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The long version is...long. Yes. The short version: decreased fetal movement, spotting, back pain. Quick jaunt over to Labor & Delivery for diagnosis of Raging Hellfire UTI, Dehydration and One Perfectly Fine & Alive Baby.

Okay, one bit from the long version -- Jason was not at home when the bleeding started, but was stuck on the Metro so my frantic phone calls of TALK ME DOWN, BITCH, HOLY SHIT went directly to voicemail, which...did not talk-me-down so much as wind-me-the-fuck-up.

By the time he called back -- without actually listening to my voicemails (he later put them on speaker, right there in the hospital), but he gets points because he was calling to see if I wanted him to pick me up a burrito -- I was KIND OF SORT OF A COMPLETE WRECK, waiting for my doctor to call me back and grunting and groaning around on the floor of our bedroom, trying to find that goddamned doppler thing under the bed.

As we have already learned from yesterday's post, sometimes Jason is not exactly the Even-Keeled Rock of Common Sense EITHER around here, as he immediately started yelling at me for not immediately calling 911 and taking Noah and myself in an ambulance to the hospital over -- ahem -- four or five drops of blood on the toilet paper.

(Free Brilliant Product Idea: Some kind of cradle or holder for the iPhone that allows you to get that great SLAM! sort-of hanging up you get with a real phone. There's just something so unsatisfying about pulling your phone away from your ear, looking at it, and then....TAPPING THE SCREEN REALLY FORCEFULLY to hang up on someone.)

I did find our doppler and easily confirmed the presence of a heartbeat, and told my doctor that I was 99% sure it was a UTI (I had the exact same sort of spotting with Noah, only in the first trimester)  (and oh yeah, I tested positive for one about a month ago and have been admittedly a little lax about the cranberry juice) but...but...I trailed off, sniffling, because seriously, I'm a pregnant lady. My options are to sit up all night and chew on my hands and sob and watch whatever weird Olympic events get aired at four in the morning or go to Labor & Delivery and get checked out. I know this. He knew this. He told me to go get checked out.

Just like our emergency L&D visit from my first pregnancy, the baby woke up about 15 minutes after the monitoring started, showing off lots of rolls and kicks. I had one or two small tiny spikes on the monitor that MAY have been one or two small tiny contractions, but nothing else, and the bleeding stopped. I yelped when the nurse thumped on my back (kidneys, ahoy!) and drank a literal BUCKET of water in order to produce the smallest urine sample ever.

They sent us home after two hours or so, with instructions to drink plenty of fluids (and weirdly, a list of tips to prevent varicose veins? did that backless hospital gown reveal something that I don't know about?) and take it a wee bit easier. Ok, a lot bit easier.



No bedtime + public jammie wearing + free latex gloves = BEST FIELD TRIP EVER



Glad to hear you are okay! Also I don't think you were being too cautious at all. Also I hate the metro and it's lack of reasonable cell service. Also even though I (bitter bitter bitter) don't have an iPhone (yet) I agree that a SLAM! feature needs to happen.


Oh, my. Sorry you had to deal with that but glad you and the wee one are ok!! Take it easy and feel better.


Lord that sounds like too much! As a veteran of those horrible trips to L&D I am so sorry that you had to go through that. But so glad that it was all ok. Better to be safe than sorry and all that crap even if it makes you feel a little silly.

Somebody needs to invent a safe for preggos cocktail that is actually satisfying (and not called a mocktail because ew) for situations like these.


Feel better! And rest, you know you need to.

Hey You

I saw that twitter last night and Fuh-REAKED out for you! I should have known, i went to L&D three times with The Son with the same thing. One time Around 32 weeks, I thought my water had broken...but it turned out I had just slightly peed myself. Ah, good times. Glad baby Tivo is safe and sound.


Am SO glad you're good. Freaked over twitter, as well.

Stop DOING that, baby Tivo!

Feel better!


Glad you're ok.

You know? My ovaries usually explode with baby envy when I'm here but this post is having a calming effect.



So glad to hear that all is okay. And yes! Take it much more easily, dammit. Specifically, keep it up with the Krispy Kreme.

Suzy Q

Oh, my holy hell. Glad everything's okay.


Yikes! Glad everything was okay. And I definitely think you should follow doctors orders and take easy -- very easy.


So sorry this happened and I wasn't around. I totally would have watched Noah. I'm even on the way to the hospital.


So glad everything is ok. When I first saw the pic. I thought maybe baby TiVo had decided to make an early apperance, thank God I was wrong. I never knew crocs and pj's went together so well. :)


I gasped when I saw the first pic! Glad everything is okay,Amy. You're almost there! Best of luck for a smooth delivery!


Crap. You deserve Krispy Kreme and burritos. And cranberry juice! No more freakouts baby Tivo!

that girl

oh thank GAWD you and baby are OK. now put those vericosed feet up and stay that way!


I always hated going to L&D for anything but delivery reasons. They always tell you the same thing, 'that's normal, it's fine, GO HOME!'

In other news, YAY, Noah's hair is growing back!


Glad all is ok!!


ahh holy crap so scary! I am glad everything is ok! and I hope that UTI clears up quick!! At least it was an adevnture right? haha. Noah is so cute.


How scary... I'm so sorry you had to go through that, but I'm very glad you went and got checked out. Don't think you're dumb for doing that....

Glad you guys are doing okay... I'm only 24 weeks.. but that part of the pregnancy scares me to death.. I garuntee I'll have at least 1 trip to the late night L&D drive thru!! :)

Drink lots of water..... And waddle to the bathroom every 2 minutes.. (I actually find it more beneficial to stay on the potty an extra couple minutes. I usually get two pee's out of one trip! it's sweeet..)

man.. i'm hungry... okay that had nothing to do with anything.. but i am... sorry...


Oh my, what an experience! Glad to hear everything's OK - another one here who was just a little freaked by the Twitter!


How is it that you make a hospital gown look adorable?

Glad to hear that you & George are both doing well. Looks like Noah had a great time too - his baby brother is entertaining already!


Glad nothing was wrong with the baby. That's the scariest feeling in the world!


I'm glad you're feeling okay and that the baby is doing better! And yes, having a hospital bracelet on definitely qualifies you for laying down on the couch all day! Absolutely!!

Mrs. Flinger

As someone who went to L&D for "broken water bag" at 32 weeks which turned out to be a wet rain soaked seat, um, I fully support the "hang up and GO TO THE HOSPITAL" at all times when pregnant.

So, you know, I can feel better about my own insecurity. I mean, for your safety. That's what I mean.

Glad all is ok. Grow Baby, Grow!

Jill (CDJ)

Not cool! But glad everything's A-OK.


Scary! Glad you're doing okay.


Happy you & the little one are both okay!!

If you're sick of guzzling cranberry juice, AZO does cranberry pills & you can get them at Target. I take 3 in the morning & again at night (along with a daily Macrobid to keep this stupid big fat pregnant UTI at bay).

Now what was this about a burrito?!?


WHEW! Glad it wasn't anything serious, although the UTIs aren't exactly a picnic either. And what's a pregnancy without at least one panicky trip to L&D? Mine = stomach flu totally disguised as pre-term labor. Who knew stomach cramps could feel exactly like contractions?


I had to see my doctor, too, because I didn't feel Maureen kick around for awhile. She was fine and I felt like an ass for taking up my doctor's time, but you know what? You gotta take care of your baby. You did the right thing, and I'm glad everything's ok.


Feel better soon. Was so glad to see that you were okay. Heart stopped for a second when I saw the tweet.

Katie Kat

Holy screaming bloody pee, Bat Man! You had us all scared, but now I can sleep soundly again. (Oh wait, I have a three year old as well... forget that last part).

Wish I was there to pat your baby belly! Maybe this isn't the BEST time to mention it, but you also still need to MOVE TO MY CITY AND BE MY BEST FRIEND. Just a little reminder... :)


Oh, the excitement of a UTI during pregnancy. I've never had that particular pleasure, but it doesn't sound like I've missed out on anything.


so i guess my night of watching Weeds can't really compare, eh? ;)

glad you and the babe are okay


Dang, girl, I was pulling up yesterday's post to show my husband your wee-willy-winky story and then see this! Is it too early to send Baby Tivo to time out?


As a veteran L&D tripper (five with baby1, 3 with baby2) let me share my best one.

Husband leaving for a business trip (training he absolutely had to get) in Seattle. Me 26 weeks pregnant with cerclage in place, just two days back from a trip to France. I start having contractions.

Husband drops me off at L&D because I tell him it will be nothing, he should go pack. They monitor me and I keep contracting. They take my temp, whoa, slight fever. Husband comes to triage, and I tell him to go, it'll be fine. He leaves for airport.

They decide to admit me. I start to not feel so well. I start having worst stomach cramps, diarrhea and the fever spikes, giving me the chills.

Husband's flight lands at 2 a.m. my time, he calls and finds out how sick I am. I tell him to stay. He thinks he should come home. We sleep on it. I get worse, fever still high, still can't keep any food or liquid in me.

He decides to fly back after attending half-day of the training because there is talk of an amnio. He gets off the plane, comes to my room and my fever starts dropping. No amnio. I am feeling better. He should have stayed.

In all, a five-day stay for the worst flu ever. Baby was just fine.

Moral: at least Jason was only on the Metro, not a four-hour flight away!


Glad everything's okay! A doctor ruptured my membranes with my first baby at 32 weeks (on "accident" uh huh.) so I know about the scariness that goes along with all of that. Throw your feet up and relax!

Crystal D

That sucks about the UTI, but it is a whole lot better than anything you else you could have dreamed up in the freaking out category.
Enjoy the cranberry!

jive turkey

Holy shit! Whew - glad everything is A-OK.


I got a little scared when I saw that picture that the baby was acomin' early. Glad that wasn't the case, and hope you kick that UTI to the curb. Gently and easily, like.

Sensibly Sassy

I am so glad everything turned out okay!I saw your twitter and freaked out a bit-a lot

Undomestic Diva

Saw Sweetney's twitter last night and thought, oh shit. Glad to hear everything's (relatively) OK.


Good to hear everything is well. Those latex gloves are the best thing for kids ever.

On a side note, that's one of the best pictures ever taken in a hospital gown that I've seen. Kudos.


Im so glad you're okay!

It's good you went to the hospital, because BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY!

As a new graduate nurse in L&D i cant tell you how many women come in and then feel totally idiotic when their baby starts kicking up a buttload, and then they feel so guilty about coming in .. but the thing is, we WANT you to come in. We are just as happy as you are when we see the fetal movement start kicking up again, and knowing that you'll be able to sleep better after your visit to the hospital (however gratuitous it might have been) is a great feeling for us nurses and the rest of the medical staff. Of course, I dont have to tell you the horror stories of people who put off coming in until .. well you know.

Bottom line - never ever feel guilty or stupid for going to the hospital, even if you've just been last week and you're feeling worried/suspicious again - GO. I am so glad everything turned out okay - i cant wait to see the new squishy face!!


so glad to hear you're ok!!! and the baby is ok!!!

now post that vein shit, or else. no really. i want to read what it says.


Glad you and Baby Tivo are okay... now go rest. :)

The Queen of Hyperbole

Drink something. Now!


Scary things when you are pregnant are just that... FACKING SCAAAARRRRYYYY!

I'm so glad that you are ok.

Now share those varicose vein tips woman!


So very glad all is well and it's just a UTI. (Just?) But also - how did you keep Noah so well-behaved? I don't EVEN want to think about how NikkiZ would have been. Words like "Terror" and "Satan" come to mind.

Aimee Greeblemonkey

Whew. Glad all is OK. I always get scared when I read opening lines like that since we had Declan 8 weeks early in mass trauma fashion.

Here's hoping the rest goes smoothly for you.

P.S. The pics are adorable.


So.....I'm not pregnant or anything....but what were those tips about preventing varicose veins?????


That is super scary. I am glad you and Tivo/George are ok.


Spotting when pregnant is a scary thing.

So, so glad all is fine.


Glad to hear you and Tivo are alright!

Jessica K

Glad it wasn't anything too bad. Take it easy. Your 'Bait & Tackle' post made me laugh so hard I cried :)


Aw man, can I get a giant Amen to those azo cranberry pills. After years of guzzling that nasty no sugar added cranberry juice to appease the UTI gods, I've found those little miracle pills and I am one happy camper.


Glad all is well. Keep that wee baby hydrated woman! And also, we are constantly dressing our child alike. It's creepy. Like we only shop at Target or something.


Glad you and baby are okay! And how fun for Noah! :)

My son flips for public PJ wearing. He thinks it's SO FUNNY.


I'm so glad everything is ok. Definitely better safe than sorry, if you didn't go you and Jason both would have gone crazy worrying.

I am in total envy of your iphone. I would totally pay to break my contract with Verizon and go get myself an iphone, but freaking EVERYONE I KNOW is on Verizon so none of my calls/texts would be free, and the AT&T plans seem a bit $$ to begin with... sighhhhhh.


So, so glad all is well! Boy, do I recognize that scared expression and that giant hospital sippy cup of water. I'm 27 weeks with my first, and did the scary emergency hospital visit at week 24 for back pain & possible contractions. All was fine, probably combo of too much activity, dehydration, and an irritated and previously unknown uterine fibroid. There's nothing more reassuring, is there, than hearing that thumpa-thumpa-thumpa sound of strong baby heartbeat fill the room!


OMG! Public jammies + toddler clogs = A.DOR.ABLE!

Jennifer A

That always sucks, I had at least two extra trips to the hospital for back pain (usually a kidney infection)
Glad all is good and it was nothing serious


Well I'm certainly glad to hear that you and baby are ok! Nice jammies Noah!

Mrs. Schmitty

So glad to hear everything is okay!!!


I had kidney stones through most of my pregnancy - I feel for ya!!


Eek! So glad you and baby are ok! Now behave and don't scare us like that again until you are ready to shower us with new baby pics :)


Glad everything's ok! I had a little scare last week that ended with being getting a IV for dehydration in OB triage and being released a couple hours later as well. I figured everything was fine but you never know. Always better to get checked out.


Happy to hear everything is ok!! Better to be safe than sorry. Adorable pictures:)


The anti-varicose vein tips were LAME BULLSHIT, y'all. Just five or six bullet points about keeping your legs and feet elevated as much as possible, don't cross your legs while seats, don't stand too long OR sit too long without changing positions, hose. Sexy.

Thanks for the brain-jog about the AZO tablets -- I completely forgot we had an entire box of them lying around here. Duh! Much easier than the constant juicing.


so glad you both are OK. Me thinks, maybe (??) dehydration+pregnant=possibly varicose veins? I'm not a Dr. but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express lastnight. (I didn't, really. Gah, I wish I had, though.)


I couldn't comment your story about Noah's chiquita banana sticker, but I have one that will make you feel better. When my daughter was about 10 she spent a week with her auntie...she came home complianing that her chest/breasts were hurting and I looked and sure enough those tiny little flat nipples looked all red and irritated. Thinking it must be a reaction to laundry detergent auntie used, so I had her put on a shirt that was left behind from the trip. Next day same complaints, same irritated little I put neosporin and a band-aid on each little nipple. I later found out she was "budding"...a pre-puberty thing where her nipples spread? Don't remember this happening to me? Permanently damaged my child's body image?


Whew! I'm so glad you are both okay, well, except for the raging, UTI, which, OUCH. Wait...where's your water bottle? Got it right there? Okay, good :)


You are being featured on Five Star Friday:


Glad you and Tivo are okay!

The pics of Noah are ADORABLE! Yay for public PJ wearing. I would if I could...


Oh mama take care of yo'self.

One thought: skip the juice and just take cranberry supplements - sometimes the sugar in the juice sort of acts against you.

Glad all is well. Really glad.


Oh mama take care of yo'self.

One thought: skip the juice and just take cranberry supplements - sometimes the sugar in the juice sort of acts against you.

Glad all is well. Really glad.


I just found your blog over at five star Friday so glad i clicked...glad everythings OK with you and the baby


Brilliant title! And, the taking it easy, if I had it to do over again you bet your is it or isn't it varicose veined backside I'd be popping bon bons and making sure everyone did my bidding because two? Oh two is more than one, and you deserve the pampering. So have 'em get you cranberry juice and insist on a dang umbrella!

Channah @ Get a Grip, Mom!

Take it easy, and I'm glad everything is okay with you and your baby.


Get some rest, lots of water and cranberry juice! Glad you're safe.
StumbledUpon your site through the bait and tackle post and giggled myself silly. I have found some interesting things during diaper changes.
Take care!


Get some rest, lots of water and cranberry juice! Glad you're safe.
StumbledUpon your site through the bait and tackle post and giggled myself silly. I have found some interesting things during diaper changes.
Take care!

Miss Jack

Just wanted to say that I just found your blog...LOVE it! And I had to comment about the 'sticker' issue. TOO funny! I'm still laughing about it. My sons (3) and (22m) love to play with stickers as well, and I'm actually sitting here wondering why I haven't found any "down there!" Thanks for sharing....


Oy! Get some rest and feel better! I just saw you and Jason deny Bobby FLay another Throwdown victory on the Food Network. You're ADORABLE!

Chris Adams

so glad everything is okay. Not sure if I've ever commented here before or not, but I'm a pretty faithful reader! Is that Shady Grove hospital? The new wing that just opened? I had my first two babies at SGAH before the construction. I bet it's soo much nicer now!


Glad everything's okay, and I like Noah's jammies.

But really, I'm posting to say that I finally caught you and Jason on Throwdown, and I'm, like, totally irrationally excited. Like, tears, excited. Is that crazy? Yeah, that's crazy. Anyway, you don't look bloated! You look lovely! I really like your top!

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