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Please Put On Your 3D Glasses Now

Hello, Internet! How's about some vaguely creepy photos of my orange ghost-fetus?


I think he's the sweetest little orange ghost-fetus in the world, but I could see how you might think I'm biased.


And yes, he is definitely a he. A he who is remarkably modest, but still, we got one good glimpse of the undeniably male goods before he crossed his legs up tight for the remainder of the session.


He is also a he who looks JUST LIKE HIS BIG BROTHER, holy crap, except possibly (God help me) a little chubbier.


He kept his hands in front of his face during most of the ultrasound, attempting at times to get as much of his thumb and hand and arm as possible into his mouth to suck on. I take this as a prenatal sign of his chompable deliciousness, and also: mah boobs are already a little scared.


He did all the typical fetus things. He opened his eyes, stuck out his tongue, gnawed on his fingers, kicked and rolled and smushed himself into the placenta when he'd had quite enough of me rolling from side to side and jostling my belly in hopes of getting a clearer look at his face. In other words: he's brilliant.


We brought Noah with us, although we were at a loss ahead of time on how to really explain what we were going to see. I guess we did an okay job, because the instant the ultrasound image showed up on the projector screen Noah immediately pointed and exclaimed, "Look! Baby brother!" He then asked, "Hey, what you DOING in there?"


What else is there to say? We're having another baby, another boy, another melon-headed chunker and oh my God, I cannot freaking wait to see this lovely little face in person.




"What you DOING in there?" Noah is teh awesome.


Cutest ghost-baby ever.

Though I have to admit, I start getting scared at these ultrasounds that look SO. MUCH. like a baby. What's next, technology??


Amy, he's gorgeous! I'm also knocked up, and at about 33 weeks, so right there with you on this journey. Additionally, I also am impatient for the chomping and munching of cheeks to commence. Thanks for sharing your delicious orange ghost-baby.


Oh so sweet. Congrats.

Devra Renner

Orange? No! He's Sepia tone. Just imagine him as a gun slinging sheriff from the Old West and you'll see what I mean.


Even before I saw that you wrote it, I thought he looks just like Noah! You are going to be one lucky Mama with two such adorable boys :) Congrats on seeing your sweet baby!


How did you get a 4d scan? We're getting our level II and the OB said no 4d unless suspicious cause of concern for further investigation.

I'm so getting cheated.


My ovaries are twinging, and it's all your fault!


he's a Noah clone.
you should probably just name him Noah 2.


You're due a few weeks after me. :)

Congrats on getting a decent look at your little guy! Mine had been breech & facing my back since my 20-week appointment, so we never really got a clear look at his face.

And OMG...those cheeks look absolutely delish!


Awww. He's adorable, and yes, it looks like you've got another Noah cooking!


I like to imagine that babies in ultrasounds are all like, "Moooooom. Get out of my room! You never give me any privacy!"


He's so cute! And this made me miss my baby girl (who is at her first day of daycare) so much more than I already did. I just love babies.

She Likes Purple

He DOES look like Noah. Lord, you two make beautiful, perfect children.


This one looks like Jason! :)
What a beautiful family you have!


Oh my goodness SO PRECIOUS! He DOES look like Noah. How cool is that?


Definitely the sweetest orange ghost-fetus in the world. Can't wait for the real pics!!


Congrats on cookin up another batch of adorable! Can't wait to see more of the little guy!


Congratulations! He's adorable, and Noah is a crack up!


Looks downright edible! Amazing shots! And Noah. With the cute. I can't take it!!!


I love Love LOVE 3D ultrasounds!


He really does look like Noah! How cute!!


Truly amazing. And I agree, he is gorgeous. And I'm not at all biased, so there.

meleah rebeccah

Cutest ghost-baby ever.


We only had the old fashioned kind of ultrasound with KayTar and it caused BubTar to start calling her Scary Monster Baby. He would ask to watch the ultrasound video, "I want to watch SCARY MONSTER BABY! RAAAR!"


Oh my hell. Those 3D ultrasounds are coooooool.

De in D.C.

Oh wow, how is the world going to survive the cuteness of two Noah-look-alikes? I think the earth may just roll over and stick her feet in the air and call mercy.

My ovaries are just aching looking at those images. My "baby" turns 8 tomorrow and his dad has staunchly refused to even consider more kids for the past 6 years. *weep*


Just wait until Noah holds him for the very first time and looks sweetly down at his brother and says," I love you baby brother"...there is NOTHING sweeter than that in the world!!!


girlplease - We got our 3D scans the old-fashioned way: by paying cash money for them. There are plenty of imaging centers that offer elective ultrasounds for a flat fee and are basically glorified photo shoots. You get no measurements or medical diagnosis or anything -- just photos and a DVD.

The place we went does medical "real" ultrasounds M-F, and then offers the elective ones on the weekends or whenever they have open appointments, so at least you know the technician really knows what they're doing.

Snarky Amber

Wow. All the other ultrasounds I've ever seen look like...well, blobs. But that looks like a baby! A really adorable one, too. And I generally think babies look weird and freakish.


Ohhhhh those pictures are adorable and can I just say, holy crap he really does look EXACTLY like Noah did! I'm so excited for you - makes me want one of my own! Congratulations mom-to-be. :)

Sensibly Sassy

Wow, he looks like Noah! He's beautiful! Congrats for the upteenth time!


The cutest ultrasound pictures ever! Except mine, cause I have to think mine are awesome.

BTW, Noah is so cute!


That's it. I'm putting up the "For Rent" sign in my uterus right now.


AWW! Congratulations, I know you can't wait to meet the little guy. Here's hoping the time flies!


OK I'm jealous. HOW do you manage to get 3-D ultrasounds REPEATEDLY during pregnancy, AND DIGITAL COPIES TOO!?

We got one fuzzy grey picuture of a little blip at 12 weeks, and I got half a dozen black/white fuzzy printouts of everything EXCEPT the gender parts at 20 weeks (that DH didn't even get to see).

I brought DH with me to the last appointment so he could do the authoritative MAN FATHER thing. We're finally getting an anatomy/position ultrasound tomorrow.

Two more months!


awe he is wonderful! I love those ultrasounds!! happy anniversary too, didn't get to say that to you the other day!


He is just glorious! What wonderful pictures! I can't wait to meet Baby Brother!


I can't get over those 3D ultrasounds. And really, I can't get over that a baby already looks so perfectly formed with still so many months to go!


That is just the sweetest! I am so in love with Noah, in the nicest, least stalker-ish way possible. And Baby Tivo is the cutest too!


Congratulations- he's another cutie pie! And you're right, he really DOES look like Noah.

Seriously, once you post pictures of both of them, you will be responsible for countless deaths from the MASSIVE cuteness.

Warm, fuzzy wishes to all three of you as you're getting to know your new family member :)


Oh how exciting for you! He's beautiful.


Aw, lookit that cute little face!

We got our 3Ds only by dint of a genetic screening. But mine still looks pretty bony at this point, not so impressively chubby.

Wow, this is exciting! What did someone say about death by massive cuteness? Yeah. :)


***crying at work alert***
"What you DOING in there?" pleeeze... just too precious!
Congrats on mini-Noah..


Wow! What a little hambone...he really posed nicely for his first closeup :P I think he does look very much like Noah, but more like Jason than his big brother (Noah is more your mini-me, IMHO). I don't remember what Noah weighed, but I'm going to "weigh in" at 10lb 12 oz and 21" long. Hey, want to start a betting pool??

Also, still interested in a very lightly-used Maya wrap pouch? Organic cotton?!


OMG, I didn't need you to tell me. He TOTALLY looks like Noah! Congrats!

Rick Bucich

Those are great shots, he's adorable! You were lucky...ours were not nearly as complimentary.

Next step is 4D which is the same idea but with color.


I am not for sure but I think he has an Ipod in there with him!
It is so fascinating how you can see their faces so clearly! I knew exactly what Ayden was going to look like his was clear like that too and like you already even knew who he favored! LOL Amazing technology!


Oh, how sweet. Can't wait to see the little brother "in person." (Or, you know, over the internet but outside the womb.)


Congrats, he's beautiful!


Long time lurker, first time commenter.

So, so happy for you, Amy. How lucky and blessed you are with all of your fabulous menfolk -- big, small and wombbound. Best of luck to your little family.

You're not the only who can't wait to see him! The Internet, she is so anxious for the arrival of Baby v2.0! But not in a stalkerish way, of course.

Okay, TOTALLY in a stalkerish way. Yay!


My ovaries are going into nuclear overdrive reading this.

If I spontaneously decide to spawn, I am blaming you and this adorable kid.


Wowwwww, he looks just like Noah, wow pretty amazing they will be so alike, you will have a so gorgeous baby, congrats!
I'm 9 wks pregnant, had 2 misc, but I have a wonderful baby girl (20 months old) and here in our country we have 4D ultrasounds since 12th week (depending on the doctor) so I'm hoping to get there and see my little baby which I believe will be a girl
Congratulations Amy!!!!

Robin @ Party of Five

Awesome pictures..Congrats!


Congrats! Boys rule. Harder to fuck them up, IMO.


You've just restored my hope. My baby (22 weeks) was modest at the 20 week ultrasound, and doc says that the 30 week may be hard to tell depending on the position. But, you saw your baby's goods, so now I'm rethinking the neutral idea for decor, and maybe will wait 8 more weeks so I can do that football themed room after all...


All of us in Internet-World can't wait for you to get this precious "Baby Tivo" either!!! And who could ask for anything more than a boy as beautiful as his brother!!!!!


I was always too freaked out to get a 3D u/s but you just made me regret that decision, clearly made in haste by a hormonal pregnant woman with no sense at all.

It's just remarkable. And he's lovely.


OMFG, my uterus is contracting!!!! FRIG! STOP IT!!

How cute is Noah, though? Seriously? "What are you DOING in there?"

He's delish! :)



Noah's comment cracked me up.

I LOVE the 3D! They were not available when I had mine, so I have the fuzzy alien shots.

Your little man looks scrumptious!


Good gracious, Amy - we can't wait to see him in person (well - not as in person as you - no fair!) too!! He is perfect!!

Heather B.

Whoa. You were right. Nose v.2.0.


I completely agree...he does look so much like Noah. Ya'll are so lucky to get a sneak peak of what the new one looks like!

just beth

this is SO RAD!


I have a 4.5 month old who is weighing in at 18 pounds. oooh yeah baby. baby is DELICIOUS!



that girl

A boy! Congrats!!! Those ultrasounds are creepy, but I see cuteness in there for sure. Thanks for sharing!

mama speak


I lurve Noah's comments. I'll bet they are going to be totally BFFs. My girls are(age 5 & 2) and it's so much fun to watch them together now.


Noah is honestly just darn smart. And witty to boot. Ranks #1 on the cute list!

Dawn B

No matter how squished their little faces and bodies are while in the womb, capturing that is the neatest thing I have ever seen!!! He's beautiful!!!!


i've been following your blog for a while. i really enjoy your style. if you were wondering if this entire comment would be in rhyme. well, no. it's got to stop, i haven't the time
anywaaaaaay, just wanted to chime in with the ahead of time congrats and concur with everyone else that he does indeed look like noah. i've got two boys who are alike that way too - guess we're only set for one model of boy. thank heavens it's a cute one!


Now I'm kinda wishing I'd done that 3D thing. My husband has been pushing for it for the last six weeks.

Orange maybe, but very cute.


I was just thinking how much he looks like Noah! So handsome!
When we brought Gavin to our 20-wk ultrasound of Cooper, I told him it was his baby brother in my belly. He then pulled up his shirt and looked suspiciously at his belly. A few days later when looking at the print-outs again, and explaining that Baby Brother was in my belly, he said the exact same thing to my belly: "Hey, what you DOING in there?"


Wow, such clear photos!! The baby is gorgeous!


We totally had ours the old-fashioned way, too. Paying for it at an elective studio. We did ours earlier-at 24 weeks- and what is amazing, they still look totally like themselves! (though minus the delcious baby fat that they acquire later on). I'm definitely going to do it again for our baby #2, whenever that is. Congrats again on your beautiful boys!

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