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Good Baby


I first noticed Ezra's tongue-tie the morning after he was born. Something increasingly felt "off" in his otherwise picture-perfect, open-wide baby-bird-mouth latch,  I'd yet to see his tongue protrude past his lower lip, and when it did, it looked exactly like the top of a heart. I immediately started looking for someone capable-looking to snip that sucker back, but after a few dozen more increasingly painful latches I was ready to hand my baby off to anybody with a pair of scissors. You there! Orderly! Wanna make a few bucks? Go sterilize your car keys.

So by yesterday afternoon, when I FINALLY had an appointment with a pediatric surgeon, I had no patience for the millionth assurance that a frenectomy was no big deal, that it was better to get this taken care of now rather than later, that it would only hurt him for a split second or two. I briefly wondered if I came across as heartless, and if the proper response to being officially told that yes, Ezra most definitely needed his frenulum separated was possibly not what I said, which was: GIDDY UP.

The surgeon asked me to leave the room during the procedure and go next door to a small private room with couches where I could nurse Ezra afterwards, and again I wondered if I was supposed to be deeply emotionally affected by the pain I was about to put my precious newborn through -- like mothers who stay during the procedure are prone to hysterics and fainting spells. But frankly, after seven full days of sticking my boobs into his pencil sharpener of a maw, I was running a tad low on pity.

In the time it took me to walk eight feet or so to the next room and plop myself down on a couch, the snippage was over and done and my furious baby (who looks EXACTLY like his Grandpa, by the way, when he gets good and righteously pissed-off. Grandpa with a shade of Alien.) was back in my arms and looking for boob. There was not a single drop of blood to be seen, and after a good nursing session he sighed contentedly, let loose a tremendous poop, and all was forgotten.

FILE UNDER THINGS I NEVER THOUGHT I'D SAY: Damn, I need more breastmilk storage containers.

During the five months that I nursed Noah, I can probably count the number of times I could have described it as "blissful" or "wonderful" or even "pleasant." It was...mildly tolerable, most of the time. The early days were so fraught with anxiety and fear and rejection -- he was simply TOO BIG and TOO HUNGRY and I was doomed to become his second choice of a food supply from the moment that first (completely necessary) bottle of formula touched his lips. He was so prone to nursing strikes that I never even tried to nurse in public lest he refuse to latch and draw attention to how awkwardly bad I was at the whole thing. We occasionally had those moments when everything worked fine and our eyes would meet over the small curve of my never-very-full breast and...sigh. This is nice. But we had plenty of those moments when he sucked down a bottle, as well. 

When my milk dried up, it was mostly a relief to stop, although I always felt sad that I'd never really achieved the successful nursing relationship I wanted, the kind other women must have, otherwise why in the world do people get so worked up and preachy about it? Breastfeeding sucked, and I was a little glad to be done with it. I will never, ever judge anyone for quitting. Sometimes it just doesn't work, no matter what the high-and-mighty tongue-cluckers say.

This time has been completely different. Unbelievably different. When the nurse first plopped Ezra rather unceremoniously across my chest in the recovery room post-surgery, leaving me to struggle with positioning him while mostly numb and immobile (because I'd breastfed before, and therefore didn't need any help or even a little refresher course don't get me started on my hospital's breastfeeding support for second-time mothers oh my God GAH), I was able to get him on and nursing vigorously almost immediately -- you'd never know that his birth had been such a rude surprise for him, and so heavily medicated. He was awesome. I'm using words like awesome and wonderful and blissful a lot these days. We're good at this. It works. It insert-Keanu-Reeves-style-WHOA works.

I did things differently this time too, though. I packed Mother's Milk tea and fenugreek capsules in my hospital bag to boost my supply, and probiotic supplements to fight off another thrush infection from the post-c-section antibiotics. I also packed (and unabashedly used) a pacifier to save my breasts from the ravages of non-stop comfort sucking. And I had sterilized bottles and formula at home. I promised myself that I'd give it my best shot, and nothing more.

Ezra did get a couple ounces of formula those first nights at home -- he cluster feeds (we call it clusterfuckfeeding, because OF COURSE WE DO) at night for hours and hours until I'm raw and bone-dry, and since his weight was questionable and his pooping not satisfactory, we topped him off with a bottle and a preemie-flow nipple. And then my milk came in three full days before it did with Noah, and now a couple quick five- or 10-minute pumping sessions post-feeding in the morning gives us all the breastmilk we need for his evening topping off.

He'll take the bottle grudgingly, suck it all down, and then demand one more go at the breast to fall asleep. Because he loves to nurse. And, amazingly, so do I.


I had one recurring dream during pregnancy: I gave birth to a baby boy, and I breastfed him. And everything was fine, and then I woke up. So while I will resist the urge to end this post with a trite and corny saying about dreams coming true, you should know that I'm totally thinking it.


The Mighty Ez, Boob Man.



I'm so glad it's better. NikkiZ was so much better for me as well and it changed my entire outlook on nursing. LilZ only got it for 6 months or so. NikkiZ? I would have gone longer than 14 if she would have let me.

Here's to second chances...


that is so wonderful, Amy. many congratulations.


There is so much about breastfeeding that is a surprise, no matter how prepared you think you are. My son is 12.5 months and we are down to once at bedtime so after time and SO MUCH PAIN and clogged ducts and hell got good at it and it turned into what I hoped it would. But, I wanted to quit no less than a frillion times.
Im glad that it is going well and that his tounge is no longer an issue.
He is beautiful, Amy. Congrats again.


I am so happy for you that you get to have an easy time of it this time around. :) I know not everyone has a blissful nursing relationship, but when it is, well, it's something really incredible.

And are all babies that cute and I just forgot or is he one remarkably good-looking baby? He really is gorgeous.


Yay! I am so happy for you. Breastfeeding was (is) so important to me, and I hated that I struggled with it at first (even though I didn't have the supply issues you had to deal with). Good for you for being willing to put in so much effort this time after having such a discouraging experience last time. You deserve for things to be going well.

Also: Ezra is adorable.


so glad things are going well in boobland :)


Maybe Noah will be more of a legs kinda guy.

So glad it's working out!!


So glad to hear that nursing is going well for you this time around. I had a nursing relationship with my first baby that sounds very similar to your experience with Noah (things never clicked for a number of reasons, and our nursing relationship slowly demised from week 1, taking it's last dying gasp when my guy was 7 months old). Now that I'm pregnant with my second, I am REALLY hoping it goes better. Or, if it doesn't, that I at least beat myself up about it less :-). Regardless, I like hearing success stories like yours. Congrats!

Ashley Fitting

Oh My GAWD he is so cute!!!! I want one too!!!! :-) Congrats


Yay, they fixed Ezra! Very glad to hear it's going so well.

Anonymous New York

Mighty Ez. Love it. Glad things are working out in boobland.

The Princess

I could have written that post myself! My first daughter wanted to nurse and would have nursed if I had milk but I hemmoraged so bad that I need a blood transfusion and to top that off I had double pneumonia. There simply was nothing left to give her. I was heart broken when my milk that finally did come in dried up after 6 months of pumping and bottle feeding it to her.

My youngest daughter, our nursing relationship was blissful from day one. I love nursing her and now at 9 months almost, she's a champion nurser and only wants me. Secretly, I'm thrilled!!


hooray! he's beautiful


sigh. he is just gorgeous.


Your story sounds almost exactly like mine! I nursed Payton (born 2 weeks before than Noah) for about 4 months with very little success and many bottles of formula. With my daughter, I was determined to make it work, but also gave myself a time line - if it didn't work after a month I was going to stop. I couldn't put myself through another 4 months of that misery in addition to having a toddler to care for as well.

But it turned out great. The first two weeks were torturesome. She was losing weight, I tried pumping 10+ times a day every two hours round the clock, I was drinking my weight in mother's milk tea and popping fenugreek pills like crazy. But after the first couple of weeks everything just started to work. She nursed exclusively for 8 months, then about 4-5 times a day until 12 months, then once or twice a day until 18 months.

I know that breastfeeding is highly advocated and I know that we shouldn't try to scare new mothers off, but damnit if someone had sat me down before the baby was born and said, "Look. This could be the hardest thing you've ever had to do in your entire life for the first 2-6 weeks, but it will get better." then I might have been a lot better off the first go-round.


I've shared this before -- I had successful breastfeeding dreams with both of my girls -- and breastfed them both for 18 months. I just weaned my youngest two days ago and it was bittersweet. Maybe I could be your pinch-hitter? : )


Oh my God, I vividly recall the breastfeeding struggles with Noah and how hard you worked. Amy, it was really amazing.

And now, to see it working for real, the way that it is? How wonderful.


"Go sterilize your car keys"
Just crawled back up to my desk chair but might have to white-knuckle the paper bag for awhile.


This makes me so happy to read. My (4 month old) daughter is currently getting somewhere around 50% breastmilk / 50% formula. I never could quite get my supply up as much as I needed it. She got supplemented from about week 3 or 4. It makes me so happy to hear that it can work better the second time around.


Glad to hear it's going so well. And is it just me, or is the Mighty Ez a little Jason clone?


Dammit. I haven't cried. Until that last paragraph. So, so happy for you guys. (and we have TOTALLY called it clusterfuckfeeding too.)


Well, BOO to the hospital for their treatment of 2nd time nursers! I can't believe that. I was practically bombarded with lactation consultants both times. The first time I really needed the help. The second time I had a preemie who had to be tube-fed, so I had to keep pointing to the pump and shooing them away before I started bawling over the fact I wasn't able to feed her myself!

So glad everything is working out for you!!

bethany actually

As someone who struggled with breastfeeding I SO get your story. Breastfeeding those first few months was HARD and only sheer stubbornness kept me from quitting completely. I'm glad I didn't because for us things clicked around the 5th month (and that 6-8 oz. of formula a day helped her pack on the weight, made the freaking doctors happy, and took the pressure off me) and suddenly we had that awesome, blissful nursing thing going on, and kept it going for over a year.

I am SO glad that Ezra's tongue-tie was an easy fix and that he's a champion nurser!


Oh, this brings all the feelings up to the surface again--my second has been so much easier in this way, too...


I am so glad things are going better this time around! And OH MY GRACIOUS! He is adorable!!


I have had--through sheer luck and cooperative, full term babies--only the blissful kind of nursing relationships but DAMN if the milk-drunk brand-new baby Ezra does not make me want to do the nursing all over again from scratch! (The Dutalier is not being used to its full potential anymore!)

Seriously. I thought I had done my time for now (nursed my daughter for a long, long time; still nursing my son), but it is Just Not The Same as a brand new baby.



Congrats again. He's so beautiful.

You give me so much hope. I'm expecting our second baby in hopefully any day now. Heh. And after a failed first breastfeeding relationship, I'm a little doubtful it'll be any better the second time around. Am giving it a shot, but no guilt if it doesn't work out.

So happy Ezra nurses like a champ.


Amy, you have me crying. I am so damn happy for you. I read your story with Noah and felt for you every moment.

Now I have my first, and we have struggled with the bf'ing, to the point where I pump exclusively. It has not been what I expected. I hate the pump.

But your story with Ezra... it gives me hope that next time, it will be different. To read this is so damn soothing to my soul... maybe next time. Maybe next time, it will be perfect for me too.

So, so happy for you. He's beautiful.

Maxine Dangerous

*thud* Am dead from cuteness kthanxbai.



I am so glad it worked for you this time around. Unfortunately it didn't work for me and my little girl. She had the jaundice and refused to nurse completely. So I am now tied to a pump. I luckily have plenty of milk and she doesn't fight the bottle so I still feel somewhat in control. I can still give her breast milk and it will make the transition to daycare that much easier. Hearing about your struggles with Noah comforted me and hearing your success this time around gives me hope that if I try this again, maybe it will work....


I just loved this. You must be doing something so wonderfully right and well to be able to post with such energey at this stage in the 2-child game! And (again) he is beautiful -- amazingly it seems like he has changed so much since those first pictures.


He is so crazy-cute! Congrats on the breastfeeding triumph!


That's such wonderful news. I'm so happy for you.


I'm actually kind of terrified that it will go well for us this next time, and that I'll still hate it. Because I can imagine that "quitting because it's not working" guilt is way less harsh than "quitting because I just don't like it" guilt.

But hey, this is about YOU, so I am so, so happy that you got your happy ending with this one, and that you're really enjoying it.


I'm pretty far from baby-making goals with my bf (I'd like a ring on my finger, first, thank-you-very-much), but that picture of Ezra just about made my ovaries cry.

He and Noah are such beautiful little boys - you and Jason are so lucky to have such a wonderful family.


Not that most newborns aren't beautiful, ah they aren't, but that boy is a beautiful newborn.


Yippee! I'm so happy that things are going well this time around. And what a darling baby he is!


You don't know me... but just wanted to say that I'm so happy that everything is going so well for you and your family. Ezra is beyond cute!

Me too

As always, your poignant bits make me teary-eyed. My 1st son was a cluster of nursing attempt hell, and while it worked out in the end, there were many MANY days of tears, and much "why didn't anyone tell me this SUCKED so much?!" My second latched immediately, and has happily ever since... Anyone who hasn't struggled to nurse while desperately wanting to should shut the f up... my angst with my first led to shades of PPD, and many months of guilt-ridden anxiety, to the point of resisting formula when he so obviously needed it for better weight gain... Bask in this time around with your well-deserved joyful beautiful baby!!!


if/when i have another one, i will be nursing again. i loved it with my monkey. i was just upset i couldn't do it as long as i wanted. back to work at 3 months, NO allowances for nursing moms. i couldn't relax enough to pump. maybe the next time, i'll get to be a sahm for a while... *fingers crossed*


I'm so glad for you that breastfeeding is going so much better this time!

I'm also glad that little Ezra got his tongue fixed right away. I have a little nephew who had that problem but it was less pronounced, so it was months before it was realized that THIS was the problem with feeding (and spitting up a LOT from too much air getting in) and it was fixed- my poor sister-in-law was at her wit's end and breastfeeding always hurt.
So! I'm really glad you and Ezra avoided all that :)

P.S. He is SO CUUUUUTE!! :)


that is so fantastic! I am so glad breastfeeding is working out so well for the both of you!


I am just so happy for you and your boobs and your tongue untied baby!


I too was amazed at the ease w/ which my 2nd nursed as well. I am glad it has been so much better for you!


I am so pleased for you! I really liked nursing Jack and now Emmie. I think it's an awesome experience for any mom. But I also think bottlefeeding is great too! Whatever anyone wants to do, fine by me.


I'm so glad to hear it's going better the second time around. I unsuccessfully breastfed by first for only about a month, and was able to breastfeed my second for nearly a year. I think there were a number of contributing factors that made it easier the second time around, so that helped.

I'm happy for you that you are having a similar experience.


I just nursed my own baby for the very last time last night, no more babies for me, boo hoo, manda has juice no longer... But, Amy! This is SUCH AWESOME NEWS! It totally cheered me up! Congratulations!


I am so happy for you.

My first and I were going like gangbusters until I had a DVT at 7 weeks post partum. Talk about being caught off guard.

Younger son nursed until 21 months and would have gone further until once again, a medical need caused me to stop.

After what happened with my first, I was thankful for the time I got to breastfeed my younger son, and also will NEVER give someone a hard time about their decision on how to feed their baby.

It's so cool that this is working so well for both of you. :)


Yay! So glad it is going well. Also, I am now wondering if the reason I hated nursing so much had to do with my own son's tongue-tie? No one ever said anything to us about having it fixed and we never really got the hang of nursing...and his tongue still looks like the top of a heart when he sticks it out. Hmm.


I'm so glad the nursing thing is working out. For me, I'm hoping third time's a charm? I guess it's always worth a try, and it's really hard when you get so much pressure from everywhere else, especially your mother who ends up with total amnesia about giving you such a hard time about it! You feel like you have to make a definite decision between breast and bottle before the baby is even born yet! Jerks!


I'm fairly new to reading you, Amy and I actually just finished reading through your archives from Noah's birth through now and the difference (regarding BFing) is amazing. I have thoroughly enjoyed the peeks into your life you've offered readers and am so happy things are going so well for you guys. I had the opposite experience with my two. I had NO expectations for bfing my daughter, I went with the try it and see approach and holy hell it was beautiful. The first two weeks blew but it was roses after that. My 2nd threw me for a loop as I swear to God he had 4 rows of teeth that popped out every time he nursed. Ummm, I didn't realize I ordered a shark baby. I had to go in and get surgical binding goo to close the open wounds that were broken open every time he nursed. After 4 months things got better and we're still going strong at 10 months but it sincerely sucked ass.
PS- This is already too fricken long but ditto for me on the 2nd baby= no bfing support. I was at a loss for treatment of 2nd time moms in general. Just because I did this once 3 years ago does not make me an expert. A-holios.


I'm just so happy this is working out so well for you two.


I'm so glad it's working for you this time! Lucky girl! I'll never forget that special time. xoxo


As a tongue-tied adult who was born in the 70s when apparently they didn't think to check babies for this or care because no one was breastfeeding, I'm so glad Ezra had his fixed now. For an adult, a frenectomy is much more physically traumatic with a long recovery time and a need to retrain the tongue. So I'm jealous if Ezra.

I'm happy everything is going fabulously for you!


It got better with each kid. I am so so glad you are have a good experience this time. That is one mighty cute kid.

cindy w

I'm so happy that breastfeeding has been easier for you this time. I'm almost terrified to even try when we have a 2nd baby because nursing my daughter was such an awful disaster. But I will give it a shot, and hope that I don't hate and resent it as much as I did last time. (Oh, and that I actually make some milk. That'd be nice too.)

Beautiful boys you have there. Seriously.


I've only been ready your blog for a few months and I really like your style.
I have 3 sons and have breastfed all for 15, 17, 20 months. It gets easier each time. I also had c-sections for all three I had big babies biggest 11lb2oz, smalled and last was 9lb15oz. Congratulations on your beautiful son. I really love his name and I hope you have continued breastfeeding success, sounds like your little man is a champ nurser.


Oh geez, now I have to go find my youngest child to nurse with again. She's less willing now that she's in 2nd grade and has a lunchbox. So glad you found that bliss, congratulations and enjoy every minute of it!!


I was unable to breastfeed at all. I often wondered if I had another if I'd try again. Thanks for telling me it's possible.


damn you, you are so making me want another baby. stop it! stop it right now!


Oh, I'm so happy for you! I was lucky enough to have an awesome breastfeeding experience with my daughter and it broke my heart to read your struggles last time. You tried SO HARD (so much harder than I did even though our experience was so good, really) and had so many strikes against you: Noah's size, your late milk, your scarred breast tissue, etc.

I've been praying that it would go more easily for you this time and I'm so glad that it actually is! Sometimes things just don't work out but sometimes, thanks be, they do.


Congratulations on the baby!

Sorry you had to deal with it but so glad I wasn't the only one who had second child no care from the damn hospital. You would think that since my son is 15 YEARS old, that maybe things may have changed or that I forgot what the heck to do with a newborn when the girl child came along. So basically they ignored the fact that I had a headache from the epidural and just sent me home with a newborn and noone even went through bathing or changing or how to position her for sleeping and ignored the headache factor. Yeah 2 weeks later it finally went away. So glad you didn't get that too.

Sounds like all is going great for you this time around and I love your attitude that if it works great if not no stress. Yet I find that hard to believe from reading here for the past couple years. ;) Congrats again and keep up the good work.


I am crying, a little, I'm so happy it's going so well. It's so bad when it goes badly and so great when it goes great. He's beautiful!


Amy-I'm a long time lurker, but had to say that this post made me teary!

I'm still nursing my almost-9-month-old daughter and it's not the easiest thing I've ever done, but it's definitely the best. We had a slow start, so I know the early-days anxiety all too well. You were better prepared than I was to combat it - I'm taking notes for next time.

I have been secretly hoping for you that this time would be easier and I'm so pleased to hear that it is. If it hadn't been, you'd all have been great anyway, but what a bonus. Go Ezra!! Go Mommy!!


Three cheers for your amazing boobs! :)


I'm so glad it's going so well! I know you say he looks like your Grandpa, but I think Ezra looks like Jason (handsome fellas ya got there, Amy :)


He's beautiful and SO ALERT. Is he looking at Noah? Congratulations!


Whoa, Ez man looks aware and happy and oh-so-inquisitive (probably wondering where the next delivery via boobie-express is).

Fenugreek capsules and Mother's Milk tea for the hospital bag--NOTED!


So perfectly different they are.

Happy everything's so happy for all of you.


LOVE the pictures, he is so adorably perfect! I'm so happy things are going well & thanks as always for sharing. :-)

Jessica (from It's my life...)

My breastfeeding experience has been surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly, similar to yours. It sucked ass the first time and just... clicked the second time.
And yes, it is blissful, and like a dream come true. So glad you get to enjoy it.


I am so happy for you!! I too had the nightmarish breastfeeding experience, and finally gave up the pump after six months. At one of my many consults with a LC she said that "oh, the second child always breastfeeds without a problem." Um, well, that's great and all but I'm only having one. I am so glad though that her advice proved true for you. I am truly thrilled for you!


Really cute baby, and congrats on the successful breastfeeding! I'm so jealous - my first attempt was nothing short of disastrous (milk never came in, pumped endlessly, nursed and supplemented my 4-week premature shrimplet round the clock but she never gained weight, tried herbal teas, hops, lentils, beer... everything) and ended, after one month, with me sobbing virtually 24h a day and Carla still under 5lbs. Her paediatrician told me to give up for my sake and hers. I was heartbroken, but gave up, and all was well after that. With Lydie, I didn't try as hard, it was just as much a failure, and I gave up even quicker. Both my angels are great (nearly 7, and 4.5 years) but I'm still upset that I failed so badly.
I'm really proud of you and Ezra, and hope it all keeps going so well.
And he really is adorably cute!


That's GREAT that the nursing's going so well now. SWEET! It IS nice when it goes well.

My first -- a girl -- was much easier to nurse than my son. My son was INSANE on the boob -- restless, bity, etc. I couldn't WAIT to stop. But, I nursed them both for a year. I wasn't QUITE ready to quit nursing the girl, but the boy? HALLELUJAH! He wasn't ready, though....

I'm glad the tongue thing went well. My friend's son was born like that, too -- it runs in the father's family. They left it, though, and he actually grew out of it.


how awesome! my first refused to nurse too. he is tongue tied but i was assured he wasn't tied enough for it to make a difference. heh. regardless, he only wanted the bottle, so i pumped forEVER. i was also glad to be done when i dried up.

my second, like yours, has been totally completely different. wants nothing to do with a bottle and is a crazy nursing champ. he just turned 7mo last week and i'm having major anxiety that i'm leaving him on sunday for a WHOLE DAY. because i think he will panic and lose his mind without a boob for a WHOLE DAY.

so, wish us luck.

and dreams DO come true.

Thrift Store Mama

Thanks for sharing your breastfeeding story. It's important for people to know that it can be easier the 2nd time around.

Really, really happy for you.


I'm so glad it's better this time around! I had the same experience with my first -- eating for 45 minutes, sleeping for 45 all night long for three months. Gnawing my tender bits in ways I could hardly imagine were human. But with #2, bliss really was the only word. She was GOOD at it, and so was I, and so we were, and it lasted a whole year. I wish you many days (and nights) of happiness with now, especially now that the tongue-tie is fixed!


I can't believe all you had to go through to get his tongue snipped. I noticed it, told my doctor, and he snipped her tongue while I held her. It is funny how they do things differently in different areas.

I am glad everything is going so great. You sure have cute kids! Enjoy!


Like my momma always says... some men are boob men :)


Oh Amy, I'm so happy that nursing is going well this time around. Nursing is difficult, hands down, and not everyone can do it. When I had my daughter, I was very lucky to have my mom (the Lactation Consultant) at my house for two weeks. I know how blessed I was, and felt for other women who didn't have a baby nurse on hand 24/7. My mom, who jokingly calls herself The Nipple Nazi, has complete compassion for women who just can't seem to get nursing to work. She didn't nurse her kids except for her last (back then you gave them formula, period), and she understands the pressure put on women to formula feed, to nurse, to be THE Perfect Mother and to just plain balance on one's head while juggling and claim that you just LOVE the CHALLENGE! She gets it. So even when she was there, I didn't feel undue pressure to get nursing RIGHT. Just do what is best for your baby. That's her belief. Try, but don't exhaust yourself and beat yourself up if it doesn't take. That benefits no one. Especially your child.

I tell her about your blog. She's old school and doesn't own a personal computer, but she will be thrilled to hear how well nursing is going for you and Ezra. And how happy you are about it. She became a Lactation Consultant to help new mothers (after being a labor and delivery nurse for years and years). For her to hear that things are working beautifully for you and your son, will make her day. And I'm sure she'll brag about you. Not that she (nor I) have ever met you. But to her, a happy Mother and a happy baby, REGARDLESS of formula or breastfeeding, is a success story.



He's so beautiful, and I am so happy for you...

Amy H

so glad that it is working out for you this time. I love nursing! (but not in a nursing nazi way)

Are you going to tell us the story of how you came up for his name? I think it is such a cute name.


Yay for the boobies!
That orderly bit? HILARIOUS. Made me laugh out loud. I can just picture some gawky teenager sharpening his keys.

Will you tell us the name you would have done for a girl?


1. Your babe is a beaut
2. You are feeding my baby fever.
3. I never BF my 1st........but your post encourages me to my one day 2nd.


When it works, its incredible but when it doesn't it sucks (pun intended). I'm so glad nursing is going so well this time around.


Awesome! Seriously awesome! My 2nd go at breastfeeding was a totally different and so much better experience too. It does help to know what you're doing and not put so much PRESSURE on yourself. Glad it's going well, and for the record, I was never one to tear up and cry when my kids got their shots like so many other moms do, or the circumcision or whatever. They get over it so quick - no need to get worked up about it, right? Enjoy him!


What a beautiful entry, a beautiful baby and an absolutely beautiful mom. Amy, I don't know you personally but if I did, I would give you a big hug with a solo tear coming down my cheek. You are AWESOME!!


My husband was tongue-tied when he was born, too. His tongue is a little "shorter" than most people's (he can't stick it out that far) but he had a frenectomy just like Ez and otherwise he's fine. ;) Ezra is beautiful. Congratulations to you both. :)


Yay! I've so glad for you that the nursing thing is working out so well! Go Amy and Ez!

I'm also glad that you were able to get his tounge tie taken care of. My husband, who is 32 years old, is tounge-tied. He wishes beyond wishing that his parents would have taken care of it when he was a newborn (just add it to the list, ya know what I'm sayin'). He's too scared to do anything about it now, but apparently it's easier as a little boy when you can stick your tongue out at another little kid who's being a jerk.


I was totally negligent and had not been reading, so OMG, he is GORGEOUS. I never thought I would want another. I had the same problems with Ozzie that you had with Noah, and we quit after 10 whole days. We got a lot of crap for it, esp from my superboobfeeder SIL. So, you are incredible, mama. Keep up the good work. What a superpower, making your own nourishment!! Kudos again, on your handsome boy, and his grown up big bro!!


Hi...I'm a long time reader, but first time commenter. I started reading after my miscarriage this time last year and have found such encouragement in your writing. Encouragement AND laughter! Thanks for being so open and for giving me something good to read while on 25 weeks of bedrest with my third baby. She is now three months old and while our breastfeedinf relationship never really got off the ground (preemie) I love hearing that yours is going so well! You made me less likely to beat myself up over the fact that I have tried to breastfeed three children and each of them has their own struggles and I was never very successful at it. Ezra is beautiful and I can't wait to "watch" him grow up. Thank you for your writing rock!


When you write his name as Ez, I read "easy". Seems like this time around it's fairly much that. I'm so happy for you I could scream. Because my second-go-round was a horrible nightmare. Golly, I'm happy for you!


duuuuude. Ezra is cuuuute. Yay boobies!

just beth

I have a boobman, too:

I'm so glad for you and Ezra!




Did the EXACT thing with my 2nd child - I thought razors were driving into my nipples when she nursed.

Frenectomy ended all that pain immediately (okay, after my nips healed).

Third child?

He was tongue-tied and there was NO WAY I was paying $400.00 and waiting 2 weeks for the same procedure I HAD WATCHED before.

I did exactly what the doctor did - using sterilized surgical scissors, Jeff lifted and I clipped my son's myself.

Brought him to my breast, and problem was solved.

I love saving $400.00 and relieving pain that fast.

Believe me, I could share in your pain.


What a wonderful outcome!


i remember what a hard time you had with noah, i wanted to e-hug you every time you posted. im happy for you that its going so well this time :o)


You're such a good Mommy.

My first year of teaching I actually taught a little girl who was born with the same issue and hadn't had it fixed until she was almost 6. Talk about your speech and language delays! She was the sweetest thing ever, but I didn't quite get how her parents had let the problem go for so long.

Therefore, YOU ROCK!


Super happy for you. Same story with me, first time not so good. Second time? Had to stop when he started biting me (and then smiling) around 11 months. The best part was when he decided he only wanted the right side. If I tried the left, he was all "Eff this sh*t, woman." So we settled on the right side, I suspect because the flow was so much better. I fondly remember many occasions in which he would be blinking breast milk out of his eyelashes and gasping to keep up with the flow. And days when I was away from him for more than 6 hours. Lopsided hilariousness.


I so wish someone would have caught (including me) the fact that my 3yr old is tongue-tied. It would have solved a lot of problems had I paid attention.

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