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Graduation Day

22ish Weeks or Maybe 23

Either way, I really need to work on my neck fierceness.



And yes, babyproofing, which gets pointed out every time I post a photo with these shelves and mess o' wires in the background. It's like some of you think I'm an idiot, or something. I don't know where you ever got that idea.

Tivo is still breech, which he demonstrates every day with vicious kicks to the cervix and...uh, whatever else is down there, and jeez, I prefer getting pummeled in the lungs, all things considered. We can watch him kick and squirm under my skin, something I never get tired of seeing but I think it creeps Jason out a little bit. Or maybe it's just because I point to it and say SEE THAT? IT'S COMING, GO MOVE SOME FURNITURE ALREADY AND THEN DRIVE MY ASS TO IKEA.

I'm finally gaining weight at the recommended rate, I think, thanks to a daily intake of multi-thousand-calorie burritos with extra hot sauce and chocolate milkshakes, which are the only things that reliably sound delicious. Just for the love of God, don't talk about toast. Toast and I broke up. Similar to my breakup with tequila a few years ago. You don't need the details. It's best if we all just move on with our lives and besides, I have tortillas now.

Also on notice: eggs, swiss chard, chicken in non-nugget form, any food that is not a burrito or a black olive.



Cute tummy!


Mmm! Olives!

You look fabulous.


Wow, that's a huge change from the last pictures! You look fabulous :)


You look fantastic!

I am also abnormally obsessed with burritos right now, and am not even pregnant. Do they have Bolocos near you? If so, their Mediterranean Burrito might be your pregnancy cravings nirvana...rice, black bean hummus, cucumbers, feta cheese, balsamic vinegar, and BLACK OLIVES! They are a dreamland of deliciousness. Drool.


Tequila's sorry and wants to talk to you.

Suzy Q

Srsly? People still give you assvice about babyproofing? Gawd.

You look so cute, and pass the olives, please. Nom nom nom!


You're just so effing cute. Honestly. I looked like a beached whale at 22 weeks.

Mmmm, chocolate shakes.

Mrs. Higrens

Yay! Belly shots.

(note to self: Amalah is mind reader)


You look SO cute!


Honestly, you don't need to baby-proof before the baby. Yes, it's easier but they aren't going anywhere until after Christmas. Revel in the corded jungle! Rejoice in the exposed sockets! Scoff at the naysayers! (If you hadn't pointed out the cords I never would have given it a moments thought)

Oh, yeah. You and your belly are preshus!


I already only think burritos sound good.

If I ever get pregnant, I'm screeeewed.

Cute tummy! :)


Oh. My. God. You went out with Tequila too? Every time we hooked up I felt yucky for the rest of the weekend.




love the belly shots :) time goes by so fast...

btw, now i want a burrito. thanks.


Wow. I looked like that about 3 weeks after conception. And now, 14 years after the birth of the last one, I can like that about a week before Aunt Flo comes for a visit. I know, I know -TMI. But you are looking great.


You look great. Also, where, might I ask, would you be procuring these milkshakes? And if you are making them at home, might you have a recipe?


I'M WEARING THE EXACT SAME SHORTS!!! But I'm not pregnant. Gotta go hang head in shame now.


awww burritos have been very very good to you!


Ah, this brings back sweet memories of when I practically lived on fire hot burritos and Chocolate Malt Ovaltine while pregnant with Arun. Obviously, I was not smart enough to move on to chocolate milkshakes. Stupid me.


I'm jealous. I'm a week-ish ahead of you (23 weeks, 4 days, so I *say* I'm in my 24th week, right? Right? Pregnancy math makes my head hurt). ANYWAY. If only my belly looked that cute. Of course it would have helped to not look like that pre-pregnancy... people would rub my belly all the time and ask when I was due, and I'd say, "I'll tell you after the stick turns positive, dumbass."


Excellent that you found something to eat! I basically broke up with food my last pregnancy. Meat in particular and anything smelly. Drove my husband a bit nuts...


Now I want a burrito.

You look fabulous!


The burritos and milkshakes serve you well.

As for TiVo sitting up, try putting your head down on the floor and sitting with your butt up in the air (like if you were at the gym and you were going to do leg lifts). When *3 was sitting breech close to delivery, my doc suggested 'resting' in this position to encourage flippage.

Worth a shot if it will relieve some of the beating your lower area is getting LOL.


Oh, there's plenty of time for baby question is: are those Pottary Barn shelves in the picture?? Because if they are, I'm extremely jealous - I love PB's leaning shelves, only I'd probably get them in white......


Very cute! However, are you not getting the requisite boobage? WTF?


You look great:) I'm 21 weeks and a tad more lumpish than your svelte self. Maybe I'm shorter??? Anyway, seeing Squishy (our nickname for the baby) move under my skin really freaks my husband out too, but nothing compared to when I showed him this picture on-line yesterday where you can see a perfect outline of a baby's foot pressed against it's mother's tummy from the inside. He actually shuddered and ran away from the computer! Just Google "pregnant" under Google images and I'm sure you'll find it. But, uh, make sure your filtering is on, because there's a lot of weird fetishy crap out there!


Okay, my belly's not much smaller and I'm 11-months post-partum!

know what else helps pack on the pounds (or so I've heard)?...the 12-piece super-size nugget meal at Chik Fil-A with an extra-large sweet tea.


and I'm sorry, I cannot stop laughing at
sus | June 18, 2008 at 01:06 PM

I never really got any boobs while pregnant and to add insult to injury, I lost most of what I had (pre-pregnancy) after nursing...went from an average B to a tiny A....grrrr...


my baby un-proofed all my baby proofing. i'd totally pick you up and take you to ikea. i completely <3 that store.



Re: babyproofing. Like you haven't already had one baby who has seemingly survived just fine into toddler-hood. You've got street-cred on the proofing.


Just thought I would mention, that only if your baby is a complete overachiever, it won't come out able to walk or crawl over to those shelves some people are so concerned with... But, who might give birth to superbaby and it will just be able to fly over there. Just saying, that maybe you have a couple of days to get around to all the baby proofing everyone who doesn't live in your house thinks you should do.


Sorry, I didn't really mean for that to sound quite so *&tchy as it did.


Yeah, I don't get boobs when I'm pregnant. Not anything really worth mentioning, anyway, although I HAVE gone up a cup size. But that's hardly impressive when you were only an 32AA to begin with.

(I WAS a 32A before Noah, got all the way up to a VERY SMALL C cup while nursing, and then shriveled back down to junior miss sizes afterwards. Sigh.)

(Jason, however, is so out of touch HE thinks my boobs are huge. Which is adorable. Low expectations, ladies!)

...Becca Lynn

Hehe. You crack me up, girl. I broke up with anything that doesn't contain either 99% cheese or sugar.


Your burrito cravin' bump is so cute!


Have you seen The midwife who writes it was my midwife for my son's birth three months ago, and while I was pregnant she had me doing some stuff to get him in the best possible position. He was head down from 20 week on, so I can't complain. It might be worth a look!


mmmmm....burritos! I haven't been able to get enough of them during my pregnancy...especially with lots of cheese and sour cream and guacamole!


I drop-kicked eggs more than a year ago when I got pregnant with my second. She's three months now, and we still haven't made up. Is it possible for the pregnancy food aversions to keep up forever?

Totally adorable bump.


mmm... burritos.
plus, super-cute shorts!


I am so grateful that you post belly pictures! I am 20 weeks, and our body types are very similar so it's nice to see that your belly looks just like mine. I'm still not totally over that stupid "mah belly is too small!" phase.


Ok, the funniest thing is that when I was reading this? The add on the right was for tortillas, and had two big ol' burritos on it! Hah!


No worries on the babyproofing. If Noah isn't messing with them, chances are Tivo will probably ignore them too. Burritos, the one thing that I would get pregnant just to have again. (Damn you, diet!)


Your tummy is adorable.

Regarding baby proofing: Well, it's not like Tivo is going to come out with keys in his hands, ready to insert them into the nearest electrical socket. You have time on that one I think.


My son was breech. He was the kind of breech that I had a c-section because there was no turning his butt around. He also laid spine to spine with me (forward facing) so I never had the good graces to look pregnant, much to my mothers dismay.

All that to say.. those cervical kicks... OWWWW. And, ohh, OUCH too! I actually got kicked so hard in month 7 or so that I dropped to my knees.

Anna S.

You look great!

I have to say I'm having a love/hate relationship with you right now. My daughter is just about 10 months, and you're not helping me quell the desire to do it all again.


Cute bellah!
I wouldn't even worry about breech this early. Most don't turn until the end anyway, dang procrastinators! ;)


Yeah, you make me want to get preggers again. Although, at 22 weeks, I looked like the Good Year Blimp...only a bit bigger. Chipotle was my best friend - and I miss my friend. What I wouldn't give to be okay with driving the 45 minutes to the nearest one just to scarf down two of those suckers right now [sigh]. Eat a burrito for me will ya?


Amy, go to Baja Fresh and have a Burrito Dos Manos for me, pretty please? Tivo will thank you.

Geez, baby proofing NOW? Hardly a chance of that baby chewing a cord for about a year!


You look great!! I've so been enjoying reading about your pregnancy. I too am week 22 almost 23....due date mid-October with my first, a girl. Congratulations and best of luck with the remaining months.


Boring comment but--SO jealous you're wearing shorts. We've only had like two shorts-worthy days here in Seattle. I swear I'm moving to Siberia where its warmer!

Uncle Keith

Repeat comment but... I wish I could live on burritos and choc shakes. You so lucky.

Q: Why do you feel the need for neck fierceness? (Googling...) Oh, I see.


New to the party here... About a week ago, I was at, and figured I would check out another one of his favourite blogs, seeing how The Dad's recommendations have worked out so well for me in the past.


Six incredibly non productive days later, I have read your blog from start to finish (er, I mean, "to current day") Dude, you ROCK, I am glad that I have found your site, and that I am finally caught up with everyone else!


When I was pregnant with both kids chicken of any kind made me sick. I couldn't even look at it. For me it wasn't burritos but nachos! Yum, with extra jalopeno's!


My theory on baby-proofing: natural selection. They'll learn.

Manager Mom

cute shorts!!!


Cute as can be!

Sara just confused the shit out of me, but i am a bit of a dumbass anyway.

my 1st was a c-section because he was breech with his bum nestled so sweetly in my pelvis and his feet up by his cute little fat cheeks. he came out looking like a frog. there was NO hope for him turning, they ruptured my water trying to get him to flip during a version. fun, no?

so when #2 came along 9 months later, and was breech, i went to have acupuncture. i was all, "this shit is hokey. it won't work." and so was my husband. but the guy did moxibustion and sent us on our merry way with a moxy stick and holy shit, i had a vbac because the little cutie flipped! so - try moxy if the boy doesn't turn. that's my two cents.

Katie Kat

I personally like the doorknob in the foreground. It's like "Hey, my belleh iz only as big as this doorknobbage!"

LOVE the preggo baby belly. Hopefully you and toast worked out a good settlement (I'd ask for the butter and cinnamon sugar if I were you, but I digress).


Hi there,

My sister is daring me to come out of the blog-stalker closet to just tell you that I love your writing and wish I had enough nerve to use the F-word on my own blog :) Haven't brought my 8-month old to a petting zoo yet but I am already predicting irrational fears of what I THOUGHT were harmless, docile animals. I'm at home on mat leave (yep, Canada rocks the maternity benefits) so reading Mama blogs makes me feel a little more connected to the world. Thanks for that and please keep swearing.


I couldn't find your email so I'm sending a little request via your comments. Hopefully you get this in a timely (sometime in the next month, or before TIVO is born) fashion. I know that you had fertility problems. I'm hosting a guest blog for my Ex-SIL who is struggling with that right now and she needs some comment luv and support. Please stop by and say hi to her.

Oh, and give totally not weird and stalkerish germ-free cyber smooches to Noah for me. His pictures make my ovaries start to rev their engines.

Mom Quixote

Looking good. Enjoy the burritos!

Kimberly C

I say, it's certainly time for a bowl of ice cream every day now, right? I had one every day from the time I stopped puking until I got so huge that I couldn't really eat.

Cute bump.


Cute belly shot! Yum choclate milk shake.

Leaf, probably...

Mmm, burrito...

Wacky Mommy

You are so damn cute.


You look amazing! Those pink shorts are too cute!

Occidental Girl

Sorry about the kicks to the cervix. Yikes!

Cute outfit.


You look completely adorable! Your craving reminded me that while pregnant with Kaitlyn, I discovered "Chimichangas de Cameron" at Los Tres Amigos-giant shrimp cooked with green peppers, onions, and tomato chunks, wrapped in a flour tortilla, and covered with Monterey Jack cheese sauce. Served with a pile of lettuce, onion, tomato, and guacamole. I wanted to eat it EVERY SINGLE DAY.


That belly! Don't you wish that it could stay exactly that high and cute and round right until the end? Just uncomfortable when Tivo kicks, otherwise it's all the benefits of looking and feeling pregnant without that "get this thing OUT OF ME NOW" feeling that comes up around week 32.

Don Mills Diva

You look amazing!
My son was frank breech and no one knew because the kicks were in the right place - his feet were behind his ears...

Don Mills Diva

You look amazing!
My son was frank breech and no one knew because the kicks were in the right place - his feet were behind his ears...

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