Oh right. Bye.
A Businesswoman, a Tibetan Monk & a Mommyblogger Get on an Airplane


Operation Pink Herring

Don't be too embarassed... I have been traveling for work for three years and I still am not sure what turn down service even is.


After schlepping to my parents' in NJ via Amtrak this morning (and leaving hella early to evade all pope-related madness), I get in bed, turn on the laptop, and see what kind of AWESOME things you've been up to the past two days, since I last checked in.

Newark. Besides the airport, excellent Portuguese food, and a hottie mayor, there's not much else. Leave quickly.

Suzy Q

Hee! Jet lag; she's a bitch!

Backpacking Dad

That is NOT the most embarassing thing that can happen involving the maid walking in.

Thank you, Comfort Inn in downtown Toronto; you have inspired me to always put the deadbolt and "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door.

No, it does not rhyme with "flasturbation". Yes, it does rhyme with "newlyweds on vacation having hot...chex."

Petunia Face

No, I'm pretty sure it's more embarrassing to be caught on the toilet by the maid in the morning. At a NY hotel that is too swank to put a door on the bathroom. And you know, you're doing your morning thing. At least you don't feel bad when you don't have enough cash in your wallet to leave the maid a tip. I mean, what is up with the simultaneous knock and opening of your door???


It looks like a subtle (or unintentional) product placement for Sony. At least you're getting sleep-it makes you the envy of my household.


So, I take it there will be no waking up to pepperoni on your pillow? Ah, I miss sleeping with you.

Also, DUDE. I can't believe you're only an hour and a half away from me right now. WEIRD.

Some People Call Me Mom

In bed by 8:22? That's what mommy dreams are made of.

Enjoy the rest!


I say enjoy. Maybe next time she will arrive earlier if she wants the honor.


LOL. Between the pregnancy and time change, of course you were in bed! I've had 8:22 bedtimes for lesser reasons...


Life of the party, eh?


Eh, the maid is probably used to it. California isn't exactly known for it's nightlife...


Yehaw...you in one of them there fancy hotels! Totally stock up on the mini shampoos.


Dude, I'm 8 months pregnant and go to bed at that time in my own time zone (and sometimes did so without being pregnant). I am such a rockstar.

Occidental Girl

Ah, well. Sleep is sexy!

jive turkey

Well, I hope she at least tucked you in.

Someone Being Me

Thats not embarrassing. That is smart. Take advantage pregnant lady. Sleep while you still can. Especially in a bed that someone else has to make up tomorrow

Undomestic Diva

Now you're just being mean with your "I get to go to bed early" attitude.

I'd sooo pick sleep over a good time any day. Because frankly, getting sleep is a good time these days.

Kimberly C

While I was pregnant, and could get the sleep(husband was also working nights) I went to bed at 7 some nights. Can't do that now, the kid is here- don't know what I will do when #2 is expected. And the maid? Has seen stranger stuff- I worked in housekeeping the summer before I started college and I know.


eh, you're a mother of a toddler and currently growing a person inside of you. that warrants bed before dinner, i think.

is the weather nice?


Welcome to California!


We'll I hope you at least remembered to demand the pillow chocolate!!


Dude, you're in California? Where??! *looks out window*


Same thing happened to me at a conference in Oregon last week, and I only flew west two time zones. Good luck with the jet lag!

Jen L.

I agree with Beth--I hope you got your chocolate mint!
Sleep well!


Hey, that's what I'd do too on a night without any obligations to anyone but myself.

Extra sleep: the ultimate luxury!


My girlsfriends took me to Palm Springs for my birthday the beginning of February. Four glorious days of rest and relaxation. However, we were in our room every single night the turn down service came. We politely took the water and slinked back inside to drink more wine and laugh. Nothing like living large at 39!


Hope you are having a great time in California. I hate to make a comment that refers to a past blog entry, but I can't resist posting this question I just read on a pregnancy forum:
"Hi Ladies ... would like to hear views on EATING CHOCOLATE DURING PREGNANCY - is it safe?? What r the good and bad points of eating chocolate (not excessive of course). A friend of mine said 'u have a smiling baby compare to non chocolate eater during pregnancy' ... how true is this???"
Can you begin a blog devoted to hilarious pregnancy forum comments? Thanks. And don't forget to eat chocolate.


I found one of the funniest parenting sites. Just don't take it personally. ;o)



The things people will do to avoid tipping the help. Sheesh.


Hey, you're pregnant so that's acceptable... I wento South Beach for a training and by 9:00 p.m. was in bed reading a book. While other people were drinking mojitos and having sex with strangers! :/
I am re-visiting SB next month and I will NOT bring a book! LOL

Domestic Diva

It was really great meeting you in person. I found myself going to be around 8ish too. Who would have thought the time zone thing would have been an issue?


I can't figure out what email address to use for the advice smackdown. Don't judge me, I'm pregnant.


More embarrassing (but definitely not as embarrassing as some previous comments), is when they come to clean the room and you are *still* in bed.
Hope you got your beauty sleep...

Steph C

Okay. Now that is funny! Funny because it is suprisingly realistic in my world. It's hard being me sometimes... okay that's a total lie, but I do tire easily!


LOL I just went to Vegas for a concert and did the EXACT same thing. In bed asleep at 8:30; up wide awake at 4:00.

That's just perfect for Vegas, you know?


It was so great to meet you in person. I really loved that you kept getting up to pee during the presentations, because it made me feel less self conscious every time *I* got up to pee. I'm not even pregnant, though, what's my excuse? Oh yeah, the whole, "I birthed 5 children" thing. Anyway - I hope to see some of your pictures! xo

Jenny from Mommin' It Up!

Ha ha ha ha I just noticed the alarm clock is a SONY. Funny! It was great to meet you. I was in bed at 9:00 that night but the turn down service DID beat me to it. But you have the best excuse, pregnancy PLUS jetlag. Really!

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