah! Haa!


We had our first PB&J picnic this week, too! BEST DAY EVER.


Picture 3: Dog or Rat?


He looks just like you...what a cutie.


Ceiba looks kinda thin in this, has she been for some lipo? Don't lose your curves girl!!!

Hehe, Noah is totally cute, and checking out girls already :-O


Awwwwww! What a gorgeous day it was for SURE! I was thrilled to get out and really clean out the car.
I bought some flowers to plant, too.

Noah looks so much like you, girl! Poetic justice, I say. For what we go through to bring the darlings into the world just so we can hug and kiss them!
OOOOOSH!!! SO cute!!!!

Thank you for sharing your day with us!


Springtime + toddler + puppy. Excellent combination, Amalah.


Ahhhh, I am dying from the cuteness that is your Noah. Thank you for posting photos of such a cute boy! My boy is now 11 and cute is a word he can not stand. He's cool, man, not cute.


Awwww! Great pics! GREAT! (that pic of your dog is hilarious!)

Mommy Cracked

Amen! Great pics...the dog is *almost* as cute as the kid!


I gotta say, Ceiba is giving Noah a run for his money when it comes to hamming it up for the camera. What a pair!

And before too long you'll be able to add adorable googly-eyed newborn pics to the mix! Yay!


Yes, you've got a cute kid, but I have to admit I come here for pictures of the dog. I love that dog.


i cant believe noah is in shorts and a tshirt. in chicago my kids had to wear hats and gloves saturday to be outside.


This post made my day :) Both Noah and Ceiba are delicious. Nom nom nom toddler and puppy.


Beautiful pics! Want a pb & j now. And a baby.

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