Family 4.0

nOT yET Mastering teh 0ne-handed Typing Thing


Baby may be cross between vampire and those newly hatched velociraptors from Jurassic Park, what with the FEEDING and FEEDING and rarrrry little squawks and howls. I sometimes stick my face in front of his during the frantic rooting, because it amuses me when he attempts to latch on to my nose.


Yeah. So I typed those two sentences awhile ago. Three days, two days, something like that. It's time to admit that entries involving "words" may still be beyond me at this point. You guys like pictures, right?

(Photos ahoy after the jump, so you won't want to kill me over the slow load times.)

A few more from the hospital stay:


Two hours old, or so.



Last night, on our first family pizza outing, which was my idea, wheeee percocet!:





And today. One week old:







PS Things are great. We are great. Breastfeeding (!!!) is great. Still just all around disgustingly happy and great. Seriously could be talked into having a dozen more babies right now, because I am genuinely loving every second of this. Jason is "home" but stuck finishing up one last important project for work that he couldn't delegate to a coworker so I've been essentially going at this whole thing solo, which is also -- no shit, get this -- ALSO GOING GREAT except for the whole "Internet" and "writing" and "seriously, how is this kid hungry AGAIN, OH MY GOD" parts. And Ez does not. like. to. be. put. down. no. no. not. ever, so even during the 45 minutes a day when he is NOT eating or pooping he's pretty much in my arms or strapped to my body in a sling but I better still keep at least one arm wrapped around the sling lest he think for one second that Milks Lady is not within close clamping range.

PPS Luckily, I was able to easily delegate the dumb crap that I do for a living, so please please remember to visit the fine folks at Mamapop who stepped up to cover my posting times AND my hand-picked dream team of guest bloggers over at the Advice Smackdown at AlphaMom. Izzy from IzzyMom, Leah from a girl and a boy and Amanda from Mandajuice filled in for me this week, and soooo many more awesome people will be posting over the next few weeks. Finally, the Advice Smackdown contains 100% actual advice that you might really want to consider taking! For the first time ever! Limited-time offer, come on down before they hand the column back to the scatterbrained crazy lady who's all waxing rhapsodic about poopy newborn diapers!



He's absolutely gorgeous! Makes me want another one. Or not. I'll just look at your pictures.

Glad things are going well!

samantha jo campen

I love him so much! And I'm so happy you're all doing so well. Hugs to you all!


Oh my LORDY Lord. Most newborn babies look like they're not quite done cooking yet, but SWOON city, that is one handsome man! My ovaries are in overdrive. Or would that be ovary-drive?


He's so cute! :) Congratulations on the addition to your family.


presh-us. simply & truly stated.


He already has quite the personality - it shows in his pics! Lots of blog fodder...

OK, now I want one.


Ezra is so precious and cute! Noah is adorable!! One week, already! Wow! Many continued blessings!


Oooooooh! Those sweet baby toes are just killing me! So glad things are going well. Looks like Noah is already being a great big brother. Now tell us how you have not already eaten those chubby little tooooooes!!

La Petite Chic

I ADORE that picture of Jason and Ezra. It's so beautiful. I'm so happy that things are going so great for all of you!!


Damn if these old ovaries don't want a kickstart right about now.

In the future, please refrain from posting so much cute at one time. I can't take it.


So cute... so ridiculously cute!!

jive turkey

I'm so glad it's all going so well...I keep looking at him and trying to make my brain compute the jump between pregnancy and Real Live Baby. Right now I just feel bloated and cranky (although we did hear the heartbeat today WOO!).


What beautiful boys you have. Yay for Great!!

Amy in StL

I do love pictures and the image of a cross between a vampire and a velociraptor cracked me up!


Hey, is that kid asleep on the table in the pizza joint?



That first one of the three men in your life?

Killed me. What a great picture.



You are making Me want another one, and mine is not even four months old. I'm so glad everything is going so well.

What a beautiful Storch family you have there!

the ex

I honestly cannot get over how much different he looks from Noah at that age! Is it just me?


Beautiful! No one can accuse you and Jason of shafting Ezra on pictures!

Lag Liv

OMG, too beautiful. I swore it would be at least another year before I had children (the memories of Landon's difficult first year are still a bit fresh), but OMG I want another one RIGHT NOW! So snuggly and cuddly and little and sweet and deliciously babyish...

I am glad things are going so well! The pictures, especially the ones with Noah, are just wonderful.


He's absolutely beautiful! You're *almost* (almost) convincing me to have one. Almost.


Holy cow, I called my youngest daughter "vampire" too. I always felt so weak after she nursed in the beginning. (I had lost a lot of blood during delivery.) Try to drink a lot of juice whenever she nurses. Congrats again!!!


oops - whenever "he" nurses!

(apparently my daughter sucked out my brain!)


Beautiful! I think he looks just like Noah!


I have a picture of my oldest latching onto my nose. Funny stuff.

The first pictures looked so much like Noah, now I don't see it. Still, incredibly adorable and smoochable!

Melissa from Pittsburgh

I would have had a million babies, but when the words, "NO MOMMY" come out ... UGH!

I love babies.

I would have had a third if I would have had a GUARANTEE 100% without a doubt sworn promise that it was going to be a boy ... I love my girlys but one boy would have been fun. NOT 3 girls ... NO, NOT FUN!


Smooshy baby deliciousness nom nom nom nom nom nom....


Once, when I was a toddler, I attempted to leave my (much older) cousin's baby on the porch for the mailman to pick up.

I also happened to look almost exactly like Noah.

I'm just saying. Keep an eye on the little blonde one.


so precious! How's Noah adjusting? Is he loving baby brother?


"I want to be a mom now."

"Damn. Not yet, you're only 24, Ashley!"

"But he's sooo cute."


He's wonderful. Everyone one looks great. Noah looks so happy! Congrats to all of you.


I seriously just tried to squish his cheeks through my computer screen while making high pitched gurgling noises...I love looking like a nut case at work.

Maxine Dangerous

Gah, those toes! And turtle faces! Must. Stop. Typing. Too. Much. Potential. For. Multiple. Exclamation. Points. ;) Adorable. Congratulations. :)


He's just SO beautiful. Did you hear that? My clock just started ticking even louder!

Nothing But Bonfires

Oh my god, I go away for a week and you HAVE A BABY! Congratulations! He's beautiful and I just LOVE the name. I knew an Ezra once and he was super freakin' hot. LOCK UP YOUR DAUGHTERS! (In about seventeen years, that is.)

bethany actually

So so so glad to hear that things are going great! Seriously, that gives me hope for the someday when we have another one. :-)

Miss Grace

Cuteness and smallness and now I want 27 more babies.


He is just so beautiful, Amy. I am glad everything is going fantastically well for you!


Oh he is beautiful. I love the neck and cheeks. Makes my uterus hurt just looking at him and mine is not even a month old.

I love the pictures of all three of your guys. :)


Okay, so I"m already plenty jealous of your beautiful new little boy and totally just melting into a pile of goo over the pictures of the two boys together. And then you have to go and post pictures taken in my favorite pizza place ever?


He's so beautiful! And the turtle faces crack me up.

Forever Amber

Oh my God, the first three, from the hospital - so absolutely gorgeous. Am all throat-lumpy now.


Delurking because oh, he's adorable. The pictures with Jason & Noah & Ezra are making me happy. The ones of Ezra in all his one-week splendour are making me want another one despite the fact that I swore last night during our 6.5 month old's ridiculous refusals to sleep that I am Not Doing This Ever Again. This is the power of your baby's cuteness.

Glad to hear that everything is going well!


return of the turtle. what could be better?


yay pictures!!! that shot of your 3 men is ohhh soo cute!!

I am so glad things are going so well for you! wow a week old, ahhh hes soo cute!


I love the one of Jason kissing Ezra. It looks as though he's been waiting for that baby his whole life! (Amen?!)


Your babies are so precious! What a beautiful family! Makes me really anxious for the next 11 weeks or so to hurry by so my first one can get here!

I'm old (25) and can't see the label on your sling. What brand is it? I have sling envy.

Could you please share what brand it is? If you have time, that is. :)

Thank you!

Jessica K

So glad it's all going smoothly. Still can't believe how much he looks like Noah.


I'd know that pizza place anywhere, but those children are what's really delicious in that photo!

Katie Kat

You had me at the toes...

The cuteness of the tiny-ness and the look on Noah's face... what a great wonderfully happy family! I hope it keeps going GREAT GREAT GREAT!!!!! SO damn happy for you. :)


uh oh, after #2 things were so peachy we now have 4 and I cant stop thinking about 5 & 6 &.. oh man


SO happy for you. Also this gives me hope that I'll live through the next three months.

What kind of sling to use use/recommend? I feel like having a new baby + 30-month-old is going to require one.

Emily Jones

Oh god. That picture of Ez and Jason in the hospital has me all choked up! What are you DOOOINNNG to me??!?!!

Making the lady with a 5, 3, and 11month old want ANOTHER baby is EVIL!!!!


Your baby IS SO GOSH DARN CUTE! I just can't get over it!!

I am also curious about what brand your sling is and if you love it.


Every entry I read it makes my biological clock tick a little louder. He is just wonderful - and I'm so happy to hear things are going well for you all.


My word: Beautiful. Just beautiful.


what a cutie pie he is! Makes me want to have our own baby. After my hubby celebrated our 2nd anniversary this week, and he bought me a gorgeous diamond necklace from (what a sweetheart!) we have been talking about having a kid! They grow up so quickly its insane!

Mary Helen

Oh, he looks like his mama. He's absolutely adorable. It totally makes me want another one. Num, num. Yummy cheeks. Yummy toes.

I'm so glad it is all going well for you.



You make some seriously gorjus babees.

Happy. Good.


Who needs typing when you have new baby deliciousness on hand?


I keep coming back to look at the pictures of your beautiful baby.


Eeeeeeee! Little baybeh feets!!


Ohhh myyy those photos are making me go a little bit crazy. Just a tad broody...scaring my family as I'm only 21. Whoa there pickle! He is absolutely adorable. Congratulations to you and the rest of the family.


Okay, so I think my ovaries exploded when I saw those pics of all three of your gorgeous guys together.

Because you REALLY wanted to know that.

So lovely.


My little guy refused to be put down for the first, oh, 4 months. Would only nap while being held. He also was a voracious nurser, but very, very slow. He took an hour to nurse each time. Then he would take a nap on the boppy (in my lap) for an hour. He ate every 3 hours - so I spent 2 out of every 3 hours sitting on the couch.

Then there were the cluster feedings where he would nurse for 45 min, nap for 45 min repeat from 4:00 pm until about 10 pm.

You are so lucky that he likes the sling, E-man hated it. He is a beautiful little boy and I cannot even imagine how your heart might burst when you see all 3 of your boys together like that!

Jessica (from It's my life...)

I wasn't going to join the masses and clutter up your comments section with random gushing from a complete stranger. (Just like I wasn't going to squeal when I met you at BlogHer. Ahem)
But I did have to stop by to say DAYUM that baby is delish! That face!


such a beautiful family- I love the shots of the three of your boys :)


The pic of Jason kissing Ezra? Beautiful! And I'm really glad that breastfeeeding is going so much better this time around.

Also, you guys should totally have a dozen more because you make such gorgeous kids. Plus, you could have your OWN reality tv show! You know we'd watch...

jen in austin

is it scary that I thought "turtle!" when I saw that pic before I even saw your caption? I think that means I've been reading your website for too long. congrats, he is adorable and snuggly and you've made me crave Two Amys, which mayyy be a problem b/c I don't know if I can justify a cross-country flight just for some pizza.

Tricina Elliker

Pictures are great. We love pictures too.

Heather B.

I think that child belongs to a certain Jason Storch.

Renée aka Mekhismom

That percocet must be some strong stuff. Out with the baby so soon?!!! I was barely awake in the early days. Does it get easier the second time around? It sounds like it does.


Awwwww, honey you guys are wonderful!


Making me SO excited! 2.5 weeks left! Or less! Wee!


*sigh* I want another baby. Your child is simply scrumptious. Both of 'em. :)

Mel W.

He's just gorgeous guys. Looks so much like his big brother. That's great to hear things are going so well... Congratulations!


Stop it! You're making my ovaries hurt! I vowed no more children and you're NOT helping the cause. ;) He's still so damn nom-able that new boy of yours.


Treasure those photos of Jason with the boys. I have a similar one of my dh with my boys, ages three (fat little tummy) and one week. I adore it. And now they're 18 and 15 and taller than I am and I can hardly believe how fast the time has gone. I am so happy that things are going so well for you.


He is so so very adorable. I love all those pictures.


Beautiful, Beautiful boy. So in love with him. I'm so happy for you, Jason, and Noah. Thank you for sharing!


You know, I had same overdrive on the happy and everything fine and YAY BABY YAY with my second (a year ago), which was equally as odd as yours because with my first I was all freaked out what-the-hell-do-I-do-now-oh-Mom-please-don't-ever-go-back-home-oh-my-sweet-Lord-.

Enjoy him and nibble his neck a few times for those of us who wish we could. :)


Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy! Ezra is gorgeous, and looks so much like his big brother! Hope you are feeling better and better each day and glad that all is going well so far. Looking forward to more updates (once your words return) and pictures. Your photos are awesome!


oh, the delicious special preciousness! especially the sweet little monkey toes. i'm either going to throw up or get pregnant... or maybe both.

deb abramson

Dude, we have an Ezra too! He's 6, though. His younger brother is Levi and that's a name I thought I'd never come across. Turns out we meet Levis all the time. But Ezra is still very rare. It is a gorgeous name, isn't it?

Congratulations; he's beautiful.

Mariana Perri

Gotta love Big turtle brother loving little turtle brother! You sure did a good job in the reproduction bit there... those are two gorgeous turtles!


Hehehe. My little girl does the turtle too! I love it!


Too adorable.


Oooooh, can I hold him? He's seriously so cute. I love the photos of him and Noah and Jason too. Priceless. You're making me want a third.


I love newborn baby boy photos -- they look so sweet and squishy and I love the "old man" look they seem to also have. So sweet. I am trapped between my ovaries that WANT. ONE. NOW. and the uterus that died and went to heaven (okay, wherever they throw them away to after surgery). Not nice. But yummy baby! I'm glad for you that breastfeeding is going well and that Noah is doing so great with his new baby brother.


He's just so beautiful and perfect! Congratulations again, glad everything is going well!!


Seriously - he looks like more you than... you!!! I mean it!! I have looked at that photo where he is being held by someone and he is wearing the hat and he is like identical!!! So weird, but magnificent!!! :)


He is so precious! I adore baby turtles :) My friend has a four month old and he sometimes still does the turtle, it cracks me up! I love the picture of Jason and Ezra, and then the one of all three of your boys!
PS Photo blog posts are totally amazing, even if you can't do the writing thing, we will lap up the photos.


Ezra sure is a cutie! And I love the pictures of Jason holding both boys at the pizza parlor! Keep enjoying all the awesome-ness!

Amanda B.

I'm so thankful the feedings are going great. What a relief for you. He's so precious and gorgeous - both boys. It makes my ovaries hurt just a little.


He is so preshus!!
I'm so happy it's going well for you all!! All the best!!


The photos of your three men made me cry. Priceless.

Glad you're doing well.


Oh G-d. I'm so jealous. I know I shouldn't be, but...


Num num num.

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!

**wandering off to find tissue to wipe tears**


The baby is absolutely gorgeous. My daughter used a sling for months and my granddaughter loved it. She was breastfed also, so maybe they like being so close to their food source :)


The whole family looks so happy.


That must be 2Amys. Now I want pizza. Nom.

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