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36 Weeks, Oh My God

He Still Has Green Paint All Over His Hands & I Couldn't Be Happier About It

I sometimes struggle over what constitutes an entry here...what's an important enough development to put into words and demand your eyeballs and indulgence, or what I should just post on Twitter, or maybe email to friends, or just file away in my own memory.

So this one is just for all of Noah's virtual aunts and uncles and cheerleaders, those of you who never. ever. fail to leave wonderful comments about him and your own children and family members, full of ideas and suggestions (to Liz, who suggested supplying Noah with word choices to encourage him to talk about past events [i.e. did you eat pizza or hamburger buns for lunch? did you go on the slide or hang out with those no-good ruffian beatniks at recess?]: THANK YOU. I gave myself the world's biggest forehead slap for not ever once thinking of trying that, and surprise! It works! Most of the time. I don't THINK his teacher's name is Ms. Pinky Dinky, but maybe I'm wrong).

I picked Noah up from school today -- his first Thursday class ever, and was greeted by his teacher, who was ECSTATIC. He'd had a great day -- his BEST day, thanks to a few new classmates who are a tad less "exuberant" (as she put it) than some of the Monday/Wednesday/Friday kids. Noah seemed less overwhelmed and was happy to play quietly with them throughout the day, following his calm little friends to circle time and snack time. He stayed focused and didn't wander away from the group constantly like he always does. I guess the hyper-verbal and in-your-face kids would bother him and trigger one of his little sensory-overload fits where he needs to step away and flit around the room while reciting scenes from The Incredibles and know, generally be weird for awhile.

People, he FINGERPAINTED today.

His teacher smiled when she told me, and nodded extra-knowingly at my shocked, slack-jawed reaction, because...FINGERPAINTS?

It turns out that in addition to having one boy with PDD-NOS, his teacher ALSO has a son with SID. Mild, like Noah's, but enough. Enough to raise red flags and eyebrows and make you feel like you're constantly strapped on a roller coaster while blindfolded -- are we headed into an upside-down loop-dee-loop or just one of those times where you get turned a little sideways and whipped around the track for a bit?

"I've been through it," she said, "I get it."

Anyway. I'm really happy that Noah will be there five days a week now, and that it was even an option for us -- there were three full-time spots left and a set of twins snagged two of them just hours before I decided to sign Noah up. The money is...well, it is more money and it is more money than I'm probably going to find in our couch cushions...but it's just something we'll make work because we need to make it work.

This blog is going on five years old now, and while I couldn't even count the number of dumb entries I've started and deleted and even published and deleted while trying to figure out what was vaguely post-worthy, I don't think I ever imagined that one day I would sit down to tell the Internet that MY SON FINGERPAINTED, in all caps, like I expected the ceiling to open up and dump balloons and confetti on us.

But here we are. It might not seem like much, just another mother blogging all her insignificant little dreamy dreams and the sort of thing that makes people yell that NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR KID, GAWD, but I know a lot of you DO care, and that means so much to me, so fuck everything and bust out your party hats because Noah had a kickass day at preschool and even if tomorrow sucks and I call for that private evaluation next week and end up crying about it and he never touches the fingerpaints again, today was a good, good day.



Last year, our youngest went to preschool one day a week. I can't tell you how many handprint crafts I have- that aren't his handprint! He does not do ifs, ands, or buts, so I guess the teacher thought I would appreciate some other child's handprint! So go on, Noah! Yay for you! :)


This is the only blog where I religiously read the comments - for some reason this is the only place on the net where people are helpful, constructive, and... well... NICE. And it's wonderful.
I'm going to go and click on some ads for you.


Oh, I've got tears! That's wonderful. Fingerpainting is a huge step!


WAHOOOOO!!! WTG NOAH!!! Damn straight, bust out balloons, confetti, party blowers...because this is a big step and you should be super happy. I'm thrilled for you!!!


Fingerpaints ROCK! Confetti and sparkling cider all around!

Forever Amber

The party hat is in place :) And just to say, I don't have or want kids of my own, but I never, ever get bored of reading about Noah and his triumphs, so yay for fingerpainting, and please don't ever stop the stories coming!


Delurking to say- Amy, I've been reading for YEARS, and entries like this are the reason I'm so addicted. How could any of the people who follow your life not want to hear something so happy-making? We could never think it was insignificant.


Tearing up over here.
And this is why I love the Internet


Okay - I don't know if you have heard, but today is INTERNATIONAL TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY! - no kidding. As soon as I heard, I thought of you and Noah. ENJOY!


Noah is AWESOME.


Unexpected crying!

Go Noah, go all the babies at school.


and really, there is no day but today.

i'm so stoked for noah, and for you, mama. it's step by step that you get to where you're going.


Yay for fingerpainting! My son is six years old and we still celebrate when he utters a sentence....without prompting. This was not a little thing, this was HUGE for both Noah and his parents. Hell, I think a ticker-tape parade would have been an appropriate celebration.

Jen L.

WOO HOO! Days like that are AWESOME...don't let anyone tell you any differently. And we all love hearing about Noah's accomplishments. Congrats to all of you!


So, so happy to hear that Noah is doing well, and that he has such an awesome teacher. Definitely cause for celebration! :)

Suzy Q

Yay Noah!


We love to hear about days like that! We are all SO proud of Noah!


Yay! I'm happy to hear about it!


Here's yet another teary eyed YAY NOAH!! I am so proud of him!

I framed my daughter's first fingerpainted masterpice. She is almost 7 now and it still hangs on the dining room wall.

I'm so happy for you!


With over 200 comments, I don't think I can come up with anything new to say. I am so happy for you, though, and needed to tell you. As weird as it is for you that all of us strangers care, it is equally weird to me. That I root for you, Jason, Noah and TiVo and have never - probably will never - meet you. Yay, fingerpaints!


I've read almost all your posts but I don't think I've ever commented before. Today I'm coming out of lurkdom to tell you how happy I am for you, Jason and Noah! I know this is a big deal for you all, so congratulations!


Post everything! I love reading about even minute details!

Hooray! Fingerpainting is a BIG deal. There was a certain percentage of kids in my daycare class that just wouldn't do it at that age.


Not to be the party pooper, but I just read the previous entry and I wouldn't cancel the evaluation. There are some red flags, particularly the inability to relay his school-time activities and the recitation of snippets of movie/book dialogue. PLEASE have him evaluated! :)


OMG! I so understand. Although my daughter hasn't had the same issues as Noah, she has been having a little bit of a transition time in Kindergarten this month. She's a little shy and didn't know any of the kids in her class since she went to a preschool across town. So, yesterday when I picked her up and she said "Mommy, I made 2 new friends" and was all smiles, I almost cried. So, I understand. :)


Yeah! What a fabulous day for a fabulous little guy! :)


Rock on with your bad fingerpainting self, little Noah. Way to go!


A-mazing. That's so fabulous. I love how when he has a good day finger-painting at preschool, it makes your day (and I'm sure Jason's day) and everyone on the internet's day so much better!


HOORAY!!! That is absolutely FABULOUS news that is so blog-worthy we'd be mad if you didn't post it! In reading your struggles - we also need the victories! We're rooting for you - thanks for sharing this. Wishing you many, many, many more great days like this!


Good job Baby Boy!!


I just did a little dance for Noah's achievement!! How exciting!! You deserve to shout it off the (virtual) rooftop!


Finger+Paints= gold medal in parenting

balloons and confetti be damned, you deserve a bit chocolate cake!


Go Noah! I've been reading forever and rarely comment, but I'm so happy for you guys and all the progress he's making! GO TEAM FINGERPAINT!

Heather O

Go Noah! I hope you got that painting and can frame it for your wall.


I don't find these posts boring in the least. Keep 'em coming and a big CONGRATS to Noah and your family! Can't wait to "meet" the newest addition!

Mary Helen

I'm thrilled for you and Noah!!! That is a big step. Man, I'd save that painting forEVER.


Wow, yay for you, and yay for Noah! How happy this day must be!

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