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Three Years

Today's post was supposed to be about this past year -- the challenges, the privileges, the tiny details that I struggle to remember as I watch my baby turn more and more into a big boy, a child, a little person. Assembling a year's worth of video clips yesterday put that sharply into focus, as oh, he's so big and long and lean now, so different than last year, when I also lamented the loss of my baby and oh, how big and long and lean he was.

But then this morning his school called. He's not feeling very well, and he wants nothing in the world right now except to lie in bed with me, while I hold him and rub his back and head and sing the same songs I've been singing for the past three years.

Today, he is still my baby. And he will be tomorrow and the day after that, and for the rest of his life, and what a wonderful challenge and privilege that is.


Happy birthday, buddy. We'll get you feeling better in no time, I promise.

Noah's third birthday from amalah on Vimeo.



Yet another sobfest at my desk...courtesy of Amalah...when they fire me for being hormonal...I'm blaming you.

Happy Birthday big guy...you've given more people than you could ever know a reason to smile today.


My little girl turns three today too. I had been reading your blog for awhile and didn't realize Noah and my girl were the exact same age, although I knoew they were close. You're absolutely right about them always being our babies. I was thinking the same thing today as I sent her off to school.


His face at the fireworks!....priceless.
Happy Birthday Noah.


Thanks for sharing your love and life... I like the song choice, too.

Happy Birthday Big Guy!


Wow, what a year. And it is amazing to watch his progress like that, even as I've followed it over the years. His face when he was watching the fireworks was just adorable.

Amy, I know you are, but you should be so proud of him. What a gorgeous kid and what fantastic progress he has made over the past year.

Happy birthday Noah!!!


Ouch. My ovaries are squeezy. Must get one of my own.


Hey You

I am going to go and take a picture of my two year old's dimpled hands right now, in case they are gone tomorrow. Thank you for sharing a teeny piece of your darling son.

Jenn K

Every year you've done this, and every year, I cry.

Happy birthday, little buddy!


Oh, I am weeping. Again.

So beautiful. Enjoy your day cuddling with your (long, lean) baby.

Happy Birthday Noah!!!


LOVE the fireworks scene. My heavens, that child is preshus. Happy Birthday, Noah!


Ugh! I just did my make up and you have me crying!

Happy birthday, little Noah!


shit woman, you made me weep at my desk.
happiest birthday noah, your mama loves you so much.




From a brand new mom, thanks! What a year of growth. Love the fireworks clip.

Thanks for sharing.

Amy M

Happy birthday, Noah! He's adorable. I love your video compilations. You may have guilted me into getting my butt in gear & making one for my 2-year-old.


well, thank god you got that posted before the boy got home. i would NOT want this moment ruined by someone eyeing me suspiciously about why i was crying over pictures of someone else's child.

noah: fall better soon. and thank you for still being little enough to not be entirely pissed that your mom shares you with us this way. it means the world to us. i promise, it really does.


Falling asleep in the chair... adorable.

Happy birthday, Noah!


note to noah: not so much on the "falling" better.
if you must know, the internet enjoys to see pictures of you stumbling around like a little drunken monkey. ahem--last year, anyone?

anyway, i meant: "FEEL better."

carry on.


Just wanted to comment on how much I love the picture in this post - you're holding and looking at him, he's looking at you, and baby TiVo is present, but unseen. What a beautiful picture. :)


I am so choked up after watching that..He has come so far! Hope he feels better.


You've got one cute kid there. Nice song, too!


Just wanted to comment on how much I love the picture in this post - you're holding and looking at him, he's looking at you, and baby TiVo is present, but unseen. What a beautiful picture. :)

anne nahm

Happy birthday little guy! Hope you feel better soon.


Man, he's cute. I hope he gets to feeling better soon, and hope he has a happy birthday in spite of being sick.

Maxine Dangerous

Man, stop making me cry at work! That was beautiful. Great song. What a precious little boy. Happy birthday, Noah! :)

Heather B.

Happy Birthday, bud. Love you lots!


Wow, that was beautiful. Happy Birthday Noahlah.


Oh, that was just wonderful. I hope I'll have time to do the same when my little girl turns 3 in December. What do you use to edit your videos?


Amy, I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes.

And making fun of myself because I DON'T EVEN KNOW YOU. Or Noah!

But that video was an ode to a boy you love so much. It was an ode to the difficulties, some of which you've shared with us, that have made you love that boy all the more.

And that? That's beautiful.

Thanks for sharing.


I always love the Birthday Montages. Happy Birthday and Feel Better Soon, Noah!


Precious. Priceless. Thanks for sharing him with us, Amy.

Hey Noah, Happy Birthday! I hope you feel better so you can have a cupcake before your momma eats them all.

Donna P


Happy Birthday, Noah.
Little man.


Thanks for sharing Noah's video. The love in your family just radiates out from my computer screen. Happy Birthday to Noah!


Happy birthday, dear sweet Noah!!

(Hope you feel better very soon).

She Likes Purple

Happy birthday, Noah.


After just spending the last hour trying to get my exhausted crying 1.5 yr. old to give it up and nap I find this in my feed reader. Now I'm the one crying.

Happy Birthday Big Guy.


Happy birthday, Noah!

That part where he was falling asleep was absolutely priceless.


Thank you for sharing the wonder, magic, and pure awesomeness that IS Noah with us.

Happy birthday, sweet boy. Feel better fast!


Totally crying.

My little guy is sick too. His snuggliness is almost worth his gross cold.

Happy Birthday, dude!


Happy Day sweet Noah!
I am a wreck now. My boy turns one on Monday and I have been having a really hard time with him growing so quickly. I don't know why it is hard to watch a healthy baby thrive, but for some reason it hurts.
Awesome video.


God, but do you have a knack for bringing me to tears....


What a beautiful video of your son! What an enchanting little boy with the world as his oyster!




Jason so beautifully summed up parenthood with "It's okay, I'll carry you."

all things BD

Great video. Tears started as he watched the fireworks. THAT face and THAT expression are priceless.


God he is adorable. Damnit.


Egads. I don't even know you and you made me cry. I think "montage" is French for "pass le Kleenex."


oh goodness - that was beautifully sweet. Great moments of the year.

Loved the clip of Noah fighting sleep in his high chair. He waves you off as if to say, "No, no. I got it - I'm good - I'm not sleepyzzzzzzzzzz."


Happy Birthday Noah!


Oh, my. The tears, the tears! And I don't even "know" this little guy. So, so sweet.


What a lovely video that, like others, brought me to tears. I'm going home to video my son pronto, before he grows up, and I forget how small he once was.
Happy Birthday, Noah! I hope you feel better.


Lovely entry.

Happy birthday, Noah.


Hi, Amy...

Your video is absolutely breathtaking. My husband and I are expecting our first baby in February and I feel inspired now to do the same thing for her.

Thanks for sharing!

Lizzle Dinwizzle

I've been reading you for a while and love your site. The stories of your adorable 3 year old, hearing about the pregnancy. Now that I've found out Noah and I share a birthday I'm hooked for life. Happy Birthday darling, Noah! It's the best day to be born.


Happy birthday, little prince. What an incredible video to celebrate an incredible little boy.
Thanks for giving your mama another day of your babyhood to cherish.


Happy Birthday, Bub!


(beautiful vid, Mom!)

Dr. Maureen

Aww. I'm teary. My favorite part was him falling asleep in the chair, followed closely by his proud, "I did it!" when he turned on the faucet ALL BY HIMSELF.


What a beautiful tribute to your little man.


Wow. So that is what you are supposed to do with all the seemingly mundane footage of kids growing up. That was amzing, I really loved the beach and fireworks footage of Noah...Happy Birthday to and feel better to the little guy.


Happy 3rd Birthday, sweet, smart, adorable Noah!! I hope you feel better and have some fun on your special day.
MUCH love from one of your many blog aunties :)


Happy birthday, Noah!

Feel better, dude.


Oh man, I'm such a sap, that made me cry. In a good way though.

Happy birthday Noah!


So just today I mentioned how excited I am to be a mom, and that video right there illustrated so perfectly precisely why. You are one of the moms who always reassured me that it could be wonderful. Thank you.


Happy Birthday Noah!


god, that just made me bawl! esp the look on his face during the fireworks. and oh, god, the curls. i have no children, but i'll tell you what: you and noah sure make me want one!

Cecily T

Can someone tell me what song this is? It goes so well with the video and what's been going on with Noah. Good job on getting that awesome video together. These will be so neat for him to watch when he's bigger.


Thanks for sharing your journey with us, Amy.
Happy Birthday, Noah.


*Sob!* *Sniffle*
Happy birthday, Noah! Feel better, sweetie.

Rae Ann

As if I didn't already have a girl crush on you, you post that video! It was wonderful. It makes me think of my babies and how quickly they are growing up. Sob!



I visit your site periodically, and have commented maybe a few times. But I am compelled to comment on this post. Or - not really the post as much as the video tribute.

I may become a little misty or a bit emotional over people. I may even get that "choked up feeling" in the back of my throat sometimes. But this? This. This! This made me cry - big full tears, in spite of myself. This was beautiful. So beautiful, Amy, in the way that you captured your baby - immortalized him. In his journey to be able to "say what he needs to say", you have said so. very. much. Not only do I marvel at your video cutting/pasting/adding-music abilities, but your ability to capture a moment, a feeling, childhood... motherhood. As a mom of a 3 year old, you have made me remember my own little one's journey, and have made me vow to put on the breaks in my busybusybusy life just to look at her. To blow the dust off my video camera. To caputure those sweet moments like turning on a faucet and putting on shoes. To take time to write down the things they say like "cheese with sandwich on it." To remember to let them run but be close behind. There is so much to be said in these formative years. Years that feel long, but are really very short. Thank you so much for reminding me. And thank you so much for sharing your sweet boy, and his sweet journey.

Love to all of you,


Happy Birthday, Noah! If only you knew how much happiness you bring to the big bad Internet on a regular basis...

bouncy czech

well done!

now i am all choked up...

happy b-day!


Awww. Happy Birthday, Noah! Get well soon, little guy.

And I can't watch the video at work, but I already know it will make me cry.


How simply precious. Happy Birthday little guy, get well soon!

Dawn B

Okay here I go crying again. But it's so worth it! Your video was beautiful and sweet. Happy 3rd Birthday Noah!! You are such an inspiration and you are going to be the best big brother ever.
Just please what ever you do, do not ever give the baby an opened box of tissues to play with. No excuse me while I go and look for a piece of tissue off of the floor somewhere.


The song is so perfect! So beautiful.

Burgh Baby

Perfect. Absolutely perfect.

Happy birthday, Noah!


I feel like I am simply copying Kenya, but I couldn't have said it better. I don't think that I have ever commented, but I feel the need to today. This video made tears stream down my face. I am, right now, listening to my nearly 3 year old as he talks to himself in his bed, waiting for either sleep to come and find him or for him to give in to sleep - I am not sure which quite yet. It is taking everything in me to not go in there and wrap him up and fold him into me. I know if I did, I'd sob into his hair and beg him to forgive me for not being deserving of him.

beautiful, Amy. Thank you for reminding me (especially today, a day in which he has tested every one of his limits) how very special and fleeting this time is.

Happy Birthday, Noah.


Wow, my son turned 3 today too.
Except luckily enough he made himself well enough for party food and crazy antics.
Happy Birthday Noah


That was amazing. Happy Birthday Noah!


happy birthday, sweet boy. 3 is great!

feel better soon.


it's "Say What You Need To Say" By John Mayer, by the way :)

(for the person who asked above... Cecily T)


So cool to see his signing! I wish I'd gotten some of my daughter's signing on tape....


Happiest of birthdays, Noah. Feel better quickly.

Amy, thanks so much for sharing part of him with us.


There is just nothing, NOTHING sweeter than kids trying to stay awake sitting up. LOVE the video!


Perfect song, Amy. Happy Birthday, Noah! We all hope you are feeling better soon (I hear cupcakes help).


Glad I'm not the only one weeping at their desk...and here I sat thinking "you're being that pregnant, emotional chick again" but no, it's not that...you just have the ability to bring it out in all of us. ;)

The video was awesome, Noah will love these when he's older and a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your little snuggle-pants.


Aww, great video. The clip of him falling asleep in the high cahir was adorable! Happy Birthday Noah!


It was such a big year for your little guy. He's come a long way, Amy. Congratulations, and here's to increasingly awesometastic years in his future.

Happy birthday, Noah! Feel better soon.


Video no longer available! No way! Well, Happy Birthday to Noah anyway! I'm sure it's wonderful to be able to spend every minute these last few days with him as your little (big) boy before baby Tivo comes.


Happy Birthday Noah!


The video is wonderful- what a great job of capturing his spirit. I'd love to know what software you used to put it together.

Kelly J

Oh no, "fireworks face of wonder and delight" killed me!


I'm pretty sure you just made my uterus start to sob. My eyes are a little misty too.
So so beautiful!
Happy Birthday Noah!


Happy Birthday, Noah!

Before you know it, you will be 9, and will ask your mom's hairdresser friend if she will cut your hair & put gel in it, so you can have it spikey on top.

Oh, and you'll have a crush on a girl and you'll want to go off and play with your friends -by yourself - at your school's harvest festival.


Totally off topic, but I just saw a pic of a Ceiba look-alike on the loldog site.


Wonderful! Happy birthday to Noah and congratulations to the three (four) of you for your awesome family. Seeing this was fantastic after reading this past year's posts!


What a beautiful boy you have!


You make me cry every year!! Thank You.
I can not express enough how grateful we all are in you sharing your life with Noah with all of us.

Noah doesn't even know how many people he makes smile each and every day of his precious life. And I wouldn't want to miss a day of it. He has come sooooo far this year. How proud you must be of him.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Amy for sharing him. And I can't wait to watch Tivo grow up also.



Once again you found the perfect song to accompany the birthday video, and once again I watched it and ended up with a lump in my throat. It's not just the cutest that is Noah, it's watching Jason with Noah and you with Noah, and then you in your maternity tankini there at the end, it was like love pouring out of my computer screen and coming right at me. *sniff* Happy Birthday Noah sweetie! I'm sorry you don't feel good, please feel better soon! Big hugs from your friends in Michigan Elizabeth and Kaitlyn xoxoxo


oops, I meant the "cuteness" that is Noah. See? so choked up from watching the video that I couldn't even form a clear thought.

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