Let's See...There Was Something I Was Supposed To Tell You...Hmm...

Babies Babies Buzz Buzz Buzz!

Whoa. The harsh glare of the laptop screen. The pulsing bars of stray wifi signals. Yep. I'm back.

We spent the weekend up with my brother- and sister-in-law and our new delicious niece -- oh, my, lands, what a nummy little bundle of smiles and chub and coos -- out in the wilds of the Boston suburbs where I weirdly did not get cell service and the wifi was a solid brick wall of encryption and passkeys and possibly elvish riddles and while my brother-in-law offered to find me a network cable I opted to slip my laptop back into my luggage and go back to gnawing on his daughter's face instead.

I was VERY busy, clearly.


Completely entranced by the shiny, newer model of child, Amy completely ignores her knick-knack-destroying toddler in the background.

I am, ahem, just more than a little excited now about having a small squishy person of our own again this fall, although Noah's opinion of his cousin mostly leaned towards total indifference with just a touch of outright disdain. And then this happened...



...and then I died. The end.

I think some more stuff happened , although I fear I've probably already maxed out today's Cute Things My Perfect Child Did Including Behave Absolutely Impeccably On Not One But Two Seven-Hour Train Rides And Informed My Sister-in-Law That She Is Also Not Paid Enough And Had Long Conversations With Mickey Mouse Over The Baby Monitor quotient. So I'll save those for another day. But probably not tomorrow, because...

Ultrasound day! Will I be getting my grubby paws on my niece's adorable wardrobe or will I be that obnoxious person who demands all her hand-me-downs back from other people, or will this baby take an early stand against my exploiting his or her every move on the Internet and keep his or her legs crossed? Oh, the suspense!





Oh, that picture is TOO MUCH!
Can't wait for the news tomorrow.


::laughs:: I JUST came over here because I was thinking it was about time for the Big Ultrasound... Here's hoping the new baby isn't shy!


The hand-holding is the cutest thing ever and needs to be sent to every grandparent ASAP.

One of the best things about having a second child is that you'll get to see your first child bloom into a great sibling.


So, so sweet! Yay for well-behaved toddlers! Yay for ultrasounds!


My heart melted at the sight of that picture.


Oh dear, what an adorable photo...Noah's so going to make a wonderful big brother!


it is kinda crazy how much you look like Noah in that profile picture. I mean, that's Noah in 20 years (except all manly and handsome).


Squeeee! Noah holding his cousin's hand just about made me enter into paroxysms of broodiness. So. Adorable.

Dawn B

Yay!! I hope the ultrasound goes well!!
..and the pic of Noah and the baby..OH.MY.GOSH.

Sarah Cobb

Too cute. Good luck on the ultrasound tomorrow, my cube-neighbor's daughter's baby (whew)wouldnt show anything today on her ultrasound. I am anxiously awaiting her news to see if I can get rid of ALL PINK ALL THE TIME outfits from my (sob) last baby girl! :)


Well, that should inspire me to get up and out of bed tomorrow. Even though I know I will not want to, especially what with how today happens to be kicking my ass all over the place.

Dana I'm going to have to start working on Number 2. Thanks Amy! Way to wake up my ovaries!

Better go tell the hubby.


holy crap that is cute. my ovaries just did a happy dance.

good luck with the ultrasound!


Those pictures are definitely heart melting... Good luck on the ultrasound! The web world awaits the announcement with bated keyboards...


Oh, that picture of Noah and his cousin makes my uterus contract! Keep us posted, Inquiring lurkers want to know!


The two of them holding hands is honestly the cutest thing I have EVER seen. This is not helping me quash the babies on the brain thing.


That baby has the most beautiful face and skin. Gorgeous!

The hand holding is TDF.


Aww, Noah holding her hand just made me cry. So cute! I haven't even popped out my first, and you're already making me want a second. :)


I can't wait to hear the news!


Why is your ENTIRE FAMILY so darn cute? Don't you have just ONE cross-eyed person, or midget, or... or set of Siamese twins or something? (Actually, Siamese twins would probably also be cute, as would a midget. I remain firm about the crossed eyes, though! If I must have the curse of the lazy eye, EVERYONE should suffer!)

I think that when you have this baby and start posting pictures, I will just keel over dead of the cute. I'm not sure you want that on your conscience, so maybe you should teach Noah to make a squinchy, red, sort of gassy face now. Save the lives of legions of readers, you know?


Wait - I want the rest of those Noah stories. That sounds great and the perfect anecdote to the cranky people surrounding me today.


Oh how precious!!


I'm sorry, I wasn't listening. Did you say anything after the yummy hand-holding picture? Because, um, well...


Meeelllttiinngg! I'm melting!


Thanks a lot Amy. My uterus just exploded in a jealous rage! Too much cute.


Dude! you're niece? she looks JUST LIKE YOU. You could totally take her and pass heroff as yours and Jason's. :)


I snorted out loud then ohhhed a few times at this post. Adorable. Thanks!


soo cute!!! Ohh so excited for you!


Oh those pictures could not get any cuter.

ALSO!! Yay for the ultrasound tomorrow!

Backpacking Dad

So, what? Babies are cute now? I thought it was like the egg thing: first they're good for you, then bad for you, then good for you again....I thought we were in a "babies are snot-balls" stage.

No. I guess we're not. That picture is too much.


I cannot wait to hear the news tomorrow! YAY for babies!

that girl

that photo? with the hand-holding? Little tear. Yep, little bit misty over here. Thanks for the cuteness!


The cuteness is unbearable.

I also would like to slurp up your niece and your kidlet.

Jamie AZ

Those are the sweetest pictures. EVER!


Oooh, that picture is the best. Lucky you.


That's not a tear in my eye, really. Just a bit of undigested pudding. While I'm [very, verrrrrry patiently] waiting for grandchildren, is it okay if my 43-year-old, too-late-to-procreate self lives the cute vicariously through you, Amy?


That's one for the mantle... Too sweet.


OH MY GOSH!! That pic is better than ANY Hallmark card I have ever seen!!
Precious! Seriously - you need to make that into a card.
Can't wait to her some news tomorrow!


I was just thinking how freakin' adorable your niece is in the first picture, when I came to the second one.

Jeez Louise - will the cuteness never end?


Hi! Elizabeth from got me hooked on your blog. I've been reading it for a few years now. Just wanted to tell you that I had a dream the other night that I met you. I remember being all excited and stumbling to get the right words out. It was like meeting a movie star. :o)

Katie Kat

Oh my... she is simply adorable! Secondly, I'm so glad to see Noah still in diapers (pull ups, whatevah). I don't feel like quite the "behinder" now. (Wow, that sounded strange) I meant that I'm behind in getting potty training accomplished. Although last night B actually POOPED in the potty AT A REMOTE LOCATION (i.e., not at home), but only after she had peed her pants mere minutes before.

ME: no backup pants + freshly urinated toddler = squishy ride home. (At least there was no poop)

Kelly - The Craziness We Call Life

Awwww! And congrats on the pregnancy.


Just one word: AWWWWWWH!


Are you CRYING?! There is no CRYING IN BASEBALL!! Yeah. Cute pics. They physically hurt me.


Stop it Amy you are killing me with the ooohhhh cuteness photos today. Just adorable

Hairy Farmer Family

Hope baby doesn't waggle its bottom at you and refuse to show you the pertinent parts!
Lovely photos.

Mrs. Flinger

Oh the suspense! Do I send blue or pink? Meh, you're right, why pigeon-hole the kids in to gender roles before they even descend their nads or grow ovaries?

And duh, exploit please.


That second picture is too much. It is too freaking adorable. It makes me swoon and if I keep looking at it I'm going to go jump my husband.


Wow, isn't that funny. I thought you already knew it was a boy. Hmmm... maybe I'm psychic? ;)

Wacky Mommy


Mrs. Flinger

Nope, not checking back ALL THE TIME to see if it's a girl or boy. Nope. not me.

Cough. Cough. Cough.

Swirl Girl

If I had a uterus,it would have been saying "see, I told you so! You should have kept me around so we could do THAT again!"

seriously, my heart melted seeing that oh too sweet picture. Save it forever.


Oh my god. I think the equivalent of that would be my niece discontinuing pinning her little brother against the refrigerator. How sweet!


Looks like your son will be a wonderful big brother!


Ummm, its June 4th and the post date is still June 3rd....Whats the results...I'm dying over here!

Little Dutch Girl

I think I have looked at those pictures 6 times now since yesterday! So much sweetness. And then now I keep checking for your post for today, I am really curious to hear whether he will be holding hands with a baby brother or baby sister!


I actually am riveted. Have been since yesterday.


What? You were in the Boston suburbs? I wonder if you were in my neck of the woods? I'm so mad I haven't read in a while - would have loved to meet you! AndI'd totally let use our WiFi.

Can't wait to hear the news...




Gah. When is the stinking appointment? This waiting is killing me!


Need to know the results please - the is killing me!


Wow wow wow! *flushes the pill down the loo and rushes off to find husband to impregnate her*

Reluctant Housewife


He's going to be a good big brother.


I think I might be coming down with baby fever..... :)

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