He Still Has Green Paint All Over His Hands & I Couldn't Be Happier About It
Famous Last Words

36 Weeks, Oh My God

(There was no sign of any fingerpainted masterpiece in Noah's cubby today -- only some crayoned and googly-eyed-pasted projects from last week. I assume this means Noah's fingerpainting has been deemed Bulletin Board Worthy. Or else it got thrown out, which...um. No, I'm sure it's probably the bulletin board thing.)


Anyway! Holy crap on construction paper, I'm 36 weeks pregnant.


I know I usually crop my head out of these, but I feel like you kind of need it now for scaling purposes. Belly: officially bigger than my skull. Noted!


It's pretty much bigger than everything now, and firmly in charge.

Here's what I looked like last time. The only difference being that I used to have about 15 extra pounds of ass, thanks to the six or so glorious months of daily puking this time. The next person who inquires about my weight gain and then tells me I'm "lucky" to have only gained 16 pounds so far is going to get kicked in whatever body part is convenient to be kicked because OH YEAH, I hit the motherfucking jackpot this pregnancy. Why, it was like a built-in case of bulimia, and I didn't even have to mess up my manicure.

(Oh, man. Food. The ability to just sit down and eat some food, any goddamn food at all! Without gagging at the mention of fish or ravenously reading a menu only to lose my appetite completely after seeing that the roast chicken is served with rapini -- oh, God, not RAPINI! I am ready for those days again. Also: chocolate. I really hate chocolate right now, and that hurts my heart, because that just ain't right.)

I've been having a lot of contractions -- sometimes even managing to string a few together in a semi-regular pattern, but I had them all through my final month last time too. So...that probably means absolutely nothing, and I shouldn't have even brought it up. Except that they hurt, and...and...I'm a big lame whiner.

Okay, bitching and sarcasm aside...we're ready. We're excited. We watch him move and wiggle under my skin, already laughing at what a feisty, active little guy he is. And already so different from his big brother, without even being born yet. Jason still calls him "the baby;" I bite my tongue to keep from saying his name aloud since I technically promised to wait until he's here to decide for sure, but...well. Between you and me and a few thousand other people, I'm doing a lousy job of keeping that promise.

Three and a half weeks. Alternatively thrilling and terrifying. And heartburny.



I'm thrilled for you! And you look ever the lovely pregnant lady.


Can't be first?! Can I?!


Nope, not first. Also: you're way too pretty. Glad to hear you're so excited!




How exciting! I'm 37 weeks---and also terrifed and thrilled and heartburny...and gassy. TMI I'm sure, but surely I'm not the only one.


Oh my gosh, too exciting! I can't wait to see the little guy!!


After several months of perfectly benign contractions, I just got my first kinda sorta painful one last night and OH MY HELL the thought of the real ones is terrifying.


I suggest going out and eating lots of sodium and getting that blood pressure up. Mine went up to 184/100 at my 37 wk. check-up, and it, in addition to the contractions you're already experiencing on your own, earned me a ticket to L&D and an induction (and eventual C-Section, because, even though I was 3 weeks early, I still birthed a large-craniumed 8lb, 5ozer that wouldn't fit through my delicate pelvis).

I'm joking, of course. You would never want to try to induce hypertension. Okay, only half kidding. Getting to skip the last 3 weeks is awfully nice.

She Likes Purple

Never in my life have I sympathized with someone who mentioned the word heartburn as an experience they had until now (pregnant myself and, whee, with regular heartburn now). Lord, who knew that condition was such an effing bitch.


So not surprised that you were catcalled last week!

Jamie Bowden

Um...the timer popped out...doesn't that mean it's done?


I never got a chance to comment on Noah's fingerpainting yesterday!

Way to go Noah! I am so proud of him.

Blog all you want about it and anybody that has a problem doesn't have to read it.

36 weeks soon enough baby boy will be here!

Andria and Co.

You're almost there!!!


Aw. You look adorable. Which I'm sure doesn't help with feeling miserable. But, you do!

I'm super excited for you guys.


Awww. Lovely, lovely you! Thanks for showing us and letting us share in the excitement.

You do also know that you are doing previews for me and others? I love it!


And yea for the finger painting! Woo-hoo! :D


You're a freakin' adorable pregnant lady.

That's all.


Come on, baby Tivo! Is he pointing in the pictures? It totally looks like the front of your belly comes to a point! How can a baby look so squishable without being born yet? Seriously, your kid already defies physics!


Why DO you always crop your head out of these shots? I like them much more with your head in.

It feels a lot less weird... like, without the head we're all pregnancy fetishists. :)


Oh, belly button shot. Never mind. Please completely disregard that segment of my comment. The rest is good.

Kimberly C

I totally understand the heartburny thing, of all the indignities of pregnancy, I miss that one the least.

And as someone else who had to fight to put on the weight I did (at least until the last month, when the ice cream kicked in, whoops) >>>here's a fork<<< Stab people who use the word "lucky" about *ANYTHING* to an extremely ((cute)) pregnant lady.

(((sqeee over cute baby bellah)))


You look so adorable but so...uncomfortable, all at the same time. I just want to come over and help support your belly. (in a totally non-stalkerish, I actually think your belly might fall off kind of way).


I can't believe how fast the time has flown..it seems like just yesterday you were telling us that you were pregnant..thats crazy. I'm sure it's been even faster for you..although at this point in the pregnancy, it's getting to the stage of COME OUT ALREADY!!!
Hope the last few weeks go smoothly! You look beautiful.


holy crap!! 3 and half weeks, so awesome! It really feels like you just annouced this pregnancy?? I hope mine goes by as fast as yours did for me!


hooray! you look great!

i had a name picked out for the last 3 months i was pg with my 2nd, and my husband lingered over his approval. i told him at some point that it was just too late for him to veto. he finally said ok about 3 minutes before the little bugger was born.


I don't think they EVER throw artwork away at preschool. I get a piece of paper with like three or four pink crayon marks on it in her cubbie. It's DEFINITELY on the Bulletin Board.


Ok, babies are weird, yo. Becuse *I* am not a big fan of chocolate (I know, I know), and yet - my fetus demands it. Molten chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream...I just finished my second cup of sugar free dark chocolate pudding. I can't even get over it. I would NEVER have eaten this stuff before I got pregnant.


Here at week 16, I've been told how LUCKY I am to be so vomitous, because it's preventing me from gaining too much weight. HA HA HA. Oh yeah.

I feel SUPER LUCKY over here with my Exorcist-like vomiting that can only be stopped with copious meds.

Venting and prego-bulemia aside, Amy, you look wonderful. I cannot wait to meet the newest Storch and hear all about his adventures.

Maxine Dangerous

Holy crap! Didn't you JUST get pregnant?? Look at that belly! :) You look gorgeous, I'm excited (not as much as you and your family, of course) that Babylah #2 is almost here, and what the hell is rapini?? :)


You may have a huge preggo belly but you look gorgeous.


Aww! You're so cute!


I think you look great! I can't wait to see pics of the new little guy.

Katie Kat

Now THAT's a proper preggo belly! And you're cute even when you're whiny (I wrote "shiny" the first time I typed that!) and you are READY. Well, sorta. Until it happens and you REALLY go OH SHIT.

Here's hoping you string enough contractions together to make a baby pop out! :)


Oh I didn't like chocolate at all with both my pregnancy's but it comes back. With a vengence. Hi, my name is Jackie and I am a chocoholic.


The pregnancy induced bullimia? I'm so there. It sucks goat balls. But, now I feel somewhat better that you hate chocolate too all of a sudden. Here, I thought I was just dying. Hmph.


I don't know how you got it into your head that we don't want to hear Noahs progress and growing up stuff, because I think I speak for a good high procentage when I say we really love to hear it.

Also. Holy belly!

Suzy Q

Wow! And I mean that in a good way. It really seems to me that you've popped out in just the past two weeks. Maybe it's the head/scale thing, I don't know.

In any event, I'm so happy for you that this pregnancy came about at least a little bit easier for you than the last one, and that you're happy and healthy and ready. And just think: In 3.5 weeks, you'll be able to eat again!

Many blessings on you and Jason and Noah and TiVo.


You must have the absolute cutest little belly I have ever seen. I am sorry for your hips, and your tummy...I am of the "yay I am pregnant and I can finally stop worrying about my hips" club, not the one who rejoices about only gaining 15 lbs.


I think you look beautiful. I've somehow forgotten the discomfort of the last weeks and am envious of that belly.

I lost my taste for chocolate during my pregnancy. A few days before I went into labor, I suddenly craved it and had to make (and eat pretty much all of) a pan of brownies.


I'm almost 33 weeks and also had the bulemia pregnancy experience so I FEEL you on the whole wanting to smack people who tell me I'm lucky that I haven't gotten back to my pre-pregnancy weight yet (2 lbs to go).

Although...those women who are all "lalala pregnancy is SOOOOOOOO wonderful, I feel SOOOOOOOO great, I never threw up once, blah blah blah"...THEM I make a point of telling that I haven't gained weight with the pregnancy and then I laugh when they cry...mwah hah hah


I'm so glad that his painting is good and his teacher is a dream. Many lovely thoughts for you all.


Oh, wow, are you SURE this one is smaller? All that and only 16 pounds of weight gain? I am sorta speechless...


Darling Amy....I think you look beautiful. I wish I looked that cute when I was 36 weeks. I looked like I swallowed 40 inflated beach balls.


didn't get to comment yesterday. So excited for Noah's fingerpaining. YAY!!!

you also look great for being 36 week pregnant.

can't wait to read the new member of the Amalah family :)


You look fabulous! I am so excited for you!


You look terrific for 36 weeks, but kind of uncomfortable. I remember when I was 36 weeks that I had lots of back pain. Oh, and the heartburn sucks.


aw, no fair you can still see your ab muscles..waah..


Yup, I got the heartburn, too. So tired of those chalky antacid tablets. 37 weeks here, and HOLY CRAP my belly is HUGE.

I'm so sorry that you and food are having a problematic relationship. I remember how happy I was to reunite with food after only 4 weeks of all-damn-day sickness. (Please don't hate me.)

Best of luck and hang in there.


You look absolutely fantastic!! I also can't wait for baby's arrival.

Peanut Butter

I thought this was a horror story. You look really pissed off! Your stomach sort of looks like a cross between a medicine ball and a swollen lymph node. Maybe if you drink some warm-hot water with lemon extract and honey that will calm down the hurling motions. Green tea might help too. That's what I do because I have a sensitive stomach anyways. Drinking cool water like real water not some crap mixed in it helps too. You are the best looking pregnant lady I have ever seen except I don't check out pregnant ladies.


About the missing finger painting project? I've worked with preschoolers, and my guess is that it hasn't been sent home yet because preschoolers use gobs of finger paint and it's still WET. I'm sure it will show up when it dries and the paint starts flaking off....


About the missing finger painting project? I've worked with preschoolers, and my guess is that it hasn't been sent home yet because preschoolers use gobs of finger paint and it's still WET. I'm sure it will show up when it dries and the paint starts flaking off....


Come on Baby TIVO !!! Can't wait to see the newest "cutest baby brother in the world".

And no, all that vomiting is not "lucky" (I myself LOST 27 lbs while pregnant, not keeping anything down for the first 7 1/2 months of the pregnancy). But, Noah and Tivo are very lucky to have such wonderful parents as you and Jason!!

And by the way -- here are balloons dropping and confetti falling for fingerpainting!! That is Awesome!! HIGH FIVE NOAH!!!!!!!


THAT is the cutest preg belly I have EVER seen. I wish I had carried that high & that small.


I've got belly envy! I can only hope to look that cute in about 12 weeks. :)

Also: I have those shelves!

Best wishes!


You look gorgeous Amy! Also, way to go for Noah with the finger paints...I'm so excited for y'all


You look fantastic! I am very excited for you and your growing family. And to find out THE NAME.

rachel beto

When I'm not pregnant, I so can't understand how anyone can NOT LIKE CHOCOLATE AT ALL, and when I'm pregnant, I can't understand how anyone CAN STAND CHOCOLATE AT ALL.


You look adorably round and cute! I just read the post about Noah last week. I'm genuinely thrilled that things are going so well for him. YAY!


I threw up for six months of my second pregnancy -even taking diclectin, I was still throwing up 3 or 4 times a day. It was during those moments that I began my affair with the tidy bowl man and had the cleanest toilets in town.

How exciting that the time is almost here!


Keep in mind...those nasty "practice" contractions just mean that labout (if you get to have one) is going to be super-easy, cuz you EXERCISED, dammit! :)


You look amazing. Loving the belly. I very vividly remember 37 weeks and my crazy little guy squirming around in there constantly. He didn't last much longer than 37 weeks and just had to come out. Good thing since he was 8 lb 10oz! I wish you much luck...such an exciting time...two is so much better than one...MOST of the time!

Brigid Keely

Don't know if this counts as assvice or if it's something you've heard already, tried, and it didn't work, but! Have you tried clear, carbonated beverages for the heartburn? Seltzer water, 7-Up, etc? An acquaintance of mine who's a nurse recomended it to me (I have GERD, can't drink frickin' WATER without searing pain) and it's worked pretty well. She says the carbonation breaks up the acid. Don't know if that's true or not. If you just drink straight up water, the acid floats on top of the water and rises up, hence heart burn and pain. It's really helped me so far, except seltzer water tastes like ass and every soda I've tried is way too sweet and leaves my mouth tasting filmy. Both are pretty preferable to HOLY FUCK SEARING PAIN WHY GOD WHY, though.


This is here because I forgot about the comment closing rule and I am a Lazy Whore who does nothing in a timely manner it seems.

BUT. I wanted to tell you that don't ever think you shouldn't post such things because it was such a big deal about Noah fingerpainting that I cried. In public. (whilst eating lunch by myself at a Macaroni Grill (Pity? Party of one?) And I got some weird stares, but I'm used to that, and I didn't care because I could have danced a jig.)

I have a speech delayed kid and this blog is the thing that keeps me from losing hope. Because you share the little (read HUGE) milestones and I keep on believing.


Chocolate is not yummy anymore to me either. Boo hoo. Big pan of brownies upon delivery.


It's so exciting! My goodness... pregnant bellies are so interesting to look at.

You know, they say that children with ADHD show signs as early as in the womb... cross your fingers.

MIss Grace

I'm not jealous of your pregnancy-induced bulimia, but I AM jealous of your stretch-mark-less belly, which is very cute and taught and round. Especially since it's not mine and I don't have heartburn.

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