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It suddenly appears that tomorrow is my firstborn son's third birthday. I have no idea how this happened, or why I could not give less of a shit about it.

Possibly because he has been VERY EXTREMELY MUCH THREE YEARS OLD for the past three months. Possibly because I finally see the benefit of having a child who doesn't yet understand birthdays or expect parties and gifts and I realize this may possibly be the last year I can get away with kind of ignoring the whole thing, other than: Here. Some relatives sent you toys. Have a cupcake.

Possibly because I am finally starting to get a grip on the fact that children get older no matter what you do, or maybe it's because I've got a smaller, better-smelling trade-in model coming in a couple weeks so fine! Grow up! Get all big and old, with your ACTUAL KNUCKLES ALL OF A SUDDEN INSTEAD OF FINGER DIMPLES OR WHATEVER! See if I care! I'm having a baby and THAT baby won't ever be three years old and in preschool and big boy pants and he'll never let his hair turn darker and not as curly so...here. Play with the giant awesome fire engine your uncle sent you. Mama has to go cry for awhile. And she's taking the rest of the cupcakes with her.

Online, of course, I must document this momentous and wondrous milestone like I have done every year -- with a scrapbook-worthy entry of hot bubbling sap and a little video montage thing. Those are the rules. I cannot argue with the rules. Especially the rules that I have arbitrarily set for myself. I can only gaze at a pile of unlabeled video tapes, 17 different memory cards from at least four different cameras, two laptop computers and then confront the fact that I was really lazy this year and uploaded pretty much every photograph I've taken into the Downloads folder and never organized anything by date or subject and oh my God, this could take awhile.

In other words, this is not really a real entry today, because I have to go wrastle with iMovie and USB cables in the grand name of tradition.

We're also going to need some cupcakes.



I always love the Noah birthday video montages. Can't wait to see this one (and I won't mind if it's late!).

Hey You

your montages certainly have inspired mine. I can't wait for this one, although I will be sad to see pictures of sweet Noah with something other than lovely golden curls.


cupcakes will help for sure!! wow can't believe he is 3, that is crazy!

have fun with the photo oragnaizing, I just did that ALL weekend, my mind hurts.


Wow. Unbelieveable that he's so big already! I'm so glad that you're giving in to The Rules because oh, do I love me those videos.

I shall be waiting, cupcake in hand!! (In TRIBUTE, of course. OBLIGATION.)


The temptation to skip parties was always overshadowed by the knowledge that someday I'd either have to confess it or would blurt it out in a moment of forgetfulness and then said child would be all hurt and whatnot over not having a "real" party.

Also, I can't believe Noah will be 3 -- I did a double take because surely you must mean he'll be 2!

Lastly, and possibly most distressing the 3's are WAY worse than the 2's. Totally caught me off guard since the 2's weren't as bad as everyone made them sound. No one talks about the 3's, possibly as a defense mechanism used to block out the horror!! Have a great day!!

Jenny H.

It just so happens that I love a good montage!

Don't feel bad. It gets a little worse with the second child! We used to be militant about taking pictures of my first son. And then after the birth of his Bubba? Not so much.Time just gets away from you. Or maybe it's that there are two of them. I dunno...

Jenny H.

And, one more thing? I TOTALLY AGREE WITH STARBUCK! Why does no one tell you that 3 is waaaaay worse than 2? 3 makes 2 look like a cake walk.


If you were my neighbor, I would bring you red velvet cupcakes immediately.


Seriously...as long as there are cupcakes and some toys, that is all a little boy really needs for a successful bday party. Don't stress about it. If it bothers you that much, promise yourself that you will do a total kickbutt fourth birthday party.

For Alison's three, we had grandparents, cake, some hot dogs, aaaaand that's it. Other than the decorations on her cake, we didn't have anything else party themed. She is still three.


They do grow so fast... my #1 is 3 wks younger than Noah and O.M.G., I look back at pictures (or #2, who is 10.5mos) and I wish he would go back, if nothing to stop throwing things at my head, or screaming because, my god, could I actually pee on the toilet once without him "reading" to me?


We celebrated our firsts 3rd b-day when his baby brother was 6 weeks old. And it was 6 weeks after the firsts actual birthday. Ya do what ya gotta do! Good luck with the video and I hope it's a great 3rd Birthday!


Man, if they'd hit the same birthday you could have had both kids free at Disney on their birthdays. (Yeah I think about these things.)

But that would also be INSANE so I'm glad boy#2 is holding fast.

Happy birthday, little guy.


Take those damn pictures and movies, and don't worry about having them properly sorted and labeled for now. You can't go back and retake, once the moment has passed, you are screwed. So just be glad that you have them! And keep doing so with baby #2, because if you think these 3 years have flown by, hold onto something tight!

But it's all wonderful. :)

Anything you do is gold at this point in their lives. Enjoy the simplicity, Noah certainly will.

Can't wait to see Noah's LITTLE BROTHER.


I have to commend you (honestly!) for not going all-out for a 3-year-old's birthday party. I mean, really, other than some cake (or cupcakes) and a present or two from loved ones, what more does a toddler need?

And, I should also say, this wasn't meant to be a soapbox comment or anything...I just think it's cool that for whatever reason (be it all because you're just way too busy and tired and stuff), you're not spending $2 million on a kid's birthday party!! :-)


I am laughing so hard right now. "a smaller, better-smelling trade-in model", haahaha. It's so true though. Well except the trade in part. But really, all I've done since last Thursday is smell and kiss my tiny son's head. My girls are big and loud and demanding and kinda smelly.

Happy birthday to Noah. Three is rough. But he's still your baby too. Enjoy it, because four is not a cake walk.


Happy birthday, Noah! Yes, Amy, will need a montage, but take your time! You only have, what, 15 days left? That's like forever in toddler time!


Where does he get off getting actual knuckles? I can see what you're trading up.

(Happy Birthday, Noah. Love, Internet Auntie #94857


Totally skip the 3-yr old party because you know what? Next year, when he is four and has been attending his classmates' birthday parties for a year he will demand said birthday party and it better be an all out bash with pinatas and clowns and whatever else the other parents have determined as the standard. He will have no less and will be talking about it incessantly for months and months. That is where I find myself now with my son who will be turning 4 in January and threw a gigantic tantrum when MY birthday came around last week and we dared have some presents around the house that were not TOYS for HIM.

So enjoy your last chance to totally blow off the birthday. Plus, they love cupcakes, that is really what it is all about.

Jen L.

Happy birthday to Noah! Yeah, this whole growing up thing? What the hell!?!? Please stop it and just wear footie jammies forever, please.


Good luck getting all the pics in order. I can't wait to see the montage video.


Heh...my son was 5 before we really did a 'birthday thing' (took a cake to his preschool...opened presents at home).

I think we are doomed to a party next year.


You may need some ice cream too. Kids are jerks about growing up. Our oldest (almost 5) calls me Mom now. Mom. WAAAHHH!


happy three, Noah!


Looking forward to tomorrow's post! Happy-Almost-3, Noah!


I feel your pain. My memory cards are totally in need of downloading. And I have scrapbookers in my family; they're pretty mad at me for failing to send pictures.

All the best for a happy kiddie birthday tomorrow!

Mrs. Flinger

I've stuck my fingers in my ears and am singing "lalalalallala" because Noah is NOT three because that means my son is NOT going to ever turn three and no, I refuse to watch the video because YOU WILL MAKE ME CRY.


Pass me a cupcake.

Suzy Q

Noah's three? Really? Where the hell did the last year go?

Happy day, anyway. Have a cupcake for me.


Um, I'm starting to have regrets about putting down a deposit on the ultimate birthday extravaganza for my impending 3 year old. I was just trying to compensate for the lack of anything resembling a birthday celebration last year. Shit.


Organization with computer files is SO important! I learned that the hard way after I had suddenly accumulated about 200 different folders of pictures and I wasn't always sure what the special occasion was or when it occurred.


As always, your details (finger dimples!) make me laugh and want to cry all at once. Good luck with the montage - and let me tell you a secret: my mom wrote me a letter on my 1st, 2nd and 3rd birthdays, telling me about myself, and my party, etc. But no more. While I'd love it if she'd done more of those letters, the fact that she did any at all is precious. I'm sure the same is true of your videos.

Tiff@Three Peas

LOL you are too funny. I have no idea where all our videos have gone. But it's nice to see how much they have grown over the year isn't it?

Reluctant Housewife

Happy birthday to the adorable Noah!


Yes, blow off the birthday while you still can. When my son turned four I swore he was going to be a cruise director with the specific instructions about the cake and the bouncy castle and the food at the party.

And three is horrific. Prepare yourself.


Can't wait to see the video! And happy early birthday Noah. I'm sure I will one day be able to relate :).

rachel beto

Hey, today is my son's 3rd bday! I felt the same way as you--it seemed like he turned 3 forever ago, but yesterday I had a panicky moment of regret that I taught him to say he was "almost three" months ago and robbed him of some of his twosies and STOP CALLING HIM A BIG BOY EVERYONE THIS IS MAH BAY-BEEEE! But having only one child, I may have gone a teensy bit overboard on his construction-themed birthday party.


My son is alomst 1 and I'm in shock...I can't even imagine 3! I'm ever so bossy so I am beginning to fear that I will have a raging toddler on my hands who just wants it "that way" and then he'll be happy.

For now, I'm going to hug my son (when he wakes up, of course, as I don't dare go into the room until I hear a wail of wakefulness!) and be glad he's still only 9 months. :-)


My YOUNGEST turns 3 soon and that is much harder for me... Knowing that I will never again have a young child or toddler in the house feels like someone's ripping my heart out and feeding it to ravenous birds that are slowly pecking it away.

Yes. I have issues with this...


My second just turned 3 on September 9th. I had not had anything more than a cake with some presents before this one for him.
(The 7 year old had a party every year until he was 5. That was when he had a baby brother, and I had no energy. )
So...this year...I had a P.A.R.T.Y. for him. I invited many children, rented a moon bounce and had lots of food for kids AND grown ups....with 3 weeks left in this pregnancy...I wanted....no...more like NEEDED to do something FUN and MEMORABLE for him and his big brother before I am stuck under a baby for several weeks trying to find the edges of sanity and how to get dressed in the morning to actually leave the house. (Oooo...I am good with the run-on sentence. Actually, that was more like stream of consciousness. OR should be UN-consciousness...really.)

Do I win the insanity award??



P.S. Did you say Cupcakes??!!


Second delurkation...You never fail to either make me laugh, cry or both! This is my favorite site to check! And thanks Starbuck for the reminder that three did come in way worse than two.

Are you giving training lessons on iMovie because I don't know the difference b/t that and iDVD...and it's not for lack of trying on both.

Happy Birthday to your sweet little boy, who won't look three, but about 13 in a few short weeks sitting next to his sweet little brother (even IF he weighs in over 10lbs)


You poor thing! I feel for you. Getting all of that stuff together takes forever, especially when your hands are full!

Tabitha @ http://www.fromsingletomarried.com

The Benevolent Dictator

That means that Noah & I have the same birthday, except that I'm 30 years older. Cheers to him...!

My son is 3 1/2 and I love the threes so far. Like Noah, he is speech delayed so it all makes for some creative communicating.

Good luck with the new baby!


Dear Noah: Please stop with all the growing!!! Just yesterday you were a turtle, and now, according to your fabulous mom, you do not have finger dimples. It's too much! You will drive half the Internet to the cupcakes.
P.S. I am just kidding, because you are getting cuter every day!


Eh, when smaller better smelling model arrives NOONE will be having video montages for a good old while. Unless you are super human, which is possible what with your pelvis that defies the laws of physics.

Happy birthday Noah anyway.


Happy birthday Noah!! I am waiting for the video with snacks in hand. :)


dude! where is our birthday post! i have the tissues all set! i even have a cupcake left over from a party yesterday, but i'm going to have to eat it soon.

a cupcake that's been sitting on my counter since LAST NIGHT. this is not normal.

Katie Kat

Wait... Noah's b'day is tomorrow? I thought he and Bethany were farther apart than that! She'll be three on Friday!

I couldn't agree with you more on the laissez-faire attitude I've had about the whole deal (and I'm not even pregnant). I only just this morning finalized having a few people over on Saturday for cake!

I think this truly IS the last time you get away with not having a theme, some pony rides and an overpriced, psychologically scarring clown making balloon animals. It's cool and sad all at once.

As for the THREES... seriously, WTF? Why don't people warn you about this stage? Terrible two's my ASS. Threes are a whole nother level of frustration and aggravation! (Is "nother" even a word?)

Don't put too much pressure on yourself - rules were made to be broken, especially when you make them yourself and you can back up your argument with cupcakes... :)

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