Four, Three, Two Days

One Day More

Or, I Feel the Urge To Wave a Big Flag Around a Rotating Stage In Front of a Barricade While Singing a Seven-Part Musical Montage


Today marks the second of my five or so hypothetical due dates, and the one I secretly thought was the right one. We have no mucus plug or water breakage or contractions worth even talking about. So. That's probably that.

My in-laws are coming today, I will head to the hospital for pre-op bloodwork, I will play Legos with Noah, Jason and I will go out for one last dinner together and I will try very hard to not freak out about the fact that by tomorrow afternoon I will be the mother of TWO CHILDREN. TWO BOYS. A few years ago I assumed I would maybe have one child. A girl, of course, because boys are ew.

Noah seems to understand that tomorrow is Baby Brother Day, but then again, he also seems to understand that yes, We Wear Pants And Pants Are Good, but that doesn't stop him from collapsing in a pile of misery when it's time to actually wear pants. Not pants! Nooo! Oh, woe. I think he'll be okay. I hope so. God, I can't even really think about it right now. I can only chew on his face and tell him how much I love him, because he's been so great, so funny, so amazing, coming home from school singing the alphabet song and reciting the days of the week and talking talking talking talking talking. Tomorrow night I'm going to see him hold his baby brother and...and...I can't even imagine what that's going to feel like, or how profoundly my words will fail to describe it.


(Not ew in the slightest, although maybe the stained ratty tank top I've been wearing for three straight days is a little ew.)

(I got a pedicure this morning [THANK YOU HILLARIE FOR THE GIFT CERTIFICATE OMG], by the way. I assume it looks pretty nice. I'm looking forward to actually seeing my feet again at some point this week, maybe.)



BEST OF LUCK tomorrow.


Good luuuuckkk!!! Cannot wait to see baby Tivo, and see adorable he and Noah are together. Aii!


Way to go, Noah. Fight tha powah. What do we want? No pants!
When do we want it? NOOOOOWWWWW


Good luck tomorrow! I cannot wait to meet baby Tivo!


Here's an early (and literal) HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your newest son!


Yay!! Congrats, good luck and all that good stuff! I can't wait to see your baby!


Best of luck!
Most exciting and memorable days of your life.
Can't wait to hear about the happy arrival tomorrow.


good luck tomorrow, I will miss your musings on being swolt, but I look forward to the stories about being a mother to "children". I still have 10 weeks left and I have to tell you I have found an amazing amount of strength through reading your're hilarious and some days all I need is to hear about another fat chick going through the same stufff and know that I'm not the only half-crazed,hormonal, slightly-off woman out there. Thanks, you may not know it but by you coming here every day and writing you make my days a lot easier to get through. Best of luck to you and your awesome little family tomorrow!


Oh very exciting! Enjoy your last day of being pregnant! (No idea if that's even possible. But you certainly look cute!)


what a great picture!

Ohh I can't believe tmr you will be having your baby! ahhh! I hope you have arranged someone to post for you like asap, cause the suspense will kill me!

so thrilled for your fam!

Vaguely Urban

Good luck tomorrow - sounds like your head and heart are in the exact right place. Now let's get TiVo in the exact right place (your arms). (Extreme cheesiness allowed in context of imminent birth.)


I can't believe that tomorrow is Tivo day already! (feel free to tell me to "bite it" b/c I'm sure to you it feels like forever...b/c my due date feels like forever away!) I'm soo selfishly excited to read all about it and see cutiepiekisshisface pictures of baby and brother!


I hope you get to really enjoy today, and rest up for...I was going to say tomorrow, but really for the rest of your life :) Noah's gonna make a GREAT big brother - and we already know how awesome you and Jason are as parents. Baby TiVO has lots of love waiting for him. Rest up (I know - I am FUNNY!)


Dear Amalah

I am a long-time lurker and love your blog. I had to come out of hiding to tell you good luck for tomorrow. I was in the same boat a little less than 7 weeks ago and already, it's hard to remember how I felt then. I am sitting here holding my baby girl as I type and I can't imagine a time before she came into my life. And my son loves her so much, it's absolutely awesome. I'm sure Noah will love Tivo and everything will be great.

I can't wait to see pics of the new little one.

Suzy Q

Happy Baby Days to come!

Best wishes to you, Jason, Noah, Ceiba and Max on this welcome new addition to your family.


Good luck tomorrow!

I got the Les Mis reference right away.. I am a dork.

Jim @ IPR

It looks like poor Noah is going to lose his climbing wall. I guess the baby brother way more than makes up for it. Best of luck!


Noah WILL be okay. There may be some jealousy or maybe Noah will be such a helper that he will bring diapers, burp rags or give TiVo a pacifier or toy. And school will probably help since that is Noah's special thing. And you guys are so awesome that Noah will have no reason to feel any LEGITIMATE jealousy!

Enjoy dinner tonight and I can't wait for the story. Tell Jason to hop to it on the posting so I can read before I leave -- mid-afternoon or so your time. Because I know he will have nothing else to do besides post...


GOOD LUCK! I can't wait to see pictures of new baby amalah. I hope you're able to get some rest tonight!


Welcome to the "club" it's amazing, wonderous, hard, at times crappy, but it is the best time you'll ever have!

Here is the photo of me and C (1st born) after we added R.

You are right, there are no words for that moment. Enjoy it.


Good luck with everything! It was easier for me because my doctor decided to put me in the hospital to be induced immediately following a doctor's appointment - no time to freak out! After 30 hours of inducement without dialation, I had a c-section. I ended up being away from home almost 6 days, and my two year old was pretty cranky with me. The day I came home with the baby, our 2 year old walked in the door from day care and immediately fell to the floor in a huge temper tantrum!
It's going to take an enormous amount of patience, but everything is going to be wonderful. Plus, Noah will more than likely be ultra suave about the whole thing!
I will send many happy thoughts your way!


Yay Amy! Best of luck tomorrow. So happy for you guys.


So exciting! Can't wait to meet the little guy. I'll be thinking about you and your family tomorrow, crossing all my fingers and all my toes for a wonderful, wonderful day.

Nicole P.

Yay, it's almost Baby TiVo Day!! Good luck and give Baby TiVo a big welcome smooch from teh interweb peoples!


I'm so happy for you and the fam and am so excited that there will be another cute little Storch to read about. Good luck tomorrow!


the internet (singing): tomorrow you'll be worlds away/ and yet, with baby tivo, the word has started.

baby tivo (singing, he is a prodigy you know): i was born to be with you!

noah (singing: shall i join my brother there? do i stay and do i dare (to finally meet this great wonderpet?)

Great, amy. you're going to be off creating life and now i'm going to be stuck here getting weepy to musicals from the late 1980's. miss saigon, i'm looking at you, too.


YAY! You made it! Good luck tomorrow and best wishes to the whole family.


I've been reading your blog since you were pregnant with Noah. I don't post much, but I just wanted to say good luck and enjoy your last evening alone with your son. Tomorrow and from now on will be SOOOO different with #2 around. Wonderful - but very different.
Kiss him a million times because tomorrow he becomes your BIG HUGE LITTLE BOY it will seem unreal how big he is!Enjoy and have a speedy recovery!


Good luck tomorrow! I hope everything goes smoothly and I can't wait to read all about your beautiful new little baby boy.


believe me...the sibling holding sibling thing is AMAZING.
my husband captured my tears.
and you gave me such a good glimpse of a memory of my stella playing peek-a-boo under. my. belly.
not so lovely at the time...totally sentimental about it now.
thinking of you and your baby(ies)!


From one mother of two boys to a-soon-to-be-nother, good luck tomorrow! Yes boys are ew, but they're also awesome! You'll have a blast. And yes, Noah will be fine. But... don't be surprised if he doesn't want to hold the baby tomorrow. Or touch the baby for a very long time. My son was basically Noah's age when the baby was born (10 months ago) and he only recently started interacting with his baby brother. And touching is still a very rare occurence. Boys are weird that way.

Can't wait to see pictures and hear all about the big day!!


It might amuse you to know that you done given me an earworm. So, thanks for that.

Best of luck tomorrow---hopefully, lots of joy incoming!


Now, I stand corrected. I said a few pictures ago that it was my favorite belly picture ever. Correction. THIS is my favorite belly picture ever. OMG how squeezable/squishable! Love both your boys, and can't wait to meet Tivo.

the ambitious mrs

Good luck Mama!!!!!!


Wow...tomorrow is the day! I love that pic of you with Noah...or more specifically, your tummy with Noah. Can't wait to meet the new little one.


i'm delurking to say i'm sending you happy thoughts and can't wait to see your beautiful NOMable new son tomorrow. tell noah he's free to wear a kilt if he wants!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, little Tivo!!!! And HAPPY BIG BROTHER DAY to a wonderful, incredible boy!


My goodness, that's a mountain of a belly, woman! Best of luck tomorrow! I hope everything goes as smoothly as possible.


You'll soon go from wearing the same shirt for 3 days, to wearing the same pair of mesh underwear for 5 days, because you don't want to stain your 'good' underwear. Or maybe that was just me.

I can't wait to see pictures of Brother meets Brother!


Best wishes for a safe delivery and a healthy baby boy! I'm so very excited to finally meet baby TiVo and LEARN HIS NAME! WEE! Noah will be a great big brother and that pic of him and your belly is so sweet. Good luck!


Good luck!!!! If you hold out until Thursday your baby and I could share a birthday, which would be exciting because I don't know anyone who has my birthday but I'm fairly certain that isn't really going to be a determining factor. (I don't comment very often, but I've been reading for a long time)

Anyway, best of luck, and I am so excited for you and your family!



As the mom of three boys, I have to say there is NOTHING like watching brothers together. Yes, there'll be adjustment, and life will have changed forever, but it's all good.

Good luck Amalah and Baby Tivo!


You'll look back in a couple weeks at those newborn and big bro pics and just be in awe at how much Noah grew in the time you were away to have Tivo ;)

I know I sounded like a broken record but all I kept saying when #2 & #3 came was omg the big sister has grown so much! Really. They look huge and suddenly so much less babyish. That ought to help w/ the preggo hormones :)

Good luck tomorrow and I can't wait to 'meet' him!


I've been hooked on your blog ever since the post on the deodorant standoff- which was so so funny. I wanted to write and say best wishes and good luck tomorrow :) ~Maggie


Your post made me think of this old, old Elton John song (Bernie Taupin lyrics) that is a sure-fire boo-hoo on a day like this. Yay for you! And yay for Noah and TiVo, they have awesome parents.


How EXCITING!!! Yes, my son hated me for a couple of weeks after we brought his baby sister home. Hopefully that doesn't happen, but if it does, just remember it eventually goes away! You will love having two!

Andrea Askowitz

Thanks for saying boys are ew. I'm having one too. Well, my girlfriend is having one, so he'll be living with us soon.

Good luck with labor!


Good luck tomorrow! Can't wait to see what offspring #2 looks like, considering how freaking adorable Noah is/has always been!!

Oh, and I'm late responding to the previous post, but I had to share: I saw Kid Rock on Ellen the other week and he doesn't allow his songs to sell on iTunes! (in case you hadn't already gone looking for it on there) Something about the worth of a Springsteen song vs. the worth of a garage band song and the fact that they cost the same...I dunno.


Love that pic of Tivo and Noah! Good luck tomorrow! Two is very, very fun as long as you roll with the chaos.


First, I LOVE that picture. So sweet!

Second, good luck, good luck, good luck!! Hope the day goes smoothly and that everyone has nothing but sweet and tender memories of baby brudder's first days... Looking forward to seeing pictures of another beautiful Storch boy!


That is just THE sweetest picture.

Can't wait to hear the happy news tomorrow! Hope to have updates as you and Jason have time to give them. ^_^


How exciting! And of course, a bit terrifying too. Good luck tomorrow, I'm sure everything will be awesome! Can't wait to see the new little one. =)


So thrilled for you -- tomorrow will be a glorious day!

Noah, you're going to be the most excellent big brother!!!

Hugs to all of you. (and yes, I just now realized that in the photo Noah is hanging on to your BELLEH, not a beach ball. Sorry.)

Here's to a smooth and uneventful c-section & recovery. May your milk be overabundant, your second son perfect in every way, your first son be proud of his new role as Big Brother and mom and dad get sleep soon.


Aw. Wow. This post brings a tear to my eye. Hope all goes smoothly tomorrow. xxx


Fantastic photo! I'm 5-ish weeks behind you pregnancy-wise, and have loved tagging along on your pregnancy roller coaster, whilst I ride my own. You have such a great, funny, touching way of nailing down the total nuttiness of pregnancy and life in general. Best of luck, and I'm on the EDGE OF MY (big, fat, pregnant) SEAT to read the next chapter in the Life of Amalah.

Alison C

Good Luck!


You go Mama!!

P.S. My best friend just had her second child last Friday...(scheduled C-Sec.) She said, and I quote...."It was fast, and easy, and....breezy!!" (she said the drugs were good too!:)

Her Ladyship

Yay! Best wishes tomorrow! Where is the Last Supper taking place?


Good luck tomorrow! Can't wait to see pics.

I'm also so jealous right now. I'm only half way done incubating my spawn and I'm way too impatient for this! Take me with you, Amalah!!!!

Noah has one heck of a hiding spot underneath your belly. Don't lose him under there!


Exciting!! And BEST PHOTO EVER lol. God, I can't believe your belly!!


good luck amalah!!! Are you going to update us ASAP?!?! Can't wait to hear how everything goes and the baby stats!!!!



Your words never fail.

p.s. good luck!


Dude...I totally need for you to do a minute by minute update.

2:36 - Still pregnant.
2:37 - Still pregnant.
2:38 - Still pregnant.

That would at least make my obsessive refreshing seem a little less crazy person and a little more devoted follower.


You are so welcome.

Have a great time tomorrow- being the mom to two boys is the best! I am sure everything will go well.

Can you see how many people check your site hourly? I bet it will overloaded tomorrow looking for an update.


Good Luck tomorrow!! Can't wait to meet baby Tivo and here all about how Noah reacts once baby brother is finally out and 'real'!


Tomorrow you get to graduate to the plural form of child! Best of luck, smooth sailing, quick recovery and we want pictures of Baby Tivo!!!


Good luck, Amy and Jason and Big Brother Noah!


Adorable picture! Noah will amaze you, my oldest was the exact same age when his baby sister was born. Good luck tommorrow!


Have a wonderful Baby Brother Day! Noah is too sweet, I hope everything goes wonderfully tomorrow, and will be anxiously awaiting your next post!


It looks like Noah is going OM NOM NOM NOM on your belly.

Lots of luck, and here's to a safe and speedy recovery. =) I can't wait to see pictures of your new darling. Seeing Noah hold his little brother is going to be so precious. =)


Good luck amalah!!!!!


Best wishes! Happy, happy to your new addition!


Best wishes, lady! I am so excited for you and your man and your little boy. We'll be there soon and until then I'll be obsessing over every shred of new-motherhood-with-two-boys that you share with us.


Congratulations and best wishes! Oh, the joy!


How exciting! Best wishes for smooth sailing for all.


That's one fantastic photo!

Brought me to tears laughing yesterday with the drill bit photo and to tears crying today! Good ol' Amalah!

Best wishes tomorrow! It's fun to hear about your second born as it's happening!


really wishing you the best of luck amy! xx

Jen L.

YAY! I was hoping for a Les Miz reference today. I never made it to a One Day More post...more like a Holy Crap We Had A Baby 3 Weeks Early post!
I have loved reading about your pregnancy and I can't wait to read about the adventures of Noah and Tivo.
Best of luck tomorrow! Can't wait to see pictures of your sweet family and learn Tivo's real name!!!


Good luck tomorrow!!!! I can't wait to read about Noah's reaction, and see pictures...we'll keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

me in va

Good luck! I don't even know you and I can't wait to hear the great news.


Oh Good Luck, Amalah! I hope everything goes perfectly.

I'm so excited for your beautiful little family! :)


There are no words to describe or prepare you for having a second child. But remember, you are giving Noah the BEST FREAKING GIFT EVER!!!! A Sibling! Someone who is core family aside from you and Jason. Someone to grow up with, and share stories with. And same sex siblings? Even better. He will probably get angry a few times when little brother smashes his lego creations and stuff, but ultimately, there is no better gift than a sibling. Good luck to you tomorrow. I can't wait to see pictures of your new baby.


um, p.s. Thanks for the Les Miserables reference! I LOVE that musical. Now the music is in my head.... :)


Your post today brought tears to my eyes! I am so excited for you. Best Wishes and Good Luck tomorrow! Can't wait to meet your new bundle of cuteness.


Tell Jason he must immediately post pictures of New Improved Storchalah as soon as humanly possible. The Interwebs must see dah beebee!

Good luck tomorrow. I will be praying for you that all goes well.


Have Fun?
Break a Leg? (a reference to the idea of you waving a flag on stage)

May the gods of labor and delivery smile on you, bringing you on time doctors, a great anesthesiologist (sp?), and a quick recovery!


aaaaah so excited to see your cute little squishy baby! you, along with john and kate + 8 have made me decide that having children might be a good idea someday. my parents are eternally grateful in advance :) good luck!


GOOD LUCK, Amy!! Lot's of prayers for you to go in like a Lion and come out with another little Lamb!!! :) Does this mean we will finally get to know his name tomorrow!? Okay, we'll give you a day to chew on him a little and then... then do we get to know his name?! :)


This is so exciting! Tomorrow you're going to have two sons, crazy. Good luck, I hope everything goes well!


I rarely comment here but I just wanted to tell you Congratulations!

I can't wait to meet him. Here's hoping everything goes smoothly tomorrow and there are no bumps.

Noah's going to LOVE having a brother one day...don't fret.


I think I was more excited to see my oldest daughter hold her sister for the first time than for me to hold her myself. Seventeen months later, they're the best of friens.

The best thing I ever did wasn't having my first -- it was giving her a sister and best friend.

Enjoy tomorrow... what a wonderful ride you're in for. Your perfect little "party of three" is about to become an even more perfect "party of four."

And what a party it is!

Mariana Perri

I cannot wait to see Mr. Babalah number 2!!!!


I met you awhile ago in DC at a blog conference right after you got Ceibia (and we showing her adorableness off)... good luck soon you be able to show of the adorableness of your TWO boys!

I know I made that word up


Good luck tomorrow! It's going to be amazing and he's going to love his little brother. I just had boy #2 three months ago and god it's been so great. I will be checking for news every 30 seconds until your next post is up!!

shelly b.

OMG - that photo is hilarious! Definitely one to show baby Tivo later.

GOOD LUCK TOMORROW! So exciting! Can't wait until your next post...


Oh, wow, bet you thought tomorrow would never get here, huh? Best of luck and congratulations! I bet Noah will do great!


I was hoping for today as it's my DH's birthday (many, many, many years ago!), but tomorrow will do, I supposed. I'll be thinking of you, and yours. Good luck!


GOOD LUCK TO YOU!!! Tomorrow will be a breeze compared to Noah's birth - just the oddness of signing in with the hospital front desk "I'm here for a baby". Have a wonderful last night of Noah's only childhood.


I can tell you it's by far one of the best feeling in the world to watch your son hold his new baby. My son still loves his baby sister. Sometimes. Hey they are 14 and 10 now it can't all be roses.
Can't wait to see the pics.


Good luck, along with all my most fervent prayers and best wishes!

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