When I See You Smile
Reader Survey, Part II

Now Imagine 10 Years of This, People

"So, I can't remember. Are we getting each other anniversary gifts next week or not?"


"Yeah, exactly."

"We'll do dinner, night in a hotel...that's probably all we can swing right now."

"Besides, I'd rather get a Push Present."

"Ha! Yes, that."

"Although...I won't technically be pushing."

"True! No gift for you!"

"What about a Slice-Me Dice-Me Present?"


"A Major Abdominal Surgery Award?"

"I see what you did there."

"A Gutted-Like-A-Fish Gift?"


"A Congratulations-On-Not-Bleeding-To-Death Present?"

"Okay, you're done now."



HA! So many reasons to celebrate! Happy 10th!
House of Jules


Dinner and a night in a hotel would not get old I don't think. Ever. Congratulations on ten years!

Jill (CDJ)

We are the same way with anniversaries. And you SO deserve a push present even if there's no pushing involve. How about a "I just carried your child for 10 months and all you had to do was have sex, so diamonds make us even" present :-)


My slice-me-dice-me award was a Wii. You can imagine the anger I felt watching my husband play tennis while I sat on the couch with a crying baby and an incision.


P.S. The Wii came only after tried getting away with, "Isn't having a baby present enough?" The nerve.


Two weeks after our baby was born, my husband's one guy-parent friend called him up and asked - so what did you get her? And he was like - get her? Get who? And the friend was like - get your wife. What did you get your wife. For bearing and delivering your son. You know. What did you get her?

The next day a pair of diamond earrings was winging its way to me. Thanks, parent-guy-friend-of-husband!

Wishing you the happiest of happy anniversaries.


I'm so embarrassed to admit this, but I'd never heard of push presents, before you mentioned them before. Thank God for you, because now I want one, nay, will DEMAND one, when my time comes.


My 45th birthday next weekend (on the 10th, so you all have time to send me gifts still, hint: think sparkly!) is also my 23rd anniversary. I get really good presents.


I never got push presents OR slice and dice presents. Now, thanks to you, I have much less guilt over any shopping I do.

Happy Anniversary, too.


Hey Middle-Aged-Woman - my birthday is on the 10th too! I will be 41 - does that make me middle aged too? Waaaahhhhh! I didn't get a push present, but I did get a very nice first Mother's Day present, so yay! And I was so high from NOT having the ppd that I fully expected, that was enough present for me at the time!


hah--"I see what you did there."

Night in a hotel--there is no better gift to a couple with kids!


Heh...we don't get anniversary presents either. Or really too many 'typical' presents at all...if I want something I buy it. Guess that makes me hard to buy for.

I love the "...Not Bleeding to Death" present.

Happy Anniversary.

Julie D.

My 10th Anniversary was last week. We didn't do anything.

I didn't get a slcie me up present either. Well, umm, ok I did get a Louis Vuitton backpack from my mom though..

My friend got a, I swear, a $90,000 Mercedes as a present last year when she had a c-section. And she hated the color, she so flipped out.


You two are two cute... you have the kind of banter usually only found in romantic comedies. :)

Here's hoping your push present is fantastic! And have a great anniversary, a night away in a hotel sounds excellent to me, and I don't have kids yet!


ewwww what a typo... "too cute". sheesh.


My husband called it baby bling, so it works no matter how you deliver.


Happy 10th. All your present reasons are fantastic.


DAyum, I didn't know we were supposed to expect gifts from the hubby for giving birth. DAAAAYYYYUM! Is 4.5 years too late? I think I should get a gift WITH INTEREST!!!!


I told my husband about the "push present" concept. He thought I was making it up. Can you guess what I didn't get when our daughter was born?

hint: it wasn't stretch marks


Happy Anniversary! Yay for marriage and love and your little ones AND for such masterful communication between spouses ;)


You guys are adorable. Seriously, dude, (I realize we've never met...BUT) no bleeding to death!


Loving the gutted-gift suggestion! Happy anniversary!


HAH! I TOTALLY had not remembered that my husband should be so greatful for me pushing our spawn into the world that he should give me presents!!! I must find a subtle way to introduce him to this. Or suggest that he start saving for the next 7 months...hrm...


How about a "I'm not an ungrateful bastard who doesn't acknowledge this wonderful gift you've given me" present?


happy anniversary!! you two are two peas in a pod! so cute

Channah @ Get a Grip, Mom!

Congratulations on 10 years!

How about a "I blew out my figure *again, dammit* to give you a precious child" present?


I believe you are wanting a gash gift.


Good luck with the non-push delivery! And with getting a non-pushing gift. :D my husband tries so hard to be thoughtful that the effect is all but lost. we do however have witty banter. then he calls me a sh*t head. odd pet names are his specialty.

rachel beto

If I told my husband I should get a "push present," he'd likely get me a box of push-ups, a push-up bra and maybe a download to Salt 'n Peppa's "Push It." So I'm not going to push it.


I didn't get a push present... Well, unless you count the actual baby.

Happy 10 years of funny!


Huh! I never knew! Must inform husband and see if he bites.


Instead of a list of anniversary gifts like paper for a one year anniversary, we could start a whole other list.

Push Present - Blow up Doughnut Ring

Slice Me, Dice Me present - Complete Friday the 13th series on DVD

Major Abdominal Surgery Award - Spanx

Gutted Like A Fish Gift - Dinner out at a Sushi restaurant

Congratulations on Not Bleeding To Death - Membership to a tanning salon


How about an anniversary present AND a slice me open present? That might be nice.


Our last baby was born February 13. Not only did I not get a push present, I only got a *small* box of chocolates for Valentine's Day. It kinda sucked.

But I got the best baby in the world to go with my great husband and the other 2 kids who are the best kids in the world. So I guess it evened out.


Sara Strong

Oh, man, I'm a sucker for some great banter. You guys are HI-larious. Love it! Thanks for that.

Karen in Australia

Delurking to say Congratulations.


I had asked for chocolate. I got 4 pieces...and he ate 2 of them!

Undomestic Diva

I didn't get a goddamn push present. Or a no-epidural-allowed gift. Fuck me, I got jipped.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

If I actually DID almost bleed to death do you think I can get a retroactive gift?

Should I have waited until AFTER you had this baby to mention the fact that I almost bled to death?


Tell hubs to go here:

My hubs is in the business, so I get jewelry all the time. So a night in a hotel sounds best to me.


They have slice me-dice me presents? Damn, I never got one and I've had TWO c-sections.

I've been robbed!

Happy Anniversary!



at least you might be getting something, even if it's a Congratulations-On-Not-Bleeding-To-Death Present. Certainly more than what I got w/the second one...not even a Thanks-for-not-breaking-my-hand-while-you-pushed-a-gila-monster-out-of-your-croch. *sigh*

Manic Mommy

Back in the dark ages, when I had my kids, we called 'em Baby Prizes, but I know they're Push Presents now! So funny! My last Push Present was a freaking Minivan that I've now owned for seven freaking years. Ah, the wonderful gift that it was.

Good luck!

And of course, I found you from the Fab Kristabella, who is a good personal friend.

well read hostess.com

Well done! Fight for your right to jewelry! Don't forget to point out the sore nipples and potential for popping staples. I worked in a little infection at the incision site, too, just to make sure my message was getting through. And happy anniversary.


I had grand dreams of going to Italy for our 10th anniversary in December.

As it is, I will be most likely be settling for hitting the sales at the Piggly Wiggly and dinner at Hot Dog on a Sick.

*Ok, we don't actually have either of those establishments where I live. It just illustrated my angst at probably just going to dinner and a movie to celebrate 10-years of walking up hills in both directions in a blizzard with no shoes SO MUCH BETTER.

Heza Hekele

A Gutted Like a Fish Award...classic!


Oh I think a slice and dice present is totally called for-and congrats on 10 years!!

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