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p.s. If rubbing alcohol works, you kind of wonder if plain old vodka would work. Not that flavored kind, but old skool and straight up.

You could always do a shot of vodka, breathe on the screen, and wipe. In fact, you may have to do this 6-7 times before it actually works.


No, but I can tell you how to get ballpoint pen markings off a new LCD TV screen.


Whoa! I have NO idea how I would respond to that if it were to happen to me - but, I'm guessing, not well. After all, I'm still torqued at my 14 year old son for not doing his homework last night when he visited his dad's....and the only destruction there was to my sanity and my son's grades! On the other hand, you could look at the positive - like, he could have a lucrative career ahead of him as a professional "tagger"!


Look on the bright side - he didn't get the actual lens with his crayon!


Go to crayola.com for great crayon remover tips. A little rubbing alcohol should do the trick! :)

Mama Podkayne

Ok, I'm going agaist popular opinion here but mostly because I am a camera nerd....

DO NOT USE OIL ON YOUR DIGITAL CAMERA. Its a fine trick for other surfaces but NOT NOT NOT for electronics.

My camera came with a micro fiber cloth and some cleaning solution. Did yours? If not, go get soem from the camera store or a computer store. Use that. It is an alcohol base, I think. My Mactop also has to go wipes that will work.

Yikes, people with the oil. Its a digital thingy! Oil will destroy it. Maybe they are just jealous of your new toy.


Uh, dude, 106 comments and nobody's said Windex? (I think, anyway.)

Teensy bit o'Windex, washcloth or microfiber, shazam. Of course, if you have a Magic Eraser, that is awesome too.


Our two year old just drew on his daddy's brand new big LCD screen with crayon (while I was watching him, of course). The recommendations for removal were for either WD40 or rubbing alcohol. Be careful what you use -- some solvents might melt your screen which would be double sad.


permanent ground-ation. & WD-40 on a q-tip. i'm an artsy fartsy(see: clumsy) photographer & that method works well for most screens & (god forbid) the outside of lenses, if he ever happens to get crayon there.


Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser?


dryer sheet. seriously.


Baby wipe.


For the woulda, shoulda, coulda file, you can get transparent stick- on stuff to cover that viewfinder - once you get it clean.

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