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32 Weeks, Conveniently

Just sat down to type a really funny story and then Noah woke up and he recently figured out how to work doorknobs AND YES I know about the childproof doorknob covers but I haven't bought one yet and he is running around without pants on and look, here are some belly photos at least I put a damn bra on this time okay.


Fun fact! This is the first week my belly does not fully fit in the neat little squares of the "Crop Photo" grid.


My arms are beginning to resemble the Olympic shot-putters'. Except without all the "strength" and "muscle." Mine are more "jiggly" and "marshmallow fluff."


And here's some full frontal, just as a treat. Tell me, does my belly button remind you of anything?



From that shadow it's casting, it looks like it's about to speak.

Channah @ Get a Grip, Mom!

I just want to push on your belly button and pop it back in! LOL!

Suzy Q

Are those low-rise pregnancy jeans? I haven't been able to figure it out all these weeks. As if it's any of my business, I know!

Jill (CDJ)

Those "child proof" doorknob covers don't work. Kids always figure them out!

But that is one cute pregnant belly. I pretty sure mine was all veiny and ugly around 32 weeks time and my belly button was completely gone, I believe. I couldn't tell you for sure, though, because there are no pictures of me pregnant. Ever. Was not allowed unless you didn't care about having your camera smashed by an hormonal fat woman! You are a braver woman than I!

Amie've hit the Butterball turkey stage.

Also? Those door knob covers? Yeah, I have a helluva time getting doors open with them on the knob, and yet Gabe has absolutely no problem at all.

Go figure.


your belly looks kinda like an orange! but its so cute!!

those doorknob covers are soo annoying! good luck with that!


And right about now, you should be happy you never succumbed to the peer pressure of getting a belly button ring


You have the cutest preggo belly. And I have to say I'm glad to see you are actually wearing maternity jeans cuz all this time I thought you were wearing regular jeans and I was kind of starting to hate you. :)


My bellybutton NEVER popped! It just got REALLY flat... I was disappointed about that cause I was twice as big as you :)


Girl you are one rockin hot prego! If only I had looked like you when I was pregnant. Instead I was trying my best to impersonate the Stay-Puff Marshmallow Man.


I love that at 32 weeks you look like my goal weight:)

Sensibly Sassy

I can't wait to hear the really funny story!

shelly b.

If you press in your bellybutton does it go "ding dong" like a doorbell? 'Cause it looks like it would...

You look very cute for 32 weeks! I had mine at 31 weeks so I never got to get that far!


I have a confession...

I can't work those childproof door knob covers. I'm pretty much stuck in a room until someone can rescue me if it has one of those.

Also, I need my boyfriend to open some medicine because APPARENTLY "squeeze and turn" is too hard a concept for me to grasp.

swirl girl

Your oven roaster thermometer has popped...

or your bun in your oven has rung the doorbell!

you look amazing for 32 weeks!


I unfortunately had my belly button pierced before getting pregnant, and I promptly took it out when I discovered I was pregnant. It made my belly button fairly ugly once I was full term, the hole scar was stretched. Also, have hair on my abdomen, always, and that made for quite the belly once it was taught.

I'm painting a fairly poor picture arent I? Hope I made you all feel just a little bit better about how your bellys looked.

Snarky Amber



Yeah, the childproof door-knob covers? I had to take them off because I never could work it. I was always calling my husband to come open the damn door!


OMG It's The EYE! Isn't it?? Please don't laugh at me if I'm wrong okay?? I didn't click the link, because I was too excited to be the only one that wasn't tempted to reference turkey or doorbells in her comments...oh, wait...
No really, it's the Eye, isn't it??


Snarky Amber -- bewb? Looove it!! My belly button never poked out. I always thought that was weird.


Okay let me just say you at 32 weeks = me at 15 months post partum. Argh.


I'm going with a doorbell. Ding-dong.


You look fantastic!! Thanks for sharing!

Sprite's Keeper

Ack! The eye is back! But Baby Tivo somehow pulls it off. Absolutely adorable and can't-waitable bellyness going on.
By the by, my toddler would have escaped our house time and time again if not for those stupid doorknob covers, so I have to defend them. For now.

that girl

cute jeans! I mean... congrats!


eyeball lamp reincarnated! Tivo makes a very cute belly!


aaaacccck! cute pregnant people like you are why I hid for 9 months!!! Not fair : )

You look FA-BU-LOUS

(even after I had the kid, people asked when I was going to have it.....dude.)


You look great!!!


Ahhhhhh it's the eye! Just when you thought you were safe....

P.S. You have the cutest little baby belly. I can't wait to see the little guy!


I guess I'm alone in this but I loved our kid knobs. It isn't hard to figure them out and my kids didn't bother trying until they were 4ish. It was really only naptime they were on and the didn't have hours waiting around to figure them out :)

Also I was going to say doorbell. You look lovely as always!


That didn't come out right. I mean it wasn't hard for ME an adult to figure out. Not that my kids are too dumb to figure them out.

Go me and my lovely words! LOL


Please, little sister, you are way too hard on yourself. You don't for a second look jiggly or marshmallow fluffy. If anything, you are the pregnant lady I saw at the mall that I inwardly hated when i was 354 pounds at 5 months along. You are just darling and I can't wait to see the wee one.


I think you're done. Your button has popped.:) You look so cute pregnant. I have a tattoo around my belly button and by 32 weeks it was huge! Also, I only got stretch marks where the tattoo is. :(


A fully armed and operational Death Star.


Awww the belly button! Cuteness!


We never bothered with the doorknob covers. With our first, we actually put a hook and eye up high on the outside of the door and locked him in (it was a very small house and I had a monitor on at all times in case he was in real distress, not just the AAAH I can't get out of the room and skip my nap distress).

With our second I have simply threatened to take away all his stuffed animal babies if he gets out of bed before I open the door at the end of naptime. It's working fairly well. I also put his potty chair in there so he has no excuses, man.


Dude. I wish my preggo belly was that cute! Totally jealous :-P


umm, eye of sauron?


I know, I know - pick ME! The eyeball light - I KNEW it! I feel like such an insider/groupie/stalker to have known where you were going with that. Does that make me an official fan club member? And I'm an Amy - there are so many of us that follow you we should have our own sub-group - Amy's Amys!!


Aw! Look how Baby Brother is poking out. So sweet. Or not sweet to you. Rather painful, actually. Oh well. Cute anyway.

Nancy R

In the first shot it looks like your belly is plugged-in...maybe baby is rocking out on his i-pod...


The EASY Button?? Do I get a prize if I guess right???


Wow, 32 weeks already?! You look fantastic, by the way. By 32 weeks I had taken on house-like proportions.


You have the prettiest pregnant belly ever. I kind of hate you for it. I'm 39 weeks with baby #2 and I look like a sumo wrestler. And I second the belly button ring comment... sure wish I didn't have the freaky scar tissue.


That is the smallest 32 week belly I have ever seen!
Stop your complaining!

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