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Too Funny! Try "Goof Off"


I want to say try olive oil. I shouldn't hurt the camera. Good luck :)


Check out this site. I freakin' LOVE these things, they work on EVERYTHING, even when they're dry!!


Wow. I thought those things only ever happened to me. Try Pledge Multi- Purpose Wipes, safe for electronics, glass etc. You might need to use your fingernail (covered by the wipe) to scrape at it a bit. Good luck.


Um yeah, we can't have anything nice in our house either. Life with a toddler.


I'd start with just rubbing it with a flannel receiving blanket. I've taken of crayon with flannel on other objects.

Good Luck!


Darn you, Elmo's World. My TV has similar decorations around its frame. Niiiiiice. If you're red and furry.


I agree; a soft cloth should work. If not, try computer monitor cleaner, like iClear.


Oddly enough, baby oil. Just put a little bit on a paper towel or soft cloth and wipe away. Something about the baby oil softens the wax in the crayon and makes it easier to wipe away. I hope this helps!! Poor new camera!


How about vinegar? It cleans crayons off of walls... it might work for the camera.


Oh no he didn't. What do you do in this situation? Do you yell? Calmly explain that crayon belongs on paper, not on expensive electronic equipment? Or just have a drink and be thankful that at least you didn't pay for it?


Gah! At first I thought that was a huge crack (which is what our camera has, naturally).


Oy vey.


Try an iron on the lowest setting with a papertowel (or two) in between to absorb the wax. I've done it hundreds of times!


I have the answer! Dryer sheets work great for getting crayon off hard surfaces!!!!!


Mr. Clean Magic Eraser?


Okay. For about a month now, I've been toying with the notion of asking you what camera you use, as I love your pics!! Now, I know! See - procrastination DOES pay!!

Try a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser?? it worked on the fridge and tile kitchen floor in our house. :)


As mentioned previously, I'd try an oil of your choice. Works well for getting crayon of non-porous surfaces.

Your experience is exactly why I dread getting anything nice until all my children are older - maybe when they move out???



I agree with the person who said just rub it off with a cloth. I've noticed when my kids color on our table, if I catch it before it's been there a week, it will rub right off. Beyond that, Magic Eraser works wonders, although I'm not sure if you'd want to use it on your fancypants A300.

jive turkey

Oh my.

File this under "Guilt." Bring it up later when he's a teenager and wants to spend Mother's Day with his friends.


It is a pretty drawing...

water, a little soap and wash cloth?!


Yes... Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser. I'd be surprised if it didn't do the trick!

Mama V

microfibre all the way.... just dampened with a little water should do the trick!


Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser! Removes crayon from everything I've tried it on....


Goo Gone. I can't believe you have a two-year-old and haven't discovered it!


I am sitting here and feeling so bummed for you...why would your husband do such a thing?! juuuust kidding, wish I had some suggestion to help


I would recommend avoiding any oils or solvents, as they are a bitch to get off the screen and could damage your hardware.

My advice: Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and a teeny bit of plain old water (just enough to dampen) will save your life - and your shiny new toy.

You can thank me later - say by letting me buy us a pitcher of non-alcoholic beer to share at BlogHer. Pregnant and suffering together!

mama speak

try the soft cloth no liquid first. Then move up to goof off or some other kind of orange oil (neighbor just used it to get pens off of walls). I personally have found the baby wipes (Costco brand) are magnificant at getting crayon, pen, highligher off of pretty much everything. When in doubt (or when he gets ahold of a sharpie--rubbing alcohol).

Now--you may only keep your camera up in high places so he can't do that one again!

That was your PSA for the day, go have some wine, you deserve it!


Goo Gone or maybe Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.


Use one of those eyeglass cloths (the soft blue ones) or some tissue paper.

You could also try taking said toddler and tying them upside down from the ceiling by their feet until they turn 18. Just a thought!?

Some People Call Me Mom

I don't know - but that makes me want to cry - and it isn't even my pretty, pretty new toy!

Good luck and please update as to what worked. (I still have a 3 year old hanging around the house - who knows what kind of mischief he could still cause!)


i agree with the goo gone theory and it smells good too. its the bestest!!


I'd avoid the Magic Eraser because it's abrasive and could scratch the display. I'd first try cleaning it with whatever you use on your monitor. And I truly hope the "iron and paper towels" suggestion was a joke because ironing your camera? GAH!!

Then I'd possibly discard all crayons in the nearest receptacle.


I agree with the Goo Gone theory. A little goes a very long way, and it works well on crayon and sticker residue. Orange oil based, I think.

operation pink herring

I just died a little bit for you. I'm insanely jealous of your new camera (and your bee-photographing skillz), but I'm afraid to shell out for a nice camera because, um. I likes to drop thingz.

creative-type dad

A new camera....?

Or Goo-Gone


This happened to our video camera. A slightly damp magic eraser took it right off. All hail the magic eraser!


Um, yeah. I think I'll be keeping that DSLR of mine in the bag until my kid hits puberty. Or maybe until she goes to college.

I lost a pair of eye glasses to my kid last fall. They're like ninjas, those toddlers.


Plain old rubbing alcohol on a qtip. try not to use an abrasive cloth cause it will scratch the hell out of that screen. They do make screen protectors, they are worth the money. I have a 2 and 5 year old and my camera has been through the crayons, paint, and playdo.


Alcohol and soft cotton, like a nicely used tshirt. Don't use goof off - that damages plastic.

Your preshush, your preshush.

La Rêveuse

If you don't mind the toxicity, lighter fluid or WD40 will do it.


Oh no!! I would just be beyond livid. No advice for getting it off, but I would be careful if you decide to try the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser because as some previous commenters mentioned it can really make a mess of certain surfaces if you scrub too hard.


EWWW!! I have used the Magic Eraser to remove crayon from kitchen cabinets very effectively. Not sure if it would work on electronics.


Wow! I figure everyone's already covered the removal hints, but after you get it off, maybe get some PDA screen protectors and slap one on (pain to cut into the right size tho and not too possible for the optical viewfinder). Not that I've ever gotten crayon on my lcd screen thingie, but I do sometimes throw my camera in my bag with my junk and it seems to work pretty well. :)


oh nooooo. gah.

Rattling the Kettle

Baby wipes. The answer is always "baby wipes".


I hope you post what your solution was. I'm dying to know which one of these suggestions worked.


LOL! Irony has to count for something here. I can't stop laughing about this, although I am SO sorry it happened to you. Yeah, I would go the baby wipe way to try, and then proceed to Goo Gone once your patience and wipe inventory is exhausted. Ban the crayon!


Seriously. WD-40. Spray it on a paper towel and then wipe the screen. It will work.

Leaf, probably...

Ah no! not the camera!


Shiiiitt. I just came to say that. Oh, and you can always write Heloise if the above suggestions don't work.


OMG. my stomach just dropped for you.


hey, i think everyone has covered the hints and tips...
if you need somewhere to "store" it for awhile...let me know!


Love Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It removes everything and won't leave a film.

A microfiber cloth will work also. Crayon is so waxy it should be easy to come off.

The only guy who reads this

Try spit


Most digital SLRs that plastic thing over the LCD screen on the back is designed to be a replaceable part. I don't know about Sony for sure but for Canon they're around $10 and it comes with the tool to remove the old one (OK, it's basically duct tape, but still). So even if the above suggestions don't work that's hopefully the backup plan.


Little bit of baby oil on some q-tips or a sock or something soft. When the crayon is gone, a little windex on the LCD to get rid of the oil.

BTDT. :)


Just wandered over from MamaPop - I'm so sorry about your camera!


Oh, crap. :p
Have you called the local camera repair shop? Perhaps they have some inexpensive tips.


Google it. That always seems to work unless it is something like 'ketchup on the ceiling'. That one stumped even Google. My teenager (the culprit) thought it was funny as hell. My hubby and I were not amused. Good luck!


I gasped and had to hold back tears after seeing this photo.

Hope you can wipe that off! It's only crayon anyway, right?


I didn't read through ALL The comments and count- but yea, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It gets just about everything.

Also? I'm having a hearty laugh at all of you that think not having nice things ends when you no longer have toddlers...


I did a quick google search on how to get crayon off of LCD screens and vinger and water, with a soft cloth was a common suggestion.

As was WD-40. But I'd stay away from glass cleaners...


Oh, I died a little seeing that picture. I vote microfiber cloth, they are safe for your camera. You could always call Sony and see what they recommend. You could do it anonymously so they will still invite you to the next swag-fest, or...tell them who you are and promise to blog about how toddler-proof their camera is. If the crayon comes off easily it could be a great selling point.


Yikes! So much for shiny new perfect toys. I agree with the microfiber cloth and using one of those long&Strong-thank-you-pregnancy-nails to work it.



This is a link that you should favorite, many solutions on removal of crayola products from various materials, etc. I have utilized it on several occasions, they do not have "a pet cat" as one of the surfaces listed for marker removal, fyi.

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom)

My son did that to my brand new lap top when he was two. (except it was pen I think)

It was so great meeting you in La Jolla!


It's probably been mentioned, but if you wouldn't use it on your plastic eye glasses, don't use it on your camera. That includes Goo Gone (contains orange oil and KEROSENE), Windex, etc.

Any eye glass cleaning kit acceptable for plastic lenses should be safe for the plastic of the camera's LCD screen and view finger.

Be wary of micro fiber cloths - I tried one that was supposed to be safe for plastic on my Dad's less-than-one-week-old eye glasses.

The cloth scratched the shit out of them.

kim at allconsuming

i would have said eucalyptus oil, which is like 50c for a 10litre bottle over here but I have vague recollections they try and swindle you lot and charge a lot more.

That and I don't want to be responsible for ruining it even more.


Not sure if this has already been mentioned, but acetone (or nail polish remover with acetone) and a cloth diaper should do the trick. I work in the optical world, and it's what we use to get factory no-line bifocal marks off eyeglass lenses without damaging them.


I have never had a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser fail me...not on crayon, not on pen, not on permanent marker.


Wow. That's a new toddler record. You've got to give him mad props for the speed in which he was able to hone in on his target of destruction.


I'm guessing that your little mister doesn't like the attention you are giving your new camera.


GASP! That is terrible. I would try the Mr. Clean Eraser thing, that this is like magic. I think someone mentioned it already.

Whatever you try, good luck!


Oh, that is just the saddest thing I've ever seen...so sorry.

We remodeled our house a few years ago. My (then 2 year old) son "found" one of the contractors pencils and decided to add his own touch to our newly painted walls...aaaawwwwwhhhh.

Good luck with whatever "hint" you try. For all it's worth, I agree with the oil-based ones.


Oh Good lord, I hope you called the company first! Sometimes they have things to reccommend....

Jerri Ann

Toothpaste, not gel, paste and not the gritty kind


oy...after panicking and downing a good glass or two of wine, I'd call Ritz, or a good local camera place. I'd be so afraid anything wet (oil, goo-gone, etc.) might work its way into your camera's innerds, and I'd be afraid that the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser might be too harsh on that viewing screen.


I would think a little spit and a microfiber cloth or something should do it. While they are all at it with the suggestions though, lip gloss off of leather interior applied artfully by a 2 year old? Oh and coffee from my laptop keyboard that sticks now, thankyouverymuch one year old? kthanks


I'm a really huge fan of Goo Off, but I don't know if I'd risk it on that screen. GOOD LUCK, i swear just looking at that picture puts knots in my stomach.

I'm also a big fan of google... a few years ago my friend and I were tossing a squeak toy around for my dog and a bad toss made the dog trip into an end table... which tipped a burning, bright blue candle over. The wax instantly hardened all over the (new) carpet. At my parents' house. We PANICKED. Google suggested laying paper towels over the mess, blasting it with a hairdryer, and blotting up the wax. Sounds ridiculous and it took FOREVER but it removed every last speck of wax.

Trust in the magic of google.

imagine community

Nothing abrasive! Not toothpaste, and Magic Eraser worries me too. I'd suggest rubbing alcohol, either on one of those little wipes they come on or on a cotton ball. If that doesn't work ... try coffee (black and unsweetened, natch). Again on a very soft, non-abrasive medium. Good luck! And please let us know what works.


has Mommy been playing with the camera's too much? I once got totally consumed with an art project. I won't tell you what my 4 year old did to it, but it took more than baby oil and a soft cloth.
I love your Blog BTW.


NOAH NOOOOOOO!!!! (weeps)


i used to work in a physics lab where we used crayon and colored pencils to mark up all kinds of equipment. We got it all off with rubbing alcohol and kim wipes (super x-tra strength tissues)


I will swear that non acetone nail polish remover works on this stain. My 2 1/2 year old wrote with permanent marker on our new flat screen t.v. and I researched it on line and it was stated to use non-acetone nail polish remover. OH, and I am delurking for the first time (just to help you out). love your blog


I will swear that non acetone nail polish remover works on this stain. My 2 1/2 year old wrote with permanent marker on our new flat screen t.v. and I researched it on line and it was stated to use non-acetone nail polish remover. OH, and I am delurking for the first time (just to help you out). love your blog


DON'T use a Magic Eraser. They contain an abrasive so it may really REALLY ruin the screen. Try a microfiber cloth (you can get these at Walmart in the automotive section--called Bag of Rags). Maybe with a teeny oil too, just no solvents or abrasives. That really sucks. Totally something my kid would do. AARGH.

Wacky Mommy

heh heh heh heh. Noah's all, New toy for me? No? Mommy's toy? NO!




Bwahahaha. I'm sorry. Not laughing at the screen, cuz God that sucks. But am laughing because my mom would say that on a regular basis in our house:

"I can't have ANYTHING nice!!!"

Thanks for the flashback. Good luck!


Oh, man. I don't have any advice, but I've said those exact words. And it was in regards to my new digital camera and a certain two-year-old I know. Arrgh.


Dude I think he wrote his name in Japanese. Cool!

If all else fails, I have a list of orphanages that would love to take a cute little Picasso! Oh, that would be my house, nevermind. ;)


This is what my husband says (he's very handy around the house, especially w/ electronics & anything to do w/ cleaning):

-NO on the Mr. Clean Eraser (too abrasive). It's good for walls, etc., but not on something like a camera
-NO on Goo Gone (it will melt plastic)
-rubbing alcohol & a very soft cloth are your best bet.

Oh, and he says, no matter what you try, make sure to test it on a small corner first.
Good luck!


Too funny, especially since mine used crayon in a similar fashion on the TV screen just the other day. I found scratching it off with your fingernail is the most effective.


Ohhhhh. Oh my!

I would try just a clean cloth first, and see if that helps the wax. And then just a tiny bit of plain alcohol or eucalyptus oil?


Don't use oils, solvents, liquids or abrasives. just a super gentle microfiber dust cloth (found at Target or or many other stores, but who shops anywhere but Target, I don't know) and rub gently.


Longtime reader here, didn't feel like reading through all of those comments to see if this is already suggested, but if it hasn't, try a pencil eraser gently. It has taken crayon of my lcd monitor before. Good luck!


Happened to me! Use a Mr. Clean Sponge. Make sure you ring it out well after you wet it so that it is almost dry again. It should work - it worked for me and just made it streaky and then I use monitor wipes to clean them off. Hope it works for you!

Yah Baby

I love how you set the camera just so. The crayon marks are JUMPING OUT AT YOU!

Nice shot of that. Totally captures the bitter sadness of the moment.

No recommendations, though. You can't have a shot of vodka in your condition, so you may have to engage in retail therapy, such as diamonds or some such.


Wow. Just...wow.

I would stay away from anything too abrasive or chemicals that will damage the screen: NO nail polish remover. NO Mr Clean Magic Eraser NO Goo Gone. Because these will get rid of the crayon BUT they will also get rid of view finder.

I would start with a flannel cloth, then with some rubbing alcohol on a Q-Tip, then a little baby oil on a Q-Tip if the first two don't work.

And calling the company cannot hurt because I am sure that you are not the first to have to deal with this. Actually, I think that every company should have a toddler user group which tests products before they are finalized. Just have a room full of toddlers with crayons, pens, toilet bowls and peanut butter. Send a camera or cell phone in at one end and see what you've got left when it comes back out. Then tweak the design.

My kid will be happy to head up that group as she is not only good at destroying electronics that her father leaves around, but is also fabulous at directing other toddlers to do the same. There is a business model in there somewhere.

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