Babies Babies Buzz Buzz Buzz!

Let's See...There Was Something I Was Supposed To Tell You...Hmm...

Yesterday, while walking back to my car, I was so busy angrily composing a post in my head about how much I despise our area Toys 'R Us -- and yet I love their store-brand diapers! fie! -- that I managed to open my car door directly into my face, smashing my sunglasses across the bridge of my nose, and I still have the faint imprint of a metal frame across my nose and forehead.


Oh! RIGHT. The ultrasound! I plum forgot.

Remember how I said I was so sure I was having a boy? With the dreams and the feelings and all? And then I thought it looked like a boy at 12 weeks but the Internet promptly smacked me down and said no, that there's a girl?

And so then I started to think maybe it was a girl, and we picked out a girl name, and I stressed about the color of our carseat and Jason and I eyed our niece's wardrobe over the weekend, like, SCORE, and then my ultrasound appointment was delayed forever and an hour this morning and two minutes before the doctor walked in I told Jason that I was returning to my earlier position of BOY.

Well, it had to be one of those two options, right?

We are indeed having ourselves another little boy. Which feels...intensely just right, to me. My boy, my boys, my whole pack of little guys.



He is measuring "slightly bigger than average," which is no shock to me and my 9 pound, 15 ounce track record, although this could simply be a due date malfunction, since I have always believed I'm about a week ahead of what the early ultrasounds indicated, and 21w1d lines up perfectly with my calculations.

He is breech, which is also no shock to me and my poor kicked-to-hell lower pelvic region. There's plenty of time for him to turn, I know (although his big brother remained solidly in the head-down sunnyside-up position from 18 weeks on), but...uh...well, we're just gonna keep an eye on those growth percentiles before we get too yappy about birth plans and all that.

He is perfect, though, in every way. Perfectly healthy, perfectly just right.



Wow, congratulations! Speaking as the owner of 2 patented male things, they truly rock.

Mrs. Flinger

Oh, YEYYEYYEEYY!! you make just the cuttest little men ever. And if I'm the first to comment it's only a sign of my love for you and not my complete obsession for PENIS VS VAGINA TO AMALAH HOUSE. Just sayin'


Welcome Little ManBaby!


Awesome news! Congratulations!

ccr in MA


He looks like he's thinking deep thoughts.

Or saluting. Perhaps he will be exceptionally well-behaved.


EEEEEE!!! EEEE!!!! Congratulations! Maybe I'm having a boy too? EEEEEE!!!! So EXCITED!!!! YAY AMY!!!


Awww, another sweet little guy like Noah. Congratulations!


How wonderful! Congratulations!

If this guy is as handsome as his big brother (and how could he not be?), I cannot even imagine the volume of photos that will be taken at your house.




The frog prince v.2.0 - how wonderful!


Congratulations! Love the 4D's so clear! I have a 20-month-old son and just found out I'm pregnant with twins (8 weeks)...maybe one is a girl (who knows, maybe both?!), but since I have a son, I just can't picture having a daughter...I like the idea of having a pack of boys too, but I like the idea of raising a daughter(s) too...either way, kids are great! Congrats again!!


Yeah for boys! I am so in the I thought it would be a girl group ;) I am pregnant with a little girl but before I knew I thought it was a boy just b/c I figured it would be even though deep down I knew the pregnancy was WAY different and it might be a girl but holy crap the things we can talk ourselves into or out of in that regard, eh!?



I have two boys (and then a girl), and the dudes are the best of friends.



Thank goodness you finally posted I was getting ready to smack Sweetney via Twitter.
I mean - congratulations! Another lesson in The Mom is Always right - unless of course we're talking my own mother when I was a teenager.


Yah! You get to be the princess of the =)
Glad to hear he's healthy!
Looks like you're going to have to start asking for your hand me downs back.


Yay for boy!

This also means that you will have considerably less clutter, because despite whatever gender-stereotyping-defying stance you may take, you can bet for sure that if you had a girl, you'd eventually end up with a bazillion princessy and pink things, in addition to all the toys you already have for Noah. But with another boy, people probably won't be inundating you with an entire new set of toys.

Walking With Scissors

Congratulations! How exciting. I have one of each and regardless of gender, babies are wonderful.


congratulations! you'll be so outnumbered :)


Congrats! Boys are awesome - I am mom to three of them myself. So glad he's healthy and all that, too.


I totally thought it was going to be a girl! I'm amped just the same, just a little miffed to be wrong. Congratulations!! I love little boys!


as a mom of 2 boys... it truly is a joy. congrats to you!


Yay! As the mom to two boys (and one girl) I can tell you that boys are wonderful! My 9 yo still holds my hand walking home from school. They are so snuggly and cuddly with their mom.

Ever notice how the 4D ultrasound looks like a baby in a chocolate fountain?





Miss Britt

Awwww... you said "his big brother".


Another boy! Hurray!

Is Noah still convinced it's a WonderPet?


Congratulations! I have my big U/S in a week and I am secretly hoping for the same results, although if that is not the case I've promised myself that a girl will be just as much fun. There is just something about a house full of boys though....


My dream was so so so totally wrong. Damnit.


Watching your sons playing together will make you cry- there is something soooo beautiful about raising little boys- and brothers, well that just beats all. Plus- you can spoil your niece- but not have to deal with hormone induced I hate my mom rages of a teen age girl. (obviously a mom of boys- and quite biased!)


Congrats! I was thrilled when I found out I was having a second girl... it's easier to have two of the same gender. You just gave Noah his best friend and best man. My daughters are 1 and 3 and they are as close as can be. It will warm your heart to see them playing together.

It's also easier (and cuter!) to say "The girls" or "My girls" (or boys in your case) than "The kids".

One last thing about siblings, I love that my baby doesn't know a world without her sister in it and my oldest doesn't remember a world without her sister in it.

Two boys sounds about right for you. Well done.


Yeaaaah! Congrats hon! Boys are just... lurvely! BTW, you needa spank Sweetney. She's been teasing us in Twitter heh.


Congrats! You are now officially going to be the QUEEN of the house...and I can tell you from experience that it is AWESOME!!!!


Congratulations! I'm pregnant with twins and before we found out, my 3 year-old convinced us I was having a boy and a girl. She was PISSED when she found out we're having two more girls! She really wanted a brother.



I thought for sure with all the suspense you were going to tell us you didn't know.

That would have sucked. This is much better.


As the mother of 3 teenage girls and a 5 year old boy I can honestly say, I like my boy the best.


(Girls are killer in their teenage years)


OOh so happy for you, isn't it wonderful to know?! I had a feeling it was a boy and I don't even know you! I think the mother's gut instinct is usually right. Enjoy your household of handsome men you lucky lady!




oh my goodness congratulations!


YEAH!!! Congratulations! I'm hoping for a second boy myself, whenever the opportunity arises.


Congratulations! Yay for a house full of testosterone!




There is nothing better than being mom to two little boys. Trust me, you are in for the ride of your life! Congratulations!!


There is nothing, NOTHING, better than two boys. Just uttering the phrase, my boys, brings me insane amounts of joy. I am so happy for you, and can promise you they are the dirtiest, loudest, roughest and most amazing pair things you can ever have! Plus, there is truly something fun about being the sole lady of the house:)



Oh Amy! This is awesome news! I think it takes a special person to be a mom of two little boys. I do. Congratulations to the whole family.


Woo hoo! Congrats!


totally awesome. ive got two boys 2 years apart, and its AWESOME. noisy, dirty and sometimes smelly, but awesome.
theres nothing wrong with being the princess in the house!



As the mom of two boys, I have to say I love, love, LOVE having these two. I find it easier to have two of the same. :)

Your life will be legos, video games and rock bands. Cool!


I had a feeling this morning that it was going to be a boy, and the thought of Noah having a little brother made my heart just melt. How awesome. Congratulations, guys!



Mrs. CPA

Man, I'm glad we got that cleared up, now I can go about my day in an orderly fashion. I've been obsessing a little bit. MUST. KNOW. SEX. OF. ALL. INTERNET. BABIES. You know, to see if they're the same flavor as mine. And your's in not. But if he's as cute as Noah, we'll let him put his picture on the internet anyway.


Congratulations! How does Noah feel about having a little baby brother?


Oh I am so so happy! I am expecting my second boy myself and I could NOT BE more thrilled. The ONLY downside is that people expect you to want a girl if you already have a boy, and that you will be dissapointed. Despite the fact that it may not be your preference at ALL (it was totally not mine:) Two boys is going to totally rock. Do you have a name?


But forgot to say when I posted earlier that YAY!!!!!! BOYS ROCK!!!! I'm so happy for the Storch family. :)


Congratulations! You are going to LOVE having 2 boys. Mine are 4 and almost 3, and there is literally nothing like watching them together. They are best friends and sometimes worst enemies, but their bond is truly incredible. You are one blessed mama!


So exciting! Congrats on your new little guy, Amy.


Congratulations on your little boy!




I really do have to thank you, you have saved me so much time and effort. I am 21weeks 4days with my first, a little boy, and having you blogging about your experience - your experience that so closely resembles mine - has been most convenient. Whenever I start to think about blogging my pregnancy experience I think, "Meh, Amy's got it covered," and go back to my bowl of ice cream.

But really, congrats on your second baby boy! How very exciting!


GO BOYS!!! I can't wait to have another one myself. Happy news!




CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm 22 weeks pregnant with a boy as well. Just throwing that out there, but yay for boys!

yet another from the legions of Amys



A great big huge congratulations coming your way! And whew, now you know what color to buy that carseat in!

Reluctant Housewife

He has such a cute little face!



Ok, I'm having trouble finding the, parts. I see the leg, but I can't identify anything else. Someone help me out.

Congratulations, by the way!


YAY! Hooray, hooray! I wouldn't mind at all if I had only boys. . .they are just the dang cutest things ever.


Congrats on your new little guy.


Well congratulations and stuff.

(I just found out yesterday, that despite my insistence that we were having a boy, are having a girl. And I"m not sure what this says about me, but I remember thinking, "Hey I think that blog lady is having her u/s this week too." )


Congratulations! I completely understand what you mean about "my boys." I have a son and it just seems so right. If/when we have another, I think I will be utterly confused if it's a girl.


Oh wow! Congrats! He is so perfect. You are a lucky girl!


Congratulations! I'm so excited for you! He looks adorable, as we knew he would be. Noah is so lucky to have a little brother! They'll be great friends!

Anna at Hank & Willie

Lovely! Wonderful!
I have two boys as well. I have no idea what I would do if I had a girl at this point, send her back?

Dawn B

Oh YAY!!! That is so cool that your little guy wasn't as shy this time around!!
..and i have to admit.. I thought you were having a girl! LOL Dunno why..


Yay, how exciting!! Boys are so fun. And I would think there is something to be said for being the only female in the house...or so my mother-in-law says.

jive turkey



Michelle -- the boy parts aren't in those pics. He had his legs together so all we got are the uber-attractive shots from under his butt, and I decided not to post them, since hey, the internet already got to gape at his privates back at 12 weeks. Trust me, we have much penis over here.

that girl

I have 2 girls and 2 boys and... I'm glad you're having a BOY (lol). They just love their mamas so much. congrats and thanks for sharing with the masses!


BOYS! you have BOYS! you are lucky lucky.


Congratulations, Noah! You're going to have a little brother! And your punishment won't be so harsh when you push him around! If it was a girl? Oh yeah, you'd be in the corner more often. Win!


I have 1 boy and 2 girls. My son is so awesome, I have wondered what it would have been like to have 2 boys (in addition to, not instead of, my amazing girls).

Congratulations on remaining the sole princess on the house! Yay for little princes!

Nothing But Bonfires

A boy! A boy! This is excellent. And eh, maybe you can even use the girl name on him anyway and be really cutting-edge and avant-garde. Hey, it's got to be better than Apple.


Congratulations! Like you, I was terrified of having a boy. And then we had one, and he is constantly surprising us with how wonderful he is. What on earth were we so worried about?


Can't wait to hear Noah say "brudder"

Nothing But Bonfires

Also, I just thought how all the girls in high school are going to have a crush on The Storch Boys. Those famous Storch Boys! The legendary Storch Boys!


I may have actually let out an audible whoop of joy when I read this. Congratulations on your beautiful, perfect, little boy. (I may be biased because I am the very happy mommy of two boys myself and I have to say it rocks!)




Did that just scare you? Nah - you'll be great.

So very happy for you all!


Yay! Congrats! Now I want me one of those, too.

And I totally get you about ToysRUs. I'm avoiding that store like the plague.


Congratulations! Although it bothers me that I can't tell a thing from that second picture, because I go in for my big sonogram next week. Can't wait to see how this one is the same/different than Noah!


OOOOOOH we love babies boys here, had me 5 of my own and AS WE SPEAK my grandbaby is trying to get out, my grandson, who is making his mummy oof and lift her bum off the sofa as those contractions set in...I get to see him be born, maybe tonight! Yep we love baby boys here., about names?


Congrats Amy :) Brothers will be awesome!


Congratulations! Boys rule and girls drool! :)



The Shoes will live again!

all things BD

Congrats! I too loved the idea of having "my girls", and NOT having to buy a whole new baby wardrobe. :)


I'm so glad for you and your wonderful pack o' boys.


Congratulations -- healthy and perfect is the best news!


I just found out I'm having a boy today too! (20 weeks 6 days)


Congratulations! So happy you're having another boy! We're having another boy as well and I'm so excited, I am completely happy with the overalls and tonka diggers and the running around with boundless energy. Mine is also bigger than average - and breech, so I can relate to the beat up pelvis.


Congratulations! I'm so happy for you!

Jodi @ blog-o-licious

Congratulations! I am also the mother to two boys and I can't even tell you how awesome it is.


As the mother of two sons (ages 5 and 4) let me give you your shopping list.

* Wrestling ring. Not the mat. You'll need the entire ring complete with ropes. (ROPES are essential)
* Barbed wire to protect the "good furniture" from 4 little feet jumping on the cushions, off the cushions, on the arm rest, off the arm rest.
* Plastic "kid" dishes. You can save yourself a lot of headaches if you buy the same color.
* Ear plugs. You'll need them. They will fight and argue and fight some more. You'll think they are playing nicely - and suddenly wrestling will break out.
* Your own mother's day, birthday and christmas presents. Boys are sweet and will make you little macaroni necklaces, put their picture in a cardboard frame... but they don't know how to shop.
* Tethers... or more affectionately known as "child leashes." We laughed at people who had their children on a leach... that is, until we went to an airport. Girls will not touch the emergency exits after you tell them not to. Boys will.

Good luck! I love my boys! People ask me "don't you want a girl?" And my reply is "why? so I'd have to share my lip gloss?" Also, it's okay to refer to them as "the pack of maniacs" because it describes boys to a T. :)


ooops... leash - not leach

Kris H

YAY for another boy!!! Congratulations!

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