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Noah was a tad ornery this morning (perfectly understandable considering days of rain and the head colds that struck each and every one of us down this week, also the fact that I wouldn't let him lick the flatscreen), so I banished him to two minutes on the Naughty Step. He sighed but obediently trudged off and once again I congratulated myself for getting my child-rearing techniques from quality reality television. That shit just works, people.

Two minutes later, when I went to fetch him, I found this:


Incidentally, it turned out Noah was off sitting in for Mr. Turtle at the SATs.



It KILLS ME that he thought to leave "someone" in his spot! Just wait until he sneaks out of bed in his rebellious years - I can only imagine what he'll leave to hide his tracks then!

Saint Tigerlily

This kid is unspeakably clever.


Yeah, I'd say he has his mother's personality! That is priceless!


That is freaking funny, what a smart kid. Seriously, I agree with Audrey - this does not bode well for you.


I love that the turtle is sitting up on the step, and not just thrown there. Noah really put some effort into that!

Type (little) a

Ahh yes, I too remember the day that I realized that my child was smarter than me. :-)


Well, of course he assumed you wouldn't be able to tell it wasn't him sitting on the step if he left a fuzzy green inanimate object in his place.


That's one smart and funny kid you've got there.


That is too cute - what a smart, mischevious little guy :)

I realized today that I haven't commented in a while, but I do read your every new post and I'm loving the zero to forty blog as well. I wanted to thank you for introducing so many wonderful readers to my blog- I know it was from your daily dose link back in October. I've gained a lot from their comments and their own blogs- before I was read almost purely by law students, which is a lovely group, but not so knowledgeable about the "MY BABY WON'T SLEEP!" issues. So thanks and congrats on the baby!

Nicole P.

Man, I wish I would have thought to send a proxy in my place to time out when I was little!!


How could you not laugh? Smart boy.


That picture is so adorable. And how can you be mad?!?

Alias Mother

If only we could have been a part of that thought process...


Too funny! What do you do about THAT, SuperNanny?!


Awesome. What a clever little guy, you can't help but laugh at something like that!


That is some funny shit right there!


You are in so much trouble when he turns 13.


I. Am. Dying. Here.


Obviously it was the turtle who commited the crime in the first place...perhaps Noah has a career in law enforcement.


Hilarious! Wouldn't you have loved to have seen the thought process?


That is one freakin' smart kid you have there. I wouldn't be surprised if #2 is working on a new theory of relativity in utero.


Oh my God, I love him.

(Noah. But also possibly Mr. Turtle.)




He wanted to lick the flatscreen? Boys are so weird...

Jen L.

Ooh, that's a smart little man you've got there!!!


OH MY GOD! Noah has turned into a turtle! NO-O-O-O!


Oh gracious. I am usually a lurker but this was just too adorably funny to let pass. You've definitely got a smart kiddo there!

Kim in MT

That's so awesome! Very clever... when I was a kid and got sent to the naughty spot, I'd sneak to my bedroom, get a pillow, go back and take a nap. I've always been an above-average sleeper.

Miss Britt

Ah Noah - way to think outside of the box! LOL


That is pretty clever! I hope you'll post his explanation/rationale.


Neena -- well, we WERE watching the Food Network, at least. But yeah. He's a strange one sometimes.

(Right now he is running around after Ceiba with Jason's socks on his arms, screaming that he is a BONSTER! GRRR!)

Rita Arens

I didn't know you could do time away by proxy.


That. Is. Awesome! LOL

Katie Kat

HA! I love that he didn't think you'd notice... clever little monkey, that one!


Sneaky! And where had he scampered off to? (I mean, besides the SATs, of course) Was he hiding somewhere?


that is one clever kid you have there. that may be the funniest thing I've seen/heard all day. way to go noah :)

a preview of what's to come in his teen years, perhaps?



But you knew that :)


Liana -- he was actually right down the hall, sitting on the top basement step...but surrounded by toys that are due to be carried back down to the playroom, so not so much of a punishment.

Once he realized his decoy had been spotted he ran back to the naughty step and beamed this huge cheesy grin that showed off the dimples.

Doomed. We are all doomed.


Oh, and since there are too be NO toys while on the naughty step, Noah apparently retrieved Mr. Turtle from somewhere else, came back to set him *just so* on the step, and THEN went off to play.

Could a raft made up of raincoats be far behind?


Way-to-go, Noah! Now, could you send Mr. Turtle to me so that I could use him as substitute for obnoxious 14-year-old son? I just had to call his school to have his cell phone confiscated because he wouldn't leave me alone at work. Then, he had the nerve to call me and complain about it! Watch and learn, Noah - and never text your mother to death......


Mr. Turtle Stuffed Animal: $14.95

Flatscreen TV: $2500.00

Getting Mr. Turtle to do the time for you after getting caught licking the flatscreen? Priceless.


This is the best laugh out loud moment I've had in quite a while.



So cute!

So I guess you all are set and ready for:



Holy crap he is so smart!! You have such an awesome kid!


dude. is. brilliant.

you are in TROUBLE, miss ;)


I knew that only worked on TV! The only way my son stays in a time out is if I sit on him, and I'm pretty sure THAT defeats the purpose. As for the speech issues, my son was also delayed (diagnosed 12-15m at 2 yrs old) and had 5 months of in home therapy from a state program...and now tests 6m ahead. But like you, glad we did it. Who knows what would have happened if we didn't.


OH so funny! Especially love the big cheesy grin after returning to the step--made me giggle!

Amy, I'm still trying to subscribe but still getting a page of html when I click on the 'subscribe' button. Help?


Michael is being a bear today also. Is it in the water?


OMG that kid cracks me up! Baby #2 has a lot to live up to! :)


Cyn - I'd try upgrading your browser. I just checked the link in Firefox and Safari and it worked in both of them. No idea about IE but maybe you just need a newer version?

You can also usually subscribe to the RSS feed up in the address bar -- there's a little icon on the right that will let you add it to whatever reader you use.


So sweet....a very Happy Modders Day to you, that's how my son says it....you are a gem...No, that last part is what "I" said...sigh..never mind...when you have to explain it's just not so funny, is it??xoxoxo


lizinsummer: Your 14 year old son texts YOU? That's actually kind of sweet. Mine texts his friends (at 4:00 a.m. sometimes, apparently...)All I get are eye rolls and slammed doors.

I miss those toddler days. But do beware of what such displays of cunning may become in a teenager!!!


ohhh clever. You're screwed when he's a teenager.


Awesome move, Noah. :)


but have you ever had to utter the phrase "stop licking the dog"?

Very cute. My daughter has the same turtle!



Can I substitute Mr. Turtle for my little man? Just for a little while? ;)


This just made my night. *laughs* Noah is the cutiest-patootiest...his new little sister/brother has a lot to live up to. Noah sets a high precedent for adorable brilliance!


OMG... my daughter has the same turtle, cannot... WILLNOT go anywhere without him, he has lost both of his inner eyeball workings and I have been informed that he is now broken and doesn't work anymore; however, he must still be within arms reach ad nauseum.


I wish I would have been smart enough to do that when I was a kid! That is hilarious!


Supernanny Rocks! However, I am embarassed to say that my 9yo's favorite show is Wife Swap. The only reason I let her watch is because it makes our family seem normal. We don't have the naughty chair/corner but we do have the DS (Nintendo product) corner...it seems to work as well.


I can't stop laughing!!


Snea-ky. For realz, yo.*

*Irony not included. Adorable child sold separately.


Noah's logic appears sound. After all, Mr Turtle seems perfectly happy perched on the step, taking the fall for his homeboy. So its a win-win situation.
Well played, Noah. Well played indeed.


Leigh - not so sweet when all he's texting me for is to come get him from school because he says his allergies are acting up and he wants me to leave work to spring him - Boeing frowns upon it's workers' coming and going at will during the work day, and he knows it....and, won't take no for an answer. The last straw? I texted him that he was "this close to losing his phone" and he texted back "cool" - that's when I called the school and had them stage a cpi (cell phone intervention)......who knew you could be sarcastic and defiant via cell phone??!!

Mariana Perri


Tootsie Farklepants

Your child is a genius! An understudy for discipline. Priceless!


I lOVE Supernanny. If everyone watched that show, preschool and Kindergarten teachers would be much happier people. Heck, lots of parents would be happier people.
Actually, I am writing to say


to all you lovely ladies. I was awakened at 5 AM by a kid with a fever - is that the epitome of motherhood or what? At least she's not puking like yeasterday.


Oy. I think when I'm due to go back to work after maternity leave, I'll just get a Mr. Turtle and sit it at my desk.


How stinkin' priceless is that?!?! Too cute!


Ha ha! That Noah, what a hoot!


Such a clever boy! Stopped by to wish you a VERY HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!


That is so cute!


just wait until Noah turns 15 (I have a Noah who is 15, going on 30). JUST YOU WAIT!

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