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Can't Blog, Wii-ing


I don't know if any of y'all have heard about this "Wii" thing -- I'm not sure how much "buzz" it gets from the "kids" on their "webbylogs" or anything -- but I have to say, Nintendo just might be on to something here. Illiterate people read it here first!

So Monday's entry aside, I really did buy Jason a birthday gift -- ye Gods, I am not that heartless -- and while this is definitively the final nail in the Not-Going-to-Blogher Coffin, the poor guy really did deserve a great big toy this year, and I don't think we're QUITE at the point where me taking a solo trip to California for four days would constitute a birthday present, IN SPITE OF me being completely annoying as all shit to live with.

(ALTHOUGH! Perhaps I could sell tickets for public performances of my hulking pregnant self awkwardly flailing around the room playing "tennis" while screaming THAT WAS IN, MOTHERFUCKERS at the bobbleheady figures on my TV. That might just finance the airfare.)

I am not really a big video game person. The last game I played was Grand Theft Auto III, and I only made it about halfway through the game before I realized I had to quit playing, since I found myself regularly planning my trajectory over highway medians and through that crowd of hookers while on my way to work. Yeah, that'll shave a few minutes off my commute for sure, especially if I can get some sweet air coming out of that aqueduct.

Hopefully it won't get so out-of-hand this time, provided I don't lose too badly at Wii Bowling tonight and like, break a lamp over Jason's head. Luckily, I have REALLY GOOD REASON to go outside occasionally.






Oh, it's so terrible for the lawn and yet so very, very good for everything else.



I won a wii a while ago and sold it. Now I want one. Yes, I'm an idiot.


We just got Rock Band for our Wii over the weekend... it is a timesuck of monumental proportions. But! You get to feel SO EFFIN' COOL as you bang the REAL DRUMSTICKS on the drum pads... I always knew I was a drummer at heart... I highly recommend it.


Wii Bowling is SO AWESOME. I can't even begin to explain. All I want is a huge living room and a huge tv and disposable income so I can play Wii all the live long day. I am also really intrigued by Wii Fitness....I've been hearing good things.


Oh god the love of the Wii...I actually just did a post on my addiction to the Wii Fit. It is awesome buy it!! Buy it now!! You will be so proud of yourself after doing all the yoga and aerobics!!

I am not a video game person AT ALL, but my husband has a deep love for nintendo, so when the Wii came out I was desperate to get him one for Christmas. This resulted in a foot race the day after Thanksgiving...I won. I also had an asthma attack...shame.

Anyway, (longest comment EVER) I love Wii Sports. I love Wii olymics. I love Mario Cart...but most of all I LOVE Wii Fit. enjoy the new toy!


OMG!!! I got a Wii for my birthday yesterday!! I LOVE the bowling, too!


1. Insanely jealous of the Wii. Bowling is fan.tas.tic.

2. Insanely precious reason to go outside.


One big brown patch on the yard is totally worth it...looks like a fun pool. My MIL bought a mammoth one with a slide for this year and we don't have an air pump yet...there is NO way I'm blowing that thing up!


Thanks, Meghan, for mentioning NOAH!! We so Wii-tarded we didn't even SEE THE BABY!!!! Oh, the shame. Sorry, Amy!


I want a wii so bad!!
But seriously I came here to ask what kind of sprinkler/kiddie pool/backyard child entertainment center you have there. I'm in the market for one and all I can find are HUGE ones that cost nauseating amounts of money!


That last photo doesn't look like Wii-ing, so much as Peeing.


Regarding Wii, it is also the only game system I've ever been truly jazzed about, and I second the love of the rock band. But also? Wii Rampage! So Awesome! Destroy Vegas with a friend!

Regarding cute baby boy and yard collateral damage:
Rototiller rental: $50
Bag of Grass seed: $10
Pictures of cute boy playing in water that you get to have and keep and love forever: priceless.


!!! I just bought my husband the exact same thing for his upcoming birthday...but I got excited and couldn't wait for his actual birthday and gave it to him early...two months early. I think the boxing has been the best form of therapy for our marriage ever.

Oh and get the Raving Rabbids game...we crack up at it everyday.


You people who love the bowling: HOW IN THE HELL DO YOU DO IT WITH NO CURVE TO THE LEFT??? Fiance and I both have problems with this one stupid game, even while kicking serious ass at the others on the disc.

And yes, Wii Fit totally rocks. Even if my Mii is obese. Bite me, Nintendo.


Wii is the best! Adorable pool photos, looks like so much fun!


Oh yes, Wii is the greatest of all time. My fiance bought me the Wii Fitness thingie last month and yesterday I was 25 years old. This is awesome because I am actually 29.5. Wii--its great for your self-esteem.


you MUST play blind bowling on Wii. Find out the strangest place that the wii remote will work {for me, in the kitchen which is behind the tv} and bowl towards the wall or whatever, but don't look at the tv. Then have the other person tell you what pins are still standing so that you can do the second throw.

I actually bowl better blind than I do when I watch the screen.


The wii is dangerous indeed - a friend of mine gave her son a bloody nose lining up to bowl. We have some crazy fishing game that I can NOT turn off. Too much fun!


I gave my husband a Wii for Father's Day. We have yet to turn it on though. I guess we need to get our butts in gear!

Noah's expressions are priceless. :-)


oh god i suck at wii bowling so badly but yet it is so addicting. good luck with breaking your addiction ;)

also, those pictures of noah are awesome - i love the shot with the water frozen in mid air. he's getting to be such a little man!


I am so happy we got one. I finally have a game system my addled wrists will tolerate. However, only one of the two TVs in the house has the necessary connectors to use it.

As a result, it's battle Wii vs. husband watching his races. I think there's a new TV in our future.

Not a good idea now, but the Wii Fit is even fun!


I stood in line at Target at 5 AM with cranky parents last christmas to buy a wii for my boyfriend (now ex... damn, i should've kept it for myself!) It was totally worth it for the few months I got to play it though!

Noah is super cute, by the way! :)


First of all, those pictures of Noah just brightened my day immensely.

Second, I told my husband the Wii was for the kids -- exercise and all, you know. But really, it's for me. MarioKart can suck my time away like nothing else. 150cc is killing me!! I'm just waiting for Christmas to add Guitar Hero (though now I may need Rock Band instead) and Wii Fit because I know Santa wants us to have them.


I got my husband PS3 because he wanted the Blue Ray capability...and Rock Band and Grand Theft Auto IV (I, too, plan the same driving in the real world as you did, which is why I am not allowed to play anymore and I sometimes sulk about it) suck the time out of my free time, what little of it I have.

Enjoy the Wii!


Erin - I don't really know what kind of pool it is. Jason picked it up at Target, but I can't find on their website. There's an identical one on Amazon sold under the Six Flags brand but it seriously costs 5 times what we paid for ours, which just came in some no name Baby Splash Pool Waterpark Funtime Grasskiller Summertime box.


Wii's are great - yay for Wii's. BUt...dude - that's a cool water play mat thingy!!!!! I'm so over the blow-up pool - mommy needs a new backyard-makes-water-fun-toy-thing-a-ma-jig!!!! where'd you get that?


Lawn schmawn. You are raising little people, not grass.
When your lawn can offer you a smile that matches the exuberance of Noah's, well, then, consider the damn lawn.

I am the only person in America under 50 who has never played a video game. Not even Pac-Man.
I don't even know how to pronounce Wii.


ok - you answered while I was typing. AND I just got back from target. oh well - looks liek we'll be taking another trip this week :)

shelly b.

Isn't that your toilet in the background behind the wii?

Also, Noah is absolutely adorable and looks to be having such fun in his little pool! Well, pool-ish thing. lol :D


I want a wii so I can call it "working out" and so I can box my the eye.


Too funny. I just bought us a Wii yesterday for our 5th wedding anniversary (at Target, no joke!) I tried to convince my husband it was the traditional Web 2.0 gift for 5th anniversaries, but he was skeptical. Whatever, I bought the fucker anyway. The fucker being the Wii, not my husband.

Of course.


We love guitar hero (we're getting the Aerosmith version on Sunday), and the Raving Rabbids games. Mario party is also a lot of fun! I haven't decided if I want to take the Rock Band dive yet or not, it's kinda pricey....


My father in law seriously broke the tv, while Wii bowling. The remote flew out of his hand (be sure to wear the bracelet) and went through the screen. We laughed out butts off for days.


Get Mario Kart!!!!! I am awful at video games, but Mario Kart is so much fun. Put earplugs on your little one though, we use completely foul language while playing.


I bought that exact same yard water toy last year, expended way too much pregnant breath blowing it up, had a blast in it with my one year old, and we all went in to go to bed.

The next morning I went out to play with it again and found that a cat? raccoon? possum? had attacked it during the night, puncturing it with a million tiny holes.

Do yourself a favor.
Store it in the garage at night.
And may yours last more than the 24 hours mine did. I wish we still had it, but I can't bring myself to buy another. Now we have a much simpler pool. It's just not as groovy, though.


Your son is GORGEOUS. That looks like such a fun water toy in the backyard. (And don't worry- I'm not some creepy person checking out your kid. I'm just shopping for a husband for my 11-month-old daughter!) :)


It's posts like this that keep swaying me toward actually caving and buying a Wii, but hell to the no on the Wii Fit. Did you know those things weigh you every time you step on? I can only imagine what it would say to me. "One at a time, please." No thanks.

Leaf, probably...

I've never really been a video games type of person, but i just muight have to make an exception for wii... it sounds like fun!


I blame Wii tennis for my aching wrists (couldn't be the internets, oh no, NOT my friend the internets!).

Noah is getting too big and too cute... time to put him in tupperware at night.


I blame Wii tennis for my aching wrists (couldn't be the internets, oh no, NOT my friend the internets!).

Noah is getting too big and too cute... time to put him in tupperware at night.

Amy Jo

Isn't that pool thing the best? My son (about Noah's age) L-O-V-E-S it.

I've never played Wii 'cause I'm scared of getting hooked. Good luck with the bowling.


One more person to add to my so what you have a wii list.

NOah is the cutest you should put him into modeling, I would buy whatever he is selling. Look how many people are trying to buy his pool and he wasnt even trying.


Those pictures are great and the 3rd one down is spectacular.


I love Wii Bowling! So fun. Also if my brother and I (grown adults) cracking up at the phrase "play with my wii" doesn't prove we will never grow up I don't know what will.


We bought a Wii over the weekend and we love it. My four year old son kicks my butt! Actually it made me realize how out of shape I am, I still can't feel my arms.


My experience with the Wii is limited to the one time I played it at the neighbor's house--I was playing tennis with my 8 y.o., and I whacked her in the back of the head with my awesome "backhand". I hit her so hard she fell down. Oopsie!


Ok, the first time I played Wii I was drunk and injured myself.

True story.

Oh, and I lost. Curse you Wii!


I want a Wii so badly, but we already have an Xbox 360 and a Gamecube, and my mean husband says we don't need another game system. Of course, he is WRONG, and I will figure out a way to buy one with money I earn MY SELF, on my "webbylog" :)

Noah is freaking adorable! I will miss you terribly at BlogHer but I will console myself with thoughts of the new preshus Storch baybee and the photos you will be posting for me to Squeee! over :)


Eh, lawn is overrated.


yay wii!

he is so so gorgeous.

Mom of 4

Do NOT buy Mario Kart if you ever want to see the light of day again. Oh my god, I fight my kids to play and LOVE to kick the neighbor kids' asses (on Mario Kart, that is)! It rocks.

Jessica (It's my life...)

AHHHHHH. SO jealous. Can't find one around here.

As for BlogHer... maybe we should start a Bring Amalah To BlogHer! fund. It's too sad to think that you won't be there.


LOVE the wii. It's awesome. The wii fit, even MORE awesome!


The penultimate photograph of Noah biting his lip is just about the best one of him ever!


Love the joy on Noah's face. He looks like he has to go Wii Wii in the last one.


Nate and I got a Wii when they first came out- he stood in line at Target for hours. It was mostly for him, but I find myself playing it a lot, too! The variety of games is pretty great and it's just a good system. Plus it's fun for guests to play AND it's easy to take with us when we visit my family, which is pretty cool.

Also: Those pictures of Noah are SOOOO fabulous! They are all great for different reasons, but I think my favorite is the big goofy (and slightly mischievous, maybe?) smile in that last one. He is such a joy- but you know that :).


My husband calls it a "wee-ah" because for some reason he can't wrap his brain around the double-i thing.

Looking forward to seeing you at BlogHer.


i love the wii. i had an ex that had one, i contemplated staying with him just so i could play with it a little longer... i've also contemplated buying one of my own, but boyfriends are for video games!

and for rebecca: another ex had rock band, OMG FUN! totally worth it. you can have a rock band party!

my current boyfriend doesn't have any of these fun toys...maybe i should take the plunge and get myself a wii :D


You've got mad photography skills, Amy! Seriously, though, those photos -- gorgeous. Love the one where the water drops are so defined.


I am a Wii addict! We bought one last year and Wii Boxing is the ultimate way to settle your aggression for the day.

Also, I really need to know where you got that great pool for the backyard. My two year-old would LOVE IT!


Wii?! WHEEEEE!!!! SO. MUCH. FUN. You just won many wifely brownie points for that acquisition.

Although, I think the sprinkler park pool thingy looks just as fun.


You MUST get rock band. Coolest thing EVA


I must admit, I don't usually compliment other people's kids because it would be insincere since I tend to think mine are the most handsome, adorable, smartest and funniest...


He's pretty damn cute.


OMG am loving your SLR


Ok, we own every gaming system except the PS3. Since getting the WII a couple of weeks ago, we now own almost every damn WII game too. (the ones you can buy, the ones you can download, blah blah blah). I, however, am not a fan of video games. That said, I highly recommend two games - Boom Blox is awesome (much fun for grown-ups.) Also, super smash brothers is a big hit, and our four kid will play it ENDLESSLY. For HOURS. And not complain about how bored they are.

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