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37 Weeks & the Mythic Pelvis

Homeward Bound in Sixty Seconds

This morning, my dog -- the dog I frequently threaten to give away and/or skin into a mitten, the dog who sees an open baby gate as a chance to poop in the basement, YAY BASEMENT POOPING IS THE FUNNEST POOPING OF ALL POOPING, who has apparently also been occasionally peeing on our dining room rug, and we didn't even realize that until we each grabbed a corner of it this weekend to move it to the other side of the room, OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT SMELL, the dog who eats the cat's food and steals waffles right off my child's plate, the dog who barks herself senseless every damn day when the mail comes and thinks all our guests are made out of ham, the dog who is the biggest eight-pound pain in the ass on the planet -- escaped out of our backyard.

We'd been calling for her inside the house -- I'd let her out in a half-asleep stupor and couldn't really remember letting her out. Did I let her out? There's waffles on the table and she's not frantically head-butting the back door to get at the waffles, so I must not have let her out. We muttered curse words about the baby gate and the basement but she wasn't there. We prodded her bed with our feet and poked lumps under our covers and kept listening for the sound of her collar. Noah happily mimicked our confused calls from the breakfast table. I opened the door to scan the backyard for what felt like the 10th time and finally noticed that the gate was open, just a little bit.

I screamed that the gate was open. Jason asked me what did I mean the gate was open. I screamed again that THE. GATE. WAS. OPEN.

I ran outside our house in a pair of nursing pajamas and Jason's Crocs, shouting her name, staring at the empty street and sidewalks and vast dog-less expanses of other people's yards, baffled that she wasn't patiently waiting by our front door like she has every time we've accidentally locked her outside when she slipped by our feet while we brought in groceries.

I ran this way and that, my voice echoing a little, blood pounding in my ears. My voice sounded weird and panicked as I called and called for her. Ceiba. Ceiba. Ceiba. Baby girl. Little dog. Please please please.

I rounded our fence corner and suddenly, there she was. Running towards me. She stopped a few feet away, probably trying to size up the heapload of trouble she was in, but it only made me start to cry and flash to every nightmare I've ever had about trying to catch a runaway pet. You see them, they stop, you're so close and then they bolt away again, and that's usually right when you discover that your shoes are made of cement.

She stopped for only a few seconds though, before closing the distance between us and letting me scoop her up. She smelled wet. Her paws were muddy and left footprints all over my giant belly. I took her back inside, where Jason was still struggling to put on pants and I realized that the whole terrible search ordeal had probably only lasted a minute or two.

She heard my voice, she came running. Like a good, good dog.


Totally scored herself a post-traumatic stress waffle afterward.



Ahh, Post Traumatic Stress Waffles. Sound delicious. Glad she's back safe!


What kind of waffle? Glad you both are okay. That kind of stress isn't good for anyone.


Oh no! Very scary! I'm glad she came running just like a good dog. I'm very paranoid that if our dog ever got away we would never see her again.


OMG. That is SUCH a scary moment. Your heart just sinks into your ankles. So happy that Ceiba is okay!

And, no, you were NOT being overly dramatic. This is CEIBA! Sweet little rat-thing Ceiba! The lone ranger of weirdness in the sea of Golden Retrievers at your dog park! An integral part of your sweet, off-the-charts adorable family!

She deserves a waffle. Yes?


My min-pin does the same thing. Waits for food to be dropped on the floor (or will just snatch it from you if you aren't looking). Sleeps on YOUR pillow, not hers. Shreds kleenex and LOVES to escape just fast enough to where you can't catch her. Little jerk.


The vast consipiracy between children and pets to drive us crazy strikes again.


aww! poor baybee! (I mean you, Amy) glad she came back to you - i mean, where else could she get free waffles from at that hour?


My old dog never realized she wasn't supposed to wander off when the gate somehow came open. So she'd be happily wagging her tail whenever I came upon her, usually visiting some neighbor's yard.

The cat, however, who was an entirely indoor pet, would do that wait and bolt thing anytime she escaped.

Katie Kat

Whew! Glad she's home safe. She was probably watching you from just outside the gate and giggling hysterically to herself! Evil little doggie (but still adorable).

Shutter Bitch

No matter how annoying the pets are, it's scary when they get away from us. I'm so glad she came back. Sounds like you might need a Post Traumatic Stress Waffle as well. Or chocolate. Because yes, stressful. Even if she came back at the sound of your voice.


I totally understand! My dog makes me so nuts I want to drive him out in the country and leave him. But then if anything really did ever happen to him I would be devastated!


Wow, I'm glad she came back when you called her, that's awesome! Every time my dogs have escaped it has required chasing them down in the car and pretending they got to go for a ride somewhere (besides home) if they would just GET IN!


My family does the same thing as Erin's. When our dogs get out though they usually go to the person who lives a few houses a way that has dogs. We just go there and get them in the car.

Forever Amber

Our dog is a pain in the ass too, but we've been through this exact same thing with him and it's the scariest thing ever. (Actually, the REAL scariest thing ever? Was the time he jumped out of the car in the middle of a GAS STATION and proceeded to run amongst the pumps and try to cross the busy, busy road nearby while I and a handy team of truckers who'd just pulled in chased him, me yelling his name hysterically the whole time while other people continued to pump their gas obliviously. Thank God for truckers is all I can say.)

Anyway, glad she is home safe. Hope she enjoyed the waffle :)

MeL - Stay At Aum Mom

Yes, I have been the pregnant lady chasing our gleeful boxer down the street in my nursing jammies. Usually screaming obscenities until I remember that he responds better to the "who's a GOOD DOGGIE?!" voice. Dear lord, pets are such a forked blessing/curse.


Your house sounds a little bit like my house, only my dog is 56 pounds, doesn't come when she's called, and if I try to catch her if she gets out of the yard, she runs the other direction. Fast.

But she also likes to poop in the basement.

I'm glad Ceiba came back for you. :)


I'm glad Ceiba is home safe and I hope she enjoyed that waffle!

Our neighbor's dog used to run away all the time because the kids would leave the door open. If we saw it, we would go next door and say "Hey, your dog is loose" (because hey, we live on a street with heavy traffic and maybe you don't want your dog getting hit?) and their reaction was always "eh, ok." I still, to this day, can't understand the reaction because I would be all MY PRESHUS BAYBEE IS GONNNEEEE. Note to self: do not let neighbors watch your dog.


We had a dog once that I would have paid to run away. He came back in precisely the same way though. Odd, your story ended up happy and mine not so.

Meghan Arias

My dog, Gracie, has run away several times. She is in love with the next door neighbor's dog, Hatcherman. He is what Barry White would look like if he was a dog. She runs to him and then disappears into his dog house. GREAT.

Gracie is currently cowering in a corner because she left a TRAIL of pooping from the kitchen to the hallway.

This is a very long way. And I am in the throes of first trimester vomit-all-the-time-the-toilet-is-my-best-friend.

I turned into an evil banshee and grew about 14 inches taller than I am now (which isn't very tall, but I digress) and my hair stood on end and I screamed mean things.

Now, after writing this, I feel bad about flying into a conniption.

Mrs. Higrens

So glad for your pregnant lady heart that Ceiba is back home safe and sound.

We're the ones who end up with dogs in our yard. It's okay.


Ok, I almost had to skip to the end just to find out if she was ok - but I perservered!

I think you need a post traumatic stress waffle more than Ceiba!


What is it with dogs sneaking in the basement to poop and pee? I swear every chance mine see's the gate to the basement open she does the same thing. and I can totally relate to the wanting to give them away one moment and then freeking out because you can't find them the next and then the relief of them coming home. I think dogs just like to mess with our emotions.


UGH--that's the worst. During my most recent visit to my sister's, we happily watched my 70 pound fur baby streak by the sliding glass door after a bunny. It was sprinkling and I had on a new silk shirt, so I didn't bother to actually step outside when it took her a minute to reappear. Several minutes later, my sister went out and said, "The gate's open!" So, off we went into a strange neighborhood hundreds of miles from home to look for her. Frantically screaming accompanied by my 3 year old nephew's wails of "ETTA COME HOME!" She comes sauntering out of the garage like, "Um, guys. You're getting wet."


Losing a pet, even one who maight just end up as a mitten someday, is pretty scary! I'm glad she was found so quickly.


I read your blog all the time and so far have loved every word. But today I had my first disappointment... YOU ARE CROC PEOPLE?! EW!!!!!! I'll still read, but the vision of bright green ergonomic "shoes" outside of the house will haunt me forever. Glad you found her! :-)


Oh no...tell her not to scare you like that again. Glad she came running right up to you.


Oooh, scary. Glad she's okay. I dont know how they ever manage NOT to get run over - I actually saw my old dog out one day, and before I realized she was mine, I laughed at what a dimwit she was, running around aimlessly jumping on people. And she weighed about 60 pounds more than your little peanut.


Seriously, it's the worst feeling.
So glad your muffin is OK.


I lost my dog in the backyard last week. Thirty weeks pregnant, on the phone with one of my best friends, frantically calling for the dog to come in.
I found her, but not before calling my husband in a blind panic because how do I tell a 5-year-old I lost her dog in the backyard?
I totally made her bacon dog biscuits to compensate. And ate a burrito.


Amy, I'm currently 39 weeks. About 3 weeks ago, so close to where you are,I was the hysterical pregnant lady running around the neighborhood when my two black labs escaped out a slightly open gate and went for a romp around the neighborhood (presumably after a bunny.) I was convinced someone had "stolen" them. But no, a block away they were gallivanting in and out of people's garages and bushes. I think they were laughing at me when I found them.


oh it is so hard to call them excitedly and happily, and not angrily when they run off like that. but it sure is easy to praise them and hug them up after!


Whoops - I meant to also add that I'm glad your little mitten-dog is home safe and sound.

Mary O

My doggie escaped from our backyard a couple of days ago too. I didn't realize it till he scratched at the front door (which is not connected to the backyard at all) to be let back in. I panicked afterwards like what if he had been distracted by a kid or a dog walking by and followed them home?
It seems like it doesn't matter how big of a pain in the ass your dog is, you don't want them wandering the neighborhood and getting lost.
Thank goodness you found Ceiba.


I read your blog all the time and so far have loved every word. But today I had my first disappointment... YOU ARE CROC PEOPLE?! EW!!!!!! I'll still read, but the vision of bright green ergonomic "shoes" outside of the house will haunt me forever. Glad you found her! :-)


Poor Ceiba..I might have beaten her senseless though..because I'm mean.
Maybe that's why one day, while sitting at the light, we saw our dog and her bithches CROSSING THE STREET like humans..they waited for the "walk" sign and everything like they were going to the mall or something..weird.


ooh I think I was holding my breath that whole time! I'm glad she ended up safe and sound:)


Oh God, that's my biggest fear. My stupid tiny dog jumps at any chance to escape. I'm so glad she came home like a good girl.


You are such a sucker!! she was totally staring at the open gate thinking..
"Maybe if I go out the gate, hide for just a minute so they think I'm missing, then coming running back when mom calls my name and give her kisses..she'll feel bad and give me a waffle!!"
I wouldnt put it past her!! :)

But in all seriousness.. the one time my dog went out an open gate I was shaking and crying so badly. it was like I was just frozen.. I couldnt do anything.. luckily my husband found him.. (and then beat him silly.. well not really.. but he wanted too.. I just wanted to cuddle and kiss him!!) :)


Alyssa - I do NOT own Crocs. Noah has a pair of Thomas the Tank Engine ones that I swear I had NOTHING TO DO WITH, and Jason owns one pair of dark blue ones for yardwork purposes only. (Which is why they were the closest shoes for shoving my feet in before dashing outside to find the dog.)

I mentioned wearing the Crocs only as an indicator of the depths of my panic and the Stupid Things I Will Do For That Stupid Dog.


I think it's clear she was trying to help you go into labor.


Ohhh, runaway pet is the worst! My (almost) two year old is kind enough to let the dog out if someone forgets to lock the front door the absolute second it closes behind them.

I've learned to grab cheese (bribery!) from the fridge before bolting after the dog. My neighbors are now used to my running down the street in not nearly enough clothing. (why does it *always* happen before you get dressed in the morning?!)


Are you sure she wasn't trying to cement her position in your heart? I'd watch the cat if I was you.
Glad she's okay!


My mom loves to tell the story about how our dog Freebie (yes, she was free) escaped when she was nine months pregnant with me . . . in Michigan in the dead of winter (I was born in January). She slid and fell on the ice several times trying to get her back. At one point, she couldn't get up since she was so big and a neighbor had to help her. If my dad had heard of turning dogs into mittens, he surely would have done that. He was pissed.

And with my sister? She came home at nine months pregnant to find the name they picked out for her scrawled in chalk on their sidewalk. They thought they had picked the most unusual name (Heather -- hey, it was the mid-70's and it wasn't popular yet) and she was horrified to see that a neighbor child already had that name!

Needless to say, my sister's name is not Heather.


what does ceiba mean/where does it come from? i've been wondering that ever since i started reading 2but never thought to actually ask :-P


oh my goodness, how scary! Michael would have been devastated if we would have come over and "lil doggie" wasn't there. He loves that dog.


What a beautiful dog! I sure am glad you found her.

(As an aside, I think "Waffles" is a great name for a pet!)


i am pregnant and sorta weepy these days... and this entry made me on the verge of tears. so glad the puppy made it home and didn't run away playing the chase me game - which is what my dog tends to do when escaping the yard.


oh I'm so glad you found her! My dog was stolen and dropped off far from home and when we finally found her (3 days later!) she was running through the neighborhood going up to the doors of each house that had a fenced yard like ours. Poor baby.
So glad she made it home.


Yeah, pets. Total, whiny, pain-in-the-ass, poopy, pee-y, barfy, scammy, noisy, good-for-nothings.

God, we love 'em, don't we?


Oh my god, I almost cried reading this. This is my WORST nightmare. I HATE that dream! In mine, our kitteh is always like jelly in my arms, and I'm trying to hold onto him outside in public, and he keeps slipping through my arms. Ugh. The worst! Glad Ceiba is okay :)


We had the same experience with our two dogs twice. Both times someone else had left our gate open - we figured teenagers cutting through the yard. After the second time we bought a lock. (Apparently we needed to be fooled twice). It was AWFUL. Exactly as you describe. Ours were both home within 10 minutes of us discovering their escape, but it was the longest ten minutes of my life.


I'm glad you found her!

I thought I would share my lost pet story. My sister was pet-sitting for 1 big white dog and 2 little doxens. We had plans that day, so I went with her to stop at the house and take care of the pets. I didn't know the neighborhood at all. So we started feeding them and letting them out. She let out the doxens and I was feeding the large white dog. I head outside to talk to her and she isn't in the backyard. I am confused and circle around the house (through the garage, into the house, back out the patio door) a few times. I still can't see her. I figure we are just circling around and missing each other. Meanwhile I let the big white dog out. The big white dog heads for the hole they have dug near the fence, which I didn't realize was there. Before I can catch the big white dog, he is out and running. I take off and chase him. At this time, I happen to see my sister who is chasing the two little dogs who had escaped too. We both take off, in different directions. As I am chasing the white dog, I realize that I have never heard his name. So I am (pathetically) calling out 'White Dog, White Dog, come here White Dog'. I am quite the sight running around this neighborhood that I have never been in. I have no cell phone and no idea what the address of the house I am supposed to be at. It's a typical suburban area where there are curved streets and cul-de-sacs....it's easy to get lost. As I am running, I see several white dogs in peoples yards. I hadn't paid much attention to what MY white dog looked like. So it takes a while to figure out if it is the white dog I am looking for (it isn't). Eventually, I start getting glances at MY white dog. It thinks this is a fun game. I don't know it's name, so I can't call it to me. I can't find my sister (who is chasing the other two dogs in a similar fashion). The dog takes off again and so do I. Eventually, my sister and run into each other and she has managed to corner her two dogs and has managed to throw them in the house. She had chased her dogs through several peoples back yards (Ferris Bueller style) and only managed to shout out what she was doing as she streaked through their yards. She then helps me to chase White Dog who we eventually get and we manage to find our way back to the house!


OH NO! I know exactly how you feel...

1) I'm 36 weeks pregnant
2) My dog escaped the backyard last weekend

I just went through what you went through and it's such a horrible feeling...all I did was cry, that is before I found the note on my front door that she was at a neighbors house.

Did I mention she had no collar on and it was 2:30 in the morning?

I'm glad you found her :)


Don't you love that feeling?? I have a skittesh Siamese cat who won't go near anyone but me. When he escapes, and I'm wandering around the neighborhood crying in a see-through slip and bedhead, and then I spot him and he runs to me, it makes me want to cry with love. I assume this is what having a child is like?? Something close? No?


Aww, Ceiba!!! So glad she came home!


Thank goodness Ceiba came back!!! I'm sooo glad.... but I think the real tragety here is that Jason wears Crocs. So sad.


So happy to hear she came running!

That's is one of my worst fears, except I think my puppy would take off in the other direction leaving me in a heaping mess of tears.


I saw the you posted this early this morning right before I had to leave for preschool with my son so now that I'm home I had to skip back here and re-read the post.:)
I had a schnauzer once that would get out and then run further from me every time I got close. So frustrating! At least Ceiba is a good dog and came when you called. She totally deserved that waffle.


Oops..that should say "that you posted" not "the you posted.":)

Brenda L.

I feel your pain! 35 weeks pregnant plus 2 min pins (on of which is a runner)!!

We have had the exact "THE GATE IS OPEN" feeling (twice in the last few weeks in fact)!!!

Glad she made it home safe and sound!!

bethany actually

Oh, what a relief that she was okay and came running. Thank God.


those times are scary.


Couple things:
1 - I own a basement-shitting dog. I mean, she beelines it. It's like the basement is the Garden of Eden of poo-ing. I can't even go out to my car to get something without her making a poo run.
2 - she is an escape artist. I have had a jillion of these pajama-clad, hysterical-in-the-front-yard moments only to have her pop up seconds later, reeking of shit and other lovely things she found while curled up inside of a dead animal.

Glad you got your little freak-dog back too.


I must be pregnant, because this actually made me cry. And I don't even like little yappy dogs.



I'm so, so happy that Ceiba came when called. I know exactly how scary that feels... I also now know that the name calling trick doesn't work with cats. He's still missing...


I wish our dog came when we called her. She just makes us chase her around the neighbourhood when she gets loose. Even when I was 8 (or was that 9???) months pregnant. Glad Ceiba didn't make you work that hard. Also glad she is safe and enjoyed her waffle.


I'm glad Ceiba made it home before you had to resort to interrogating Max. I bet next time she's gone longer so she can try to score TWO waffles.


Oh! Reading that story put me into a panic! I am SO glad that Ceiba made it home safe and sound. I just got a new puppy, and just reading about Ceiba disappearing made me worry so much. She is a very good dog!


I was fairly pregnant, around 6 or 7 months, with a young puppy. So young that I got up at 2 am every morning to let him out of his crate to do his thing. The middle of winter in CO, I open the door and call him, he doesn't come, and then it dawns on me that he isn't out there... there was a small gap under the fence and he was tiny. Cut to my pregnant self running up the stairs to get my Sorels, in my bright pink bathrobe, running out of the house calling... I could just picture a coyote having him for a snack. He came running up -- but whew, what a scare! I'm glad Ceiba is safe and sound.


That entire post wreaked havoc with my blood pressure - glad she's safe & sound & all waffled up!


YAY! I am glad you found her, love that you gave her a PTS waffle! so great :)


I saw a very well taken care of looking dog wandering around my neighborhood without identifying dog tags. I was so upset for the poor dog but there was nothing I could do to return it! I just hope it found it's way home.
Please people, put tags on your pets with phone numbers and such. You never know when they will get lost!


ok- I read me mah blogs while taking a "pumping break" at work, and this entry, well it just tore at my heartstrings (and gave me 2 extra ounces).... TMI?


I'm so glad she's okay! Our dog ran away during Tropical Storm Fay and has never been found. She was old so we think she died. It's heartbreaking.


So glad you found her!


Awwww, freedom ain't for the weak, is it?


I can't even tell you how many times I've had to find my dog after he took off...it's the worst feeling. I'm the one always running to save strays while my husband is warning me that they could have rabies!! I just cannot stand to leave animals behind to get hit by cars or worse :(


Damn,m that's one way to jump start labor...
Glad everyone's OK!


elle- YES. Cannot tell you the number of times I've tried to help pets that seemed lost but been foiled by a lack of collar. (I know it's possible they were microchipped, but seriously -- I may approach a stray to check for a phone number to call but I'm NOT about to put it in my car and drive to the nearest vet's office when it could be standing 10 feet from its house for all I know. TAG YOUR PETS! Use a harness or a separate collar for leashes in case they slip loose!)

I've occasionally taken Ceiba's non-runner-escapee personality for granted and forgotten to put her collar back on after a bath, but whew, I was glad to know she had it on today. (Complete with cell phone numbers AND how to correctly pronounce her name in parentheses, and no, I am not making that up.)


Awww. While it was surely scary for you, think of how FUN it was for her! She was probably all, "YAY! AdventureAdventureAdventure Goin' on an adventure."

Glad she made it back safe and sound!


The scariest part of the story is that Jason wears crocs!


But did YOU score a post-traumatic stress food of your choice?

Oh Ceiba. Such a cute troublemaker. :)


Basement pooping - snort!

I love it when you write about Ceiba, you have her voice down to a tee (and also because she's so cute and I waaant a little dog of my ooown)! I'm glad she's such a good wee dog that she came when you called her. And were you serious about having the pronunciation of her name on her tag?!! You do know that's mental, right?!


My dog does this strange trick of getting out of our yard at least once a week. Its so scary everytime and everytime he comes right back home like what? I cant walk myself?


So glad your sweet girl is safe and right back where she belongs on the couch!


Are you sure that's a dog and not a rat?


My white german shepherd Caesar got out of the gate once. I ran out front in a panic to find him sitting in the middle of the street right in front of the house, growling at anyone who tried to go past. When he saw me he came running over and was clearly proud of himself for protecting me so well. He died a couple years ago, and I still miss him dearly.


I'm glad your puppy is okay!

mrs. q.

Well, that oughtta get labor started!


OMG this brought back a memory I had forgotten.Both of my dogs got out and ran down the block when I was almost 9 months pregnant. I was also in pajamas but to complete the look I grabbed a bag of tortilla chips to shake at them cause that always worked to get them to come in. So in 90 degree heat in July with my huge belly, I ran down my street shaking a bag of chips at my two idiotic dogs. They eventually stoppped and I was stuck sitting in someone's yard holding onto their collars because I had forgotten their leashes. They weighed 30 and 60 pounds respectively and the 60 pound lab mix ended up dragging me across someone's lawn on my belly when I tried to walk holding onto her. I had to wait there until a UPS guy drove by and helped me get them back to my yard. It slso caused a trip to L&D cause the belly dragging made some contractions. So, that was fun. But my three year old son is now head over heels in love with our dog so I guess it was worth it.


I am so freakin' petrified of this happening with my little rat dog, even though I sort of wanted to kick him today. Glad it worked out well for you. I don't think mine would come back.


Oh my goodness I'm so glad you found her. That is the most terrifying thing that a dog owner can go through (that is a dog owner of a dog who doesn't know better than to not run away - much like my dog).

I understand. Woo.


This is too funny! Not that you lost her, of course. But when I read your first paragraph and your description of this dog all I could think of was how this dog sounded just like my mother-in-law's min pin. I sat there shaking my head going "that sounds exactly like Max - that's Max!". And as I scrolled down to continue reading there was the picture and honestly I could've sworn it was MAX! They must be siblings! Max has the same personality and quirks! (Max also LOVES to secretly pee in the dining room!) So glad she came back and that you didn't have a heart attack in the meantime!


Post traumatic stress waffles are theeeee best type of waffles.

Is Ceiba named after the restaurant in DC? I gots me a pretty engagement ring there a few years ago.


I'm so glad you found your sweet little doggie! BTW, is that a chihuahua? And if so, what is it about chihuahuas and their potty training skills, or lack thereof? Mijo certainly knows that he's supposed to go potty outside... but i still can't turn my back on him for a minute, cause he'll pee on the couch or poop in someone's shoe. Yes, in someone's shoe! Crazy chihuahua!


Post-traumatic stress waffle, heh! She's got your number, all right. :)


So glad your waffle girl is okay. You girls have to stick together and she knows it.


Usually when we "lose" our dog and frantically run around our urban neighborhood screaming his name like a couple of crazy people we find him in his crate. Where we put him. For doing something naughty like pooping on the kitchen floor. But not until after we assure all of our neighbors that we are lunatics. It never occurs to us to check the crate first for some reason. Much more likely he learned how to open locked doors and make a break for it.


Oh, every pet owner's worst nightmare. Glad she'll home and annoying you again, where she belongs.

Trista E

I am lost on the whole croc thing? What's wrong with crocs?

I don't wear mine in public but they make great house shoes or running to the mailbox shoes?

Btw...glad your dog is back. We have a pug and a weenie dog and I admit that if they were lost, I'd be heartbroken...even though I cuss at them and threaten to kick their asses everyday.

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