28 Weeks & No -Ish
Please Hold


Internet: 1

Amy: 0


I am now "tweeting" to my "tweeps" on this thing called "twitter" and jesus ham god in a blanket, I want to punch myself in the face.

Feel free to now abandon twitter en masse for shark-jumping, oh-my-god-it's-so-two-weeks-ago reasons. Or let me bug you via "cellular phone" with important updates like NOAH, WE HAD FROZEN PANCAKES I MADE IN THE TOASTER FOR BREAKFAST, YOU MUST EAT SOMETHING APPROPRIATE LIKE FROZEN PIZZA I MADE IN THE TOASTER FOR LUNCH.

(Shit! 158 characters! How do you people stay so concise? Does this mean I may have to start breaking my thoughts up into [HORRORS!!] separate sentences? Like with [GASP!!] periods and shit?)

(Oh my God, WHAT HAVE I DONE?)



Wow. How you managed to hold out this long...

shelly b.



Oh, I'm glad to see you've joined the cult, haha. I saw that the Pregnancy Calendar had added me this morning and I got excited. Those notification emails that someone is 'following' you shouldn't make a person feel as important as it does to me. It's just sad!

And yeahhhh, I guess they call it a 'tweet' because it's supposed to be short and to the point -- but I just don't operate that way. Still getting used to it!


Dang, girl! I was wondering when you were gonna board that train. Can you link your tweets here so those of us who can't get to our phones can see? To please us, yes?


Oh, it's not all that bad, Amy!

It's quite fun and a WONDERFUL way to completely destroy your productivity.

Good luck! :)


Wow, everyone's jumping on the twitter bandwagon these days...soon I will be the lone holdout. Mostly because I don't understand how the hell to use it. And also because it is one of the blocked websites at my office, which is where I am most of the time...


Well, it is about damn time. And just think! You can Twitter your way through labor when the time comes. TOTALLY AWESOME!


oh, it's fun...but plurk is even better...you totally get sucked into the whole Karma game! Mostly because they reward you will cuter emoticons and more choices in your background colors...it's odd, but addictive. :)

In the meantime, I'll be followin' you on Twitter!


Ummmmm... I don't think I even fully grasp the concept of what twitter IS... and I clicked on the link in your post and I STILL don't get it. I feel a little left out and very, very behind the times lol.

Maybe my mission this weekend will be to Understand Twitter.


I have no earthly clue what this twitter thing is that you speak of. And I am young and hip!

Wait.....maybe this means I'm not anymore.


I take it someone discussed this at BlogHer? B/c a lot of people who last week were blogging about being at BlogHer are all the sudden Twittering this week.

(I'm at twitter.com/kalisah)


Glad to have you on the twitter bandwagon. It does get addicting, then the novelty wears off.


Yay! More Amalah!

If you get bored with all the cool people you already know, you can follow me at easilyunnerved


Stop! You are going to get me fired.
Question: Why don't you have a donnation botton?
Suggestion: Difitely link your twittings to this page.


I don't know much about this twitter thing, will have to check it out.


I have this theory about Twitter (and the person who decided to name it twitter...)that I will not share here or anywhere (just keepin' my thoughts to myself ;)

I did create an account a while back, looked it over once and decide GAWD help me NO WAY was I going to get sucked in. I am happy to report I have stayed clear of it. Good luck with that!!!


LOL, I'm an Amalah follower!!!


Kalisah -- it was more about looking at a sea of laptops at Blogher and seeing Twitter loaded up on EVERY. SINGLE. SCREEN. And people would take my card and then ask for my Twitter account and I felt dumb and old and not nearly sheep-like enough.

Plus, Noah will be 3 soon -- practically raising himself! I have TONS of free time to dick around on the Internet now!

Backpacking Dad

Amy, I have a picture of that sea of laptops with Twitter loaded onto every screen :}


Hooray. Twitter is fun. Just don't forget to post here, too.


I really don't get Twitter either. I fear exactly what you're going through! PLUS, the last thing I need is another distraction from my work-day :)


i still don't fully understand how to play twitter, but i try anyway. 224 followers already, huh? you can't REALLY be surprised by that, right? i can't wait to see the number after a few days.

anyway, i followed you. it's cool...like, portable amalah.com! whee!

Nothing But Bonfires

You know, something about last weekend made me want to crack too. SO FAR I AM RESISTING. But I bet it won't be for long. Hell, I only just signed up for Google Reader two days ago! Can't get TOO crazy.


Luv the Twitter. Super luv it. Is seriously addicting though.

You have to decide which words can be left out of just do a second tweet.


Twitter is good. Plurk is better. Either way, I am nursie, and I am following you... DUN DUN DUN!

judy haley (coffeejitters)

I've found twitter to be a very effective way to get absolutely nothing accomplished


Interesting. We have a conversation once and you were all, I'm never going to twitter, I need less time on the internet.

One blogher trip, and you are all over twitter!


You will find plenty to tweet about, trust me, and you'll be shocked how much you can say in 140 characters. (Secret hint: If you really can't do 140, just tweet TWICE in a row for double the space. That's my tweet cheat for the day.)

Also, I see that you haven't figured out that you can use twitter from your Iphone (you text the tweet in to your assigned number). Once you've got that down, you'll be a full blown tweeting addict.

P.S. I agree that it's weird when people follow you, so I just added you to my "follow" list.

summer fever

I tried twitter for awhile. A few days. Then deleted it. Too much.
I am past the birthing years, but yesterday was my oldest child's 24th bday. 24 hours of labor ended with a c-section and it was the best decisions ever. My next 2 births were scheduled c-sections and I wouldn't have done it any other way, especially since #3 was 11 pounds at 11 days early. I too have the uncooperative hips when it comes to birth, and it's too bad that there are people who don't get it, but it's their problem. All I can say is thank GOD we invented c-sections or no doubt I would have died in childbirth the first time around and that is not a pretty thought. I have NO curiosity about what it might have been like the other way and I never let anyone try to tell me that I should. You do what you have to do.


Twitter scares me. I can't even keep my comments to 158 characters or less! But yay, more things to check, woo hoo- my kids can raise themselves, right?

Momo Fali

I put it off for as long as possible, but finally jumped on board a couple of days ago. It's like crack. Fair warning.

Redneck Mommy

Welcome to Hell, Amy.

I'm so glad I'm not alone.


Miss Britt

Um, dude?

Punctuation just adds to the character count.

You'll learn. ;-)


Heheh you are so fucked. But in good company. Welcome!

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom)

welcome! i gave in and started tweeting a couple months ago.

my tweets are far from brilliant literary 140 character works of art, but i am enjoying it.

i mostly enjoy reading other peoples tweets and keeping in contact with others that way, since life is so busy I don't get out to blog visit enough.


Yes, it is a great and terrible thing.


Yeah, I am a twitter dumbass, I just kept on replying to your "tweets" not even realizing, um, you can't even see them because you aren't also following me...I tried to read the FAQ, but I wasn't hip enough to get it I guess...um...I find the internet scary and confusing.

Jessica Karlinski

I've been avoiding twitter as well, but as my absolute favorite blogger, you've inspired me to join. Plus I don't have a blog, or a public one at least, so maybe twitter will work for now. Follow me if you'd like at JessaK


You are on Twitter! Yay! I am following you. (Um. Why must that sound so stalkerish. Am not stalker!) :P


Bwahahaha - welcome to the dark side. All your free time belongs to Twitter.


Yay! I'm glad you're twittering. I promise I'm not a stalker but I am following you. Just don't stop blogging please?


Yeah, so that's why I hesitate to comment because I sound like an idiot - like you're going to stop blogging. What I really mean is we still need pictures, lots of pictures, so I hope you save time away from twitter to post them. And stories that require more than 140 characters. And I'm going to stop now since I'm still not making much sense I think.

Looking Glass Jewels

Totally following you. Totally.


Welcome to The Dark Side...

Jenny, Crash Test Mommy

Best day ever.


Am I the only one who doesn't get twitter? My eyes just glaze over when Husband tries to explain it to me.

I'm officially a loser.


It's okay in twitter land! I promise. You'll like it here on the dark si--erm, I mean, twitter-ville.


Yeah, I'm just about to hop on that, too. Damn BlogHer and talks of new media.


Because comments on the last post are closed, I guess here is the appropriate place to share with you that if anyone gives me shit about my delivery method, I would find the nearest baby doll, shove it up their hole (whichever), and then pull it out. I'd be glad to do the same for you, should that situation occur when I'm nearby.


Hi there. Twitter is so fun and addicting! But I must say they are having many a technical snafoo and all the customer service of a coma. It's very frustrating. Then again you might have better luck. You will be popular for sure! And don't the popular girls have all the luck?

Enjoy tweeting!


Welcome to yet another time-sucking black hole of Oh Thee Great Internet. Haaaaaa!

rachel beto



I think Twitter is just too much. How much attention does somene need? Blogs and comments and now this? Can people bear to have an unexpressed thought?


Jeebus, girl! It's about dang time you got your gorgeous self on Twitter. We want baby updates, pronto! Stat! Or whatever the right word is.

It was so great to meet you at BlogHer. My favorite part: having you sign my copy of THE book. I was totally starstruck. I hope you didn't notice. :)

Heather O

Someone please tell me what the heck Twitter is? I am afraid to go to the website. I fear I may never leave it and I have a PhD to defend soon... but I am so curious.

Wacky Mommy

It's the role you were born to play, baby!

La Petite Belle

I joined twitter too. , I'm always late with these things, but what the heck.. I like posting what I'm thinking right.this.minute and being able to communicate my thoughts to the world (the world that doesn't really care...lol) from my bberry, when im standing in line at the market, it's just fabulous!


No, no. No punctuation. It uses up extra characters.


Do link to your site!! We want to follow your tweets!!

::wandering off to look for this particular bandwagon, for lo, so lame::

Tootsie Farklepants

Blogging addiction will look like Tylenol compared to the heroin that is Twitter. Save yourself.

Tootsie Farklepants

Blogging addiction will look like Tylenol compared to the heroin that is Twitter. Save yourself.

Tootsie Farklepants

I'm sorry I stuttered.


Twitter is a nightmare for me. I'm long winded by nature. Have fun!


I haven't used my twitter in two weeks.

I just don't think I'm that interesting, you know?


Well gee... now if I join, it will just look like I'm copying you... hmm...

I'll try to hold out a little longer.

Suburban Turmoil

Now you know our dirty secret. Twitter sort of sucks.


You totally need twitter for labor. Or c-section. Whatever.


Okay, you pushed me onto the Twitter train. Begrudgingly. But if the Queen of the Internets is doing it...


then you probably wouldn't want to know about plurk...although, i don't understand twitter or plurk or any of those things...thank god for being an airhead!!


So...you have 200-something follower in like 10 seconds? I don't have any...I feel like a loser again...

I SOOO want to be a cool kid like you when I grow up....


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