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37 Weeks & the Mythic Pelvis

So I had an OB appointment this week. On Wednesday, actually. Those of you on Twitter might have seen one or two or three or seven hundred GAR ANGRY POKING! PHONE! KEYBOARD! REALLY! HARD! messages about it, and yet only now, two days later, do I feel calm enough to talk about.

Not because of any news I received at the visit -- as expected, all that false labor did absolutely nothing and my cervix is settled in for a nice long snug winter -- but because the office was running over TWO HOURS behind schedule. Two hours! And of course, they were not calling patients to let them know about the delay, but instead chose to let our bodies pile up in the waiting room.

Naturally, my appointment time was already much later in the morning than usual, so I was already cutting it close with the preschool pick-up time. I'd arranged for Noah to eat lunch at school -- buying myself an extra half hour or so -- but eventually the receptionist just told me to go ahead and pick him up at school. And then come back. You know, to WAIT SOME MORE.

This meant my first official late-stage prenatal visit -- the kind where you no longer wear pants -- involved trying to wrangle a cranky almost-three-year-old (without a diaper bag, without juice or snacks or toys and also AT NAPTIME) while holding a paper drape around my ass, begging him to please sit on that chair and not touch that super-expensive ultrasound machine, yes yes, I SEE THE BUTTONS. PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH THE BUTTONS.

My 11:20 appointment was finally over sometime after 1:30, and I screamed the words to "Row Row Your Boat" at the top of my lungs the entire way home because as God is my witness, you will NOT nap until we are home and your ass is in bed; Mama has big plans to spend the rest of the day staring blankly at the ceiling.

In actual baby news, he's very high up. Still. Despite a noticeable downward slope to my belly, once again my bear trap of a pelvis is keeping my uterus from actually dropping like it's supposed to. After rooting around up in *there* for awhile, my doctor nodded and informed me that surprise, I appear to still own the exact same narrow pelvis as last time. (I really did mean to get around to a trade-in, but I was waiting for a more fuel-efficient hybrid model to come on the market.)

It was around this point in my last pregnancy that my doctor first mentioned that he saw a c-section as a definite possibility for me. Unless my pelvis did some amazing parting-of-the-Red-Sea action during labor, he was concerned that I was simply not built for a vaginal birth. I, of course, proceeded to pitch a total hissy fit about it, and then pitched ANOTHER hissy fit when a small minority of people told me that a narrow pelvis was a MYTH and a LIE and that women's bodies never grow babies too big for them to deliver (FACT!) and that any doctor who suggests a c-section before you've gone into labor is a lying liar who should be disbarred or whatever they do to doctors who shouldn't be allowed to practice medicine anymore. Taken out back and shot, maybe.

(Not that Stupid & Annoying is confined to the Internet, or anything, as I once had someone ask me about Noah's birth, and after I provided the cursory details -- 10 pound baby, narrow pelvis, the laws of physics and basic geometry, emergency c-section -- they suspiciously looked me up and down and said that was interesting, since I certainly didn't look all that small or narrow, stopping just short of accusing my doctor of childbirth-related vanity sizing.)

Anyway, not like it's a big surprise or anything, but the recommendation of a c-section still stands, and stands very strongly. Even if I were to go into labor tomorrow, it's unlikely I'd be able to deliver this baby without risking injury and complications for both of us. My doctor will support any decision I make, will not pressure me one way or another, but hi! I think I'd like to assume most of the risk in this birth scenario and get my little one out with minimal danger and damage to his presumably lovely little shoulders.

19 more days to go. I keep reminding myself that 19 days really isn't very long at all, and that every day he stays put is still wholly for the best right now, and that his birth will likely usher in a bona fide shitstorm of clusterfuckery and bleeding nipples and the urge to send Noah off to boarding preschool, and that I should enjoy and savor these final days of rolly roundness and fetal elbow pokes and yet OH MY GOD GET OOOOOUUUUUUUTTTTTTTT.


(For further evidence of the weird way my body carries its young, one can look right at those there jeans, which are regular old non-maternity pre-pregnancy jeans. Meanwhile, it takes the combined layering force of one extra-large mens' wifebeater and one large stretched-to-the-max maternity sweater to SORT OF cover the belly.)


(Don't forget the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see this jelly and cop a feel IN PERSON at the Sleep is for the Weak signing thingie tomorrow night.)


Sarah Cobb

Oh gosh, I remember that from a little over a year ago, in the hot central Alabama summer. Is most horrible time to be huge. Good luck, we are hoping for the best!


I know it has been said a half a million times before, but you are just about THE cutest pregnany woman EVAH! *squee!!*

And, in other news, NINETEEN DAYS?! OMG!! It seems like only yesterday we were reading about how you just got pregnant. Man, time flies.


You are so beautiful!


I have never been pregnant, nor do I plan to be pregnant, but holy crapola, your back must be killing you. I hope you get many massage gift certificates.

Hey You

Lordy have mercy, that is a whopper of pregnant belly. And NON-Maternity jeans?! You will not even be able to tell you were pregnant two hours after birth. My son seemed to have a twin located somewhere in the vicinity of my ass at 37 weeks. 19 days is no time at all, you could buy yogurt today and it still be good by then.


The last couple weeks do feel like forever. Is EVERYONE and by everyone I mean random people on the street telling you that you look big or that you might not make it until your due date or hey, are you carrying twins?

Ugh only a few of the many helpful comments I got. Ok fine- so I gain 70 lbs and have over 9 lbs babies- but twins - and a guy said that to me!

Sorry all those lovely comments are so appreciated by pregnant women aren't they?

Yes, I will be there tomorrow but not with the baby who is sick but hopefully my 4 year old date will be welcomed.

Mrs. Flinger

Oh the elbows. And the doctors who do not understand (even tho they work with? exclusively?) pregnant bodies. Hai. Not so much up for the waiting two hours.

You look just lovely. I wish I could come to the signing and hand you IN PERSON my small and probably NEVER GOING TO GET MAILED (because I still have my moms mother's day present to mail) gift. :: sob ::

She Likes Purple

I totally view you as a hero for fitting into your pre-pregnancy jeans at 37-weeks-pregnant, regardless of the reason. You look fantastic.


So annoying to have people doubt your reality. And whose reality is *that*, huh, huh?

Best wishes for patience and fortitude in this final countdown. Sounds like you have been having more than your share of aggravations. You look annoyed, yes, but beautiful too! :)

I hope it all goes well from here on out, however it transpires.


Seriously girl, that baby is OUT there! And honestly, I was trying to remember the last time I wore jeans that buttoned / zipped. Week...11? 13? I'm only a few weeks behind you, and already wondering when this guy will get out. I pray for lots of back massages for you!

Kimberly C

I sweet talked the receptionist at my Dr's office into getting me the either A. the first appointment of the day or B. the first appointment after lunch- but I still cleared my schedule for the whole day. This IS with baby number uno, I have NO IDEA what I would do with UNO when DOS happens. Oh yeah, I also managed to have UNO while the Dr was on lunch so I assed up her day and all those people that usually have to wait because somebody's birthing? Didn't have to that day. Yeah, *nods head furiously* I did it on purpose.


When trying trying trying to get pregnant with my third, and thinking I just might be, there's a chance, maybe - I wanted my doctor to check me out. This was previous to do-it-yourself pregnancy testing, you had to actually be examined. My appointment was at 4:30 pm and I finally saw the doctor at 1:00 am. One other woman waited with me. Our husbands wandered off and got drunk together.


Wow! I know that this pregnancy was hard on you in terms of eating and heartburn and horking and everything but pre-pregnancy jeans at 37 weeks? That is not human!!

I had one of those apts at 35 weeks on a 93' day, the muther f'ing power was out and I sat in the waiting room for 90 minutes, it was so hot- then when I got into a room I waited another 40. I was PISSED!


Delurking to say that you look so pretty!! Congratulations! I can't wait to meet baby #2!


Nineteen days? Told you I was a procrastinator -- TiVo's gift is still in my closet sans box, Noah gift and anything else I might have considered sending!

You, my dear, are as lovely as ever. And I so wish I was going to be there to cop a feel tomorrow night!


My doctor told me I had a great pelvis for giving birth. That was until I actually was giving birth. My 9lb 11oz 23" half-grown child had a ginormous head that got stuck. So I don't think it is the size of the pelvis, it is what the baby decides to do.


28 hours of labor and a very scary emergency c-section with the first was all it took to make me say "hell YES, sign me up for a c-section" with my second. You still get a baby to nom nom nom at the end.


I kind of want to nibble on your belly... In a non cannibalistic way, its kind of like the desire to nibble baby feet, I guess.
I so want another baby...

Luba Kofman

I learned the hard way to ALWAYS call my ob's office before leaving for an appointment. Even then, I have never had an appointment were she wasn't running at least 45 minutes late. There were several times that I would show up to an appt and she wasn't even there.
So frustrating! So annoying! I know how you feel. Gah.
I can't believe you're wearing non-maternity jeans in your 9th month..crazy...but, pretty awesome.


Was this person like a twig or something? You look pretty damn narrow to me.

19 days! Yay!

Jen @ blissfully caffeinated

I can't IMAGINE bringing my older child into the OB office. That would suck. How did all the preganant women not stampede and riot that OB office?

I'm a fellow narrow pelvis sufferer. Except my hips look HUGE from the outside. So no one ever believes that I have a narrow birth canal. Even though my whole vag/ass area had to be reconstructed after the birth of my first child.

You're probably sick of hearing this, but your belly is adorable. Good luck with the babe.


those are regular jeans!!!!! I am freakin 10 weeks along here and am already wearing a belly band cause dude my jeans are way to tight!

you look fantastical by the way! Have loads of fun tmr!


I can't remember if I've ever posted comments to you before, so maybe I'm delurking for the second time...Anyway, if it makes you feel better, I'm in the same boat as you. I'm 39 weeks & three days PG and the girl is riding so high!! My PA actually said to me that I was one of THE MOST difficult exams she's ever done in trying to reach my cervix. And let me tell you, it sure didn't feel good having her try. I'm hoping that some good walking around will help convince her to drop (maybe that and getting our power back that Hurricane IKE so thoughtfully took away), but I may be doomed to another c-section myself. Good luck!!


Good luck with the last 19 days. My little girl decide to come two weeks early. In fact I went into labor the day after my doctor told me I was all closed up and would likely be overdue. Doh!


Cute. So darn CUTE you are. Best pregnancy belly I have ever seen!

Mary O

This is surely not a very popular thing to say, but... Hooray for the second c-section! My first one was emergency, but my second was planned and it was 10 gazillion times better. Such a great experience it was hard to believe that it involved surgery. Seriously.
Also: your few days in the hospital are like a little vacation with just your husband and new baby, away from your first-born, which is also nice. Enjoy every minute.


You look awesome! But I'm sure your back is killing you since you appear to carry babies the same way I do: all out in front, nothing to balance it out in back. By the last 6 weeks, I wanted nothing more than the baby OUT OUT OMG OUT.


You look beautiful. And if you need a c-section, then that's what you need. At the end, the only thing that matters is healthy mother, healthy baby.

Those last few weeks feel like forever. I hope it goes quickly for you.


Will it help if I say I think you look awesome? Because you totally do. I'm so excited for you - I will be refreshing your blog a gazillion times in the next few weeks!


Why is there always a reason for we women to feel inadequate about our bodies? Child bearing hips are not exactly considered a compliment, but non-child bearing hips gets you a c-section. Yuck.

I bet that baby inside of you is GORGEOUS and can't wait to meet his mommy. Yeah, in fact, let's take all those contractions as a message from the new baby saying, "Hey Mom! I really want to see you! I love you so much that I'm willing to fight with your narrow pelvis!"


I'm sorry, I kind of couldn't follow you after I read "pre pregnancy jeans."

Oh, and the two hour delay for ob appt? Sucks and I have totally been there. The only thing that makes it remotely acceptable is the compensatory/compassionate belief that maybe the doctor is so great that he/she takes extra time with his/her laboring patients to make sure they are okay (and thus leaving an office full of very pregnant women to wait)? STILL- they could freaking call you and warn you, couldn't they?!


Oh, crap! I actually had a post sitting ready to publish about racing the clock and the toddler's naptime while trying to sing every rhyme out loud to keep the kid engaged until we make it home and to her bed where she will be more likely to give me more than ten minutes of PEACE and then I read that you do the same thing!
Gr, I was a little miffed, but the pics of the baby bump made me melty, so I'm good. I'm short a post, but good.
Have a great time at the signing and Baby Tivo, be good!!


I had an appointment with my OB last week and she was running 2-1/2 hours behind so I FEEL YOUR PAIN. The worst part, in my case, was that while the ladies piled up in the waiting room there were husbands that still sat there taking up seats reading the magazines with their feet up on the coffeetable... Like, can you SEE mah baby belly? Have you HEARD your wife bitch about her aching back? GET UP ASSHOLE AND GIVE A MOANING, GESTATING, GRAVITY-DEFYING PREGNANT WOMAN A SEAT!


Lady, that is one hell of a baby belly. Just by looking at you it definitely looks like little guy would have a hell of a strange trip to get from where he is to where he needs to go if you delivered vaginally.

I wish you a safe and healthy birth no matter how it goes.

I'm 33 weeks today and already hitting the point of massive restlessness and OMG NEED TO NOM BABY NOW despite knowing somewhere in my brain that adding a newborn to our crazy-toddler household is going to be a recipe for complete shenanigans.

Trista E

You have regular pants on AND you are nine months prenant?

I hate you!



i couldn't wear my regular pants when i was 10 weeks pregnant. i couldn't even wear my husband's pants at 20 weeks pregnant.
and about the actual "having of the baby"...it will happen the way it is supposed to...when it is supposed to. babies don't read any manuals.


Your belly is the SOOO cute!! Can't wait to "meet" the wee little man!


My friend has the narrow pelvis, and she went into labor TWICE and had TWO emergency c-sections.

My dr. told me the first time around I had a narrow pelvis and would probably need a c-section. I was upset at first, but finally gave in.

I was going to go into labor OR have surgery. I sure as hell didn't want to do both.

And after the birth, my dr. told me there was no way that baby would have come out vaginally.

So at my first appointment for my second pregnancy, my dr. mentioned a second c-section, and I told her to sign me up!


Baby Tivo, Come on down!


I could not be more jealous of you for fitting into those (cute!) non-maternity jeans at 37 weeks when I tried to put on a pair of my "fat jeans" the other day and could not get them over my 25-weeks pregnant thighs! You look adorable.(she says only a little grudgingly)


Wow. I am 39 weeks and 5 days and my baby hasn't dropped. My first was a c-section and I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted a vbac this time, but yesterday my Dr. told me probably not going to happen. And mentioned the pelvis. So now I'm obsessively researching Anthroid and Platypoid pelvises on the Internet and trying to figure out how to get my baby to drop. And walking as much/often as possible. It's miserable - so yay for you at being so accepting of the (perhaps) eventuality.


I had to take Fuller to my last checkup. What was really awful was having to take him into the bathroom with me while I did the pee in the cup thing. Sure, he's seen me on the toilet before, but never catching the stuff in a cup! I just gave him the iPod touch and turned him around to face the wall. When we were leaving the bathroom he asked, "What's that?" and pointed to the half full cup.

Later, I took a picture of him in the examination room where he was watching Veggie Tales on the iPod and sitting directly beneath a poster of various views of the vagina.

You look great. I hope the next 19 days go quickly. Very, very quickly.


I recently had my first prenatal appointment--the no pants kind--while my two daughters under the age of three were sitting in a chair in the room. They were throwing Post-its and raisins everywhere. And at one point the OB had to tell the older not to write on the chair, please. I say this not as oneupsmanship, merely as I totally get how much that appointment sucked.


First of all I can't stand to have my toddler in the exam room with me anymore even if my husband is there. All he wants to do is pull the socks off the stirrups and open every drawer/cabinet so I constantly have to remind my husband that he is the one in charge (can't you see that I am on an exam table with gel on my belly!!) It is so distracting that I always forget my questions.

Secondly, please tell me those jeans are at least 2 sizes above normal or I'm going to shoot myself!

Maxine Dangerous

Since stores have their Halloween merch out already, I hope it's not too early to request a pregnant-belly-painted-to-look-like-a-pumpkin pic, is it? Or is that just weird? ;)

(Said it before, will say again: Adorable belly! :))


Okay, why is it that the gyno, of all the doctors, is always SO far behind? I know the obvious answer is that the doctors are out delivering babies. Except all of my friends that had babies NEVER had their doctor at the birth, but always an associate. Thus, how hard is it not to schedule patients on days that you are the one delivering babies? Am I missing something or do I need to go into gyno scheduling?

And after that rant, you look fab!!


First of all, you look gorgeous. There's a certain "I can't believe the human body can do that" quality, but in a very lovely way.

Second, what is WITH "appointment" times that are not really "appointment" times? This is a high-on-my-list pet peeve even though the only hormonal upheavals I'm goin' through are the 42-year-old thinkin' about a hysterectomy ones. And yup, I get uninvited advice about THAT just like the C-section kind - how despite the incredible discomfort I myself feel, it's a LIE that it exists. Hrmph.


Seriously though...why are you the CUTEST PREGNANT LADY EVA???? You bump looks adorable.


Wow...it is unreal that you have your pre-maternity jeans on. 19 days isn't long at all.


Oh, honey. I know you want to have dropped and have the baby in position and all that at this point, but can I say how JEALOUS I am? Because I have been having ridiculous back pain and pelvic pressure, all because, for whatever reason, my baby is pretty much as low as humanly possible.

Did I mention I'm not yet 30 weeks? I only have 2.5 lbs. of baby resting on my lower parts, I shudder to think of the discomfort as s/he grows!

Anywho, not trying to outpain you AT ALL with this comment, just a little of that "grass is always greener" nonsense, I suppose. As always, you look gorgeous. I'm so jealous of your ability to wear non-maternity jeans, as my child seems to have a triplet in each of my thighs. I wish you a smooth, quick, comfortable 19 days.


On the bright side, you look fantastic.


Breast feeding was 10,000 times easier and better the 2nd time around for me if that makes you feel any better.


If you don't buy themythicpelvis.com right now, I'm going to.


But, you ARE small & narrow, clearly!! I'm with Jen (above) with the "birthing hips bod," except not! (3 c-sections) People would always give me the sideways once-over when I'd say I had sections. I also had extenuating circumstances and an allegedly uncooperative tail bone. I always thought that last one was BS, but whatever, the babies did come out fine. Hope it all goes speedy and sweet!


you look cute and i covet your book shelves.


Oh wow. Please just tell me those pants aren't buttoned. Then, I'll feel a little better. k? thks.


Awww, I think you carry really nicely! My kids both dropped at 20 weeks and I could only wear the maternity pants that were ALL stretch material, or had a HUGE belly panel (ugly much?).

And I STILL ended up with 2 emergency c-sections and a ruptured uterus. Go figure.


My OB didn't use the term "narrow pelvis", but it amounted to the same thing. Baby not coming down the canal. Heartrate dropping with contractions. C-Section time! I'm ample of boob, belly, butt, hip... I'm just rolly polly all over. Yet internally, it ain't big enough for a 6 lb 13 oz baby to squeeze her tiny perfect head through. Oh well! Healthy baby, healthy mommy - I still got to bring her home at the end.

Not to join the chorus or anything, but you look amazing and I'm in awe of your belly. Already plus-sized, it was damn near impossible to even tell I was pregnant... I just looked fatter than normal, except I had that trademark pregnant lady waddle and "holy shit how am I getting off this couch?" crap.


You are so adorable. I've never seen someone carry so high though - good news for not needing pregnancy pants!


Regular jeans? So jealous. Maternity shirts not able to cover the ever growing belly? Not at all jealous, feel kind of bad for you. Only three more weeks, hang in there!

The Usual Suspect

When I read the Red Sea thing and then the bleeding nipples thing I made sounds I have never heard myself make before. I can feel my face doing things it has never done before.


I don't think I have ever left a message before, but I wanted to let you know that I had the same issue. When I ended with an emergency c-section with my first, I was so upset. I felt ripped off! After all that labor, I didn't even get to push (I never dialated beyond a 6. It wasn't until the actual c-section that my doctor realized that my canal was to narrow and Madison would of never passed though it). Anyway, for my second child I had a scheduled c-section. Again, I felt ripped off!! But you know what? I had a healthy baby boy. I got to pick his birthday. I didn't have to go through hours and hour of labor. I was not nearly as tired after the birth as I was the first time.

Do what you need to do for your body, and the health of your child. I know it sucks. It feels like you have been defeated. But just think how much better you will feel after the birth. All the other women will be in pain and tired, and you will be skipping down the hallways with your new baby. Okay, maybe not skipping, but you know what I mean.


I can't believe that the experience at the ob/gyn didn't induce labor. I mean, I almost went into labor just reading about it and I'm not even pregnant! Best of luck.

The Queen of Hyperbole

I, too, could wear regular, non-maternity bottoms 'til the end, while my tops, meanwhile, resembled those tarps they use to cover baseball fields. How I walked around without snapping in the middle is truly a miracle of science.


Just wanted to join in on the too narrow birth brigade! I too had an emerg c-section after a horrible try at labour and delivery. My doctor with my son afterwards said that I would have never been able to get him out the va-gagay way! Then with my second pregnancy and a different doctor, after examination, told me that she had never not encouraged someone not to try a VBAC, but I was the first. Apparently my pelvic rise is too short and my ueterus too narrow. So this medical condition does exist and I say go with what your doctor feels is the safest for you and baby boy.

19 days is nothing compared to all the says you waited and wanted to get pregnant with this new little sweetie. Take care.


Sorry, can't spell or edit for shit today, should have been days, not says.


I'm continually mystified why women insist that natural births are better. I mean, yeah, fine, if you can do it, go for it, but if your body isn't going to be able to do it without risking, oh, I dunno, maybe death of the mom or the fetus, what's wrong with c-sections?

No, the body ISN'T always equipped to give birth. Yes, women have been giving birth for hundreds of years, but then again, hundreds of thousands of women have died (usually along with their fetus) over the past few centuries due to problems during delivery.

If your doc is recommending c-section, make the appointment.


How is it possible you're still wearing non-maternity jeans? Sweet! I hope I'm THAT lucky one day!

But I have wide hips. I'm screwed.


Amy, I'm sorry but your doctor is a quack. My assvice is to head to the nearest library or bookstore and get this book: "Birthing From Within" by Pam England and Rob Horowitz. Chapter 23 titled "These Bones Were Made for Birthin'" would be of most interest to you. Then get another doctor who is more rational (probably a female who has given birth before). Even women who had rickets (which caused their pelvic bones to compress) back in the 30's and 40's gave birth!

BTW, you look awesome! =D


That's kind of of surprising that you are wearing pre pregnancy jeans.


Pre-pregnant jeans? Non- maternity clothes?? Do I own any of such beast? Bahahaha~!!

I had a friend just deliver her baby yesterday....and already she is 14 pounds under her "before" weight. She had a hard time with food and such, too. Kept losing weight instead of gaining.
Her little guy is fine, though, thank goodness.

Good luck at your "Sleep is fo the Weak!" signing tomorrow. Wish I could come meet you....waaaahhhh!!


At least you are carrying that narrow pelvis in a thin body. Imagine the great looks/comments when you are overweight, yet still packin' a narrow pelvis. Yes, despite my fat ass, I still have a narrow pelvis! (2 c-sections later)

good times.


19 more days of bleeding-free nipples, not a terrible thing! Here's hoping for a lovely safe delivery, whichever way you go, and that your nipples have super awesome force field strength this time around.

Peanut Butter

I think it's a planet.

Peanut Butter

What does your pelvis have anything to do with giving birth? That is just the momentum or the muscular contraction. Just because it is "narrow" does not mean it will not have enough strength to open up the passage way. I think he or she just got out of med school and wants to cut you open. It sounds like they just learned how to do it and now wants a live specimen. You know they work on morgue John and Jane Does before they get to you right? Yeah think about it.

manager mom

Way to rock the modified Demi Moore photo op! And hope you had a great book signing event.

anon doctor

It exists alright. It's a medical condition called "cephalopelvic disproportion" and requires almost certain c-sections for every birth.

Best wishes,


Here's the thing: sure, if you HAD to, you could probably get that baby out the old fashioned way. Llike my friend, who pushed for four hours, had her baby's head yanked on with forceps for an hour, and tore herself completely from one end to the other. Then had to have her entire vulva basically reconstructed a year later.
Next time, that girly had a c-section and couldn't say enough about it.
And just so ya know, I'm very pro natural birth. Didn't have epidurals, had a doula, etc. But I'm just lucky enough to have babies that slide right out of there in about twenty minutes. I don't pretend to think my uncomplicated births are because I'm some birthing goddess who powered through the "mythical" obstacles thrown at me by surgery-loving doctors.


I too have the narrow pelvis and tight pelvic arch for good measure. I labored for 18 hrs. with my first before needing the c-section (head also over 15 inches-yow).. With my second I was much in the same boat as you, I never ruled out a VBAC, but had some concerns about trying. I had my second via c-section and in February I will be having my third cesarean as well. Not sure why I am telling you this, other than, I'm right there with you on the whole thing and I enjoy your insight and sense of humor about it. You have to do what's best for you. And you will be just fine either way. Some women go in and have those babies in no time flat, all text booky and everything. And some don't, it's just life. I love that your cleaning lady asked if you were going to have the baby "normal". I have gotten that too. I never know how to respond. Maybe you should try, "no, I was planning on giving birth all cyborg, alien style" and see what she says.


That's so silly-so everyone was able to 100% give birth regardless back before c-sections were available. Nobody every died in childbirth or anything like that......


I just don't get how it is anybodies business but the woman giving birth, when people are so insistent upon sharing their infinite wisdom. People are so very bold and assuming, when it comes to all things childbirth related. Eeps.


I just don't get how it is anybodies business but the woman giving birth, when people are so insistent upon sharing their infinite wisdom. People are so very bold and assuming, when it comes to all things childbirth related. Eeps.


I have 6 days to go and it feels like ETERNITY!!!

mrs. q.

oh, I remember those days... wanting the baby out, out, OUT, already. And then realizing that you have a squalking newborn, the baby blues, a pitch-a-fit two-year-old and a husband who HAS to go back to work and PLEASE OH PLEASE, BABY, JUST GO BACK IN-- IT WAS EASIER WHEN I WAS PREGNANT! Sigh. It does get better. It gets WONDERFUL. But it gets very, very ugly first. So, PLEASE make sure you ask for help. Neighbors, family, teachers, sitters. Don't feel guilty. The phrase "it takes a village to raise a child" must have been coined by a mother with a toddler and a newborn. Best wishes to you all.


I on the other hand had the opposite issue. I wore the maternity jeans even when I wasn't pregnant. Sigh.

You look amazing. And you've still got brains enough about you to come up with the brilliant childbirth vanity sizing reference. That's saying something.

Hope the signing went great.


My own OB told me the whole baby not fitting thing was a myth... until after the c-section when he told me I could never deliver a baby vaginally because of my itty-bitty pelvis and giant 9 lb. babies. Oh, and you look FABULOUS is not a bit uncomfortable. Can't wait to see the little one.

Kate McDonald

Hope you don't have a C-section this time! Best wishes!

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