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Say My Name, Bitch

The first thing I said when those bulgy boy parts showed up on the ultrasound screen was something romantic and maternal, along the lines of "oh crap, we don't have any boy names." We finally decided on Noah's name probably less than a week before he was born -- we'd considered Noah early on but rejected it because of its presence in the top-50 name list, but once things got dire and we agreed on NOTHING ELSE because GODDAMMIT, GEEK HUSBAND, I am not naming my child after anything from the Joss Whedonverse, okay?...we circled back to Noah and went with it, reasoning that it was at least in the LOW end of the top 50. Noah shot straight on up to number fucking FIVE the following year, of course. But obviously, with names like "Amy" and "Jason" (both the number-two names from the years we were born), we know that possibly being one of multiple Noahs or Noeahs or Noyahs or Noeyiyahs (the N is silent) in the classroom is far from a horrific, traumatizing experience. I always found it kind of amusing, actually, especially since every Amy I've ever known has the middle name of either Beth or... Read more →


...the baby formerly known as "Quasimobryo" and more recently and creatively known as "the baby" shall now be known by the name given to him by his big brother, who decreed last night that baby brother's name is "Tivo." Read more →

Let's See...There Was Something I Was Supposed To Tell You...Hmm...

Yesterday, while walking back to my car, I was so busy angrily composing a post in my head about how much I despise our area Toys 'R Us -- and yet I love their store-brand diapers! fie! -- that I managed to open my car door directly into my face, smashing my sunglasses across the bridge of my nose, and I still have the faint imprint of a metal frame across my nose and forehead. What? Oh! RIGHT. The ultrasound! I plum forgot. Remember how I said I was so sure I was having a boy? With the dreams and the feelings and all? And then I thought it looked like a boy at 12 weeks but the Internet promptly smacked me down and said no, that there's a girl? And so then I started to think maybe it was a girl, and we picked out a girl name, and I stressed about the color of our carseat and Jason and I eyed our niece's wardrobe over the weekend, like, SCORE, and then my ultrasound appointment was delayed forever and an hour this morning and two minutes before the doctor walked in I told Jason that I was returning to... Read more →

Babies Babies Buzz Buzz Buzz!

Whoa. The harsh glare of the laptop screen. The pulsing bars of stray wifi signals. Yep. I'm back. We spent the weekend up with my brother- and sister-in-law and our new delicious niece -- oh, my, lands, what a nummy little bundle of smiles and chub and coos -- out in the wilds of the Boston suburbs where I weirdly did not get cell service and the wifi was a solid brick wall of encryption and passkeys and possibly elvish riddles and while my brother-in-law offered to find me a network cable I opted to slip my laptop back into my luggage and go back to gnawing on his daughter's face instead. I was VERY busy, clearly. Completely entranced by the shiny, newer model of child, Amy completely ignores her knick-knack-destroying toddler in the background. I am, ahem, just more than a little excited now about having a small squishy person of our own again this fall, although Noah's opinion of his cousin mostly leaned towards total indifference with just a touch of outright disdain. And then this happened... ...and then I died. The end. I think some more stuff happened , although I fear I've probably already maxed out... Read more →