When I See You Smile

Please Hold

We've been at the beach. It's been very taxing.


Will post real sentence-y update soon.


rachel beto

I actually don't have anything clever to say. I've just never been first at ANYTHING and now look, I was the first to post on your blog! Li'l old me...first.


we returned home from a week at the beach two weeks ago. Vacationing is HARD WORK. especially with a toddler. and especially when you have to share a bed with said toddler. For such tiny people, they sure knwo how to take up a WHOLE DAMN BED. Weclome home!


Aww, bless. Such a cute pic.
Clearly the beach is very exhausting


DUDE, I need a taxing activity like that. I wouldn't look as adorable, though. :) Have fun at the beach!
House of Jules


Post-beach naps are the BEST! Hope you are getting a bunch too!

graham's mom



That's how I feel in the morning pre-coffee. I really wish that was acceptable adult/office behavior.


I look forward to be that taxed at the beach in 4 DAYS!



Oh, vacation. I think vacations need to be at least a week long in order to you, know, settle in to the routine of it all. And indeed, beach naps are best.


Awww, I wish I could take a good post-beach nap like that right now. We have the right weather for it here, but unfortunately I don't think my boss would appreciate the drool on this file...


That is adorable. There's nothing more exhausting than sea air and playing in the sand when you're that age, is there? At my age, there's nothing more exhausting than sitting in a beach chair breathing sea air and watching kids play in the sand...


Aww! What a cutie. I love those vacations that just wear them out to the point of sheer collapse. The beach can do it every time...


aww he is just so precious! I can't wait for days on the beach with a bunch of kids!


Have a great time at the beach.

Barack Obama

You know, in some cultures, it is frowned upon to put beer in baby's nighttime bottle.


Sentences are over-rated.


Please don't tell me he fell asleep reading "Sleep is for the Weak", which just happens to be sitting on the bedside table. (Mine's on order!)
Love the picture. He's becoming such a boy!

Jenny, Bloggess

I would give a billion dollars to be able to sleep that soundly again.


Oh, he's a sweetheart.


You've got to tell me how you kept him from eating all the sand...I've got a 17 month old that we never take to the beach because I'm terrified of all the sand munching that will take place...and I live in FLORIDA!


You don't ever have to post again as long as you continue to post pics like that. Because. . . NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM!


He still has scrumptous thighs though.

I wish I looked that cute when I slept.


Jeebus, look how tall he's gotten!


I really miss the beach.


He looks... long. Wonderfully long.


Love that. Great comic timing, and gorgeous kid.


Cute overload!

The life of a 3 year old (?) must be very exhausting.


Ya know, that's totally what I feel like doing. Errr...except I haven't been at the beach. I'd say I wish I was at the beach, but then I'd be in bed, so I'll save my envy for another day. Tomorrow sounds good.

Amy in StL

That is totally me after a day at the beach. I always have big plans for a fancy dinner later which always turn into pizza delivered with some cold beer.


He's so TALL.
What happened to his wee-ness?

I bet it went away with the big boy haircut...


That picture made my heart smile! I love sleeping toddlers!!! :)


We still have 7 weeks to go before our incredibly taxing beach vacation. I can't wait to get a shot of my 3-year-old recuperating after a morning of sun & surf. . . (if I can stay awake long enough myself to take the picture--I love a good nap!)


That is an adorable picture... you always manage to get Noah on film at the cutest moments.

I'm very jealous of your beach trip... I have one coming up too but not until mid-August, and that feels very far away!


Oh, so precious. Why can't I get my little whirlwind to do that? We've got another couple of beach days coming up, and she'll be bouncing and digging and splashing and *sproinging* and YOU NAME IT (be afraid, seagulls ...), but she still won't pass-out until well after 9. *sigh*.


Hi, my good friend, Alicia said such great things about your blog that I was intrigued!!

I love your blog and it's very cool.

Your boy looks so cute!!! awwww...

I'll definitely be coming by more often!!!!



Omg I think the overdose of adorableness (yes it's a word) just about killed me.

No sentences needed.


Omg I think the overdose of adorableness (yes it's a word) just about killed me.

No sentences needed.


So adorable!

Rick Bucich

I’d like to bottle that type of exhaustion and dispense at opportune times. Beautiful, makes you want to curl up on the bed.


Awww! Hims so tired! I live for times like that. Lol.

Musician Mommy

Aww... Greyson didn't get quite that tired after our beach trip... especially considering that he cut the day short because he got angry that "the water kept pushing me down, Mommy!"

Yeah, that kid's not a big fan of waves. At ALL. He's still insisting that we will *not* go back to the beach, the water is MEAN. ROFL


What an adorable picture. Also, he looks soooooooo grown up!

Definitely resting up to be big brother-ready for baby Tivo :-) Hope you all had a fun, safe trip!


I know the feeling...we just got back from a beach vaca and now I need a long nap and another vacation!!!


Oh, the beach. That looks absolutely decadent.

Mrs. Schmitty

Nothing is cuter than a zonked out kid after a day at the beach!

swirl girl

lucky duck.


That is so how I feel after a good day at the beach.

he is too sweet!


I don't care how old I get, I always LOVE passing out after the beach.


The beach. It wears me out, too.
and my GAWD. That boy is scrumptious. Please to have him for lunch? Nom Nom Nom.

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