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19 Weeks & the Obligatory Halfway Point Meltdown



What FUN! What am I doing here? I should be out having my own fun!!!


I can't wait for the parade to start! Have a great day!!




Sleep? Sleep? We don't need no stinkin' sleep!

Not when there are adorable faces like that waiting for us.

Have a happy one, Storchalahs.


p.s. Where did Noah's fluffy little legs and feet go? Did you hide them? Eat them? Sell them? I demand the return of His Pudginess and the halt of this apparent growth spurt/change into little boyness immediately. He should not look that grown up yet. KTHXBAI.


I am SO going to eat the shit out of some bar-be-Q!


How funny - I just wrote a post about sleeping in on the holiday weekend, except mine was way more selfish and full of less mommy love. I suck.


Backpacking Dad

If you have to eat the shit out of your bbq, then UR DOIN IT WRONG.


That third picture just screams "Summer." Awesome, and enjoy the BBQ!


Have a great day you guys!


I was just thinking yesterday how long it's been since I've run though a sprinkler or some such outdoor water apparatus... these pix put the nail in the coffin... must. get. wet. in. backyard. today.
House of Jules


So fun!!! I want kids even more now :)


Awww..such a cute BOY! Definitely no longer a baby. What did your belly do on the weekend and when do we get to see pics of it enjoying the bbq?


By some act of God (or maybe it was just that I let them stay up until 10:30 last night!), I actually had kids still sleeping at 8:00 this morning, but they were awakened by the screaming of jet engines passing over our house. We appreciate the
awesomeness of the Thunderbirds here in Colorado Springs, but at 8 a.m. on a holiday? Maybe they could wait until 9 or so?

Here's hoping it warms up here today so we can have some sprinkling water fun, too!


Poor Beth. I slept in today and heard nothing from the Thunderbirds. I suck AND I must have needed the sleep!

Now I am spending my exciting day billing clients. Woo!


I discovered this past weekend that rice crispie treats dipped in cream cheese frosting may be the food of the gods. Just thought I'd share and God bless 'merica.


Little kids always look so serious when they're eating delicious things!

Heather B.

And I used to be afraid of small children...

Amazing how things change.


Splash pad! Woooooo!


Mmmmm... Rice crispie treat thing... Mmmmmm... toddler cheeks! Mmmmmm BARBEQUE!!!! I am so very, very pregnant. And hormonal. And hungry. And I love the Noah!!!!


Man that looks like fun!! I miss running through the sprinklers. I'm afraid my neighbors might commit me if I set ming up and start prancing.


Amy, HE'S SO TALL! When did this happen?

Target alert: they now sell single-serving wine in what look EXACTLY LIKE juice boxes. Srsly. I will never buy because OH MY GOD the mistakes I could make in the early morning packing lunches...The mind boggles.


I wish it was still acceptable for me to run through a public spray fountain...


He he, Backpacking Dad seems to have summed up my thoughts on shit and barbeque in the same sentence.
Enjoy your holiday!


For those of us that have no time, I came across the best book in our book club filled with mom's, "The Book of Mom" by Taylor Wilshire. This novel is the perfect weekend, summer/beach read. So funny packed with insights and tools for stay-at-home moms. It is about a mother that feels overwhelmed, underappreciated and stuck and how she gets her passion and authentic self back. Packed with ideas that Oprah likes on authentic living. This book rocks! Have you read it?


You need to trim yo babies nails girl; they 'bout ready to cut him sum skin.


"Happy" Memorial Day? That's a strange thing to say. It wasn't exactly a happy day, especially for those of us who recently lost loved ones in service to our country.


Lindsey - I'm sorry for your loss. A good friend of mine was KIA last August. Since last Memorial Day I have been to two funerals at Arlington, and I can tell you that I am forever changed.

I do think that the Memorial Day observances yesterday were some of the best I have ever seen though - true to the spirit of the day, and not just the "beginning of summer".


I'm sorry, Lindsey. I didn't realize that was insensitive and certainly didn't intend to be.


Um...did he save me some red, white and blue rice krispy treat??? PRECIOUS!!
Just a quick note: I think it's perfectly acceptable to be "happy" on Memorial Day. It's not "happy" that loved ones were lost, but that's mourning that goes on everyday. I think we should celebrate those who have passed for their bravery, their service and their heart. And how you choose to celebrate "happy", "sad", etc...is just that...your choice. Those we memorialize made it so. (ok, so that wasn't a quick note)


Amy: Thanks; I know your intent wasn't to be disrespectful. I debated whether or not to even say anything about it, but I felt the need to in case there were others out there like me who felt a little pang.

And Breeze, you're right -- we do have the freedom to honor our fallen servicemen and servicewomen in many ways... it's just that the words "happy" and "memorial" rarely go hand-in-hand.


Aaand once again the cuteness of your kid makes me all teary. I mean, sure, the megadoses of estrogen and progesterone helped, but darnit, he's cute!

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