19 Weeks & the Obligatory Halfway Point Meltdown
Babies Babies Buzz Buzz Buzz!



Over here, behind the couch. Shhh! I'm hiding from all the....you know...opinions.

Is it safe to come out yet?

Oh ha, how I kid. All the advice and impromptu product reviews were super helpful...you know...to a point, until my head started spinning and I found myself getting irrationally annoyed when someone would show up and totally bash the product that everybody else seemed to like because they were fucking with my consensus. Don't fuck with my consensus! Or...hmm...that's a really good point you made actually, so maybe I should get out a piece of paper and start making hatch marks in Pro and Con columns for all the different strollers and slings and then my eyeballs started bleeding, the end.

I feel like we have a pretty good handle on the stroller situation and will be sticking with our plan to wait awhile on that purchase -- at the very least to see how the New One takes to babywearing, although...well, if a Phil & Ted's shows up at our local hoity-toity consignment store I will most likely hurl my body at it and start hissing and spitting at all who approach, RAWR, MINE.

Otherwise, total grace, dignity and fiscal restraint. Ahem.

No surprises on the carrier front -- just like every other blog post I have ever read about them, there's no consensus, just some trial-and-error and seeing what works best for you and your particular flavor of baby. We're definitely going with the Ergo, and I am now kicking myself because there was TOTALLY a new-with-tags Ergo on the shelf of the consignment store the last time we were there and I wasn't ready to commit and I called the store and it's long gone and RAWR. NOT MINE.

As for those of you who graciously offered to sell and/or give away certain items, uh...give me a few days to go through the comments again and I shall be contacting you to obtain more information, because AWESOME. Oh! And thanks to everybody who offered the local resources for slings and support groups for people who are too dumb to use slings but like to think they aren't. I will also definitely be checking those out.

But for now, I would like to maybe stop thinking about it all for a few minutes. Whew.


1) After four months of taking my prenatal vitamins, I finally discovered that the "Open at Inside Corner" instructions on the foil packets actually mean ANY inside corner, not just the inside corner that has the little arrow pointing at it. This is terribly exciting, and may have just changed my life completely.

2) Noah will occasionally walk up to you and declare that "I NOT PAID ENOUGH," complete with an exasperated tossing up of his hands. I have no idea what bitter and overtired person first taught him about unfair income disparity in relation to the division of household labor, but I am grateful that she managed to bite her tongue before adding "FOR THIS SHIT" onto the end of that phrase.

3) Yesterday Jason surprised me with tickets to see Ben Folds. He scored them that morning on Craigslist, and people, we were in the fifth row, and honestly he might have just been playing the piano in our living room, if we had a piano in our living room. Which we don't. THE POINT IS I could see his fingers. And the fingers of the nice Wolf Trap sign language interpreters, so I now know the signs for a lot of bad words. Sweet.

4) We're going to Boston to visit family tomorrow. I kind of forgot about this, so I have not packed, and we're taking the train, which means I can't just throw a lot of shit in the car and hope for the best. Plus my in-laws are coming to watch the pets and I think my mother-in-law will be painting some rooms? Rooms for certain small people? THE POINT IS they will be here unsupervised until Monday and I need to put away all the dildos and meth labs. So. Uh. Bye!



Have a grood trip! Great and good!


Boston, jealous, (sigh) Have fun!


You are SO brave to allow your parents in your home, unattended, while you are away. Last time I did that, my mother was supposed to be feeding our cats, and she included tours for various and sundry family members as well. This did not go over well with the hub! Have fun in Boston, and if you're in the city, check out the playground on Boston Commons!


have fun- best part of my tandem stroller is when my 3 year asks to ride in the special "brother stroller, ya know, for the boys"

Dr. Maureen

Aw, man, if you were not an internet rockstar and therefore had any clue who I am*, I'd say we should get together, as I live in the Boston area. But you are and you don't, so instead I'll just tell you to have a good trip.


Dude, Ben Folds. SO jealous! Also, Boston, awesome city. Mother-in-law unattended at the house, very scary, I would be having a nervous break down at this point and cleaning grout with a q-tip. Bravo to you, very courageous.


Noah, I NOT PAID ENOUGH either! I feel you, little man.


oooh...taking the train sounds like a blast! Good luck all around :)

anne nahm

Thanks for the hurriedly stored dildos/meth image -

I fear I'm never again going to walk away from a crabby conversation and think, "Jeez, what's up her butt?"

Without also immediately thinking of an accidental closet- toss- dildo- meth combo as a possible answer to that eternal question.

anne nahm

PS - not implying that this is a crabby post. Just giggling over how pissed someone would be if they didn't realize their sex toys were covered in drugs.


Have a great time in Bahston! As for Ben Folds 5th row can see him sweat seats, hating you respectfully...


Have fun while you're up here in Boston!!


The weather is supposed to be wonderfully warm this weekend.


only to note - look it's anne nham!


Hee, Noah. I NOT PAID ENOUGH for sure. Awesome.


BEN FOLDS?!? So jealous!! Enjoy your trip!


"THE POINT IS they will be here unsupervised until Monday and I need to put away all the dildos and meth labs. So. Uh. Bye!"

Hardest I've laughed all day...nice one.


Ben Folds=intense love. Definitley the best concert I ever saw, and I was in the balcony. I am very jealous of your finger-viewable seats.


Subject: Still Strollers:

I was lying awake thinking about this last night - because evidently, I have nothing better to do than think about the lives and issues of strangers/pretty people/bloggers I know only from the internet - and was wondering if Phil & Ted's (Excellent Adventure - it's a tick!) couldn't send you a stroller for you to tryout and review. I mean, God, you only get like a billion page views a day. Wouldn't this be the best form of advertising for them? If Sony can send you across the country and shower you with electronic goodies and if J&J can send bloggers to a first-class shindig, surely a stroller manufacturer can spare one measly pram for a trysies, eh? The sling manufacturers should get in on this too.

I say we should all email Phil & Ted's (Excellent Adventure) and IMPLORE them to use you as a promotional ginuea pig.


Gawd, I cannot spell ginuea pig.


Let's just use labrat from here on out.

Ms. Huis Herself

"I NOT PAID ENOUGH!" Oh, I am SO going to have to teach that to my impressionable little ones!


Must get Noah on video saying I not paid enough. That would be priceless.


Not that you're looking for any more assvice re: strollers...I just bought my BRAND NEW P & T off a shop on Amazon, for about $300 less than retail, including the doubles kit and $10 shipping.
Holla if you want the deets!


OMG! My iron supplements are the same way, and I also just recently realized that you don't have to pull back the arrowed corner! It is HAS changed my life, so ya have fun with that.


I didn't read many comments since I have no need of such paraphernalia. But just the sheer number of comments made me have deep sympathy for you. I will tell you that the recipe I offered you is Caramel Bars.

Have a safe trip. Be sure to hide the sex tapes, too!


Holy shit! I was totally at Ben Folds too! OMG the show was brilliant. We had such a great time. I am so jealous you were all the way in the front! GAH! We were in rear orchestra in the back. I would have freaked out if i saw you though - so it's probably a good thing i didn't : )


Noah is soooo funny!


Tho I giggled at "I not paid enough", my favorite is still "You don know what I suffa!"


Noah, I'm sure your Momma is "not paid enough (for this shit)" either. It's good that you're learning the whole *life ain't fair* thing now.
Well hey, to soften your new found harsh reality, I'll double your salary Dude.


just catching up stroller wise - i have one baby (25 pounds three weeks shy of a year - she's a big girl) and i bought a used peg perego off craigs list - only weighs ten pounds and i love it - they make double ones to - very easy to unfold and Sam (my daughter) loves being able to sit up and give a shout out to people --

congratulations on number 2 - by the way as far as assvice is concerned regarding parenting i really really don't understand it - somebody is going to call national security because my kid likes to eat my hair every once in a while -- people are insane and must mind their own business


I just read the stroller post: Just remember that Noah will be in preschool some morning so the snap n go (if you can get it used) would come in handy. Big basket so you can use it to shop and just stuff everything in the there.

Hope you had a good trip North.


You are coming to Boston?! I live in Boston! Well, Cambridge actually, but it's practically the same thing. I have lots of restaurant recommendations if you're interested in some non baby related assvice. Let me know if I can help. Or you know, if you want to hang out =) Kidding, but I can totally see myself going out in the city a lot this weekend instead of hiding in my apartment like usual in the hopes of an Amalah & Co. sighting.


I saw Ben Folds opening for John Mayer. They were both pretty awesome. Granted, we were in the lawn and I could definitely not see fingers that well.

Hairy Farmer Family

What an insightful child!
Reminds me of when an exasperated friend rhetorically asked her paint-covered daughter what on earth she looked like. 'A devil-child, Mummy', came the subdued reply. ?!


It's mesmerizing to watch piano hands, isn't it? (Not to be confused with jazz hands.)



Another resource: In Baltimore there is a good consignment store, Little Lambs. The owner will take wish-list requests and call you when a certain item comes in. As a bonus the store is right around the corner from a great, old-fashioned toy store, Shenanigans, and an excellent bookstore, the Children's Bookshop.


Hey! We were at Ben Folds the other night too. But, peons that we are, we were in the Lawn Section, freezing our asses off and eating a lot of cheese. Why does everyone always bring CHEESE to outdoor concerts? I mean, yes, SOME cheese is nice, but when EVERYONE brings cheese? I am constipated, is what I'm saying.


ask her if she wants to come to oregon and paint rooms for my small people? so awesome.


Love Ben Folds - it's so cathartic to swear while you sing along. And it's not really swearing - it's music!!!!!

In the Trenches of Mommyhood

Hope you have fun in my neck of the woods!


Yay for visiting Boston,

If you can try Neptune Oyster in the North End

or almost any of the places in the South End.

Flour Bakery has the best sticky bun I have ever had.


I just learned that if I connect the white dots I have on my lip from my first lip waxing, I can see Texas.

You have the wonder of prenatal vitamin seal. I have the wonder and amusement of Texas on my lip.

But nothing will ever place the hours of joy I had twirling my stache. Now what will I do?


I not paid enough either, little dude. That is hilarious.


You are funny.I just started reading, are you funnier when you are pregnant?


Hi Amy!
I love your blog. I am pregnant with my first and love to read your week by week. I love everything you have to say! However, it would be even better if It didn't have the foul language. I know I am setting myself up for some rebuttal. In fact it is your blog and your thoughts and you could tell me to just stop reading, but I don't want to miss out. I just wish you didn't use such colorful language. That's about it thanks!


Waving at you from Boston! If you should need to borrow a stroller while you're here, feel free to come by and peruse my collection of 4 zillion, including the massive Bumble Ride. (My fave is also the wee MacLaren.)

Manager Mom

I took the family to Boston and the kids STILL ask me if we can move there.

Sorry to hear that people are harshing your stroller mellow...


Ben Folds!? I am so ridiculously jealous it's not even funny. Lucky lucky you.


Ben Folds!? I am so ridiculously jealous it's not even funny. Lucky lucky you.


Maybe you can summarize the comments for those of us who want the info, but can't read through hundreds of comments! Well, okay, we could... But it would be so much easier if you did it for us!


hey amy? hi, could you just jump thru some hoops for me real quick? maybe change your hairstyle? it bothers me, so it *must* be paramount in your thoughts and priorities. also, this whole reading thing? seriously. i mean what is this, a blog or something? condense and outline for us, plz. that is all. thank you. LOL


Oh, God girl. I think I love you. Noah repeating things that a *certain someone* might have said is priceless! My son says "Who's going to clean up this godforsaken mess?!"


Children really aren't paid enough. I mean, when you think about it, they're really just miniature slaves that cost way too much to keep.


Ben Folds rocks, and I would have much rather have seen him at Wolf Trap than here in Salt Lake City where I was WAAAAYYY in the back.


More foul language, more!


Ok, when is it?? Is it today? TOMORROW?? I am hitting the refresh button and may not be able to stop until I see a post appear that tells us WHO THAT LITTLE BABY IS! BTW please dont think I'm stalking you. Am just incredibly excited and since we seem to both be having a ton of the exact same symptoms (I'm 7.5wks and have been following zero to forty religiously) I have decided that once I hear what you're having then maybe it will give me an idea of what I'M having.... That doesnt sound stalker at all..... right?...


OH OH OH!!!! You need a SNOOGLE. Best. Pregnancy. Pillow. EVAH!! Google it, post haste.


Aren't kids wonderful!!!!!!!!!

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