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19 Weeks & the Obligatory Halfway Point Meltdown

So the pregnancy. It continues.

The baby kicks, mostly at night, when I'm already struggling to find a comfortable position and properly position a pillow between my legs and huffing and puffing like I'm in the third trimester or something. My belly is small and round and (if I must say) rather cute and I like it. It's high and all in front, just like last time, although I still feel curvier everywhere, and hate the way my thighs look in photos. I've only gained a couple pounds, just like last time, and I had to work for them, forcing myself to eat every few hours and not fighting the second serving of strawberry shortcake Jason insisted I eat last night, and oh, but life is SO HARD.

I'm also wracked with the same sort of hand-wringing anxiety as I was last time -- this ever-nagging wait for something to go wrong, for the worst-case scenario to happen. The lack of weight gain, far from being any kind of HA AM AWESOME bragging right, was scaring the crap out of me, and I convinced myself that my belly was far too small for this far along and clearly the baby had some kind of growth problem -- we should have known from those early ultrasounds that consistently measured small! woe! fie! -- until I finally dug up a photo of myself from about the same point last time, and...oh. I look exactly the same. Never mind.


One minute I refuse to let myself assume that we'll actually have a baby at the end of this, and the next minute I freak out because WE NEED TO ASSEMBLE FURNITURE! I HAVE TO ORGANIZE CLOSETS! GO GET THE SWING FROM THE ATTIC RIGHT THIS MINUTE SO I CAN GET THE SERIAL NUMBER AND SEARCH THE PRODUCT RECALL WEBSITES!

So. Yes. Also just like last time. Reruns! How boring!

In between the panic attacks, however, I've managed to spend quite a bit of time overthinking the few pieces of baby gear we need to purchase this time. Namely: slings/carriers and strollers.


Here's my current brilliant plan, and all I ask is that you be KIND when you rush in to point out its many flaws:

I'd like to avoid or, at the very least, put off a new stroller purchase for as long as possible. We made the mistake of buying a stroller while I was pregnant last time, after merrily wheeling it around the store for a few minutes. Not exactly a real-world road-test, when you're trying to drape a heavy diaper bag over the too-wide handles, or navigate over cracked pavement or through tiny city store aisles or fold and lift the damn thing while recovering from a c-section and lugging a 10-pound newborn in a carseat and ARRRGH I hated that stroller so very, very much.

(Peg Perego Aria XT, or something, in case you are curious. Our particular model was discontinued the following year. We picked it because it felt the lightest in the store, only to discover that once you load a baby and a bag onto it the front wheels would lift off the ground and you'd basically be trying to steer while stuck in a permanent wheelie mode. It folded flat but wide and was light but unwieldy and generally just sucked at existence.)

(After that we ordered some rugged European Bugaboo Wannabe called the i'Coo Infinity, sight unseen, because we became convinced that the crappy plastic wheels and lightweight frame on the Peg were the source of all our troubles. The thing weighed 400 fricking million pounds and would only stay folded if you took the time to buckle it shut and everywhere I went I left a path of destruction on either side of me because it was far too big to take anywhere that was not a wide open field, which is all the awesome online demonstration video had shown, ha ha suckers. Try wheeling it through the Gap and suddenly you're dragging three dresses and half the display of fabric belts behind you.)

So now we have a Maclaren umbrella stroller, the love of my life. Sure, it'll tip over if you leave your diaper bag hooked on the handles and remove your child, and the handlebars are starting to wear a bit and I'm not sure the brakes work so well anymore, but it folds up practically pocket-sized and you can sling it over your shoulder and I now every time I see a young, sleep-deprived couple out with a gigantic color-coordinated travel system that outweighs their newborn by a good 30 pounds I shake my head and give them six months before they realize that the crushing, pressing need to downsize totally trumps any prenatal belief that your preshus baybee needs to be surrounded by as much plastic and padding as possible at all times.

So. I plan to strap this next kid onto my body as much as possible for the first year or so. Noah honestly doesn't even ride in a stroller much anymore, and with a late October due date I'm thinking we can probably make it a good six months before the weather warms up enough to really deal with long outdoor two-kid activities that might require the use of a double or tandem stroller.

Thus, mah questions, for the four of you who made it through all that yakkity and are still with us:

1) Recommendations for a good newborn sling or wrap? One that is easy to figure out and would allow me to nurse while the baby is all snuggled in? I've been leaning towards the Moby but am a little concerned about how hot all that fabric might be in the DC humidity and also that I might be kind of too dumb for it, since I've seen mothers at the playgrounds with them and they're practically walking pieces of cotton origami and the kid is still dangling somewhat precariously off their body. Then there's the K'tan and Hotslings and all sorts of gorgeous homemade ones and wheeeeeeee, I'm off to silently rock in a corner now.

2) Recommendations for a six-months-and-up carrier? I know the slings promise to be so ultra-versatile you can carry your kid to college in them, but I still think I'd like a Bjorn or an Ergo for when I don't feel like swaddling up like a mummy. Plus, I know Jason would be more comfortable with something more...uh...buckle-ly and manly. We had a Bjorn last time but not, apparently, the RIGHT Bjorn, the expensive one with the back support, so it killed my back and Noah outgrew it in length awfully quickly. So I'm curious if anyone has used both the Bjorn and the Ergo, and which one you'd recommend.

And while we're at it, we might as well talk strollers too. Side-by-side doubles are just...no, for us, but I have still managed to come up with a frillion different possibilities. A literal frillion! True story!

3) Anyone have the Joovy Caboose? How do you like it out and about in the real world? Is it easy to steer? Noah really dug it at the store but alas, we've learned our lesson that linoleum does not really exist out in nature and the stroller aisles at Babies 'R Us are about four times as wide as a REAL store aisle and they do this on PURPOSE. Because it is all a RACKET and they HATE YOU. Also, is there really any difference between the regular and the lightweight model? Because neither one felt all that lightweight to me, frankly.

4) Jason saw a Phil & Ted's tandem stroller this weekend and fell in love on the spot, but I am loathe to spend that kind of money on YET ANOTHER GODDAMNED STROLLER MAKE IT STOP. Particularly since we just don't use a stroller that much, and I have all these Grand Plans Of Babywearing. But. I could possibly be talked into it, if it's the greatest stroller ever and makes all other strollers look like Hitler. Plus there's a local consignment store that always has the ultra-expensive strollers for sale, so between that and Craigslist I could probably get one used.

5) My OTHER grand idea is to just keep the Maclaren and attach one of those little wheeled platforms onto the back of it. The obvious downside is that Noah couldn't sit down, and I know that once he sees the new baby getting pushed around everywhere he may regress a bit and suddenly WANT to ride in the stroller. Or he might not, or he might constantly try to step off the platform and drive me insane and I'll wonder why I ever passed up the chance to have him buckled in with a 27-point harness or something.

6) Oh. And thoughts on a used Snap-n-Go? For any infant pushing emergencies? This was the one piece of baby gear we DIDN'T get last time and I really regretted it, but I wonder how useful it would be the second time around, since I certainly couldn't use it while out by myself with both kids. UNLESS! The wheeled platform works with it? But by that point maybe I should just get over myself and buy a new damn stroller already?

Okay. I think that's it. I remember that I will need 4,586,029 cloth diapers and about the same number of Soothies nursing gel pads; that there will be very little sleep and that there is nothing wrong with shoving a pacifier in a cryhole if you need to, unless you are okay with a non-hungry-but-screaming newborn using YOU as a pacifier for six hours at a time, and seriously, I let Noah do that to me at the hospital and even became FURIOUS when I found a pacifier in his bassinet after they brought him back from a checkup or something, but then again the hospital lactation consultant came in, took a peek at my bloody butcher's-counter nipples and said yep, everything looks okay here! and then sent me home.

Oh, and the hospital now has a whole new wing with private rooms, so I will not have to deal with someone else's diarrhea and the endless drama that it can cause.


Oh God. I kind of repressed that one. Quick, assvice me up, babies. Help me spend my non-existent money before I wonder what exactly I have gotten myself into here.



My boys are 22 months apart.

We have the Phil & Ted's, and I love it! The boys loved it. It was worth the $$.

But, with my youngest about to turn 2, we hardly ever use it anymore. When we do use a stroller, they are taking turns in and out and it's just a pain. The kids, not the stroller...


Just found out that #2 will only be 16 months behind #1 (yikes!) so this is great. We also hardly ever use our stroller, and are holding out on a tandem purchase until we need one.

We used a pouch sling all the time when The Boy was tiny, which we loved, but once he was about 10 lbs. it wasn't comfortable anymore. Since Noah was so big, you might want to skip anything that goes over one shoulder.

We then bought a Moby, which we really liked. It is extremely comfortable, and it does take a bit of practice, but if you try it at home a few times, you'll be fine (I live in Phoenix, and it was fine in the horrible, face-melting heat with no humidity). Also, I like it because I could put it on at home, drive with it on, and take The Boy in and out as we got out of the car for errands, which is so much nicer than strapping something off and on each time you get somewhere.

We did go ahead and buy and Ergo for a trip to DC a couple of weeks ago. It is fantastic. Very comfortable. Easy to use for anyone (we knew his aunt and uncle, whom we were visiting, would want to carry him too, and we didn't want to saddle them with the Moby), and the sleeping hood was great. We never once went home for a nap, as he napped in the Ergo whenever necessary.

I'm sure you have so much advice now, your head is spinning, but here's more!


I used a Moby when my son was born (august). It was awesome. Just practice before the baby comes, and if you try it 5x, you'll have the hang of it. Our local sling shop says that that is almost universally loved by newborns.

After my kid was about 20 pounds I switched to an Ergo, which I Love. So easy to get on and off, comfy with a big baby, and cozy.

LOVE your blog, and read it every day.


Get an unpadded ring sling in solarveil for summer, buy or make a "moby" wrap in cotton knit (cut off the ends if it is too long once you get it on)and use an Ergo once #2 is over about 20 lbs.

Here's the website for how to use a moby wrap and a ring sling: www.mamatoto.org. Practice & it's super super easy.


Have a K'tan and love it. I especially liked the balanced weight in the cradle hold, instead of the one-shoulder burden like in a regular sling. Still using it at 6 months without a problem. Baby loves the forward facing adventure position and the hip position. And the fabrics are nice and light...I imagine I'll be able to use it for quite a while.

We didn't buy a big stroller but got a snap-n-go floor model for $25 and have used it every single day. So much easier than lugging the infant carrier around. Now that baby is moving up to a convertible carseat, we've got a lightweight Discovery by Delta stroller. It's still a little big for my taste, but I'll deal with it since it was so inexpensive.


I think your two kids will have the same age difference as my two girls (28 months, day for day in our case). Well, by the time Lydie was born, we'd more or less abandoned the stroller for Carla altogether, and had definitely done so by the time Lydie outgrew her (let's be honest) very crappy body sling-carrier thing (about 5 months, but she was a tiny baby). And we gave up on the stroller for Lydie when she turned 2. Yes, it meant carrying her quite a lot, yes, it meant not going on long walks for a while, yes, it made shopping trips on my own with the girls a little hair-raising, but I managed and it's a damn sight easier than a double stroller which, here in France, won't fit ANYWHERE. I have no regrets and both girls will now quite happily walk anywhere. Ok, they're 6.5 and 4, but they've walked all over the place since they were 2 and it hasn't done them any harm.
And it's a damn sight cheaper than buying strollers and what have you!


I had an over the shoulder baby holder sling when my babies were little. It was fine, but at least one of my kids hated it. As for when they are older, I'm surprised no one has mentioned a BabyHawk Mei Tai (www.babyhawk.com). You basically tie it on, you can use it in front or in back, they come in great prints so hubby won't be embarassed to wear it, and because of the way you tie it it is amazingly comfy. Both DH and I have worn them all day long walking around in DC and on the metro. I actually have 2, one that's got a fleecy lining for winter and one that is thinner for summer. No one ever overheated with it.

As for strollers, the snap and go is great when they are little, then we used a graco duoglider when we had 2 at that stage. Big, bulky, but roomy underneath, won't tip over, and not so much of a folding trouble that I struggled after my c-sections. Now that I only have 1 stroller child, I have a Combi Soho that is super lightweight and folds easily without bending over, and has a strap so you can throw it over your shoulder for things like steps in the NY Subway :-) The basket underneath is a pain, though, because it's small, but I also have a SkipHop diaper bag that straps to the handle bars. Now that thing? Worth its weight in gold.

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We got the fancy new Bjorn with the back support when my kid was around six months old. Still killed my back. We had a Kelty backpack for hiking, too, that we used as the kid got bigger, but it was pretty unwieldy in cramped New York stores. When he was maybe 18 months we found out about the Ergo. I ordered one on line immediately and that's pretty much all we used from there. I totally loved it; we used it until he was three years old. Ours was a lightweight, but we have friends who are still using theirs on kid number two, who is much heavier than ours at that age and will be three this summer. It works back and front, easy to adjust to fit two parents of different sizes, baby/toddler's weight rides on hips rather than on the back or the shoulders so it doesn't cause all that pinching of nerves and cramping.

Good luck!

Anna S.

I LOVE our ERGO!! I wish I had started with this and stuck an infant insert in it. I wanted so badly to use a sling, and stuck Nora in a Peanut Shell enough times to confirm that we both hated it. I love the Ergo. I like a baby carrier that tells me exactly how to buckle strap a and b and where the baby goes exactly. The sling was too free-form for me, and I never could get her in there the same way twice. The Ergo has video with it (and I think on the website) of a mommy nursing with it. Totally do-able.


Newbaby sling: Hotsling
Good for nursing in: Zolowear ring sling

Still using both for my baby who is almost one (hip carry now), but he is on the small side.


Oh how fun this is! Okay...

I bought the Maya Wrap and used it to nurse so I do recommend the pouch like slings, but don't recommend the Maya Wrap because it has no stretch and huuurts after a short time. But for doing pretty active things with baby I recommend the ERGO above and beyond bjorn because it is just more versatile.

Stroller-- I have a double Graco stroller that is easier to maneuver than my single stroller. Not kidding. And I live in upstate NY mountains. We barely have sidewalks. Seriously. BUT....I would just recommend garage sales. I mean, these things are expensive and who knows if you'll even need the double stroller. We look and look for the perfect item and really....there just isn't one sometimes. Save yourself some cash for a pregnancy massage.

Also for those interested in cloth diapers but can't get past the laundry factor check out G Diapers.


I have a Joovy caboose Ultralight - after several attempts at other "double" strollers.

i want to marry my Joovy.

It is SO easy to open and close. It folds flat. It glides easily over almost every surface (we live in rural SW VA where farms and hills and rocks abound). My 2 year old LOVES the seat/stand platform in the back while my 1 year old sits in the front. I just found out I am expecting #3 (oh crap, 3 in less than 3 years) and like the way the baby carrier sits in the front of it as well.

I ordered mine from Amazon and it came with the organizer (so awesome!), and a fleece/nylon-ish reversible extra seat cover.


I am sling retarded. Any attempt to use those wrappy-moby-ring-etc things ended in tears. I did try out a Baby Bjorn, but all the clips and buckles and "insert tab a into slot b" nonsense got on my nerves.

The Hot Sling kicks Much. Ass. Because it's just a big fabric loop and it slips over your shoulder cross-wise, kinda like a purse strap if you wear long purses.


I recommend getting one cotton one for warm months and a fleece one for the winter. Plus, it works as an infant sling (and you can nurse discretely with it) and also converts (with a flip and a twist) to a hip-carry toddler sling.

If my fetus the third wasn't due in September I would give you mine... but since I'll be making good use of it, I highly recommend getting one and trying it out. (Target sometimes carries them, as well, though they never seem to have my size in stock.)

And, yer welcome. :)

Hey You

BUY A SLING!! OMG when I started using my sling after fighting with strollers and baby bjorns my life got so much easier. I have an Ellaroo Organic cotton ring sling. I have tried others, but love this one because of the padded shoulder, the organic cotton is so light and cool that I can wear it in 100+ degree weather and it is fine. oh, and it is pretty, I like pretty, I got mine big and the hubby will use it (on his back only, men) Anyway The Son is now 30lbs and we still use it several times a week, and still can nurse in it! Take that baby bjorn! Also G diaper and Fuzzi BUnz are the way to go! YAY for cute diapers, um I mean YAY environmentally friendly!.


I have a Britax Preview which is a lot like the McClarens, but not as pricy and the only one that works with the Britax infant carseat that we had for my daughter (who is now 2 1/2). I love it. She loves it. Which is to say that on the very rare occassion that she a) needs to stroll and is b) willing to ride in the thing. The front bar comes off so she can get in and out easily. Also, I'm taller and her dad is over six feet so, it was a really functional one for us. Diaperbags and shopping baskets fit easily on the handles without tipping also. No cupholders however...boo.

I also just recently bought an Ergo. We love it. Daughter had outgrown the super hot (is the grocery store supposed to feel like the sauna) Bjorn by the time she was six months old and the frame backpack by 16 months. I think for the cost, one Ergo could have sufficed and lasted a long time. We only really use it as a support for piggy back rides while hiking or not being agreeable to stroller-ing, but she is well over 30 lbs and it makes all the difference in the WORLD. I have seen mothers nursing in them as well and it looks pretty simple and has good coverage. Love the Ergo so much that from time to time it tempts me to have another baby. It hasn't talked me into it just yet, but it is working hard on its arguments.

Another trick I learned when stroller shopping is to test drive them all the way out to the trunk of your car. Our jog stoller is too big for the car without a seat down. Argh.

My hospital ballistic moments were diaper related. Ahh, the memories. Sigh.


Okay, I haven't read through the eleventy million comments, so forgive me if you've heard this same assvice already...

We had the typical stroller for Kid #1...plastic, primary colors, whatever. It was just at the beginning of the whole car-seat-snaps-into-the-stroller thing, and we didn't really "get" that (we're not very smart, for two people with Master's degrees...) so we just got the regular stroller. It was fine when there was just one, but there was NO WAY I was going to deal with that with Kid#2 (three years later). With #2, we bought the Snap-n-Go, and it saved my life, and both of my kids' lives. There's no way I could have survived without it.

Also, as for the Bjorn, I got one for kid#1 (it was also the newfangled thing at the time...) and hardly ever used it for him. He got two big, it hurt my back, I kept hitting the soft spot with my chin omigawd, he'll never learn his multiplication tables! (which, at age 9, he has mastered better than most adults, so crisis averted.) So, I thought that was $85 wasted. However, kid#2 lived in the thing from age 14 weeks until 19 weeks...wasn't really that long, but seemed it at the time. Again, none of us would have survived without the Baby Bjorn.

Kids are different, even if they have the same genetic make-up.


Almost forgot. I had a sling too. It was not popular. I think my kid refused to go in the thing until she was sitting up all by herself and could face out and mostly she just tried to claw her way out. Fun times! Mark that five babywearing instruments. Five.


So, I had this same post when I had my second little one. My kids are 1 and 3 and here is what we ended up with after 5 strollers and 7 baby carriers of one kind or another:

Phil and Teds - love it still and toddler rides up front while baby can lie down flat initially (when not attached to mommy). We didn't use it, but there is an infant seat option too. Now my two boys alternate who sits in the front and back because they weigh close to the same amount.

Moby Wrap - I buy it as baby gifts for everyone now. My older son is/was quite active and this really helped me not feel like the baby was going to fall out as I chased my toddler around. My younger son LOVED it!!!!! I live in the DC area and it was fine. LIke someone else had mentioned... when are you really going to sit outside in the heat and humidity for long periods of time in the summer anyway.

Ergo - without the infant insert. I put the baby in there with legs crossed under his bum once he was a couple months old. Now I use it for both my kids and they love it. I use it on the front (well, not anymore) and on the back and it is just perfect. I travel alone sometimes with the boys and it is especially great because it packs easier than a stroller.

Speaking of which, I use the double stroller ((P&T) more now than i did in first year. We used our Maclaren a lot with the baby in the moby or ergo for a long time.


Never commented, but have to add that I bought the new Maclaren version of a snap-and-go and love it. THis is the third baby and I never had one before, but this has been the best baby gear purchase I have made - had I have huges issues with buying too many stollers. I probably wouldn't have gotten it if it wasn't a Maclaren, but if folds up small like the Volo umbrella. I have a board for the back of another one of our joggers, but have considered putting it on this Maclaren. Best of luck!


I loved my Moby wrap. My son was a December baby and I wore him in that thing until May (I live in NoVA). If you are worried about the warmth issue then I would suggest Gypsy Mama wraps. Less stretchy than the Moby but lighter and a little more versatile.

I also second and third all the advice about getting an Ergo. SOOO much better than the Bjorn and you can wear it much longer. In fact, you might even be able to pop Noah in it. I wear my now 17 month old son in it on my back and it's super comfy.

We have a Phil&Ted's stroller. I think it's called the Sport. Love it too!!! I keep that one in my house for walks around the neighbourhood and a MacLaren in the car for the mall, quick errands, etc etc.

I don't think I could have lived without the Snap-n-Go for the first 5-6 months. It was either car seat into Snap-n-Go or wearing him in the Moby or the Ergo.

If you want to continue to obsess, consider going to a NINO meeting. NINO stands for "Nine In, Nine Out" and it's a babywearing group. You can go to the meeting and try out a bajillion different kind of carriers. I went and was all "gah! yeah! carrier-gasm!" and ended going home in a frenzy and buying 2 online that I didn't end up using. There are groups in the VA/DC/MD area.

That's all the assvice I have up my sleeve for now.


I'm sure half the 120 comments above me will say this too, but like you, I had a miserable time with the Bjorn, and when my son was about 9 months old, I bought an Ergo. Love Love Love Love Love it.

Eventually I'm going to go read the other comments because I'm also having Moby wrap fantasies for the baby I'm 25 weeks pregnant with right now.


My favorite double stroller for every day use is the Sit and Stand (which was all of about 100 dollars at Target). Their is an adaptor that an infant car seat can snap into, and their is both a seat and a platform to stand on in the back. It had a big basket at the bottom that holds LOADS of crap and there are cup holders by the handle. There is also a tray on the front seat that was HIGHLY useful for feeding finger foods once the younger kiddo was old enough to sit up, etc. The wheels aren't huge, but for general use I loved it. For lots of walking excursions, I have a double bob, which I LOVE - but it was expensive, and so it isn't probably worth it unless you will use it to run/walk on a regular basis.

Good luck!


1. The MacLaren umbrella stroller is excellent, and it's the obvious choice for kids over, oh, 10 months old? Maybe a year? But you have to remember that there really is a reason why we all buy those big systems with all the plastic and padding--remember? Tiny babies can't sit in an umbrella stroller. So if you want to be mobile for that first little while, sometimes WITHOUT babywearing, then you need something that reclines and keeps a baby secure.

My suggestion? Well, if you remember, I also have a two-year old and am 14 weeks pregnant. My plan is to buy one of the strollers with a regular front and the sit/stand option on back. So Noah could stand and face forward if he wants, or turn around and sit on the little bench, facing you. Have you seen those? I haven't even started looking yet, so I don't have brands/models for you. But the one thing I promise is that it wouldn't be anything remotely close to bugaboo/european/phil and ted's/anything even remotely trendy or de riguer for the hip mama. Blech. I go for what's practical. If it costs a lot, fine. But I won't buy something expensive just because it's what's HOTT at playgroup, you know?

By the way. I did babywearing like a religion, so I'm fully on board with that. But I did find there were times when I wanted her in a stroller rather than on my body. Example: going to the mall to try on clothes. If the baby is comfortable/happy/asleep in a sling, you'll leave the store without having tried on a thing because you don't want to take him out, take the sling off, put the kid on the floor of the dressing room, try stuff on, put the sling on, put the kid back in. . .and repeat at the next store. See what I mean? But if a baby is happy/asleep in a stroller and Noah is old enough to be decent about staying in the dressing room with you (I know my two-year-old is great with that, hopefully Noah is too), then you can do it easily. Just one example of when you might want to be out with a stroller.

2. Hotslings. Or anything of that basic shape and idea. They work awesome and I stuffed my daughter into it until she just wouldn't fit anymore--we both loved it so much. I can't say I've tried the Moby, but come on. Why would you use something with THAT much fabric and that actually takes an instructional DVD to master, when you can just pop the kid in a nice, sleek little sling? I know lots of people love them, but again, blech. Yay for simplicity!

3. Don't spend your money on another Bjorn. After my little one got too big for the sling, I went to Babies R Us and bought the $30 (yep, just $30) Playtex Hip Hammock. I know, so not HOTT. But guess what? I had used a borrowed Bjorn and also a hand-me-down Snugli, and I absolutely hated both of them. My little one was colicky, so I did babywearing like a religion--either I was holding her and going about my day, or she was screaming. So guess what? I chose to hold her. All the time. Doing dishes. Vacuuming. Cooking. Doing laundry. The Bjorn and the Snugli drove me absolutely nuts because in those, she was right on the front of me, in the way. I couldn't see straight in front of my body, so I couldn't do dishes. I'd have to guess where I was steering the vacuum. Etc. Then I discovered the hip hammock, and life was bliss. First of all, it felt better on my body because having her sitting on my hip was a very natural, comfortable way to carry the weight. And being able to see what I was doing--which might be a big deal to you even if the babe isn't colicky, seeing how you'll be dealing with a toddler as well (think: out and about, Noah is finally potty trained and you need to help him in a public restroom)--priceless.

By the way, I finally looked up the Phil and Ted's, and I have to say I think those are strange. I saw two kids in one a few weeks ago at a mall, and it looked miserable. The thing is, I think both kids would be absolutely delighted by it for about the first 4 or 5 months. But there comes a point (pretty quickly) when babies really want to be able to see what's going on--mine used to start screaming if I had the sunshade pulled down in front of her stroller--so the idea of the kid on bottom not having any view other than the rear of the other seat seems like it would run out of usefulness way too quickly for what you're paying. That's where the front stroller/back sit or stand type seems more sensible to me. I think Noah would be happy to either sit/stand/or walk by you for a long time to come, and babies are usually fine sitting in a regular stroller until at least 18 months or so, right? Seems like that would see much longer usefulness than the phil and ted's.

BTW, I've seen that several people have suggested the sling rider. Another one that I bought and used. It was fine. Until the babe was about 2 months old and got really angry about not being able to see anything--the way it's made, there's no option of having their head out and able to look around. They lay down in there deep, so it's really only good either for a very new baby or for a small one who is sleeping. It's cheap, so no big loss, but just won't get long enough use to really be worth it.


I have no advice, but I just wanted to wave and say: hi! I'm the other (only other?) pregnant woman behind the curve in the putting on weight department. Oh, the many and varied raised eyebrows when I announce how far along I am! Oh, the travails of trying to figure out something new to eat every hour or two! I saw your post title and said "oh, no, I'm behind schedule there too, 20 weeks, and no freak out yet!" and then I realized, oh wait, I had been quietly freaking out a bit about my lack of rounding out, but there's been progress these last few weeks, and now I look about like you do in that picture. Phew! This is my first baby, but the whole gear-need thing hasn't kicked in yet. I actually haven't bought a thing yet, but I will be watching comments here for advice. And I felt very smug reading your comment about first time parents and their child-swallowing travel systems, since I was already thinking, mmm, noway, nohow. I figure carseat and some sort of baby-wearing device ought to do me until baby weighs more than I can comfortably carry. Because I'm just not going to lug 50 lbs of travel system up and down the stairs from my 3rd floor apartment!


i wanted to read all those comments, but...my eyes started to cross. those i did read, however - good advice.

i loved my peg perego stroller (not the umbrella; can't remember the style). a bit tight in smaller aisles sometimes, but SO worth it on uneven sidewalks and the zoo, etc. like a baby limo!

carriers: can't go wrong with hotslings. (i made my own b/c $8 in fabric vs $50?) but i also liked ring slings. solarveil is the "swim fabric" that's lightweight, breathable and offers uv protection.


Carriers: I skipped the Bjorn b/c it seems that they are awful on your back once the baby gets bigger, and well, if I remember right Noah didn't start small right? Mine was 8 lbs 10 oz. I have a Moby and I like it, but it is a bit of a pain. I have the ergo and LOVE it. I don't think it would be as good for a newborn. I didn't play with ring slings, but that might be better than a moby.

Snap 'n Go: Yes, I didn't think it would be that great, but with an October baby (mine is early Oct), for errands with the car, it's kind of needed. You just can't be taking that baby out of the car seat in a freezing parking lot for a quick trip. That said, you'll be much happier with the Maclaren Easy Traveler :)

I think slinging/carrying the baby for longer walks and delaying the stroller purchase. I love my big obnoxious stroller, but didn't use it much due to weather and c-section and he outgrew the bassinet (which did come in handy as a napping bassinet in the house and when traveling) by the time we were able to use the stroller much. One possibility to toss out there, our new 'travel' stroller, we both LOVE. Baby Jogger City Mini. Folds flat (although is wide), fast, and easy, and comes in a double (side bye side though).


Ergo!!!!! I started with a hotsling, which was okay. BUT, my boy is big, so he outgrew it quickly. (Technically, my shoulder outgrew his weight on it). Now, I can wear him in the Ergo (he's around 24lbs.) for literally hours and my back and shoulders DON'T hurt when I take it off. I LOVE it. We also had a hotsling, but again, big boy, painful shoulders.

Also, your diarrhea story is just one more thing to add to my list of why I'm thankful for my homebirth!


I personally use a wrap (summer or winter) made by Storchenwiege, but that's because my little man was massive at birth, and only got bigger. Storchs are sort of the workhorse of wraps. The Bjorn (and we had the "good" one) killed my back from the beginning. My husband used a mei-tai (Babyhawk, then a Zippy by MeiTaiBaby) after we sold the Bjorn 3 months in, and now uses an Ergo. Our son is almost 3.

You can find a LOT of information on babywearing at www.thebabywearer.com. The forums are really good, and people love answering questions.

We have a Zooper stroller, and while they don't make it anymore, the closest I can find is the Hula. Also love it, and plan to use it with the second one someday.


We have the Phil and Ted Doubles, and I. LOVE. IT.
Our older (now 3) hated his new sister (now 15 months)when she came home, and the stroller solves the problem of keeping potential smackdowns to a minimum. It's so easy to wheel, and I never have to worry about getting through doors. Or small shopping aisles.


The Maya Wrap sucks, it's impossible to use. And the baby feels like it's just hanging out there. The lumbar-support Bjorn is actually great until they get to like 15-20 lbs and then my BACK HURT like crazy. I've heard the Moby is awesome. And these all come in lightweight fabrics now and some even have SPF so your little boo won't get sunburn. I heard somewhere there are parties where you can try on all the different ones. I recommend.


Well I don't have kids, but I have a lot of kids around me so here are the things that I have heard their parents raving about: The infantino sling- comes in black and has a "cool max" system to keep the baby from getting too hot. My cousin is using it in Australia. My brother bought the caboose stroller and it was great while the girls were young, now they are 4 and 2 so they go around on walks in a two seater wagon and they prefer to walk in the mall so that they can run amok more effectively.


Sorry, no assvice here... mine are age nine and age fourteen, so any advice I would have passed its expiration date long ago.
No, I was just sort of reeling from the idea that a company would name a stroller a "Joovy Caboose." No, really? For reals? That's funny as hell. I'd get that one just because the name cracks me up.


Um, can't make it through all the comments... too many, too much info, makes head spin. If you make it this far - am delurking to proclaim love for hotslings. Third child lived in one - even at pool while others were happily splashing. Also, buy rest of crap as you need it. Resist urge to pre-buy if possible or you will own shit you don't use. I promise.


OK, after reading the other comments this isn't news, but:

1. Yes to the Snap-N-Go/Snugride for the first few weeks or months -- the wheels aren't great, but it's super light and perfect for running errands when you're in and out of the car. It's cheap, and there's a ton of space in the basket underneath.

2. Yes to the Moby wrap. I have a 9 week old, and this thing has allowed me to do so much more around the house and in the neighborhood than I would have otherwise. It takes so time to get the hang of it, but once your do it's comfortable and my baby knocks out after just a few minutes of bouncing/walking.

3. YES to the Ergo. Both my husband and I love it. We have (and used) the infant insert for when she was super little, but frequently use the "frog" method the previous commenter mentioned or the side-sit.

(A note on both carriers -- I made the mistake of giving up too early at first. That is, I'd put her in the Moby and she'd cry... so I'd take her out. One day I decided to push it a bit, so I put her in the Moby and walked out of the house and around the block. She was out like a light before I got to the corner.)

4. Finally, I live on Capitol Hill in DC, which is full of young families and skinny little houses with lots of stairs... and you can't swing a dead cat without hitting a Phil & Teds around here. People LOVE that thing.


1. phil and ted's with tandem seat. Just do it.

2. kangaroo korner mesh pouch for summer, fleece pouch for winter. You will love. You will barely remove. Are cute. Just do it.

3. Ergo for later.

*dusts hands* Piece, she be spoken. Good hunting to you.


I have no idea if what I'm passing along will make much sense after your 400 earlier comments. :) But for what it's worth...here goes:
1. I got a fabric sling from Slinglings(dot)come. Homemade but a million different fabrics, etc. It was actually easier for me to figure out than some of the slings that have slides and buckles because it's one piece of fabric...plus the owner/creater is very nice and helpful.
2. Since our families don't have a lot of money, we registered for the very inexpensive Snugli baby carrier (5-26 lbs, face in or out, baby can be in front or on your back). And while I used to be self-conscious NOT using one of the very trendy baby bjorns, we seem to have a lot less issue using our Snugli than our friends. Easy to get on and off, clips are easy to use, and baby sits higher up on your body so your center of gravity isn't all screwed up (always seemed like our friends and strangers with the bjorns also carried those babies practically in their crotches, so was never sure if it was user error/preference or design flaw). I can throw it in the washer; and it doesn't squeeze Cooper's big ol' thighs; so we like our cheap Snugli a lot.
3. and 4. no real experience there...(although my cousin has a side-by-side Combi and I used it once and LOVED IT...easy to maneuver and folded up pretty nice)
5. Since Gavin turned 3 right before Cooper was born, we got a Lascal Buggy Board Maxi and attached it to our big Graco stroller with no problems. He thinks it's great, like he's skateboarding or surfing; sometimes he pretends that he's pushing Cooper while riding on the board. We considered putting it on our Combi umbrella stroller (I think our Combi is a Flare...LOVE IT!), but then our Combi wouldn't fold. Plus, with having the buggy board on the big stroller, we didn't have to worry about the stroller flipping if Gavin was on the board and Cooper wasn't in the stroller as a counter-weight. And the buggy board works with a variety of different strollers...you're able to adjust it based on the basic construction of your stroller's frame & wheel placement.

Good luck sorting it all out. :) And I hear (though never used due to daycare) the cloth diapers that Sarcastic Mom is using on her little boy are great...and very cute. http://sarcasticmom.com/?p=278 (diapers are made by bum genius)


We used the Snugli ComfortVent Soft Carrier.


Had a Bjorn with the first baby (who is on the cusp of puberty now. God help me.). It didn't fit me right.

Assvice? Save the receipts.


Call me a snob, but I'm willing to bet that all y'all who are singing the praises of the Joovy haven't tried the Phil and Ted. It is the love of my nannying life.


Like you're reading at this point...

Bjorns are bad for your back, bad for baby's hips and if you have another boy, bad for um, the junk.

Sling when they're little, and I'm not sure on the over six, but I'm ordering me a Beco. Ergo's seem to... granola. Beco has purty colors. If you can avoid the breastfeeding assvice, the La Leche League site has great baby wearing info.


stroller - something with wheels.

sling - I heart the maya wrap. Howver, I also heart a good deal and found a peanut sling on sale, so I'm gonna be givin it a whirl come October.

The Other Laura

I'd be willing to bet that by the fall Noah won't be willing to ride in a stroller. I advise all kinds of waiting...

Tara Riggs

Joovy Caboose is great for public transportation and easy steering. The negative about it is the big kid can't sit very well with the baby in the front.

Peanut Shell sling is awesome for ease of use and versatility

Baby Trekker is great -- WAYYY better than the Bjorn. I have not used the Ergo, but my understanding is it's simiilar to the Baby Trekker -- EXCEPT the baby cannot be on you front facing OUT. That is the one reason I like the trekker better. No back pain either:)


redundant but...
i have both the joovy and the phil and teds. love the phil and teds and hate the joovy. there is a light weight joovy out now, that may be better. snap and go is a must. moby a must. ergo for later a must.

we were skeptical of the phil and teds and i think it changed my life:)


No, no, no on the Bjorn! I had the Active w/ the back support b/c that's supposed to be sooo much better than a regular Bjorn. And it's true that my back didn't hurt, but my shoulders killed me. It doesn't distribute the weight evenly & it would just pull on my shoulders. And my baby was tiny! I got an Ergo & LOVED it. I've heard awesome things about the Beco, too.

I was worried that my baby (now almost 3) wouldn't like facing inwards w/ the Ergo vs. the Bjorn, but she got used to it & loved it. My friend still takes her 30lb toddler on her back hiking in the Ergo. However, the infant insert for the Ergo is hard to get used to...I don't know if the Beco is better w/ that. But it is possible to nurse a newborn & a 10mo. on in the Ergo.


Got no kids, therefore no assvice. Just here to read and drop pennies in the jar (i.e. click ads...if you haven't, go do it! help purchase that yoda wrap, sling-a-ma-thing y'all are talking about).


I definitely recommend the Ergo for 4 months + (the newborn insert is just too much).

I know you hate the side by side strollers, and I have a Maclaren umbrella stroller so I feel for you, but you have to take a look at the Bob Revolution Duallie. I got it a couple of months ago (I have a 26 month old and a 3 month old) and its awesome. It turns and pushes so easily, it fits through standard doorways and the kids love it. It is huge when folded. My sister in law has the Phil & Ted's and now that her kids are 3 and 1, the 1-year old hates sitting in the back with his view obstructed.

Good luck!


I love my ergo. Our daughter was 10 1/2 months when we adopted her, but only 17 pounds. Now she's a little more than 2 years and weighs 27 pounds, but she still fits in it comfortably. I have a bad back but found the ergo quite comfortable. My husband wore it as often as I did and found it comfortable as well. Also, wearing her close to me was great for bonding. She never has liked riding in a stroller, but we travel a lot, and I've found it easier to put her in the ergo than mess with a stroller in airports.


My daughter is five months old and we're finally using the Ergo and liking - not loving - it. Closer to loving it when she's on my back, but really any way you cut it, carrying a baby (even a wee 13.5 pounder) is HARD on the back/shoulders sometimes. We used something called a "cuddly wrap" for about the first 3-4 weeks: big long piece of fabric that cost EIGHTY FRICKIN DOLLARS. Megan liked sleeping in it, but really at that age she slept anywhere. After 4 weeks old she hated the cradle hold and wasn't stable enough for any other position, so we now have an EIGHTY FIRCKIN DOLLAR piece of fabric (with instructional DVD!!) in our linen closet. We loved the Baby Bjorn Light from about 8 weeks on and because Megan's kind of puny we still love it. And SHE loves it more than the Ergo. ALl those hippie babywearing sites are always SUCH Ergo fanatics, but I just don't see what the fuss is about. Unless all other carriers SUCK THAT BADLY.
We have a used snap n go and I use it for errands quite a bit. With 2 kids though? It would probably get no use. Plus, if baby #2 is as big as Noah started out, s/he may outgrow the bucket-y carseat early....so although for one small baby I use it tons, I think it would be a waste for you.
I love my Maclaren Quest. Better than anything. It's pretty and small and light. We also have a behemouth Bebecar Raider AT Plus that YES is great for trails with no stairs, but really just takes up WAY too much space in our mud room most of the time. Hope you enjoyed this as well as the other 145 or so essays. Us blog readers we LOVE to give out product assvice.

Melissa Wiley

Amy, I've used the same Over the Shoulder Baby Holder sling with all five of my kids, and after 13 years of near-daily use (and many washings), it's still in fabulous shape. I like it better than other slings I tried (with the first baby) because it comes in a petite size option. I'm kind of a shrimp and this was the only one I tried that I could really cinch up tight enough to keep the baby snug.

I use it backwards, with the shoulder pad in front, for the newborn months, and then turn it around at about 4 months. Works well in many different carry positions. I am still toting my 2yo in it regularly.

Come to think of it, I was probably wearing it that time we met at the B&N in Alexandria!


I have no experience with any baby carriers except a Moby, but I love mine. I have a 7 week old and a 3 year old and I would never be able to do anything without it. She's in it now, in fact.
It's just starting to get warmer here (in Michigan), so I imagine the summer humidity won't be very fun and I'll just have to get something else. I also never thought I would be able to figure out the wrappy-wrappness, but I have in all of my greatness mastered two whole holds so far. I also had a Bjorn with my first, and am tiny like you, with the giant children, and that thing was horrible, and the Moby is great.
Basically, that's all I'm saying. The Moby is great.


not sure if you really need any more comments on this, but here's my two cents. Get the Moby. It's easy to figure out after a few trial runs in the house. There's a lot of fabric, yes, but in my experience the Moby is no hotter than any other carrier in the summer (we have both the moby and bjorn). All of them are pressing a hot baby up against your body, there's no escaping that. The one con to the moby? It's so long that's it's kind of a pain to put on when you're out in the world without getting it dirty (in a parking lot, at the playground, etc.). We just wash ours a lot.
My advice? Get a moby and an ergo. Always good to have options, and they might as well be the kind that aren't going to kill your back.

Mary Ellen

I am moved from lurkdom by the cry for help!! Oh, how I love to talk about baby equipage!
For slings, I liked the New Native -- first, because it's compact enough to throw in the diaper bag, and second, because it was recommended by Cindy Crawford on the Today show and I thought it would be... flattering.
For strollers, I have friends with the Phil & Ted's and they're like cult members about it. Myself, I don't think it'd be much fun to be on the bottom. You can't see anything! We have a double Mountain Urban Buggy, which is fabulous (but heavy). But fabulous! Still, if you really like the MacLaren (and I looove my single MacLaren as well), why not just get the double??

Kimberly C

I live in Mobile, Alabama- look us up on the map, we're coastal, baby- today was 95 degrees and it's not even June yet- damn it- and we used a Maya wrap. The fabric breathes, and is far less sweaty than one would think, even if a person was absolutely stupid and ordered it in black. In the heat. And said person owns a white cat. It really is more like a ring sling, and I never used any infant carries as I was like you and had a giganormous newborn (still at least 1.5 pounds lighter than Noah, but that is STILL BIG) who could hold her head up at birth. I use a hotsling more now that she is 16 months (and petite, when did that happen? wth?) The Maya wrap was all kinds of awesome for Disney too, when she was about eight months old. I did alot of nursing and walking around the theme parks.

I have no suggestions on strollers and stuff, and calm down about the weight gain or lack thereof. The baby belly is going to "pop" one day soon and you will be very very obviously preggers.

(side note, probably already said this once somewhere but... the doc tells me that the belly isn't growing big enough. Going to have a 4 pound baby at 40 weeks. Induction. Godzilla baby mentioned above. First thing said to doc? "there's your LITTLE baby" also may have expressed love for the anestisiologist, and I can't spell. I suck.)



Please, please consider their adjustable pouch. The fleece really is awesome, but I also have the mesh one, many friends of mine have cotton, and I hear great things about the solarveil fabric. I used mine from birth on as it converts easily to a very comfortable hip carrier once baby gets bigger. I used it with my first until she was adamantly walking on a regular basis, and when I took it out for child number two, she wanted right back in that thing.


Seriously, there is no better sling.
Get one.
You will not regret it.


De-lurking to comment on request for input! Consensus from Alexandria mom's group on the items is that Hotsling (on sale at babycenter.com and Target) rocks, the Kolcraft universal car seat carrier ($45 new) beats the Snap-n-Go b/c it has three times the storage basket underneath it, and that Bjorns of all types are awful (think makes you feel nine months pregnant again), and that Ergos are OK, but not exciting. Don't buy a stroller, need for one is waaay too far away...

Oh, and a My Brest Friend pillow kicks the Boppy's ass...

And, as a side note, these paragraphs made me cry:
So yes,it's scary. You put your faith in the other person to not cheat on you or hurt you. You let them make the mortgage payments while you pursue a law degree or a writing career or stay home and raise the children. You trust them to celebrate your successes and to always be on your side and to never hurt your feelings in public. To forgive you when you mess up. To put up with you even when you're driving each other ABSOLUTELY CRAZY ABOUT . And to remember that you are worth it, worth talking to, worth fighting for.

And likewise, you promise to remember that they're worth it all too, and to take a deep breath sometimes and just let yourself get a little speechless over the loveliness of your imperfect, frustrating, wouldn't-change-it-for-a-billion-dollars life.

--for the last five months, I have been a first time stay-at-home mom with many fears, and you managed to sum up the crazy I had inside very well. Thank God for you, and my hubby for finding your blog for me!


Thinking about it, by October, you can have my Kolcraft! (mah fat baybay will out grow infant seat soon..:(


don't know if anyone has mentioned this yet, but phil and ted's just released the vibe. it can fold with the second seat attached and is a wee bit lighter due to aluminum construction. if you are using your stroller mostly in and out of the car, i wouldn't go for it. if you do a lot of walking around your hood, then i think it's great. i slung both kids but still found it very useful, even if one of the seats just held all the kiddie-crap. and i vote kangaroo korner pouch as well!


I have 3 slings and 2 boys (2.5 and 1). I have a mei-tai that was made for me (I picked out the pattern: day of the dead skulls), a hot sling that is black and a khaki colored water proof hot sling that has never been worn. Oh, I have four! I also have a black moby. I am also - how uncanny! selling all 4 of them. If you're interested or have any questions (they are all pretty much brand new), please email me!


Hope I'm not repeating too much.

If you are not on www.thebabywearer.com yet, sign up and look for a DC area meetup. Your neck of the woods is really active--people bring carriers of all kinds and will be happy to let you touch and try on and will demonstrate for you (I am assuming; the NYC meetings I attended were like this). Most people who love slinging, like me, border on the obsessive about it and will happily spend HOURS OF THEIR LIVES discussing ins and outs thereof and bend over backwards to help you find What's Right For You.

My personal thoughts:

If you think you can handle a wrap and think it can be a long term relationship--a cushy German woven wrap could be the only sling you ever need. Once a baby gets to 18-20 lbs the Moby has too much stretch, baby will hang too low and put pressure on your back.neck.shoulders. Woven wraps don't have as much give.

I cannot handle a wraparound skirt without exposing myself (srsly), so wraps were not for me. So...

Pouches for newborns (easy, easy, easy). Hotslings and peanut shells--reliable brands, almost same design. Different fabrics ;-)

Kangaroo Korner adjustable if you want to share with someone or if your post partum shape changes more drastically than some.

I could never nurse in a pouch; I nursed in my Kangaroo Korner solarveil ring sling. Better adjustability for "lying" vs "sitting."

Re: the "maya wrap" ring sling. There are about a gajillion brands of ring slings. A lot of hard core slingers don't like the maya wrap because of the shoulder (completely caps your shoulder and restricts arm movement). Most other brands are not like this. For an inexpensive but lovely WAHM brand try www.sleepingbaby.net. For the Cadillac of ring slings try www.zolowear.com.

I love love love mei tais. Still wear my 2 yr old (26 lber) in a BabyHawk or Freehand on a regular basis. So does my husband, when he's around.

Never had an Ergo (mei tais are similar but with less padding/structure) but have heard raves.

Absolutely nothing to add on the stroller. Still on our '04 Zippy (plus a cheap cheap umbrella to throw under the plane).


The Princess

Right now we use 3 different type of carriers depending on the situation.

The Peanut shell fits perfectly in my diaper bag (Kecci Mommy Bag) so I use that when we're out of the house. She loves it, I use the side carry position for my 4 month old, used it in the cradle position until she got better neck control.

I like the ring sling but it's very bulky so I use that around the house, especially when playing outside w/ my 2 year old.

I LOVE my Bjorn (the one w/ the back control) and it's by far my favorite carrier and both of my girls have done exceptionally well with it.

The slings are lifesavors when they outgrow the Bjorn b/c you can do the side carry position. My 30lb 2 year old can still fit comfortably in my Peanut shell.

As far as nursing in all 3, I've tried and failed but that is due to my horrible coordination.

I HIGHLY recommend getting the Bebe au Lait (aka: Hooter Hider) from www.goo-ga.com. It is the best nursing cover out there, I LOVE LOVE mine and can nurse anywhere with it.

As far as strollers, I use my Graco Snap and go all the time and can't live w/o it. My 2 year old is great at walking and staying close by. I just borrowed the Kolcraft sit and stand and found it okay but think I'd prefer the Joovy one.

Good luck reading all the comments!!


we are kindred spirits Amy. I didn't realize you used cloth diapers. Go Amy! I am a self-professed cloth diaper AND baby carrier addict. As far as carriers. . .for sure you need a Beco Butterfly! I have been through 20 different carriers between my 2 kiddos and this one rocks my socks. It has an integrated sling insert for both a newborn AND an older baby which makes it a breeze to get baby on your back or to transfer from one parent to another. If you go to You Tube and type in Beco Butterfly there are a few videos of how you use it. Mine rocks my sox, plus it is cute to boot. (I have the ethan print). I tried wraps but hated them.
As far as strollers, we own the Joovy and the Phil and Teds (and a Maclaren LOL). I had been using the Maclaren exclusively with my first, so I hated going to a bulkier stroller again. My boys are exactly 3 years apart like your kidlets will be. I thought I could get away without a double since my 3yr old usually walked. WRONG! As soon as the baby was born he wanted to be pushed in a stroller again, and there are times you won't want to wear the baby, like when trying on clothes, etc. Honestly, it makes it easier anyway to have them both restrained. My youngest is almost 10 months old now and we use the Maclaren again for times I can wear the baby. I bring along my Beco and if my 3 yr old wants to stroll I wear the baby. I also wear the baby at the grocery store, park, etc. The joovy we use for walks around the neighborhood. I leave it in the garage. When the baby was tiny I kept the Phil and Teds in my car since I could use it as a single or a double.

email me if you want any more specifics!


I know you weren't looking for this one, but check out Patemm Pads (http://patemm.com/). They are round changing pads. Genius!! Babies don't stick to the rectangle that most changing pads are fashioned.


the short story on me -- 2 boys 16 months apart.

Mai tei carrier is the most long lasting. My 14m old is 28 tanky pounds and still is quite comfy for me to carry on my back. Got is made by Dana at deeleeslings -- cheap, awesome and she is just freaking wonderful.

The TWO double strollers we have -- may have been used 2 dozen times and all but 2 of those was the nanny. Don't waste your money. (oh and I was a SO NOT a side by side and my favorite of the doubles is a cheepie jeep one -- that is side by side)

Are you really planning on cloth diapering because WOWZER -- it is so fun and addicting and that I could assvice you to death on!


I have a 31 lb one year old, and 42lb 3 year old - we LOVE the sit n stand by baby trend- it was CHEAP, LIGHT, and has cupholders- the Joovy is a bit heavier- and these things are a bit hard to steer once your kids hit a certain weight. You are very right to assume Noah will not just want to stand- my little guy insisted on sitting in the stroller- prior to his brother's birth he refused all stroller rides- cripes. Good luck!

La Rêveuse

God there are a lot of comments. I didn't read them. Forgive me if I repeat.

I have a hotsling, loved it when she was tiny, but it sucks now that she's not (20 lbs.) No matter what they say--not worth the wrestling match. Ditto the Bjorn sans back support--too heavy, and she kicks me in the legs.

I now have a Playtex Hip Hugger (
CHEAP and was a hand-me-down--Free!!!) where she straddles my hip and it's great. Easy to use, comfy for me, and has a loop for a toy where she can grab. I use it for short dog walks (when I'm too lazy for the stroller) and short store trips (when I don't want to get sucked in, like Michael's crafts. Not Target, never Target), and also for those days when she wants SKINTOSKINCONTACTALLDAYLONG!!! I love my daughter but I hate those days.


Oooh asking for baby gear advice, my fave topic like evah. Quickly though as I am the bajillionth commenter (Our girls are exactly 2 years apart, youngest born last October)
Sling- I used the Peanut Shell fleece version (like a hotsling, no wraps no buckles) and liked it over the winter muchly. Just bought a cotton one for the summer. My 7 month old is happy in it and almost ready to sit on my hip in it. Husband won't touch the sling, would rather just carry the baby- I however always need my hands for the toddler...
We have the Bjorn with the fancy padding. Between both kids I used it maybe 10 times. Not happy with the elaborate put on and it hurts my shoulders and squishes the boobs... I will sling it at least for a few more months and at least the sling doubles as a blanket etc. The Bjorn doubles as an unfathomable contraption.
Stroller- we love love love the Phil and Ted. Toddler rides high with baby out of sight below as newborn (keeps baby out of way of prying hands and keeps toddler happy in the sensitive early jealous days (out of sight out of mind and all) Now we either put the carseat on top if toddler is walking, or stack the babies high. It's the best stroller to push of our whole collection (jogger, Maclaren, Inglesina..) and I wish we'd bought it when we only had one for max usage. I have to take the wheels off for it to fit in the back of my Scion XB but it's no trouble. Plus it looks fab, we all love it and we get asked about it wherever we go. Only annoyance is my huge diaper bag doesn't fit in the basket well, but hopefully the bag will soon be downsized... and if one of the kids is out, the stuff gets dumped on the spare seat. I do feel a bit like a cult member about the Phil and Ted, it is the best invention ever... (ahem I should get out more...)

misguided mommy

I have the Moby, scratch that, I have 3. I love them. It gets to 109 here in Reno and the heat hasn't bugged me at all. On warm days I just wear a tank top, plus it's actually pretty cool. In the winter its cool because I pull the arms down and it keeps me extra warm. the baby hasn't gotten hot once. I tell anyone who listens to buy a Moby, I would sell them out of the back of my car if they would let me. The organic one shrinks a little more when you wash it, but your small so shrinkage would be good for you. Plus it has UV protection!


1+2 We loved the deluxe XL Bjorn (which someone gave us used) from birth until the recommended 28 lbs of baby. Plain navy blue, no origami, no femme-y bits, easy for both parents.

My son hated all strollers, so if I had the chance to do it all over, I wouldn't buy one, because any safe item would be equally good/bad.


Must echo the comments about the Kangaroo Korner sling. Unfortunate alliteration aside, it is seriously the best thing out there- I pop the little guy in there and he is OUT in 5 minutes flat. Used it since he was born and it's still the go-to gear at 4.5 mos (and close to 20 lbs). Although the sling can be used for side carry with older and heavier kids as well, I imagine we'll turn to the Ergo for the babywearing business as he gets bigger. Used the Ergo with our daughter from 5 mos until I got pregnant again- she was 2 years old at the time and TALL, but that thing holds up like nobody's business and can carry an incredibly heavy load without back strain. Plus, it's so compact- she and I would go hiking every week, and I'd just wear the Ergo on my back empty until she got tired of walking, at which point she'd hop in there to ride the rest of the way. Can't go wrong with these two pieces of gear. best of luck and warmest congrats on baby 2.0!


Skip the snap n go. Get a Graco Metrolite. They weigh about the same with the added benefit of being useful after you've decided you're done lugging around the damn infant seat. They have all the necessities without the frills, and weigh about half of what the carriers do. Oh, and they turn on a time.

I collect strollers like they were shoes. There's something wrong with the number of wheels we have in our house, but everyone has their vices. Mine's coming in particularly handy right now.


Have you seen these:


Quinn Cummings of The Goodbye Girl is the owner of these!



A good friend of mine has this - http://www.onestepahead.com/catalog/product.jsp?productId=6793&parentCategoryId=85184&categoryId=85219&subCategoryId=86216 -

and she loves it! It seems very easy to use, and not too expensive.


I wasn't even going to get a double-stroller because I figured Archer would just walk and shit but now after reading your post I'm all "Oh shit! I need a double? Ah!!!"... Archer's pretty much out of the stroller now but I kind of think he'll be jealous when I'm pushing around his sib in HIS stroller while he walks like a grown human. Honestly, I'm going to wait until the baby comes to see how Archer reacts and if need be, get a double (most likely Phil and Teds because it really is a superior stroller from what I've seen.)

Oh and Archer lived in the Bjorn as a baby. I highly recommend it. I'm looking forward to brushing the cobwebs off that baby and hitting the trails, er, sidewalks (also in October)... I'm due two weeks before you. Fist to the chest.

Jenn S

Had the Peg Perego for my first one - hated it. Never got a stroller for baby #2 (baby #1 was, by then, 2-1/2). Got a Snap-n-Go and just slapped that car seat in there when I needed it. Ditto for baby #3. My sister just had her first and I advised her to go straight to the Snap-n-Go and she's never looked back.


First, a qualification: I'm a postpartum doula, a mama of a one year old, and I used to work at a pregnancy, childbirth and baby resource center where we sold lots of baby carriers.

For the newborn stage, I love love LOVE the Moby. I'm not super-coordinated, and it only took me 3 tries to figure it out. They also have a great video tutorial on their web site. It's super for it's truly hands-free-ness, and for it's soothing capacity. I like the hug hold and eventually the sling hold.

For the 3-6 month stage, I love the Kangaroo Korner sling. It's got a deeper pocket than some other slings, and a wider shoulder padded with fleece for comfort, and allows babe to be straight up and down, or lying down. It keeps them high up on your chest (unlike the Hotsling or New Native), so that while you're trying to do stuff you're not bumping your kid into kitchen counters and such. As much.

For the long-term baby carrier, the Ergo is the way to go. Please do NOT buy another Bjorn. They are actually not good at all for babies until they are crawling*, and by then they're too heavy for the Bjorn - either the regular or the spiffy one - to be comfortable for the parent anymore. The Ergo is the most adjustable.

My second favorite for this period is the Beco baby carrier. Much much prettier material, a built-in newborn pouch, and much like the Ergo. The strikes against it are, 1. It's not quite as cushy as the Ergo, and 2. It's not quite as adjustable as the Ergo in the way that, once you have it on with the baby in it, it's difficult to adjust.

Ok, PHEW! Last, I always advise my clients to commit to at LEAST 5 minutes - timed - of VIGOROUS movement when trying out a new baby carrier. 'Vigorous' as in bouncing on a yoga ball - like, almost catching air while bouncing - or a vigorous bounce-walk. Too many mamas quit a carrier with a 'my baby doesn't like it' when they haven't really given it a chance.

*Babies are born with a C-curved spine and no lumbar or cervical curve. A C-curved spine is not meant to carry its weight straight up and down on its coccyx. It is meant to remain in a C-curve, or be support by something other than the tailbone, such as the legs. This can be accomplished in a prone position in a sling, or supported with legs froggered up against mama or dada inside of a sling in an upright position. The lumbar and cervical curves are developed during crawling, and those are what help us humans to support ourselves in an upright position. Also, a newborn's genitals are not meant to be squished by the entirety of the baby's weight.



I didn't have one with my first, and WISH, wish, wish that I had. I used mine with my 2 year old for at least the first year. When Landon was tiny, he did NOT want to be put down, and this sling literally saved my sanity. We had a Baby Bjorn as well, and I ended up consigning it when Landon was 6 months old and stuck with the hotsling.

Good luck on the stroller issue! I just never found one that I liked.


I had a sling/wrap called "The Ultimate Baby Wrap". Lots of places sell it, including Babies R Us. It is basically a many feet long piece of t-shirt fabric with a cute little pouch in the middle that you can stash pacifiers and burp cloths in. My best friend and I both used it and absolutely loved it. It is comfortable, breathable, and distributes the baby's weight well. It can be used on front baby facing in or out, on back (if you have help to get the kid in), and as a sling. You can nurse the baby in it and still have enough fabric to cover their head. Check it out, it's not too expensive compared to some, and I have bought it for many of my expecting friends.


The kids I nanny now were one and two when I started, but they did not have a double stroller that worked. Instead of asking them to get a new double stroller, I taught the two-year-old to walk next to the stroller with his hand on it while I pushed. It worked out really well for us, no new stroller necessary! In the beginning he'd forget that he had to keep his hand on the stroller, but I would just walk up to him, walk him back over, and put his hand back. The first week was touch and go, but after that is was just a habit for him. It made everything so much easier--just one small stroller to cart around, but everyone stayed close by.


I have a 19 month old and 4 year old - used the hotsling and the Sit-n-Stand from Target.

Both purchases were worth their weight in gold, the Target sit-n-stand was about $130, its like a joovy w/ more room for the bigger kid and a cupholder for the mommy. :)))))))))

The hotsling, I love it because I could wear it and then just pop baby into it, no buckles or straps or anything. I could also drape it over the baby for privacy while nursing like a blanket. I even used it as a makeshift changing pad when my baby-brain and I left ours at home.

For big kids, we had the BabyTrekker, which was great, especially for my husband to use, but took some assembly to get it on so I used it more with the first child than with the second since with the second you don't have the luxury of time to sit and fasten and buckle.

Although I could wear it all day long if I needed too, it doesn't fold flat to store in the diaper bag like a sling so it usually lived in the car for when we were out and about walking for long periods of time and didn't want to lug the stroller. With the second, the SitNStand lived in the car, still does!

Good luck, so exciting! :)


I bought a hotsling for my last baby. It wasn't that comfortable, and even though you are supposed to be able to wear them in it for a long time, my baby was too big to wear in the infant position, but too young to wear the next way. So, I don't recommend that for anyone who has large babies.

I have both the babybjorn active (the good one) and the ergo carrier. I like them both. I didn't have the ergo when I would have needed the newborn insert and I'm not sure how that would have worked. I do think the ergo is nice that I can put a larger child in it (up to 40 lbs),while the baby bjorn is nice that they can see out. Maybe you could continue to use your old baby bjorn and then switch to the ergo. I can even still carry my almost 3 year old in the ergo (31 lbs.)I do like that the ergo can be used front/side/back, but my kid would like to look out as well, and it can only be used facing the parent.

I also have the phil and ted's. I love that I can put both kids in it and it doesn't take up more space than a single stroller. We live in Europe and it has been great for travel, going on trains and such. However, it doesn't fold up nicely so you could carry it under your arm or anything. You can't fold it with the second seat in the back. It doesn't stay together when folded. It isn't perfect, but I couldn't find a perfect double stroller. Most of them were just HUGE. I would still like an actual double jogging stroller, but too much money has already been spent on baby gear around here.

Two hundred and five

ooo I have to be the voice of dissent with the Ergo. Although we all loved how comfortable it was, it was totally no picnic to use. If I count all the hours I spent trying to shuffle the bebe onto my back as per website demo instructions, I would have..two and a half? maybe three? hours. Three hours of my life! I just never got the hang of it. I would always need someone to place our son on my back first and then it'd be a snap to get sorted, but I could never for the life of me get the hang of the grasp-the-foot-and-bounce-him-over-gently manouver. Of course this is a totally personal failing, my husband never had any problems, but it meant that I was never confident enough to use the Ergo when I was alone.

I do agree that once it was on and the baby was strapped in it was a dream to use but then hngggh he had to come off again.

Just a point to consider.

Dr. R

I had a hotsling (fleece, lived in Maine at that time) and used it until she was about 10 months old. I later bought an Ergo in the blue/green color scheme (girl baby too!), much to the annoyance of my husband (he now uses it all the time). We have yet to buy a stroller and the kid is 2yrs 3mos. I wish I'd bought the ergo earlier. The hotsling was great for the first 5-6 months, but not for very long periods. The ergo can be used then, and it's super padded and comfortable. I use it now for back carries. Yay babies!


Ergo Ergo Ergo Ergo. It will serve you well before six months and after, well up to even Noah's age. (They say you can even put someone in there up to about 5 feel tall and 100 pounds.) I have three carriers, and the Ergo is the only one that I stuck with. You have to buy the infant insert for really little ones, then you just stick it inside with your little one in the padded insert like a taco. I also tried a sling and a Bjorn, but both of those ended up hurting after a while. The Ergo, NEVER. It is awesome. My son was colicky and I wore him all the time, until about 5 months, in there, and I bounced on a ball holding him for more months than I care to remember. I hope that isn't necessary with my second, but I would recommend the Ergo to the ends of the earth because it was never uncomfortable in the slightest.


we have the Bjorn Synergy and find it great: it combines great back support and a cooler weave fabric. we LOVE it :-)


I feel the need to be all infomercial here and say that the Ergo CHANGED MY LIFE. Seriously. It is so, so comfortable, I can get my 10-month old off and on my back by myself in a few seconds (so can my husband, amazingly enough), and the sleep hood is great for when he falls asleep. I also have the backpack attachment which I'm really happy about- I don't use it very often, but when I need to be out all day walking around crowded places, it's so easy to stick a change of clothes and lunch in it and head out.

When my baby was a newborn, he hated the Moby until the weather got cooler, and then he was very happy in it. He just got so sweaty, even in only a diaper. It was comfortable for me until he got to about 5 months (maybe 16 pounds?), and then the stretchiness worked less well. I found their website's pictures to be very helpful.

I also have a Maya Wrap that I used for a while, but I got that after the newborn stage, which is what I think it would be good for. The hip hold was nice occasionally but doesn't work for long periods of time.

I agree with some other commenter that you might want a stroller every now and then, but you could always buy one on Craigslist for the first 6-9 months, until #2 can sit in the umbrella stroller.


Had both the active Bjorn and the Ergo, definitely prefer the Ergo. I kept mine mostly in the side position and it wasn't a problem on my back. The reason I stopped wearing the Bjorn, particularly in the facing front position, was b/c someone's dog got loose and decided to attack my dog while I had the baby in the Bjorn and dog (on lead). Needless to say, my son was traumatized for months after that incident. From then on, closer to body and not facing outwards felt safer for everyone. (The woman was like "oh, your poor baby" and I was all like "get your fucking dog before I let my dog kill it")


Dear Amalah
First of all I adore you! I had a baby in early March and your blog was a million times better than any stupid pregnancy website or book, and that was before zero -40...if you ever wondered who was reading your archives obsessively, it was me!!

You will probably never read this post as it is at the bottom of a looooong list but I have been experimenting in the world of babywearing which is big in the UK (I am a Canadian expat here). I was given a ring sling, we bought a Moby and a Baby Bjorn.

My verdict: Ring sling is great for a tiny tiny baby but is hard on your back, also you cannot do things around the house in it as the baby WILL fall out (as one of the previous posters was worried about). The Moby is awesome - you can do just about anything in it and the baby will stay put. It also has the best back support.

We have used our Baby B ONCE and it is the supposedly good back support kind. We might try it again but honestly the Moby is so good we're not that bothered.

Re heat and humidity: on warm days you can just stick the baby in there with very little on and it seems absolutely fine.

On a side note a major cultural difference between here and North America seems to be that double/tandem strollers are not nearly as popular. I think maybe English parents are more hardhearted and force their toddlers to walk!! Or that the increased amount of walking people do here mean that toddlers are better at going for long periods without a stroller. But you certainly don't see them often and when you do it's inevitably someone from the US, Canada, or Australia with a Phil and Ted's which seems like a good endorsement to me.

Anyway, good luck! I can't believe it took me this long to comment on my favorite blog....


PS: is there a store in your area that lets you try out slings?? I know some babies that just hate a certain type of sling and then you get stuck with one that doesn't work. Test drives strike me as the way forward, when you have your actual preshus to practice with.


After 187 comments you probably have no need for further advice but here I go anyway. We did the same thing after #1 and ditched the travel system for a convertable backpack stoller. It might be an alternative that will work for you. You can't use them until the baby holds their head up but after that your fine. I felt it was safer than a regular stroller because they are surrounded by the "roll bar" thingy. Anyway only the backback stroller was the only one I ever used after I got my first one.


I'm going to be brief because I have band-aids impeding my knuckle/typing dexterity.

I've used every single sling EVAR in the WORLD and I'm incredibly partial to pouches (Hotslings and Peanut Shells -- can't beat 'em, particularly for the price), but here's the combo I've found works for the widest majority of parents:

1) Moby to six months (I, too, live in DC and carried my chicklet in the Moby well into July, and only stopped because I didn't like the back carry)
2) Ergo afterward.

I've gotten close to 10 new families hooked on babywearing with this combo. And I still carry my daughter in the Ergo at times, like during wine festivals and such, and she's over 30 pounds now. You just can't beat the Moby for the newborn stage. My brother herded his sheep with his month-old son tucked in the Moby, so I think the security is pretty good. ;-)

Heather Z

I would highly recommend the Kiddy board, although we have the model that attaches to our larger stroller (a Graco travel system one), not to an umbrella stroller. We have had ours for 6 years, and it still works great! None of my kids have ever climbed off the board while traveling around. They love riding on it. Well past the age when they would have scoffed at a double stroller. We still let our six year old ride on it (the eight year old is finally too big) when we are in crowded places like festivals, or when we are walking great distances and the whining starts. I did have to remove the cup tray from the stroller, as their heads basically come up through the stroller's handle, where the cup tray used to rest.

Good luck with all of your decisions and purchases!


Regarding the Bjorn/Ergo debate, I would go with the Ergo. The baby swings from it's crotch in the Bjorn, and however reinforced the back, after 40 minutes with a 20lb baby, you're begging for a break. I traded mine in for an Ergo last week, what a relief for both of us. My daughter's more comfortable, as am I. My husband can put her on his back too which he likes.
I got the black, with camel lining- only downside is it picks up lint & cat fur very easily, so go with a lighter colour!


Regarding the Bjorn/Ergo debate, I would go with the Ergo. The baby swings from it's crotch in the Bjorn, and however reinforced the back, after 40 minutes with a 20lb baby, you're begging for a break. I traded mine in for an Ergo last week, what a relief for both of us. My daughter's more comfortable, as am I. My husband can put her on his back too which he likes.
I got the black, with camel lining- only downside is it picks up lint & cat fur very easily, so go with a lighter colour!


SnugRider™ Stroller 6001BCL1


We have two (thirteen months apart) and our oldest turns two this week. I know. Insanity. Anyway, we've found that we didn't use a stroller much for the oldest and I tell you I thought I'd carry the babybaby for the first year too. Which you will, but when baby falls asleep in the car and you're about to get out to run errands you do not want to strap her into some bodywrap that will wake him/her up. The travel system is light and we use it EVERYDAY. We also run so the Bob DoubleStroller is a miracle worker. We're in the DC area as well. Good luck!


Side by side stroller:
We love our Valco Twin. Our kids are 2.5 yrs and 6 months. You can attached the baby car seat to the one side with a special attachment. It comes with a UV cover taking away 80% of UV rays and it's full coverage on both sides + same coverage rain cover. Large rubber wheels can lock to be a jogger (or not) Lots of storage and if you consider a third child you can attach a captains chair to the front. We ordered ours online at www.countrymoosekids.com they gave us free shipping and some extra parts for free.

Dr. Maureen

I realize this is not going to be particularly helpful, but it is largely due to your advice that I was spared the heavy, bulky problem that is the travel system, and I'd like to return the favor. I have no idea about double strollers since I only have one kid, but I used a Baby Bjorn, a ring sling and a Kangaroo Korner pocket sling. The Bjorn was fine, but made my back hurt. Fortunately it was a hand me down. I couldn't get the ring sling to work except for one time, so I switched to the pocket sling and was very happy with it. It was easy to get him in and out, but the only drawback is that I couldn't figure out how to nurse him in it. It is supposedly possible, but in the instructions, they say it is "advanced baby-wearing" and don't recommend it for novices. Still, he napped in there quite happily on many occasions, and it costs a hell of a lot less than a Phil 'n' Ted's.


You will love yourself and everyone who recommended a snap and go. Seriously, you may even send me a Valentine's card... BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT!!!

And unsolicited: BUMBO if you don't already have one... somehow I went through two kids without one and then discovered it for the third. We love happy babies!!!


PS: We also bought a sit and stand stroller after kid 3. LOVE IT (read with emphasis).


LOVE my Ergo. Really. Get the infant insert and it is usable from birth to whenever you don't feel like carrying anymore. Sofia loves it and normally falls asleep in there. It can be used front and back (and hip, though I've never tried that). It is AWESOME. Really. And so comfortable--she's 22 pounds and I barely feel the little stinker.
I also have an EllaRoo Ring sling. Love that as well. Better for nursing and much cuter for times you want to wear the baby as an accessory. Newborns look so cute all snuggled in there, but it is extremely useful now, when I carry her on my hip. She gets more range of motion than the Ergo, but it gives me just enough support that I don't kill my arms holding her up. The shoulder the rings go over doesn't have full range of motion, so it isn't good for long walks, but is extremely useful just to stick in the diaper bag and have at the ready. LOVE IT.
I love wearing my baby. She was born in August and it was HOT, but we were never too warm in the sling.


Please do not buy a Bjorn! I saw all those comments on Amazon about them making your back hurt, but thought those were just a bunch of wimpy complaining people (why I didn't count myself as part of that group I have no idea). So I bought one anyway. And yeah, it is REALLY uncomfortable (I had the Active one) even when the baby's still very small. Now I have an Ergo and it is the complete opposite -- very comfortable and easy, and I still use it a lot with my 15-month-old.

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