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19 Weeks & the Obligatory Halfway Point Meltdown

So the pregnancy. It continues.

The baby kicks, mostly at night, when I'm already struggling to find a comfortable position and properly position a pillow between my legs and huffing and puffing like I'm in the third trimester or something. My belly is small and round and (if I must say) rather cute and I like it. It's high and all in front, just like last time, although I still feel curvier everywhere, and hate the way my thighs look in photos. I've only gained a couple pounds, just like last time, and I had to work for them, forcing myself to eat every few hours and not fighting the second serving of strawberry shortcake Jason insisted I eat last night, and oh, but life is SO HARD.

I'm also wracked with the same sort of hand-wringing anxiety as I was last time -- this ever-nagging wait for something to go wrong, for the worst-case scenario to happen. The lack of weight gain, far from being any kind of HA AM AWESOME bragging right, was scaring the crap out of me, and I convinced myself that my belly was far too small for this far along and clearly the baby had some kind of growth problem -- we should have known from those early ultrasounds that consistently measured small! woe! fie! -- until I finally dug up a photo of myself from about the same point last time, and...oh. I look exactly the same. Never mind.


One minute I refuse to let myself assume that we'll actually have a baby at the end of this, and the next minute I freak out because WE NEED TO ASSEMBLE FURNITURE! I HAVE TO ORGANIZE CLOSETS! GO GET THE SWING FROM THE ATTIC RIGHT THIS MINUTE SO I CAN GET THE SERIAL NUMBER AND SEARCH THE PRODUCT RECALL WEBSITES!

So. Yes. Also just like last time. Reruns! How boring!

In between the panic attacks, however, I've managed to spend quite a bit of time overthinking the few pieces of baby gear we need to purchase this time. Namely: slings/carriers and strollers.


Here's my current brilliant plan, and all I ask is that you be KIND when you rush in to point out its many flaws:

I'd like to avoid or, at the very least, put off a new stroller purchase for as long as possible. We made the mistake of buying a stroller while I was pregnant last time, after merrily wheeling it around the store for a few minutes. Not exactly a real-world road-test, when you're trying to drape a heavy diaper bag over the too-wide handles, or navigate over cracked pavement or through tiny city store aisles or fold and lift the damn thing while recovering from a c-section and lugging a 10-pound newborn in a carseat and ARRRGH I hated that stroller so very, very much.

(Peg Perego Aria XT, or something, in case you are curious. Our particular model was discontinued the following year. We picked it because it felt the lightest in the store, only to discover that once you load a baby and a bag onto it the front wheels would lift off the ground and you'd basically be trying to steer while stuck in a permanent wheelie mode. It folded flat but wide and was light but unwieldy and generally just sucked at existence.)

(After that we ordered some rugged European Bugaboo Wannabe called the i'Coo Infinity, sight unseen, because we became convinced that the crappy plastic wheels and lightweight frame on the Peg were the source of all our troubles. The thing weighed 400 fricking million pounds and would only stay folded if you took the time to buckle it shut and everywhere I went I left a path of destruction on either side of me because it was far too big to take anywhere that was not a wide open field, which is all the awesome online demonstration video had shown, ha ha suckers. Try wheeling it through the Gap and suddenly you're dragging three dresses and half the display of fabric belts behind you.)

So now we have a Maclaren umbrella stroller, the love of my life. Sure, it'll tip over if you leave your diaper bag hooked on the handles and remove your child, and the handlebars are starting to wear a bit and I'm not sure the brakes work so well anymore, but it folds up practically pocket-sized and you can sling it over your shoulder and I now every time I see a young, sleep-deprived couple out with a gigantic color-coordinated travel system that outweighs their newborn by a good 30 pounds I shake my head and give them six months before they realize that the crushing, pressing need to downsize totally trumps any prenatal belief that your preshus baybee needs to be surrounded by as much plastic and padding as possible at all times.

So. I plan to strap this next kid onto my body as much as possible for the first year or so. Noah honestly doesn't even ride in a stroller much anymore, and with a late October due date I'm thinking we can probably make it a good six months before the weather warms up enough to really deal with long outdoor two-kid activities that might require the use of a double or tandem stroller.

Thus, mah questions, for the four of you who made it through all that yakkity and are still with us:

1) Recommendations for a good newborn sling or wrap? One that is easy to figure out and would allow me to nurse while the baby is all snuggled in? I've been leaning towards the Moby but am a little concerned about how hot all that fabric might be in the DC humidity and also that I might be kind of too dumb for it, since I've seen mothers at the playgrounds with them and they're practically walking pieces of cotton origami and the kid is still dangling somewhat precariously off their body. Then there's the K'tan and Hotslings and all sorts of gorgeous homemade ones and wheeeeeeee, I'm off to silently rock in a corner now.

2) Recommendations for a six-months-and-up carrier? I know the slings promise to be so ultra-versatile you can carry your kid to college in them, but I still think I'd like a Bjorn or an Ergo for when I don't feel like swaddling up like a mummy. Plus, I know Jason would be more comfortable with something more...uh...buckle-ly and manly. We had a Bjorn last time but not, apparently, the RIGHT Bjorn, the expensive one with the back support, so it killed my back and Noah outgrew it in length awfully quickly. So I'm curious if anyone has used both the Bjorn and the Ergo, and which one you'd recommend.

And while we're at it, we might as well talk strollers too. Side-by-side doubles are just...no, for us, but I have still managed to come up with a frillion different possibilities. A literal frillion! True story!

3) Anyone have the Joovy Caboose? How do you like it out and about in the real world? Is it easy to steer? Noah really dug it at the store but alas, we've learned our lesson that linoleum does not really exist out in nature and the stroller aisles at Babies 'R Us are about four times as wide as a REAL store aisle and they do this on PURPOSE. Because it is all a RACKET and they HATE YOU. Also, is there really any difference between the regular and the lightweight model? Because neither one felt all that lightweight to me, frankly.

4) Jason saw a Phil & Ted's tandem stroller this weekend and fell in love on the spot, but I am loathe to spend that kind of money on YET ANOTHER GODDAMNED STROLLER MAKE IT STOP. Particularly since we just don't use a stroller that much, and I have all these Grand Plans Of Babywearing. But. I could possibly be talked into it, if it's the greatest stroller ever and makes all other strollers look like Hitler. Plus there's a local consignment store that always has the ultra-expensive strollers for sale, so between that and Craigslist I could probably get one used.

5) My OTHER grand idea is to just keep the Maclaren and attach one of those little wheeled platforms onto the back of it. The obvious downside is that Noah couldn't sit down, and I know that once he sees the new baby getting pushed around everywhere he may regress a bit and suddenly WANT to ride in the stroller. Or he might not, or he might constantly try to step off the platform and drive me insane and I'll wonder why I ever passed up the chance to have him buckled in with a 27-point harness or something.

6) Oh. And thoughts on a used Snap-n-Go? For any infant pushing emergencies? This was the one piece of baby gear we DIDN'T get last time and I really regretted it, but I wonder how useful it would be the second time around, since I certainly couldn't use it while out by myself with both kids. UNLESS! The wheeled platform works with it? But by that point maybe I should just get over myself and buy a new damn stroller already?

Okay. I think that's it. I remember that I will need 4,586,029 cloth diapers and about the same number of Soothies nursing gel pads; that there will be very little sleep and that there is nothing wrong with shoving a pacifier in a cryhole if you need to, unless you are okay with a non-hungry-but-screaming newborn using YOU as a pacifier for six hours at a time, and seriously, I let Noah do that to me at the hospital and even became FURIOUS when I found a pacifier in his bassinet after they brought him back from a checkup or something, but then again the hospital lactation consultant came in, took a peek at my bloody butcher's-counter nipples and said yep, everything looks okay here! and then sent me home.

Oh, and the hospital now has a whole new wing with private rooms, so I will not have to deal with someone else's diarrhea and the endless drama that it can cause.


Oh God. I kind of repressed that one. Quick, assvice me up, babies. Help me spend my non-existent money before I wonder what exactly I have gotten myself into here.



I have a Joovy. It is AWESOME. Just make sure you order the organizer. I never got around to it and I hate that it doesn't have a cup holder.


Have the Joovy. Love it, but getting ready to ditch it now that the baby is almost outgrowing the bucket. Plus is that it fits long ways in the back of a Subie. Taking the baby carseat bar off can be a bit of a pain, but I would go for that. Easy to steer, but not as good over curbs as a jogger. Downside, the underbasket isn't accessible. There isn't a ton of room to sit when you have the bucket in because the seat needs to recline and it doesn't lay flat enough for a not-sitting baby in front. But you can hang 12 diaper bags off the back and it won't tip. I also use the lever that locks it together to hold plastic shopping bags and have even taken it out w/ only one kid and used the stand part to hold my shite.

My fave newbie sling is a ring sling made with solarveil as it's lightweight and quite stretchy and sunprooof so you don't fry the litle one. Can also go in the pool if you're so inclined! I got mine at kangaroo korner.

I'm debating getting a Beco obi or butterfly for the babe now that he's bigger. I had an ergo, but wasn't wild about the boob squish.

Cheapest, comfiest nursing bra I found? At walmart of all places on one of the ends of the lingerie aisles. Only like $12 or something.

I considered the Phil and Ted's but someone told me the back part is only really good for an older babe...a yearish or so. I've seen smaller in there.

If you have $$ for more than one, I'd get a joovy or similar for stores and a double jogger w/ swivel wheel in front for walks. There are oodles of reviews at joggingstroller.com

/end novel


I'll be watching the comments because I am also curious about the Joovy Caboose. Everyone I've awkwardly asked out in public loves theirs and it seems like a good choice for the two ages of our kids. Also, I LOVE our Ergo. LOVE. Charlie weighs 28 pounds now and it is still very comfortable and not hot. I started out with a Snugli and found it very hot and unwieldy and it didn't last for long on our little linebacker. So yes, Ergo=awesome.


Ok, damn, that was long, but funny. I had a Moby and it worked well for nursing. Had my baby in November and it lasted into May in FLORIDA (worse humidity than DC, but not bragging here..) I used to worry that she would flip right out of it with my efforts, but surprisingly, she stayed put.
As for carriers, we had a Bjorn which worked well, but if you're still nursing, watch out for your boobs! Mine took a beating every time I settled my daughter into it. (Ack, feeling the nostalgic tingles now.)

Lindsay Kavet

You are using cloth? That's great!
I use cloth and am the only one I know who does. And I live in a very liberal city. Woo-Wee. I use the Bumkins covers. OK, reading back over that I sound like I'm kissing my own ass but I'm just trying to say way to go really :)
I loved the Snap and Go.
All my neighbors had fancy strollers and they loved and envied my Snap and Go.
Cute baby bump.


ACK! This advice! I needs it! (Will resume stalking the comments now.)


We have the Phil&Ted's for our 3-year-old and 5-month-old. It really IS all it's cracked up to be. It's lighter than our single stroller and much easier to load in our trunk. (It's pricey, but you can sell it later for at least half of what you pay for it.) You might not want to buy a used one, because the 2008 version has a few extra bells and whistles, including a handle that adjusts to different heights.


My sister is VERY pro-sling, however when her baby was actually born in warm weather, the only sling that the baby wouldn't overheat in was a mesh "swim sling" I have no idea what brand.
Then she switched to this adjustable winter sling with changable snaps that's very Macho looking and both she and her boyfriend can use. (Sorry I don't know the brand- it's microfleece)The trick is adjusting the snaps for each parent.
They are both VERY happy with that sling combo. He's a chubby almost 1 year old and they are still using the same 2 slings they bought when he was a wee infant.


I met a lady at the doctor's office the other day who had one of those Phil & Ted's (Excellent Adventure - can't even type that without adding postscript) strollers and she was singing its praises left and right. She had to buy it off of eBay because they weren't available to buy in Canada, but apparently she got a good deal on it. She had the pink one with the camo and her toddler easily climbed in by herself and even helped with the buckles. I was super envious, because all I had back in 1998 when I had a baby and a 21 month old was a side-by-side monstrosity* that had to be stored in an airplane hangar.

(and no cup holder! We mothers were denied our Starbucks while parenting back in those dark, dark days)


We have the Baby Bjorn "Active" (I think that's what it is - it's the expensive one with the fancy back support) and it works really well for us. It still gets a little heavy with 10.5 month old Landon, but my back doesn't hurt so much as my shoulders and entire body start to ache and think that maybe the little guy should just learn to walk.

And, the reason I had to comment, I ADORED our snap-n-go. It's the reason I kept Landon in his infant car seat long after it was really comfortable for him. It was so easy to snap it open (it's really light and folds all the way down) and pop the car seat in there. For quick/short errands that Noah will do on foot that could be a really wonderful thing for you. I really can't tell you how much I missed ours when I realized I now had to get Landon out of his car seat and into a stroller and it would be two whole steps - it was a very sad day. (Not sure if you already have your car seat but we had a Graco seat and stroller frame and that stroller had a huge storage bin, adjustable height handles, and 2 cup holders. It was more tricked out than the big boy umbrella stroller that we use now!)


I love my Moby wrap. I used it for my first daughter through DC humidity and it was fine. (Although seriously, how much time will you be spending outside in the heat?!) You can nurse so easily in it, although it does take a few lessons to use it. I recommend watching a lot of YouTube videos on it or finding someone local to show you how. (I also practiced with my dog before I put my baby in there...)

Now I use my moby wrap for my twins (yes, both at once) and it's wonderful. I will never go back to the strappy clippy ones because this is just so much more comfortable.

As for a stroller, I can't really help you since I just skipped over 2 kids and went right to 3. I will tell you that my 3 year old INSISTS on riding in her stroller now that the babies are in theirs. Not a lot of fun since pushing 3 around is really not an option. Anyway...would have loved a Phil and Teds, got a BOB instead.

And I love the new private wing rooms...so wonderful! (I bet you probably live in my neck of the woods. Not a serial killer...would help you with the moby wrap if you wanted.)


We use a Joovy and it's pretty good. The obvious sacrifices are that it's a bit heavier than a one child stroller and there's less storage.

The missing parent cup holder is annoying.

We generally use the Joovy if we're going to be doing a lot of walking (generally the zoo) and our old Graco for the baby for shorter trips.


Wait, permission to babble about baby-carriers in someone else's comment section? Am I dreaming?

I wrote about some of my slings here: http://sandblower.blogspot.com/2007/04/why-yes-dr-sears-id-love-some-more-of.html

and here:

I would say go for a pouch--you and Jason are both tall and skinny, I think, so you could probably share an adjustable one. Although you might want a prettier one than he's willing to wear--I definitely did, but I was good and only bought one. Around three months you may want to move up to a mei tai or ergo style carrier. One-shoulder carries get hard with big babies, and your first was big like my girl. I really liked the meitai I had, and they are so pretty. There is a lot of messing around with ties, so the clips on the soft structured carrier are nice. I went for the Beco over the Ergo solely because it came in prettier colors.

You may want to consider looking for something made of Solarveil material for summer in DC. It gets sweaty having a baby against you in that weather, and Solarveil is supposed to be lightweight and more comfortable. I never tried it and moved to the bay area instead to escape the heat.

Oh, and the Moby = a lot of fabric. In my experience it's awesomely comfortable (although not in the heat) and gives you a ton of support, but it takes a lot of time to get on, and that might be difficult with a toddler around. But with practice you may be able to get better at tying it than I ever did. I am not good at sewing or fixing hair, and it strikes me as one of those kinds of things, you know? Also it's very stretchy so as the baby gets older and heavier you need to switch to a different kind of wrap.

We had the Graco version of the Snap N Go. We had their carseat and I liked the way it folded better, if I recall correctly. I didn't start using it until the baby was about 3 months and didn't use it a ton, but it did the trick.

Sorry if this is most disorganized comment ever--just trying to get it written while the kiddo is still napping.


A friend of mine did a lot of research on carriers ... and I mean A LOT of research. She recommended the Beco Butterfly. I guess the Bjorn's put undue stress on an infant's spine, and the Beco and Ergo carriers are designed to distribute the baby's weight properly. She liked the Beco over the Ergo because you don't need to use a special insert for a newborn.

For slings, she is using a SlingEZee. She says they were both well worth the money.

Of course, I'm giving all of this to you secondhand, as I have yet to purchase such things for my arrival coming this December. I'll be watching the comments closely, as I too want nothing to do with another huge stroller!


I had the Kolcraft universal car seat carrier - like the Snap & Go. LOVED the thing. Everyone everywhere oohed and ahhed about what a great invention it was when I wheeled my son around. I agreed.

Strollers are like crack, no? When I was pregnant, I'd return quietly from yard sales, placing my latest acquisition in the garage. Cuz every baby needs 5 or 10 strollers...


So, to make you feel better I looked up the Phil and TEds in the UK, they sell for £549....which in $s is $1098!! So buy one and then tell everyone how it was actually HALF PRICE! How cool is that??


I love my infant carrier Baby Trend Snap and Go - get one. New or used won't matter because it's just a frame (and the new ones are cheap). I hated travel systems from the start - too big and bulky. We opted for the Snap & Go and a McLarent Triumph. Loved both and baby was big enough for the Triumph by 3 months, easy. Our first will be 18 months when baby 2 comes. I'm thinking of the Buggy Board suggestion you made for getting her into daycare with her little baby brother. I don't want a double - but if I get one - I think I want a McLaren double. I think their twinsie version lays back and can be used from birth. Of course, I still won't have an infant carrier other than the snap & go - but that will work for the few monts of early daycare when I bring her in in her carrier.

I didn't do a babysling. Hubby used the vented (sport?) Baby Bjorn and liked it. It never seemed too amazign to me.


Wow. I intended to be a baby-wearer also, but the baby hated to be worn. Shot that one to shit. Wasted money on the sling and the wrap. She does ok in the Bjorn, but I have to say, she spends WAYYY more time in the Snap and Go. You should totally do that. I didn't buy one last time, but we have used the literal crap out of it this time.

Backpacking Dad

For the 6-12 month old:

A Deuter Kangakids backpack. It's a diaperbag/carrier that looks just like a regular backpack when zipped up. Downside? 33lb strap load limit, so it won't last much beyond 12 months.

Or a Kelty 2.5 kidcarrier. Higher strapload limit (44lbs, I think), with a zip-off diaper bag and also a large pocket main compartment for day-pack needs. Downside? Does not stop looking like a child-carrier when the kid is not in it.

Both are manly and buckle-y enough for any husband to fall in deep, hard, studly love with.


First let me say that if you like your Maclaren everything else is going to feel MASSIVE. I have one and love it but it's an uncomfortable ride on pavement/sidewalks. I live in the UK (an expat) and can confidently say that Brit moms take their strollers/pushchairs seriously as they use them out on buses/around town/rain/off-road. I had wanted to buy my stroller in the US because of the exchange rate but found most of them to be very plastic-y.

I also have a Phil and Ted's sport and LOOOOOOVE it. It's comfy. If you buy the double kit it doesn't make it any bigger so you can get around narrow aisles easily. It's heavy- especially if you're used to flinging your Maclaren over your shoulder. It's well built. Still it's the one I would recommend as it's easy to push and easily converts to a single once Noah doesn't need it any more. The three wheel design makes it a dream to push, their's a large basket that hold plenty of crap. If you have a messenger type diaper bag it fits easily over the adjustable handle bars. Anyhoo I could go on and on.


I can't comment on either the stroller (I have the good ol' white-bread Graco "travel system") or the carrier (I have both a Moby and a Peanut Shell, both of which my little peanut has firmly rejected), but I also want to make a cloth dipey reco: Kissaluvs, size 0, with Thirsties covers for the first 2 months or so, and BumGenius! one-size for the remainder. Way more expensive than the prefolds, but they worked best for us. Yay for the cloth diapering!

And I'm off to try one of those carriers, one more time, with my 2 1/2-month-old...


I was a HUGE sling wearer with my first and went overboard trying all the different kinds. I think the best kind for a newborn and for nursing is a ring sling of some kind. I would avoid anything with padding because it just gets in the way and doesn't actually make things more comfortable for baby or mama. Once my DD got good head control, my favorite was a pouch sling (a la Hotsling). A cotton pouch sling doesn't have too much hot fabric to wear and I found it super comfortable, and you can pop the baby in and out so easily. I never could get the hang of nursing in one, though; there wasn't enough maneuvering room. One good thing about pouch and ring slings is that they can be pretty affordable so you could probably afford to have one of each. We also have an Ergo and I highly recommend it, far above the Bjorn. It's not any more expensive than the "good" Bjorn but SO MUCH more comfortable, you can use it on your back, etc. The Ergo has had a really long life for us as well. At 27 months, DD still sometimes will ride in the Ergo if we're out and about somewhere where the stroller is inconvenient.

We were one of those people with a big "travel system" but I very quickly decided that it was not worth it and DD spent very little time in that monstrosity. Slings are the way to go!

Type (little) a

Which is the "good" bjorn? Because I fucking hated mine. (city carrier???) And ring slings scare the bejesus out of me. I feel like I'll lean over to pick something up and out rolls my baby.

It would happen to me. I am that clumsy.


I am in the same boat as you. My son is going to be 3 in July and I am having a baby boy in September. I have also decided not to buy a second stroller because my older son can walk. I have a ring sling that is really plain jane and I love it. If I was to upgrade my sling I would look for one with padding because my friends all claimed the padded ones were more comfortable. I don't think brand matters that much - it is just some cloth and some rings if you go for a utility one. The key is learning how to put the baby in. Once you have that figured out, the type of sling doesn't matter.

As an aside, you put the sling over your shoulder and adjust until comfortable. Then you put the baby in by laying them into the fabric perpendicular to your body (the baby should be laying completely on the fabric face to face with you). Then turn the baby's body once in the fabric towards the ringed shoulder. This was the way that worked for me where my son didn't look all scrunched up.

Just to add another thought to your already long post. I graduated my son from a front carrier (sling and snuggly) to a backpack when he got to about 6 months. We very rarely had the stroller out because he fussed less when he was at adult height. It was also awesome for stores and pretty much everywhere else. I have one from Mountain Equipment Co-op that serves me well and my friends also liked the Kelty (sp?) packs.


I love love love the Ergo. My husband thinks any carrier makes him look unmanly but he will use the Ergo. My 8 month old is off the charts at 24 lbs and the Ergo only seems to get more comfortable. Also, it has a totally convenient pocket in the front. Purse and carrier in one!

I also loved the Moby wrap when my son was younger. I used it on walks and around the house - but it was too much for outings. The origami factor was intimidating at first but after a couple goes - it became second nature. I think it was even more comfortable than the Ergo. We also got the fancy bjorn and I hated it. Never used it - it hurt my back. (Can you tell I was a carrier addict?).


Make sure you check a used Snap-n-Go carefully before you buy (duh, but I did not, and lived to regret it). We bought one secondhand and it seemed OK at first, but it ended up being a huge nightmare to steer. I imagine it was worn out, which is why we got it for ten bucks.

We have a Bjorn (just the regular one, not the fancy one) and I wish I had an Ergo. I'd like to keep wearing my son (or at 17 months, maybe he could learn to WALK one of these days?), but he's getting too big and the Ergo has higher weight/height limits.

Live and learn, I suppose. (I do, believe it or not, have a few pieces of baby gear I adore.)


Assvice from a childless reader:
Save your money in an ING (or similar) account until you really need the stroller. What use is it sitting in your basement for the second half of your pregnancy when you could be earning interest, baby!? Plus new models might come out between now and then that are even better.

all things bd

Here's my opinion on the double stroller situation. We considered those buggy boards, but couldn't figure out how to comfortably walk and push the stroller with a kid right where our feet would be.

We ended up with a Sit N Stand stroller (Graco I think?), which allowed the six month old to sit in front and gave our 3 year old the option of standing and facing forward, or sitting and facing backwards. When she was standing, the baby seat could recline for naps as well.

The handles were long enough so that I wasn't kicking the standing board when I walked and it was pretty maneuverable. The seat slid forward to allow you to store stuff in the basket below. Only downside was no dual sunshade, so the older kid had to bring a hat.


I used a ring sling for a very very long time with my son; actually i sometimes still put him in it and he is a 32 pound 3 year old.
I started out with the NoJo (dr. sears) with all the padding. the padding is very very hot. i am in louisiana and i think we beat d.c. in the heat and humidity department.
i later got a simple one made of some plain cotton cloth that i think i like better because a) cooler and b) i can adjust the tightness of the top and bottom seperately which helps with comfort.
i actually bought some thin gauzy material to eventually be made into a summer sling, but i don't think it will be strong enough for older children.
i tried a baby bjorn a few times and hated it, especially when my son got older and heavier.

Mary O

I think I finally got my baby gear right for baby #2, and here's what I used:

A Hotsling for probably the first 3-4 months. I really liked this sling. Very simple, comfortable for mom and baby... and no engineering degree required!

After that, I used (and am still using) a Bjorn. Yes, get the expensive kind with the back support. I did not get much use out of it when my toddler was a baby, but this time we use it almost every day. It is a must-have in my book.

I have a Phil & Ted's buggy and it is the love of MY life. Really, it is very comfortable for both toddler and baby, and when the baby is old enough to sit up, he can be put in a sitting position too and will enjoy looking around at the world. I would beware of those stand-up platforms for the toddler to stand on. My two-year-old son didn't care for sitting in a stroller at all when he was the only baby, but now that he has a little brother, he loves sitting in the stroller. Go figure. I guess this probably depends on your kid's personality, though. But yeah, I can't give enough praise for the Phil and Ted's.

Good luck shopping. Your belly is cute!


I think the Phil and Teds obsession is a guy thing - my husband loves ours and other dads will cast envious glances at it when we're in the mall.

It is cool and versatile and skinny and HEAVY AS SHIT.

Verdict: Good dad stroller. We don't have a mom stroller.


I love my Ergo--I keep it in the car for my now-16-month-old son. We used it with the infant insert when he was tiny. I loved that there was no carrier material between me and the baby--it's sort of odd to get used to, since most carriers have more layers. You can nurse in it, too--easier with a little baby. I have a friend who has used it for her smallish 3 year old as well as a newborn, and she and her husband both love it and find it comfortable, even on hikes (they have a frame backpack that is much less pleasant to use). My Ergo goes with us when traveling--I strap the baby into it when we get out of the car, and I can make it all the way to the airline gate without taking him out--it doesn't have any metal, so the TSA Nazis don't have a problem with him staying in it. It can be used on either hip or on your back, which is also nice as the baby gets older and heavier--a 20 pound weight on your chest is no picnic. We were given a Bjorn but I hardly even bothered--it looked tiny and insubstantial and uncomfortable. Plus the Ergo supports the baby's whole body, while the Bjorn kind of lets the kid hang by the crotch.


two words...

Moby Wrap



You are asking for advice? From the Innernets? You brave, brave soul.....

If I could do the babywearing all over again, I would purchase an Ergo. In a HEARTBEAT. The Bjorns were really great for when I had one kid, but was more difficult for when I had to carry TWO kids at once. (for example, I carried Arun until he was a year, but could only carry Anjali until she was 6 months) The End.

Strollers? I really, really love my Combi Twin Savvy, but it is a side-by-side. It sounds like a Phil and Ted would be a GREAT option for you, though since you can remove the little back portion when you are done schlepping two kids in it.




Snap and go -
Love it, SO easy to use. I have a maclaren too and if you love the compact design and portability of the maclaren then you will love the snap and go because it is all that AND you can move the sleeping kid from the car to the stroller with out unbuckling them. Yay! Get one

Baby Bjorn and Ergo - I have both and love both. I got the Bjorn as a shower gift and it was fantastic in the beginning for holding a snuggly newborn while trying to get things done around the house or grocery shopping or what have you. It was easy to manipulate and take on and off. My 9 lb-er fit well in there from week one and slept in there facing inward. Then around 8 months my back and shoulders screamed "Too Heavy!" So I got the Ergo on the recomendation of a friend. It it also great. I can't speak for how useful it would be in the newborn phase, because you need to use some kind of extra newborn insert until the baby reaches a certain weight. BUT it has proved masterful in exactly what it advertises to do, which is ergonomically distribute weight and be super comfortable. Baby can face in OR ride on your back ( or hip but we have rarely used that feature) We actually used it as a back pack just this weekend with our 28 lb stroller- averse 22 month old. She loves Dora so somehow she dosen't mind being in "Daddy's back pack". I think the weight limit is 40lbs.
Great product! Bonus for the Ergo is that with the newborn- insert in theory you can nurse with it, but again I can't speak from experience about that.

Have you seen these adorable slings?
I do not have one nor have I seen one in person but I think they look so cute a stylish in their one-piece design. Wonder if you can nurse in them?

BTW did you know Maclaren Quest and Techno models now come with an adapter bar for your infant carseat. Serious... check it out..


Happy Shopping!


I have a son (named Noah, ironically) just a couple of months older than your Noah, and I just had a second son in February, so I agonized over all of the same decisions you mentioned - benefit from my mistakes!

First, the sling. I swore after my first child from seeing all the other mothers effortlessly carrying around perfectly peaceful babies in these cute slings that I would get one for my second child. So, the second I found out I was pregnant, I ordered a maya wrap from slingstation.com and tried to use it pretty much the minute we came home from the hospital. All I have to say is, "What the F?" I can't get it to work right, even after watching the dvd they send and copying their little handout. It always feels like he is going to roll right on out of there, so I'm always clutching him and holding him up from the bottom. Plus, it feels like I have a piano strapped to my back whenever I wear it! I'd say skip the sling and go with one of the carriers.

Speaking of which: I didn't buy this one, but, since I hate the one I have, I've been asking around. At least 5 people recommended the Baby Bjorn Active. The one I saw was light green, and it really looks comfortable for your back.

Strollers: We had a Graco single for our first, and didn't want to pay for a whole new system, so we bought the Graco Duo-Glide. It's very nice, it just weighs 40 pounds and we call it THE BUS. I was commiserating with my friend who just had twins, and she loves the Maclaren, though it's a side by side. She also said she wished she had gotten the Joovy.

If you want to keep your current stroller for the new little one, I've seen in one of those mail order catalogues a step/seat (with buckles!!!) that you can attach to the back of the stroller. Was it One Step Ahead? I'm not sure. Not very helpful, I know, but a quick internet search might point it out for you. The only thing with that, though, is I'm not sure how we as the parents walk behind the stroller. Do we have to walk all weird with our butt sticking out to the back so we don't trample the poor kid sitting on the attachable seat? Not sure.

Hope my rambling helps!


Ohh! I love talking about this stuff!

I have an almost three year old daughter and a four month old son and we have the Joovy Caboose, the regular not the lightweight.
Pros: it really is neat and convenient, my daughter loves the "big girl" platform and is happy to sit in it, too, even buckle up when the front seat is reclined. It's sturdy and the customer service is great (seriously, we broke ours due to utter stupidity and they sent us a new one for free three days later and paid for the return shipping of the broken one.) It's just the best option for when you need to be out with both kids and don't want to be chasing the oldest or carrying the smaller one all the time. I'm personally convinced that women who can walk around with their infants strapped to their bodies all day every day are simply anatomically different from the rest of us who were born with sweat glands. And backs that tire out.

Cons: It's HEAVY. It does not have a one-hand fold, and there is a manual hook you have to latch after you fold it down. Stupid. It's ok on bumps but seriously it is a wimp about curbs. It handles pretty well, but I think I was spoiled by my spin-on-a-dime Maclaren and I get annoyed manuevering it through tight or crowded places.
I have a pretty good sized trunk- station wagon- and I could not get the folded stroller in it with the carseat attachment doohickey on there. Taking that on and off could be a pain. No good place to hang or put a diaper bag, not really a design flaw but a reality when you've got a kid sitting or standing right next to the handle.
Overall rating, B+. It gets a bump up due to the total lack of good alternatives. A friend of mine has and loves the Phil and Ted and it is awesome but not perfect and for a quizillion dollars it should be perfect.

Baby wearing- I am so bad at this. I breastfeed and cloth diaper and make my own freaking baby food and yet cannot get comfortable putting a baby in a sling or front carrier.

The only one i totally love is the Playtex Hip Hammock for older babies. It's only like $30 and they sell them at Target. I also like the frame backpack style- got one on ebay and it was nice for walks.


My kids are 23 months apart (now 15 months and three) and I never got a double stroller. Actually, I was pretty anti-double. Anway. Love the Moby. Love that thing with a passion, and wore it all summer last summer without feeling like it was too hot (though I'm in Oregon, so it probably doesn't get as hot here). I'll never forget the day I called my husband at work and was all "I'm nursing! And cooking! This thing rocks!"

As of about a year old we've moved on to the Ergo, which again...love. It's perfect for six months and up and even has an infant insert for the younger days.

I hear people swear by the Phil and Ted though they look sort of akward to me (and theyr'e supposedly heavy) and I swore if I ever did it again I'd do the snap n' go.


Wrap: Bali Baby Breeze -- it's like the Moby but gauzier weight fabric with just a bit of stretch.

Structured Carrier: We liked our Bjorn Active until about 5 months, but our kid is 99th percentile for height and about 75th for weight. We also have an ergo and it's dandy too.

I actually think you might be happier in the long run with a single carrier that a hybrid. Such as the Calyx: http://mamabydesign.com/shop/

Can be worn on front or back, buckles instead of ties. Can be used with a bitty baby or a big one.

I do not recommend buying 500 different ones because it will curse you and result in your baby being like mine and demanding to face outward, which like 2% of carriers accommodate.

I have no advice on double strollers, except that I've heard the Sit n Stand Deluxe (it's on amazon) is WAY better than the Joovy and is nice and configurable.

I loved our Snap N Go (well the Graco version, whatever it's called Snugrider?).


You WANT me to talk about strollers? Uh, I'm not sure you know what you've asked...

I started w/ baby #1 in Brooklyn, NY. We used a carseat stroller (Kolcraft), but moved into a Maclaren (mid-grade) at about four months. I loved my stroller and laughed heartily at any mom who would attempt to bring her Bugaboo onto the subway (wait, I don't think those women took the subway). Anyway...

For #2 (born when #1 was just 3 and we had moved out of the city), I initially purchased the Maclaren side-by-side thinking it would be easier for travel. Which it was. But it wasn't any lighter than the Phil & Ted's and it just barely squeaked through store doors.

I sold that after a hellish three-week visit to NYC and ran to my local baby boutique for the Phil & Ted's.

I wish I'd had this from the beginning because it has a handy infant bassinet feature (#1 sits atop in the add-on seat. Hard to explain, but very cool.)

Of course it's way heavier than your Volo, but what isn't? If I had it to do over again, I'd spring for the Phil & Ted's right away (it also holds a car seat).

(Sidenote: I also gave the Joovy the once over, but P&T blew it out of the water.)

Lady M

Long time lurker . . . love your writing!

The Rockin Baby Pouch, as recommended to me by Kristen of Motherhood Uncensored. There's no little ring adjustment, so I'm less likely to spill the baby on the floor while I'm getting him settled.

Remember to let us know when your segment on the Bobby Flay throwdown gets televised!


love love love the baby ktan carrier. tried 4 others. used to use moby all the time, so replaced it with the ktan.
i am a sling addict. but i do still love my snap n go from the early days as well.


I may not be a good source of information, but I'll give it a go. ;)

We had a Graco SnugRider (the Graco version of a Snap n Go) and I LOVED it. It was lightweight, folded down small and had awesome storage, cupholders and adjustable handlebars.

I've seen a lot of people with the Joovy and it looks great. If our toddler had been a bit older, we would have gotten one before our newest baby was born. Sadly, we needed a stroller with a good seat. And I've heard WONDERFUL things about the Phil and Teds. We would have gotten that if we could afford it! It's supposed to be an awesome stroller.

As for baby wearing, I'm currently using an Infantino SlingRider for my 2 month old. It's inexpensive and my baby loves it. However, it is a lot of fabric and has potential to be hot in the summer months . Also, I'm not sure how good it is for nursing, as I haven't tried that yet.

Good luck making your picks!

fluffy windover

Hi. I'm 22 weeks with my first and was really freaking out about the idea of a bulky stroller, so thanks for the tips! We have tiny 1930s house with tiny driveway and tiny entrances, so I'm hoping to minimize the amount of enormous crap I'll be lugging in and out of the car.


Let's see. How far apart are your two going to be? Ours are 2.6666666 (yes, fractions are important!) years, and we've done just peachy with just our single (yes, LOVELY and lightweight Maclaren). The boy (older) had pretty much outgrown the stroller by the time the girl (younger) was old enough to need a proper one. We used a snap-and-go type thing in the interim. You can buy them used anywhere and it doesn't really matter if they're a little beat up because you don't use 'em long anyway.

Also, ERGO. We made the mistake of waiting until she was 10 months old to buy one. It changed my life. I love it. LOVE it. And cry ever day now that she's too big for it.

And now that they're 5 and 2, we use our Radio Flyer wagon for most long walks to the park/farmers markets. Oh, and Dad's shoulders for when the older one gets pooped.


I never did find a great baby sling/carrier thing. But my friend who has twin baby girls (yeah we are all j'ellus) swears by the beco butterfly carrier. Plus? totally cute designs. Jason might be a little hesitant to wear something that could be super girly, but too bad.

I have a combi stroller. I sometimes like it -because it is pretty easy to fold up. (but not if you are by yourself at a bus stop with a one month old who can't hold his head up yet. That sucks) But the basket beneath is kind of worthless when it comes to carrying all the crap you end up with. So you end up carrying all your stuff in your stupid diaper bag and your shoulders hurt and you hate everyone and the stroller which can go and die in a fire. But I only feel that way after dragging the stroller around all day. So I can't suggest anything great in the stroller department.

Knickernappies for cloth? Those are great. Adjustable sizes, super colors and they can absorb the Pacific ocean in a pinch.


I have the Phil & Ted's Sport and I lovelovelovelove that stroller. Plus, you can detach the second seat and use it as a single stroller again which is how I totally justified the cost.

I also have both the Bjorn and the Ergo. I used a ring sling in the very early days, then switched to the Bjorn when the baby was still facing me. Now that she's a bit older, I like the Ergo in the hip carry. So comfy, and she can see without being completely in my way.

Pacifier for the second will be your best friend. Don't fight it.

You're one of those cute pregnant people. I must hate you now.


Had (have) both the ergo and the bjorn, and the bjorn killed my back right away. the ergo has a nice padded "infant insert" that is basically a thick cloth burrito you tuck the little one into, and then place said burrito into the sling. worked like a charm, esp. if the wee one was already swaddled. kind of like those nice stacking cup toys. no seriously!

bought and love the bugaboo, but also spend 1.5 hours a day walking in NYC (bringing said babe to and from montessori daycare) but it is a wide, heavy beast. not meant for anything other than flat sidewalks or park pathways.

I see tons of kids on the bugaboo board, also the same board thingy behind the maclaren. I say bring the sling and when Noah regresses and wants to ride, the (new) kid goes in the sling.

oh, and my babe is 21 months and I still like the ergo.


No suggestions since I don't know what I used with mine. However, I have the perfect recipe to help with weight gain. Your doctor will hate me, but you will love me. Would you like it?


I could not for the life of me figure out the Moby. Plus, it can get hot. I would say, get a sling or a pouch. Have you been on The Babywearer yet? It's a bit overwhelming, but great for reviews on slings and other carriers.

We used a Babyhawk, which is a mei-tai from about 6 weeks on (still use it now). Just recently I bought a Calyx, which one of the commenters upthread mentioned. My kid is getting to heavy to carry in front, so I wanted to get a back carrier that was buckle-y and easy.


2 boys here, 4 and 1. I say hold off on any strollers. I use the "sit n stand" (like a joovy) but only at the mall, and that is not very often. My older one much prefers to walk, but it is handy to have the sit n stand when needed. I use my trusty umbrella the most. I also had a Moby, which I both loved and hated. Once you get it on right, it is comfortable - but good lord is it a pain to put on (quickly). It is also not very portable. I say get a hotsling for those first few months - then go to the lower back support bjorn. I do love my double jogger (it is side/side) but I only use it for walks around the neighborhood. It's a schwinn... and it rocks. Much like a "bob" but without the cost. I also love the huge moveable canopy that I can block all the sun with. Hope this helps - just go with the less is more...you'll be happy you did. (oh - and as far as the snap/go - I say go for it - it's reasonable - and you will be carting that baby around far more than you did with Noah.)


I had a Moby. HATED it. I felt claustrophobic, trapped, panicky (perhaps those are redundant, but my feelings were strong), and like it was more of a hassle to strap him in it than to just freaking carry him in my arms. It was awful, and I SO wanted to like it, too.

I ADORED my Over-The-Shoulder-Baby-Holder, which was a hand-me-down from my sister, who also loved it. I took it everywhere and could nurse it in without a problem.

After that I gave up on carriers, but I have several friends who "can't live without" their Ergos. I even have a friend who still carries her 3 yo son in it AND nurses him in it, which is a WHOLE other topic but, suffice to say, it must be pretty great and comfy.


I tried the sling route, but since I had a 9.5 lb baby by C-section, I had a hard time finding one that didn't hurt my incision. Then, by the time I could handle the pressure on my scar, he was no longer insterested in being bundled up like that. I ended up using the Snugli carrier a lot of loved it.

No idea on stroller situation, I have a jogging stroller that I shouldn't have - hard to steer - I never use it. And we each have a cheapie umbrella stroller in our vehicles. Which works for one, but probably not for 2.


you need some kind of Mai Tai -- I used an Eden and it was wonderful for all ages - I loved when I figured out how to get the baby on my back! As for a wrap, I could never get the hang of a moby -- but I have a fairly light weight non-stretchy one - an ellaroo -- and I am so attached to this that I cannot get rid of it even though my kids refuse to be warm now ... I spent way too much time at thebabywearer.com and if you want to investigate, you should too!


Um, here's a thing to think about when you're choosing a double stroller (Like you needed more to worry about): when the baby gets old enough to sit up and grab things, he will sit forward and grab his brother's hair. A LOT. So make sure that both the front and back seats of the stroller in whatever kind you get are big enough to hold either child. Otherwise, you are in for one hell of a walk/stroll when the youngest keeps scalping the oldest.

Dawn B

Aww wow, the "Snap and Go". Totally awesome. We bought it used for 20 bucks and we used it everyday. The basket is huge for storage, it weighs little, and it lays flat pretty nicely in your car. And it's the only piece of baby gear we got that I can undo with one hand. Am I the only one out there that can't undo an umbrella stroller without using both hands..and also without wanting to chuck it mid-air then stomp on it?
Anyway..LOL Where was I?
Oh yeah, the Snap and Go is awesome. Our son was almost 2 and our infant was only a few months old when we bought it. The only thing is that it's useless after the baby's first year.


I will be concise:

Get the hotsling - you won't use it very long, but it's not much money and is easy to use.

Get the Joovy Caboose - but get it early and you can also use it as a Snap-n-go. I have the Phil & Ted and love it but it's not as useful as the Caboose would be.

I have two bjorns and an ergo. If you are planning on using it from 6mos+, get the ergo, much more comfy. If you want to use it earlier, get the bjorn active. And people are always selling them used on DCUM. (Are you delivering at Shady Grove this time? Probably better than Sibley which I did not like who also tried to overcharge me.)

I have a 4yr old, 2 yr old and 7 month old FWIW so apply advice (or don't apply ;) accordingly.

Good luck!


okay, let me say sorry, i didn't read the rest of that entry because i got to number 4 and had to say: the phil and ted is the best damn tandom stroller ever. your newborn can lay flat (which is important for newborns) and noah will have a sweet seat. and then they ride together. i sold our bob stroller for the phil and ted and i am 100 % happy. it's got the locking swivel wheel. of course my husband wishes it had a hand break and the shocks like the bob but whatever. it is so damn smooth in and out of the gap. i also had the bjorn with my first and the ergo with my second. i used the ergo with the newborn cushion a lot and still use the ergo with my 3.5 year old. it's like a piggy back ride without being strangled. i remember picking my baby up with that newborn cushion around her and placing her in the crib. good luck. love your blog.


I too have the SlingRider. Super cheap, and easy to use. All the other slings looked too complex for my postpartum brain. You just lay the baby in it, strap her/him in with the velcro, and then lift the whole thing over your head and one sholder. I haven't tried nursing my daughter in it, but the box swears that you can. Again, I'm just not that coordinated right now.


I truly believe anyone who says they nursed in a sling is a liar.

I first got a Hotsling. LOVED it for carrying the new baby while feeding/playing with 2-year-old. Bought it so I could nurse hands-free. HA! I never once successfully breastfed in that thing. But did love it for the cuddly carrying and she loved it and had a Pavlovian response to it and was asleep within 2.5 seconds of being put in it.

Then tried the Moby wrap when she was a little bigger. Same Pavlovian response, same inability to nurse in it. And trust me, I tried.

So all in all, love me some slings but can't nurse in them at all.


we currently have the graco snugrider (graco's version of snap and go) and we LOVE LOVE LOVE it. so incredibly convenient when baby is asleep in the carseat and i'm running errands. so compact, lightweight, and easy to fold/lift in and out of my SUV.

i have a bjorn active and HATE it. love wearing baby, but it's incredibly uncomfortable, despite the "extra" support. stay far far away from it! i am currently in the market for a new carrier - likely the ergo or the beco, which mommy friends of mine swear by.

hope this helps!


With our first we had an "Ultimate Baby Carrier"(not so ultimate in my opinion but my husband liked it), an Over-the-shoulder sling which I loved except that the padded shoulder was a little bulky and the patterns available at the time were all kind of frumpy, and a snugli front carrier that we both hated and quickly sold. I always wanted to try the Ergo and have many friends who swear by it but I felt that we already had too damn many carriers.
I am now 22 weeks pregnant with number 2 and we were just given a Moby wrap by a friend who loves hers and I think I will break down and get an Ergo. My husband uses the Moby as a backpack carrier for our toddler now and they both seem pretty happy with it. Our son is kind of a light-weight (26 pounds at 2 and a half) but we have not noticed any problems with the material stretching.
I am trying to avoid buying a double stroller as long as possible, we rarely used our single stroller with our first so I doubt getting an enormous one will make me any more likely to use it (knock on wood). Good luck deciding, its not easy with the 3 million carrier options out there!


We have an Ergo, a Snap and Go (I guess this is the name for the stroller frame your infant car seat goes into?) and Phil and Ted's single stroller.
The Ergo is really great, and worth every penny. The Bjorn was not only neck and back torture for me, it also had clasps that landed squarely on my newly-raw nipples and then proceeded to rub with every postpartum step I took. So the Ergo, which we started using at 3 mos., was great. Also my son was 26 lbs. at 6 months and almost 30 now at a year, and we're still using the Ergo.
The infant stroller frame was great for the, like, 2 weeks when he was a little tiny baby, and very very handy for traveling. We were stripping him practically naked to fit him in it at the end, but it was so convenient for plane trips. But if you get a Phil and Ted's you can also click the car seat into that. I live in downtown Philadelphia and the Phil and Ted's is great for us, even though we only have one kid and it's a really big stroller. I like it so much mainly because it drives like an SUV over the horrible sidewalks in our crappy neighborhood. Also I can see the advantages of a smaller stroller footprint with 2 kids, though if you're in a suburb with nice sidewalks, I'm not sure it's such a big deal. Also, it is not that easy to fold up (and once folded up not sure to stay that way) and does not drive easily with one hand and it's heavy. These are not such big issues for us because we have one kid and rarely drive, so there's not much lifting or folding (for steps, the Phil and Ted's has big enough wheels to be pulled up pretty easily step-by-step).
Oh, one last thing: we have BumGenius cloth diapers and they're great. Happy shopping!


I'm glad I'm not the only person with one child and four strollers. Yep, we did the exact same thing.

I've seen that Phil and Ted stroller and yeah, it looks pretty awesome. But I wouldn't want to spend that either. Maybe call some consignment stores and see if they have any? If you have no objection to used stuff.


I am currently trying to get pregnant with number 2, but I already have AWESOME plans that are similar to yours. Cause nothing beats a little advance planning for a kid you aren't even sure you can have.

Anyway, I was completely convinced I needed a stroller that folded totally flat with my son. And I hardly used anything but my bjorn for the first 5 months. After

Becca of thinkythink

Moby is very nice when they're so small. There's a cheap alternative called 'ultimate baby wrap.' I suppose in the summer a gauze wrap would be nice- and you can make one (though I haven't) there are some nice websites like www.mamatoto.org with info about that. Also you have to dress accordingly- baby and mama! I think the moby or other 'stretchy wrap' is worth it for the first months even if you move to e.g. an ergo after that. The Bjorn...uh.. is not nice.

I got a snap 'n go on craigslist for $15 and I used it for daily walks through the Boston winter and it is fabulously worth it- I do agree that you want to check that the wheels are still good and it's comfy but it rocked.

I don't have a mclaren but bought an uppababy umbrella stroller at their factory store since it's relatively close- and you might want to check out their full-scale stroller. Bugaboo-ish but less money and well-designed. You can now get a car seat adapter for it. (and a bassinet and a seat). That said, the phil and teds looks so lovely as well...

-yours in (beginning) mommyblogging-


Sorry. 2 year old hit the post button.

Here's the point - I am hoping to get by with a nice sling and this thing. Very cool - called the strolli, looks like a little bike that connects to a stroller. I know my son would go nuts for it - heck, I want to ride on it.



I have two Hotslings in pretty colors. I lovelovelove them. They make my life so much easier and come with a DVD showing you all the ways you can wear it.
I am also getting a Baby Bjorn, the gray and red one that is light and breathable.
Though you are not looking for a stoller I will tell you the Chicco travel systems are excellent. My stroller is light and moves easily, and the carseat fits into it too while Norah is teeny and still needs it.
Hope this helps!

Katherine Gualtieri

I heartily recommend getting a Beco Butterfly. I use one with my newborn and it's awesome. Comfy, easy to use, it will last much longer than a Bjorn and it's cuter than an Ergo.

For a snuggly wrap I have a Gypsy Mama Bali Baby Stretch Wrap. http://www.gypsymama.com/shop/stretch.htm
It's thinner and stronger than a Moby. It's not that tricky to learn to use and you can get lots of help at the BabyWearer Forums.http://www.thebabywearer.com/forum/index.php


I'm in Israel, where the TINOKIS Baby Wrap is a big item. It actually looks identical to the Moby Wrap.

So... I tried various slings and wraps for 3 of my kids before I tried the Tinokis for #4... and never looked back. I have a lot of back problems and the Tinokis is the only wrap/sling I've been able to use which doesn't kill my shoulders and put a huge amount of strain on my back. Because you can distribute the fabric over your shoulders and back, the weight of the baby is well distributed and much better supported. The baby fits in very snugly and there's none of that dragging that I experienced with other slings.

So... my recommendation would be go for the Moby. You need to practise tying it a few times but you do get the hang of it quite quickly. And I used it up until my son was 20 months without any problems.

Re the stroller, I'm a big Maclaren pram, and after futzing with the Peg Venezia for a few months with the last baby, I caved and bought a Maclaren Techno XT. Jeez I love that thing. It came with all sorts of goody-gads that made it suitable from newborn up (extra cushion thingy to put inside for tiny babies, full rain cover, winter cover - like a sleeping bag over the legs, padded liner, etc). It goes down completely flat for newborns, the sunshade extends right over, it has a pocket on the hood, it's light, manoeuverable, compact... can you tell I love it?

Anyway because I think it's so great, what about the double version for you? Here's a link:

I had a double Maclaren buggy for 2 of my other kids, and it was a lifesaver. Also folded up flat and out the way, I could manage to get it in and out the car, it fitted through a regular doorway, etc.

So... those would be my recommendations. For what it's worth and if you get this far!

Oh one last thing: in Israel it's HOT, and in summer it's HUMID. SO we have similar weather factors to think of. COnsider all the above suggestions tried and tested for hot and humid climates. :-)


After tons of research, I couldn't find anyone with an Ergo who would recommend anything else (aside from possibly the Beco Butterfly, which is a bit more expensive and I think has had a few recall issues lately)...so we've got an Ergo and the infant insert - but haven't yet tested this as baby is still 8 weeks away. I also took advantage of a recent sale to buy a Peanut Shell sling - had heard a lot of positive things about them on a few other message boards. I figure between that and the Ergo, something ought to work for baby carrying.

I also did a ton of stroller obsessing at about the same point you are now, and there's actually a Yahoo group or two devoted to stroller talk. You may be able to get a lot of informed opinions (these people are SERIOUS about strollers...it was sort of amazing to me to discover that such groups existed) by looking through those groups and posting specific questions to them. They opened up my eyes to a wide variety of strollers far beyond what was easily available in the chain stores locally.


I had a crappy Snugli that we never really liked, so I can't speak to carriers. As to strollers, as a mom of 3 (first two are nearly 4 years apart, 2nd two are almost 3 years apart), we have never had anything other than a single stroller. We still have a Maclaren Techno Classic, but it's rare that the youngest ever uses it - he'd much rather walk like his big bro and sis. When he was born, his sister was d.o.n.e. with strollers. Save your $$$, or spend it on an awesome carrier, not a double stroller.


This cracked me up b/c I'm 10.5 wks with #4 and I'm bigger than you. (I was rather petite prior to this pregnancy.) Anyway, I've convinced myself that I have pre-preeclampsia and I begged my husband to buy a blood pressure cuff b/c I CAN'T POSSIBLY WAIT UNTIL MY THURSDAY APPT TO FIND OUT IF I'M BEING KILLED BY THIS PREGNANCY!!!!!

Pregnant women are crazy. Especially the ones who LOOOOVVVE being pregnant. They're the worst.


Kangaroo Korner slings! The answer to all of your problems! They come in cotton, nylon, or fleece, are simple to figure out. It goes over one shoulder, and baby just fits right into the pouch. I wear the cotton and fleece one (because they are patterned, and beautiful) and my husband likes the nylon one because it is cool and sport-y and he can get it dirty and I don't mind. My little guy is only two and a half months, so now good word on how long this will last, but rarely a day goes by that he doesn't go into the sling. Added bonus - if he's fussy, it totally calms him down.


Also, I hate my Phil and Ted's stroller. HATE.

Hairy Farmer Family

I feel your pushchair pain! I uncharacteristically delegated the choice of baby-vehicle to Hubby. Nine months on, his purchase is colloquially known as Behemoth... So I went out and bought a lovely little stroller complete with parasol, sporting some very funky polka-dots. Hubby took one aghast look, reminded me that we have a BOY baby, and has flatly refused to be seen dead with it. He calls it the testicle-shriveller.
There may be no right answer...


We have two kinds of baby carriers: A hotsling and a mei tai from Baby Hawk.

With our almost-6-week-old daughter, I like the hotsling. But there is no way that my 6'1" husband and I (5'3") could wear the same size. He really likes the mei tai but I find it cumbersome (although I haven't practiced using it as much). I'm sure I'll get better with the mei tai since it carries bigger kids and distributes the weight more evenly than the hotsling.

Are you cloth diapering? If so, I *highly* recommend the Bum Genius 3.0. They are one-size and will grow with your kid - no need to buy sm, med, large, etc. We had to disposables at first since our daughter was a peanut (6 lbs. 12 oz.). The diapers say they fit from 7-35 lbs. but I found they didn't fit her well until she was 8. From that point forward, we haven't had any leaks.

If you're interested in cloth diapers/baby carriers and come up Baltimore way, there is a great store in Lauraville called Bediboo. Gretchen, the owner, sells baby wearing gear and diapers and is happy to show you how to use all sorts of wraps/carriers. As a bonus, there is a great candy store upstairs from Bediboo.


Uhhh...Joovy? Moby? Ergo? Beco? What is this, 'Star Wars'? And Phil & Ted? Yeah, right. I think you guys are just messing with us old ladies and making stuff up.


When you get the good advice tell me, because I have the same fears and I'm 2 1/2 weeks away. :-)
We did buy a Peg Perego double side by side. Came highly recommended from another mommy with the same age kids I will have. We bought ours on sale at albeebaby.com free shipping!


We had one of these and loved it. It only works in the infant carrier that snaps in the car, but it is easy and light weight with the convenience of a stroller.



LOVE LOVE LOVE...YOU MUST MUST MUST HAVE...the Phil & Ted's tandem stroller!!! you just must!!! we have one and it quite possibly is singly the best investment we made with our daughter. We plan on number two but in the mean time, the second seat is handy for when we go places with friends and their child. we saw one at the zoo before we had our daughter and fell in love with that family's phil & ted's stroller, that we almost stole it from the stroller parking area at the monorail ride...but we didn't, don't worry!!! We bought our own. And love it! Did I mention the LOVE!?!?!?


I think it sounds like a fantastic plan.

But, since you asked, I will say this: My daughter hated the carrier - any kind of carrier - for the first 3 months of her life. HATED IT. She was quite opinionated from minute 1 (NO clue where she gets THAT. Ahem.) I had planned to carry her everywhere in a sling or Bjorn, and she simply would have nothing to do with it. She preferred to be in the stroller or facing forward or looking over my shoulder. Put her somewhere where she was snuggled up close and couldn't see ('cause, you know, their eyesight is so GOOD at 4 weeks) and she would scream until I repositioned her. Once she was old enough to ride in it facing forward, she was a happy camper.

So, yes, terrific plan. Just be prepared to change it if necessary.


i haven't even finished this post, and i see you're not lacking for input.


We're completely in love with our hug-a-bug sling (www.hugabug.com). It's easy to put on, feels very comfy and our son loves to be in there. The child is very well fixated and feels very close. So it's also great for powerwalking or hiking (I often went on 2 to 3 hour walks in the forest when he was still below 20 pounds and never had a backache afterwards).

We already had him in there when he was only 3 days old (the shoulder wraps give a good head support) and now with 2 years I still like sometimes to put him in there. Especially if I don't want to take the stroller with me or when he is sick and likes to feel me to calm down. The sling is also the best thing, if you go to very crowded places. No idea how I would have survived Christmas Shopping in London without it!

cottoncradles.com has all the different hug-a-bug styles in stock. Just ordered one there as a present for a friend in Phily who expects her baby in July.

yet another from the legions of Amys

ERGO! I LOVE my Ergo so much. I didn't get it until my daughter was past that newborn floppy stage, so I don't know about that (although I know they sell a newborn insert and lots of people use it). But I still use it all the time and she's 2 years old and can nurse in it great. It's harder now that she's taller and sits higher up in it, but still doable.


Mom got me a quinny + maxi cosi carseat. Am due with my first in Oct, BUT I have steered the quinny all around the house (with pooh in it) and gotten in and out of the tinyest of doorways in the house, no less. Also folds up very tiny, and carrier attaches to it super easy for the first few months. I also love the swanky modern design! Not doudy or overly cutesy at all.


I didn't even read the rest of the comments--I love my Moby wrap, in no small part because my kid is small small small and I could use the wrap from day one with him. But definitely go to http://www.iwearbaby.com/--she's in Vienna and you can try on various carriers and see what works best for your body and your baby. Everyone is different, so I really think this is your best bet.


I, like you, have a two year old and am 16 weeks pregnant with my second.

For my first, I bought a Bjorn (with the extra back support) and had a near 10lb baby. After about 4 months, it was useless. Way too painful. I also had a mei tai, which I LOVE and used until he was nearly 2.

I have spent hours (literally) researching strollers, and found that the Joovy Caboose Ultralight is rated quite highly, is light, easily mobile, and (when I tried it outside) was very nice.

I was thinking of the Phil and Ted's, but it is too much money (I have 3 strollers already), and my son is more interested in walking then the stroller anyways.


I have not read all of the responses, so others might have said the same thing. I'm only answering the carrier question.

My assvice is to get a pouch - I'd go for the Kangaroo Korner Fleece Pouch. Actually, I have about five of them I'd be willing to sell you cheap - all sizes! (Email me if buying stuff from people you don't know on the internet appeals to you!) The fleece might be a bit warm initially, but soon enough it will be fine. Super easy. Virtually no learning curve.

A Moby is also quite fine and very secure for your little one (I'll also sell you one of these - cheap!). However, it is time-consuming to put on - even when you're good at it - and it's practically impossible to put it on without part of it touching the ground - hello puddles in the parking lot! - and while we liked it fine, I mostly came back again and again to my pouch.

Another option is a mei tai (You'll be shocked to learn I can sell you one of these too! Seriously!), which is kind of somewhere between an Ergo and a Moby. I liked mine fine enough. Very versatile. Pretty comfortable.

Definitely get an Ergo once your baby has head control. We had our second daughter in it around 3.5 months. It is our workhorse carrier. We both still use it and love it. As proof of my undying devotion to it, I WILL NOT SELL IT TO YOU. lol

As for strollers, we're side-by-side people, so I don't know anything about the other kind. Hopefully you got some good assvice on that front!

But back to me and all my many carriers, it occurs to me that I could give you a good price on the whole lot - then you won't have to make a decision!


OMG...same stroller experience until we got the Maclaren. The Peg Pergo was for the birds. I recommend the snap and go, you'll appreciate its convenience. Good luck.


Real quick

yes to snap and go wheels - they are a life saver -esp if you have a sleeping baby. As for the Phil and Teds - Do it - its worth the money and its not actually that heavy - also its the normal size of a stroller so know unintentional shop lifting occurs - Also Phil and Teds are NZ company so have to root for them!


I have no viable advice whatsoever, because I'm still working on baby #1, but I've decided on the Maya Wrap (sewing my own, too, because I am clearly insane).
I do, however, have matching overthinky tendencies, so perhaps next time I'm awake at 3am because Jr. is working on his breakdance routine or his science project about bruising of internal organs, we can gmail-chat our obsessions. *twitch*


Umm, grain of salt b/c my kid isn't actually born yet (I'm 30 weeks along w/my first), but after much research this is what I decided:
1) ring sling for carrying teeny babies & nursing coverage
2)I've heard that the Ergo is much comfier, for much longer, than the Bjorn, so that's what we'll eventually get
3)also a mei tai-type carrier. The fabric panels on the one I got are printed with Sailor Jerry tattoo drawings of burning hearts and nearly naked chicks and I LOVE it.

Also, thanks for the Maclaren review - I think I'll be getting one of those eventually, but let us know if you find something better!


phil and teds. get it--sooooo worth it. we live in boston and are able to go places with it. it is great in terms of a newborn and a toddler and even better once the baby can sit in it. the only thing that drives me crazy is the sun shade (not useful).

ergo. ergo. ergo. get the ergo. it will just last and last. hot slings are also great and pretty easy to manage. but if your baby is a butterball like mine, you won't be able to deal with it after 18 pounds. the ergo will also work when noah wants to be picked up.

the snap and go will be crucial for preschool drop off. my baby was born in october and was popped into the snap and go every morning and afternoon for preschool drop off and pick up. much easier than dealing with a travel system or pulling him out of the car seat and putting him into the stroller. oh--and with the cold weather get the jjcole cover thingy so you don't have to bundle baby up just to drop noah off.


Hi--- I guess I'm in the minority here, but I had a 2008 Phil and Teds, and I HATED IT for a few reasons: 1) the canopy is horrendous, there is no shade, that's why you see all these people walking around with bath towels draped above the second seat; 2) if you are tall, you will not be able to walk normally with it, but will kick it, even with the seemingly adjustable handle bar. This problem just gets worse with the second seat; 3) even the big seat may be a bit tight for a three year old. I know you hate the idea of side by side doubles, but my friend who just had her second loves her maclaren twin techno. The nice thing about it is that the seat is nice for a newborn, unlike most umbrella stroller seats. If you are considering spending more $, I'd check out the uppa baby vista. It is pram style, like the bugaboo, and allows you to add a board for your older kid. I find it more practical than the bugaboo (also had one of those-- am a stroller addict), because you can't really load much into the buagoo basket.


I love(d) my Hotsling. I'd just be sure to get the smallest one they make otherwise it'll hurt your back like a mofo. I ended up with a medium one and you know me, I'm no size MEDIUM.

I also dug my Joovy Caboose. It worked really well until my kids got too big for it (My guess is that the total weight limit in kid tonnage is around 50-60 lbs MAX otherwise you can't steer it to save your life.) The best part was that I bought it for $150 and sold it on Craig's List for $75 a year later. It felt like Joovy practically paid me to own it.

mrs. bee

Without reading all the other comments...

I loved the Peanut Shell when my daughter was a newborn. She loved to be held and it was the only way I could do anything at all. I found that the Peanut Shell was the most secure feeling sling for me, but it seems to vary.

I love the Beco Butterfly. http://www.becobabycarrier.com/
Its all the best of a mai tai carrier without having to tie the straps. I have a BabyHawk too, and while I like it the straps can be a pain in the ass with a sqwirmy baby.


I hated my bulky travel system and got rid of it by the time my first baby was 7 months old. For #2 I got a snap and go and loved it--it was so nice to not have to wake the baby just to run a quick errand, and it was really light and compact. I wheeled it right down the airplane aisles and stuck it in the overhead compartment when we traveled. We had a big Peg Perego carriage thing for kid #1, so we got the buggy board thinking that would be great when # 2 came along, but I personally hated it. My toddler didn't like it much either. I'm not very tall (5'4), and it made pushing the carriage really awkward. I really liked my Maclaren Twin Traveler, and although it is side-by-side, I only had a few times where the width was a problem. I loved that Maclaren so much that I got a new single Techno XT for baby #3, and I've not regretted it. She still rides in it at 4. For joggers we've always had Baby Joggers with the big wheels (have owned a single, double and triple), because my husband actually enjoyed jogging with the kiddos. Go figure! I used them on walks, and although the wheels do not swivel, they push like a dream. I know they are technically not for newborns, but I did stick my babies in before the recommended age and at 9, 6 and 4, I'm pretty sure whatever problems we have with them are a result of shitty parenting and not because of their early rides in the jogger. I oogled all over the Phil and Ted's type strollers while we were in New Zealand, as they were everywhere there, but we were in the market for a triple jogger by then. (That, by the way, was another "luxury" purchase I never regretted, because it allowed me to go for walks every day without my oldest whining about being tired. It truly saved my sanity.)

I've got nothin' for ya in the sling department. As much as I wanted to be a wrap-mama, none of my babies ever really liked any of the ones I tried.

Ok, that's enough from me. Good thing I don't offer my assvice very often! Have fun shopping!


I highly recommend the Ergo over the Bjorn. The Ergo can actually be used for newborns, too. Apparently, also, you can nurse wearing the Ergo (and the baby...). I've never tried that, though.


Right, let me echo the general consensus here: the Phil & Ted's is like crack, that. Try it, and you will be hard-pressed to find a stroller that you love as well. The maneuverability is great (none sacrificed by adding the 2nd seat), it's light on its feet, is versatile, comfortable, and looks good.

It's heavy w/ a child in it, but I don't have much more of a frame of reference for its heaviness compared to others - sorry. :(

I would recommend, however, that you do NOT travel with it. While we bought ours a few years ago, and they've since improved the design (and maybe the construction), we took ours overseas and had slight damage to the frame and wheel alignment. This was not significant enough to impact our overall use of the stroller, but made it more work to jog w/ it or push it on a lateral incline.

Good luck!!

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