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Duuuudes. WTF day is it? Childbirth brain ate words not forming so good also boobs. Booobs! Dude. Etc.


Ezra Harrington Storch was discharged from the hospital Saturday morning, weighing in at a rather puny six pounds, 12 ounces.


He was put on a strict regimen of Moar Boobage. Expectations were low, as the boobs in question are known for their losing record in past seasons.

Young Storch is also having problems with his frenulum (AKA that stretchy bit of uselessness under the tongue), a condition his mother first started pointing out to people on Thursday morning, but oh, do you think anyone listened to her? Do you think she ever got the visit from a lactation consultant she requested over and over and OVER? Do you think it was at all helpful when the LC showed up AS WE WERE WALKING OUT THE DOOR POST-DISCHARGE to announce that hey! This baby is tongue-tied! How about that? I bet your boobs are KILLING YOU.

Do you think maybe someone is still just a tad annoyed by this, a little bit?

However, the teeth were gritted and the milks came in and  the Soothie gel pads were applied and GODDAMN, this kid is cute and at today's weigh-in we are back up to seven pounds even and the tongue-tie will be dealt with on Thursday and GODDAMN, this kid is cute.



Anyway. I am tired, but Internet, I am so HAPPY. I know! I'm shocked too. I remember these days from last time, and I distinctly remember my hormones crashing through the floor sometime around day five. I remember much weeping.

I love him so much already. I love looking at him, feeding him, praising him for such good pooping! Best pooping ever! My in-laws left today and for now we're on our own, and yeah, I sure would like a little more sleep and a LOT more patience for Noah and his Terrible Attack of the Threes, Oh My God, I Love You So Much Too But Get A Freaking Grip On Yourself Already. But then he hugs and kisses the baby and the baby smells so good and is so tiny and Noah is so handsome and gigantic and there's little to do but just drink in the chaos and admit that it's still all kinds of awesome.


This, however, is not so awesome.

This is what happens when you bring home an infant who is a good three pounds under your clothing expectations, so even after a frantic trip to Target for some newborn footie sleepers you still aren't particularly well-stocked in clothing that won't swallow your baby's head up whole, and then you promptly go through every single one of those outfits in one day.

And then the dryer breaks.


Grill pan or pants? Take your pick.

(At least it wasn't a leg this time. I definitely prefer a busted appliance to a busted-up dog.)


all things BD

Oh, the cuteness. It just might be fatal.


What an adorable little bean. Congrats on your beautiful boy. :)


OMG - delurking and FIRST? He is so delicious...enjoy, enjoy, enjoy...


Welcome Home, Ezra!! Love the middle name. Curse that dryer!!


yay yay yay for that sweet baby and your family! He's already a champ, what with the overcoming the tongue-tiedness and whatnot!


Our dryer broke the week before my due date. I was in hysterics.

Seriously, Ezra is SO INSANELY ADORABLE. I think I just decided to have another baby and it is ALL.YOUR.FAULT. :)


The win picture is the best. Perhaps its sheer magickness will make the dryer work again.


He is so adorable! Definitely a keeper!

Mrs. CPA

And are you goign to tell us how he got his middle name or did you just like it?

What a cutie!


He is sooo beautiful. How is it that your newborns are so perfect? I look at other babies and think ew. But your boys make me crazy for one of my own!


He is sooo beautiful. How is it that your newborns are so perfect? I look at other babies and think ew. But your boys make me crazy for one of my own!


Oh he is so beautiful and I am sincerely jealous. What a gorgeous couple of boys you have. Hope the baby leg warmers fit ;)


I was about to say, at least it was Ceiba! He's beautiful!


Oh, so cute! So adorable! I love that little "back arched, arms up" stretching thing babies do.

My sister had twins about 2 months ago, and one was born tongue-tied. The hospital refused to do anything about it, the pediatrician took a wait and see approach... long story short, her little frenulum wasn't clipped until she was over a month old (uh, my niece's, that is, not my sister's). By then my sis was a slave to the nipple shield and couldn't BF without it. Glad you are getting it taken care of - no reason not to, really.

You have such a cute baby on your hands, really!

La Petite Chic

He is so gorgeous!! Everything sounds perfect despite the tongue tie-edness and broken dryer :)


Damn, you are too smart! And that babeh is too cute. Re: Frenulum- Clip that thang ASAP- my brother had it done when he was older and he was NOT happy about it. I could probably use a little clipping on mine but just got a major case of the heebie jeebies just typing this.


Most. Adorable. Baby. Ever.

That's all. Congratulations! :-)

the ex

OH my hell that baby is adorable!

And I love the choice of Harrington. It's just the kind of name for a deelishuzzz baby like him!


So happy everyone is at home and happy! And sorry about your dryer! Yeah, newborns are hell on the laundry equipment...


Oh, he's scrumptious.


He is adorable!!! Looks so much like you and Noah. Congratulations!!!


He is so beautiful. Congratulations! And my condolences on the dryer. Ours has been out for over a week now and it's not pretty.

blissfully caffeinated

Gorgeous, gorgeous baby! Congratulations!


He is gorgeous (in a masculine way, of course).

Coincidentally, I am due in a week and my dryer just broke on Saturday night. I am not happy either!


Sisters kid was tongue-tied. Clipped in peds office and lacation person at peds office gave her a shield. WHAT A DIFFERENCE both made - for latching and saving the nipples.


My God, he's ADORABLE!

Glad you're so happy. :)


Oh dear heavenly lord he is nom nom NOM NOM.

(That's a very scientific term -- I looked it up.)


Oh, he is insanely adorable!!

WTH is up with the dryer timing, eh? Sending good dryer thoughts. And why is it that "professionals" take their sweet time listening to things we have noticed, huh?


He's beautimous!


I cannot emphasize enough how much I love his name! And that second picture cracks me up. He's got a "I'm here. And what?" stance going.


He is perfect! Congratulations again to all of you!


Oh. My. GOD. That second picture. Amy, he is SO cute. I, for one, think he looks like Jason - at least so far. And I love Harrington.


Gah I want to squeeze him! You just have to do enough squeezing and smooshing for all of us!


Adorable, much? Yes.

I just had two friends that had three babies this past weekend. I'm loving the cuteness. Both in real-life and on the internets.


He is SOOOO cute. I could eat him.

And funny thing... I had the exact OPPOSITE problem with my newborn clothes. Daughter #1 was so little and petite, TOTALLY UNEXPECTED since my husband and I were BOTH BIG babies.... and we were advised to not buy the "newborn" size clothes-- 'cause they never wear them long, anyway. RIGHT. Could have used them. So, gosh darn it, I would be prepared the next time around! I bought a TON of "newborn" clothes for Daughter #2, and lo and behold, she came out 9 lbs. I think she wore those oh-so-cute newborn clothes for all of a week.

I think it's all part of the master plan to keep us on our toes. Gotta love parenthood!


Dude, he's SO CUTE!!! (And I'm usually quite partial to my own babies, but Damn, those no denying it...) It totally looks like he's standing up in that second pic. So advanced! Congratulations Amy and Family!


I'm glad I can't have any more, because Ezra is just so darn cute, he'll cause baby lust in many!


That middle name is perfect-is there a family significance?


Awwww. the cuteness! and Fie to the dryer.

glad you are enjoying the crazy newborn days.


I'm new to commenting here, but have been following along for quite some time. :) Anyway, I'm delurking to say Congrats! and to commiserate with the tongue tied situation. My husband is tongue tied and so I expected my daughter to be as well. I obsessed and worried about it and asked our pediatrician to take care of it in the hospital, but she said it wasn't that bad. Turns out after a month of excruciating pain, it was that bad... but we were persistent and my daughter was HUNGRY so the little one manage to stretch it all on her own. Now 17 months, the kiddo can touch the end her chin with the tip of her tongue a la Gene Simmons. I'm so proud. But you can bet that when her little bro arrives in about 11 weeks there will be some snipping of the frenulum if need be!

By the way - You have kept me and my husband laughing with your "Zero to Forty" and seeing pics of Ezra makes me all the more excited to have a little boy in the house. Thank you! :)


oh, for the love of pete. how have you not eaten that child whole already?


Oh he is just perfect and beautiful!


Aw! He IS cute. I hope my baby is that cute.


He is very much the most beautiful baby boy I have seen this year! Congratulations, Mommy!


Geez-mine was born very tongue tied and I didn't know there was anything that could be done cuz no one told me. We didn't have any problems though. By the time they mentioned "clipping" part of his tongue, he was all F*** that.
Very beautiful baby that Ezra is.

andrea C

picture number 2 maybe the cutest thing i have EVER seen. OMG i'm dying and i don't even like babies!

more noah & ezra please- becuase you know as the internet we have the right to demand things from a tired mom of a newborn ;)


Damn you, woman! You are not helping my baby cravings at all!!! And it is sooo impossibler now, with an almost 2 year old, me 60 lbs overweight AND my dreams of going to law school in Fall 2010... but I want a baby sibbling for my daughter so bad it hurts. The clock is ticking furiously! CONGRATULATIONS on your beautiful baby boys, both of them (3 if u count you-know-who [:)


Your baby is so adorable!

I just wanted to say that my son had a short frenulum at birth as well, and we had to take him to a specialist when he was a week old. They snipped it really quick, just a couple tiny drops of blood, and then I nursed him and he was fine. And it made latching on oh so much better!


I would pick the pants over the grill pan and hopefully you will too when you dress him!

I'm glad things are going well and that the boobs are not being boobs about the food.


OMG. He's so effing cute. Will he fancy an older woman? SUPER CONGRATS TO YOUR FAMILY!!!!


Congratulations on the new babe! He's a cutie!!
My daughter is also tongue tied. Are you planning on getting his frenulum cut? Just curious....Good luck with everything! :D


OH! It's a squooshie baby and smooshie-smoosh sweetum-pie! YUM!


He's Gorgeous.


Such a cute little peanut! And Harrington? Love. What a great name.


He's so cute! And he's a newborn - I say stick him in a diaper, swaddle him good in a blanket and skip the clothes. No? Normal people think babies need clothes? Well, maybe just until you have time to shop for them, then.


I soo look forward to your new posts of the beautifully handsome boy! (I'm due next month and have that same teddy bear outfit from carter's with the sweater...SWEETNESS!) Good luck with the dryer situation =)


He is just all kinds of cute! Insert "AWWWWW!" to the Nth power. (Sorry, algebra ate my brain.)

My 3rd and final baby was tongue-tied as well, which meant that he had to have not one, but two snipping procedures on two very different, yet highly delicate parts of his body.

I hope you are getting some rest. Two kids is more than twice the work. No one ever tells you that.


I felt the same way after my second was born... SO HAPPY! (After the first was born I was more filled with terror than anything else.)

The picture of Ezra stretching is the cutest thing ever!


He's amazingly beautiful. Congratulations!


sweet fancy Moses, that's a gorgeous kid. Love the middle name, too. ya dun gooood Amy!


So full of the cuties!! He is a gorgeous little boy and glad you guys made it home on Saturday. I see no yellowness - yea!!! really cute coming home outfit too


You are remarkably coherent with everything you have going on...and. damn is that kid cute!


Holy sweet mother, is that baby ever...cute...edible...smoochable...*squeal*!!!

Congratulations to your family!


Wow, and strong too! Just look at him standing up on his own already in that second photo!


He is so amazingly beautiful! He makes me want another little boy.:)


OMG he is so adorable. Congratulations!


Awe so adorable! Crap on the dryer, but ohhh so much better then broken dog! I forgot about that story, haha.

COngrats again!


What is this "cute" of which you speak? He is beyond cute! What a beautiful boy. :)

... and picture #2? OY!


RookieMom Whitney

He is so cute! How did you make a newborn look so cute? Are you ready to write a column with us: Rookie Mom fights through the Sophomore Slump?


I was tongue tied when I was born and they snipped it right away. My, both daughters, wait, maybe it was just one...was also tongue tied. Doc said it would stretch or something on it's own and really all was well. I swear that has nothing to do with trying to give you advice. This is just me being reminded of the tongue-tied-ness of me and my babies.

ANYway, Ezra is wonderfully gorgeous! Congrats!!

Cam Bowman

Oh how sweet. The baby, not the dryer. I totally understand what you are going through. Emma is 10 weeks old today and we had all the same issues, except the dryer. Enjoy every minute!


We have the same stove. I've been in your house and I notice this on the internet.

Oh yeah, the baby, he is way cute.


Bah. Of COURSE the dryer breaks. Isn't that always the way??

In spite of plots against you by the household appliances, I'm glad to hear that all is well and your beautiful wee boy is going strong.

It's kind of amazing how different he looks to Noah when he was a newborn? The same two sets of genes can make a whole crazy array of different looking little people, can't they? Ah, genetics. Wonderful stuff.

Enjoy your boys, Amy, and keep the updates and squishy baby pictures coming! Sending healing thoughts to your poor boobs, and love to everyone else (except that asshole dryer. No love for the dryer!).


He's so precious!


oh the killer cuteness! My newest was tongue tied. I wanted to simultaneously vomit and die when I took him in to get his tongue clipped. It was really no big deal but thinking about it still freaks me out



My little girl has the exact same outfit in the pink from Carters...I can't wait for her to come out and wear it.


He's beautiful. Enjoy.

Heather B.

Ezra Harrington Storch. GREAT name. ;-)

3 weeks until I come down. I'm wondering if I'll be able to hold out that long.


Nathan came home from the hospital weighing 6 pounds 4 ounces and all the newborn size clothes were too big! I ended up borrowing preemie size clothes from my neighbor and he wore those for the first month. Just thought I'd share that ;)

So, the breastfeeding is going better this time? I remember how hard it was for you with Noah so I'm glad you haven't run into any problems. He certainly looks well fed! Honestly Amy, he is just the cutest of the cute.


Congrats on your very cute baby - and his great big brother too!
We had the same problem with our elder daughter (now, amazingly, almost 7 God help me) - we were told not to buy newborn stuff, grow out of it quickly, bla, bla, bla. And hey, whaddya know, she was born 4 weeks early, weighing 4.5 lbs and wore newborn stuff till she was 3 months old.
#2 (now 4 and a half) was almost exactly the same size (and term) at birth, but grew (in length) much quicker... But at least we had newborn stuff that fitted (still can't find trousers or tights that fit her long, skinny frame, though).
Keep enjoying your great new "family of 4-dom", and welcome to adorable Ezra!


Oh, he is just too cute. Both of my nephews were tongue-tied, and both are just fine now (after they got it fixed). I hope the nursing keeps going well. And DUDE, you have TWO BOYS!! How cool is that?!?


Mrs CPA - Harrington is a family name. My MIL's maiden name, and unfortunately there are no boy grandbabies with it to carry it on, so we thought it would be nice to keep it in play for one more generation.

Jerri Ann

I'm with you, he is quite adorable....don't fret the small clothing, he will grow and probably at a faster rate than you plan to be out and about in public with him anyway. So, eh, who needs clothes that fit when you look that cute.


I LOVE the photo of the stretch! So cute! And the clothes on the pot rack! Too funny. Hope the blues don't hit you too hard this time around.


my son was tongue tied and we didn't figure it out / have it snipped until he was 3 weeks. made for a rough weeks 2 & 3 (week 1 was ok because apparently hormones push the milk out at first, sucking takes over later). for what it's worth, the snipping of the frenulum was much worse for me than for him. good luck!


Oh the chaos! He's so cute its totally worth it though. Have to say LOVE his name. Harrington is my maiden name and I used it for my son's middle also. So good choice. Congratulations

just beth

I LOVE that biiiiiggg stretch of the newborns, where they straiiinn and straaaiin and their fists juuust barely make it to the top of their head. Gawd! SO CUTE!

Sorry about your dryer. Sucks.


bethany HARRINGTON. Yay middle name!


His nose is just the best thing ever! I don't think I have seen such a button of a nose in a long time! Love it! My niece had to have her frenulum clipped too, it was very easy peasy and she was none worse for wear!
Lisa they do not cut the actual tongue! :)


So sorry about the dryer, but OMG that baby boy's level of cuteness definitely drives the blues away!

ALSO - Ezra Harrington - WOW. Speechless at how insanely awesome his name is!!


oh, congratulations! you deserve it :) so precious


Those cheeks! Do I see bite marks, cuz nom nom nom... I would've given that LC a titty twister and kept on my way out the door. There just isn't anything like the beginning of a relationship. *sigh*

Cute bebe aside, I hope you're healing and resting and all that good stuff. No sneaky driving or anything, mkay?


I mean this in the bestest, cutest possible way, but looking at the Noah pic when he was a couple days old and looking at the little one here, Ezra looks like the kid's meal version of Noah. HE'S SO LITTLE!


So cute and I love the middle name! We also had appliance trouble...with both babies the hot water heater went, as if it knew we needed to wash things or something.


sweet. fancy. ezra! what a gorgeous child! I want to eat him. In that second picture he looks like he's getting ready to address a crowd of adoring fans with some choice words of baby wisdom. Love it!


Go Boobs! I'm no raging lactivist, especially since I'm still having a rough go of breastfeeding & my daughter is 10 months old (!) but really, go boobs! ANd if you do have low supply (mine was discovered low when Megan was about 2 weeks old) then ask your dr to prescribe domperidone. TOTALLY increased my supply. That's it for the assvice, promise.

And Ezra? Has the best name ever! He is destined for great things. Where did "Harrington" come from?


Amy...I'm a long time reader, and I just had to delurk and tell you how adorable he is! Just so, so cute. I love the stretching picture. Congratulations!!


Go boobs! I'm still breastfeeding my 10 month old (with lots of ongoing agony and issues and if she'd take a bottle dammit I'd totally be done with this)...and despite my MANY MANY pains and problems, I love it and hope you can continue to make it work. At about 2 weeks after my c-section/Megan's birthday, the midwife determined that I didn't have enough milk and prescribed "domperidone." If you think you have a supply issue, definitely request this, it worked wonders for my supply.

And Ezra has the best name ever. Destined for greatness with a name like that. What is the significance of "Harrington"?

It sounds like enjoying newborn #2 is easier already than enjoying newborn #1. Thanks for sharing the deets with us all:)


Oh my god! Nom nom nom!


Oh, for goodness sakes. He IS cute! And he definitely didn't get switched in the hospital or anything because he's looking so much like you in that 2nd photo, it's incredible. Congrats, again, to your family.

Maria Freeman

I am so glad that you discovered the tongue tie early on and are getting it fixed. After 2 1/2 months of nursing agony, my son had his frenulum clipped and can finally move his tongue. The nips. They are so happy! Wishing you smooth nursing and a happy baby......


Delurking here.... congratulations on your beautiful baby boy. He is absolutely adorable and looks like his big brother. What a wonderful addition to your family!


Delurking here.... Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy. He is absolutely adorable and already looks like his big brother. What a beautiful addition to your family!

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