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Note To Self: Start Talking Up "State Schools" in a BIG WAY

Dear Noah,

Today was your second day of school. Guess what! You really, really love school.

And Noah, I'm so happy you're happy there, and that you enjoy all the activities and toys and play so well with the other children -- there are always a couple kids sobbing on the rug in the morning and still sobbing on the rug at lunchtime and oh dear heavens, I'm so relieved that you're so confident and comfortable there already --  but was the cheerful "BYE BYE! MORE SCHOOL! OKAY!" and the forceful and literal PUSHING OF MY BUTT out the door when I came to pick you up really necessary? And then the tantrum and the clinging to your teacher's leg? And the hurling of your body onto the floor and the hysterical weeping the entire way down the hallway and back to the car that I'm sure caused several people to wonder if they should intervene with the toddlernapping going down out in the parking lot? All of that? Necessary? Really?

I just think there may be a better way to express your love of school, is all.


Your Mother Who Is Having Another Baby And Totally DOESN'T NEED YOU ANYMORE EITHER

PS. That was a lie. Your dimples are practically oxygen.





My heart just broke a little. Splat, in pieces, on floor, the end.

Wasn't Noah JUST a baby?

The dimples, they are a WMD. KILLING me over here.


I'd say school agrees with him.

You mean you'd send him all the way out to Frostburg? Salisbury? No, I think he's got Terp written all of him. Start buying him that gear NOW!

So sayeth the mother of a 9 year old who wants everything Gator! :)


I think I just died. Those pictures. The pure unadulterated cute adorable scrumptiousness. *sigh*

And soon you'll have TWO!! You are one lucky lucky lady!



It is so hard now but it will be so worth it in a few weeks... and then forever! As a teacher and a mom of 2 kids in pre-school, there is nothing better than knowing your kids are happy and well adjusted even when you aren't by their side.

Look at it this way- it's how you know you are doing a great job as a mom!


I want to fall into those dimples. I hope your new little boy will make the parting easier for you.


Oh my gosh, how adorable. But consider yourself lucky - at least you don't have the guilt of prying him off your leg and shoving him into a chair at drop-off, then looking at him through the window as he sobs his little heart out......like I do......where's the chocolate?


Yep... I've got one of those, too. I dropped her off at a little once a week program when she was 18 months old, and she didn't weep when I left-- she wept when I came back. 18 months of solid togetherness, and she was totally ready to ditch me for the nice preschool ladies. We start two days a week next week, and she asks if it's time to go to school EVERY. DAMNED. MORNING. But... all things considered, I'd really rather have a kid thrilled to be at school, even if it was something of a blow to my poor battered ego.


Ha! Last summer, when my then-2-yo moved to her new room in daycare, I was so worried, as we'd just had #2. How would she handle the change? Would it be worse because she felt displaced by #2? NO F-ing Way! Some days, I had to carry her, struggling to get down and go back to play, while pushing #2's stroller. She LOVED it! It's so so great when that happens, but a little sad when they don't really want to go home with you. :-( So glad Noah is adjusting well, and yes, his dimples are adorable!


We have that same backpack.

Damn, but that's a cute kid. Glad he loves school!


Laughing my face off at the last sentence about your new baby. So glad to hear Noah's having a blast! Thanks for the laugh as always.


So cute!

I felt the same way about school when I was younger. The novelty of it will wear off though, then he'll just want to stay home.

So enjoy him enjoying it!!


OMG. I thought you posted the same picture twice until I saw that his arm had moved. HOW CAN HE LOOK SO CUTE IN TWO PICTURES? Your kid's glee is awesome.


I picked up my toddler son early from daycare last Friday for a weekend family trip to the beach. Was he happy to see me? NO HE WAS NOT. I was denying him his preshus playground time, and had to carry his loudly protesting, flailing self through the entire school to the parking lot. Fine, why don't you just STAY at the damn school all weekend, and let daddy and me have a little alone time?!


Yup, ours all but flipped us off on the way out the door today. I guess the independence is what we're all shooting for but a show for our benefit would be nice too.


But did he wear the backpack today? I'm DYING TO KNOW!

Mz. Nesbit

he certainly is a cutie. i'm sure the new baby will be just as cute ((wink)).

Helen K

He has one of those delicious faces you just want to squdge!!


Such a cutie - but of course, you know that :) Glad to hear he's enjoying it so much...

Katie Kat

Aaaaaaaand I *faint* from the cuteness.

The end.


The dimples? They are the unfair advantage. They could win wars, girl. Wars.


Gah. He is So! Damn! Cute! After you have baby Tivo, the internet will blow up under the weight of massive amounts of cuteness from your two offspring.


Psst, Baby Tivo! I sense dissention in the ranks! You could totally play for the favorite now! Come on! Do it!


Emily - Still a big old negative on wearing the backpack, but he did at least CARRY it today.

(I didn't have the heart to tell him that there actually wasn't anything in it, since I'd already transferred everything he's allowed to bring [sunscreen, change of clothes, a dozen changes of big boy pants] to his cubby at school. But it seems wrong to come to school without a backpack, you know?)


My oldest son did the SAME things on his first days of preschool. Feels awesome.


What a happy boy!


I'm not a mommy yet so while I can't truly feel your mommy-send-toddler(who was a baby 2 seconds ago, I swear)-to-school pains, but I must say I haven't seen a smile that huge in a long time. So...look at it, eat it up, and pat yourself on the back for raising a confident, happy boy who looks forward to going to (pre)school each day. The butt shove...could totally be worse!


awe!!! well I am glad he is loving school, sorry he is hitting the early teenage years already and deciding you are not important! I am sure after the newness of school wares off he will remeber who cool mom is!


That's how my kid is at daycare. We can hardly get a goodbye wave in the morning and at pickup, it's just torture.

I'm relieved/glad he's happy there, though, so it's worth it.

And I love your signature to that note. Those dimples ARE like oxygen!


You know, I think they must give him something (in the form of bribery) at that school. Now you just need to figure out what it is and top it. Hehe.


Your Mother Who Is Having Another Baby And Totally DOESN'T NEED YOU ANYMORE EITHER

I pissed my pants. My 2nd kid made me incontinent. Do kegels. *Lol*


same here with my noah. i started out picking him up after lunch. decided to let him stay til after nap time when i got the same reaction your noah gave you at pick up. he didn't want to come home so let him have snack after his nap before i got him. then he wanted to play n the playground....and on and on. now with his new little sister to keep me busy, he's pushed back his pick up time to 4 and still grumbles as we leave. sheesh.


OH and the dimples, yes - gorgeous!

moxie mommy

After reading this I just may decide to send my kids to public school after all. :) Home schoolers don't get to experience this moment. (For better or worse.)


God, he is PRECIOUS.


Um, I am a little late to this party because I am commenting on the last post because your child is so cute that I am craving another one of my own but hello, 3 is enough, so claims my husband, so I shall just covet other people's kids in a slightly obsessive but not creepy way... in any case, have the shower, celebrate your new son, don't worry about the crankiness... if I were anywhere near the DC area I would come, buy the book, have y'all sign it and gladly gift you with some festive baby socks and a book for the big brother... of course, I would assume, that with all your A list power, this acts would immediately catapult me into Dooce-like ad revenue. Yes?

Um, for the hostile, that last part was a joke.


ha, before your signature, i was totally thinking his attitude will probably change when there's a new baby brother to compete for your attention with. but even if it doesn't, you might be glad he likes school so much once the new little one arrives and will DEFINITELY need all your attention.
his dimples are pretty irresistible.


Yes. As much as we don't want them to be horribly sad when we leave them, we WOULD like for them to at least express a LITTLE bit of excitement to SEE us again!! Stinkers.

His dimples are adorable!


You better hope I never meet you and your kid b/c I might bite into him by accident. He just looks delicious!


Hmmmm ... boarding school in your/ his future? Start saving up now.

I second/ third/ fourth the dimple commments. YUMMY!


He is adorable. Don't worry. At least he's not making you drop him off like a block from school so he doesn't have to be seen with you...yet...lol.


Well, at least you have a definitive sign that he likes it there!


Oh, how wonderful!

Jill (CDJ)

He is so flippin cute I just want to eat him up!!! Good thing for him, I guess, what the the shunning and everything. Dont' worry, you'll be his favorite again in now time. :-)


proof of your motherly adoration: those 2 pictures are almost identical but you felt the need to post BOTH of them because they were just so incredibly cute that you could not choose between them.


Aww, what a sweetie!


*sobs* he looks sooo happy. And don't worry as a former preschool/toddler teacher, we do not think that you are a bad person or your son is scared to go home, we think that we rock at our job and he is extremely confident to be trusting of us so soon.


He is too totally cute for words.


Dear all girls in Noah's high school class,

You guys are so going to be toast when he smiles at you.

Is all I am sayin.


Mrs. Schmitty

Doesn't it stink when they like other places, people, or things better than us? At least it's school he likes, my daughter rather have a cup of apple juice than give me a hug in the mornings.


My goodness, that boy gets more handsome every time I see him. Thank goodness he's a boy, so I don't have to compare him to my little one(who was born a day after him!)

Wacky Mommy

i'm concerned he does not like school.


regular reader, never commenter. loveyou. i hope you embrace your fans' love and completely ignore any stupidity. you are lovely.


I remember my son's first day of school, just standing there waiting for the big fuss and he just walked inside...just walked away without a second look...all "this is nirvana and I may never go home again". I stood outside the door and bawled until they made me leave.


My God, wasn't he JUST starting to get the evil teeth? How the heck did he manage to get a whole smile in there?! He's growing up way too fast!
PS He is insanely adorable and must be smooshed
PPS The DIMPLES. Heaven help the girls in his class--and consequently you and Jason.


Oh mannnnn well, that´s good that he´s happy there REALLY REALLY HAPPY. I see what you mean about the dimples being oxygen.

Papa Bradstein

Talk about getting schooled by your own child...yikes. I get more of that when I drop 3B off--the "you're still here?" looks--but when I pick him up, he's ready to go...see Mommy, of course. I'm just the driver, but he tolerates me well.


ooh his smile makes me smile too. :X

Melissa from Pittsburgh

I know that feeling all too well... see ya MOM ... later alligator! And off they go without my protective instints! UGH!

They have entered the world - the entire world.

Wait till you get, 'NO, MOM, you are wrong, the teacher says ...


I put mah baybee on the bus today. It is glorious having the house to myself all day long. (Of course, I've only been alone for 4 hours - it might wear off, this joyous solitude.)

Nah. It's gonna be great. I'm so friggin' happy to be alone in my house!!!!!


Gah! I love his shirt.


My P was the one sobbing on the rug. Poor little P-nut. She does love school now and is excited to go back.

By the way...LOVE the dimples! He will be a heartbreaker!


You know, after spending last year watching my boss come in to work defeated because once again her two year old flung himself backward on the floor, screaming "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO", and sobbed heartbrokenly all day (and she watched it on the school's website which had a feed in the room), and then when asked how school was today, his only response was "OK, Daddy came and got me" - you just don't realize how lucky you are.


My 3 year old adores school too. Sometimes when I arrive to pick her up, she says 'why are you here, Mommy?' Uh, to take you home. Sheesh. Way to make me feel totally loved. Gah!
So glad he loves school! Can't wait to hear all the little stories.

Andrea Askowitz

My kid does the same thing. "Bye, bye Mommy." I'm like, "What is this well-adjusted bullshit. Don't I get a hug?"

They act like teenagers so fast!


Stationery Guy

This is what I call a productivity killer for parents. I read this and I just have to stop work and daydream about my son.

Rick from
Tiny Prints


This post is recommended reading from celebrity baby blog, lol.



these pictures totally made me miss the little boys that used to live at my house. they are pretty grown up now at 22 and 15 and I miss those years - so nice to read your blog and realize you are enjoying them as well. I wish I'd blogged so I could remember some of these details - ps - I LOVE the shirt. little boys in man shirts kill me.


Twilight is the best of the series. I had lust in my heart for Edward.


He's an amazing little boy that Noah! I'm glad that he's loving school! It'll be ok Amy, I promise! :)


So funny and so true. Mine did the same to me more than once. I got him back by loving his little sister more and giving her candy whenever she asked.

Jerri Ann

Be glad he likes it. My son gave me the big "thumbs up" from his seat in kindergarten (he had been in preschool at our own daycare so I wasn't sure how it would work since I wasn't there all day with him).

All the parents of crying kids wee like...ohhh look, Walker is giving his mommy a thumbs up. Ask me how all the mommies in the room knew who "Walker" was. I have no other clue other than us owning the daycare and his natural tendency to be a politician and try to get the kids to quit crying, talking to any and everyone who will listen and just being a happy camper. He really is a happy camper. Noah sounds happy to.

Now, my 3-year-old, even in our own daycare, I had to pry him from my body every morning. I suspect he will still be holding onto my pants leg when I drop him off in the 3rd grade.....just that different.


Oh Lord. My son used to do this almost every day when I picked him up from daycare. He'd tell me, "GO BACK TO WORK, MOM!"

He'd hang on to his teacher and cry and say he didn't want to go home with me.

Yeah. They neeeever looked at me like I'm some criminally insane child abuser. Thanks, son!

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