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Please give me a sec to catch my breath


Oh, this boy.

So many things to write to about, but I can't keep my hands off of him long enough to type a single one. Suffice to say: we're all fine, though stuck at the hospital for a couple more days, Ezra is perfect and perfectly healthy (and surprisingly patient about his lack of a middle name), although his size (HIS SIZE!) makes him an entirely different species of newborn than what we're used to. We've probably said, "He's SO SMALL!" about four bazillion times already, and are hoarding the hospital newborn-sized diapers like nobody's business, because ha haaaa! Weren't we so smart to not buy anything newborn-sized this time? Oh, but we are such experts. Which is also why I needed to be reminded after 12 hours or so that I'm supposed to burp the baby after feeding. Right! That!

So far Ezra loves 1) boobs and 2) sleeping. I'm...in a good amount of pain. It's like I had major abdominal surgery yesterday, or something.

Noah was initially unimpressed, but seems to be coming around.


In summary, we're good. So really very much just tons of good.



What a little sweatheart! Both of them!! Noah's going to be the best big brother ever!


He is so perfect! I love the picture of Noah and Ezra together. Congratulations, and best wishes for a speedy recovery from the c-section.


Oh, they are so beautiful, those boys. Enjoy chomping on them... and now I want me another baby!

And congratulations....


What a beautiful little boy. Congrats Amy, Wonderful job. As for a middle name. It'll come in time. After all, you have what, 6 months to change your mind.

The pic of Ezra and Noah is wonderful.

Take it easy. Hope you feel better soon.

Again. Contgrats.


He is gorgeous! Makes me ready to try for our second little one! :)

Enjoy him!


Oh, the pic of the brothers...swoon...beautiful boys. Both of them. Great job, Mama!


My GOD, your boys are gorgeous. Congratulations - so very happy for you!


Oh my god, I'm in love. Those eyes! That hair! Want to NOM!!!

So much love to all the Storches, yo. So much love!

Marmite Breath

Ezra looks so much like you, Amy. Congratulations to you all!


Hooray Storch Family! Ezra looks like his big brother :)


PS - i vote for "Tivo" as his middle name.


So beautiful!


I can't lie I've been looking forward to seeing Noah with Ezra. Thanks for the pictures. i hope your pain goes away soon.

Ezra is SO adorable. Can't wait to 'watch' him grow up.

Fairly Odd Mother

Is Ezra trying to give us the finger? What a cheeky little one at such a young age! Perfect!

And that second photo is just gorgeous. I wonder if you had that "OHMIGOD my first baby is a HUGE KID!" moment when Noah first entered the room after you had Ezra. I still remember how my heart hurt at how much older my first 'baby' appeared all of a sudden.


beautiful! Is it my imagination or is Ezra fliping us the bird!?

Lisa V

He is beautiful, and looks like Noah. Or maybe Jason.


What a beautiful angel of a baby. What a blessing.


Congrats :D He looks beautiful!

When my little brother was born, I apparently walked into the hospital room, took one look at him, and walked right back out. I was very unimpressed. (We're 3 years apart...) But we were pretty close growing up, have no fear :)


Oh My God he is gorgeous!!!! Did anyone else notice that he is giving the finger??? Too cute!


Noah looks very interested, as if to say, "You just wait 'til we get you home."

Enjoy the warm fuzzies of the next few days and remember the best part about the hospital: you can send the baby to the nursery and you can get some sleep!


Flipping the bird by his 3rd picture - Oh, Ezra!


Congrats! I think he looks just like you.
Wonderful name.


Congratulations! He is so beautiful and so alert in that first pic! I did have a good giggle about him flipping the 'baby bird' though :) All three of mine did that! Once again, congrats!


The picture of the 2 of them makes me tear up. I am so so happy for you and your family.

Jessica K

So cute!! Looks just like Noah I think.


Ok, that picture of the two of them is so cute it hurts!!!


Congratulations! I'm glad you all are doing well. The baby really is beautiful and I can see Noah in his face. I usually "lurk" but had to "de-lurk" today. Again, congrats!!! Be well.


Wow. He is GORGEOUS!


He looks like Noah! Very cute boys you've got there. I'm glad you're doing well.

swirl girl


Mazel Tov!!

that's we say when we come out from the lurkers corner to comment at these gorgeous boys!!!



Oh Amy! A thousand congratulations! He is absolutely beautiful! (and I am really quite amused at the not having newborn sized stuff thing.)


I went through the archives yesterday after saying how much I thought he looked like Noah, and found a hospital picture of Noah. Today, with his eyes open, he looks even more like Noah to me!

Yeah, that size disparity gets a lot of us. My older son was 42 weeks, and 9lbs 11oz. Thanks to high risk, younger son was 39 weeks and 7lbs 13 oz. I was never able to reuse baby clothes because he didn't catch up until last year-and he's 9.

Enjoy the precious one without a middle name!


Congratulations!! He looks just like you. :-)

mrs. q.

He's just lovely. Looks like his brother!

How was it seeing Noah for the first time after giving birth? I described it as being hit in the chest with a sack of potatoes. I couldn't get over how big my son looked and that I could love him more when there was less of me to go around.

Enjoy. Heal. Cheers!


I can't believe he looks like Noah's late identical twin.

very handsome,
keep it easy and feel well (less sore soon.)

congrats again.

Anna at Hank and Willie

We are all kinds of good out here, too--thanks for sharing the news and beautiful photos. Welcome, Ezra!




He's precious!!! Congrats, again!


Oh my, he's absolutely beautiful! He looks so much like when Noah was born! You have a beautiful family. Congrats and have a speedy recovery!

Kat C

That's the cutest middle finger I've ever seen. I have visions of 5 years from now when Noah is coaching him to spout bad words in public. Heh.


Tricina Elliker

And we are so really very happy for you. Two beautiful, healthy kids; what a good life!

De in D.C.

It's amazing how different Ezra looks from Noah as a newborn, yet somehow he might be even more precious and beautiful. Ok, maybe they're tied, but still. Damn woman, you grow some gorgeous babies!

Glad everyone is doing fine. Rest up and take care of yourself!


Congrats again. Two beautiful boys you have there.


And I love that it looks like Ezra is giving the internets the finger. He is going to fit in well here!


Awesome and beautiful!

Ezra is a great name--of course I'm partial to E's and Z's.

Talking Budgie

Oooh! He is so deliciously cute! Looks just like Noah.

Jennifer gomes

he is absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous!!!


Wow! A little boy and a big boy! Congrats, Big Brother!

(But not in the 1984 way. Not THAT Big Brother.)


I was wondering about the silence on the middle name front...I'm sure you'll find one that's perfect for such a scrumptious baby.

Noah and Ezra together: swoon.




Lovely boys.

(pull out that sweet photo in about two years when Tivo, er I mean Ezra, is all up in Noah's stuff and they start fighting.)

Hope you feel better soon.


OMG so cute. Ezra is gorgeous, and the pic of the boys together is super cute.
Congratulations to all of you!


Oh, he's beautiful! And so much hair! Congratulations to you all!


Not only does he look just like you, but the flipping us off bit proves that he was definitely NOT switched a birth. ;) Congratulations on another beautiful baby!


Such a cutie, congratulations!! I almost shed a tear when I saw the post with his first pictures...

PS--did you ever think, in the history of blogging, that you would recieve OVER 700 comments on ONE post?!?! Holy mother of...errr, Ezra...that's a LOT of comments!!


The only reason little Ezra is flipping us the bird is because he can't talk to us with his Mama's mouth yet.

Adorable guy. Congrats to the entire Storch clan.


I don't know if Ezra is going to be as patient and tolerant of the internet as Noah. Look at that finger, and he's only a day old! He's just not going to put up with it.
So, so gorgeously beautiful. Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations, a thousand times.


Oh my goodness, he is scrumptious. That picture of both boys is incredibly sweet. I have to assume he's flipping off whoever is taking the photo in an effort to convey: MORE BOOB NOW!


Two beautiful boys!

As for a middle name, I checked the Sarah Palin name generator for Ezra Storch and got this for a suggestion:

Rock Crane Storch

Just thinking you might need some suggestions.


Thank you for sharing such precious moments! Oh Amy-such an absolute beautiful baby, Pure love is the only way I can describe Noah looking at baby brother. Rest, feel good soon and thanks for making me go kiss my two boys right now.


New baby bliss. Perfect. I'm so happy for you guys!


Oh my goodness, Amy, he's really so gorgeous. Is his hair much darker than Noah's was when he was born? Seems like it, but my memory maybe isn't so good. I love the photo of the brothers too. Precious, precious. You lucky lady.


you are not going to believe me, but that baby is cuter in person. Really.


So hilarious that a regular-sized baby seems tiny to you!

These pictures are making me ache to see and hold my own little boy, who still has at least 3.5 months to go in utero. Hmmm.

Also, to make you feel better: with my sister who was her third child, my mother forgot that she was supposed to burp her for SEVERAL DAYS. She couldn't figure out why the baby was so grumpy. So twelve hours is not so bad!


To nummy for words. Congrats again! And take care there Momma.


Congratulations Storches! He's beautiful. And tiny and perfect.

(and kinda giving the finger in that first picture, but in a very cute polite way)



Oh, Amy. He is gorgeous. All the new baby stuff is going to come right back to ya, the burping and what not. And judging from the look on Noah's face, the new baby stuff is going to come easy to him, too. I wasn't here for Noah's babyhood, but I can't wait to watch your little family while this chapter grows. Blessings to you, Jason, Noah, and sweet Ezra. Try to remember you've had major abdominal surgery and your bladder and guts are going to take a little while to get re-settled in there...don't overdo...REST when you can.


Oh, he's just to die for.


Congrats Amy! What beautiful, amazing boys you have.

Sarah Booz

Oh my GOD. That picture of the two of them. I can't even stand it!


OMG they are so cute together! Beautiful boys, Amy!


What a beautiful baby. Unusually beautiful. Congrats :)

Sarah Booz

Also - I'm a nerd and went back to look at Noah as a newborn and they look so much alike! Ezra's just a bit smaller.


OMG Amy. I don't usually comment because I lurk all sketch styles but I had to because THAT FACE.

So. Cute.

Congratulations : )


I think he looks like you, too. Congratulations again.

Jennifer A

congrats. I love the look Ezra is giving in the first pic, and also the finger. Trouble from the start


Ezra's so beautiful it practically hurts! And the two of them together is amazing. Lovely, lovely - so happy for you!


I can't get over how much he looks like you and Noah! You can look at your eyes on your little girl pic up there and back to Ezra's and WOW! Usually newborns look generic!
Does Jason ever get a chance to have one that looks like him? LOL
Congratulations to you all!

Sensibly Sassy

Beautiful Boys...erm but is Ezra flipping us off?

Mary O

He's beautiful. His mouth looks just like Noah's in that first picture.
Congrats to you all. Enjoy all of the little moments.


Coming out of the woodwork to say congratulations! Love the name, LOVE the pictures, and I have been stalking and waiting for this baby to be born! YAY! How exciting, enjoy!


Oh, Amy, he is gorgeous. And your two boys together... what a fantastic sight. I'm sure that you agree.

I hope that you recover quickly - I can't wait to hear how it goes for you as I'll be looking at a repeat C as well.

Blessings & much love to you all!


Please give ME a sec to catch MY breath. Because those photos? Took my breath away!

So precious! Congrats, once again!


Holy hell, that is a beautiful child. The picture of Ezra and Noah is one of the best things I have ever seen on the internets.

Here's to a speedy recovery, and warm congratulations to your family.


totally edible....that's all I gots to say.

And I see he directly inherited his mother's penchant for telling people to fuck off. Congratulations Amalahs!


Two of the best pictures, EVER! And girl, Ezra's got attitude already...


So beautiful! I love the picture of the boys together. Congrats to big brother Noah :)


Your boys are so beautiful! Also, Noah will be able to make many "Better Than Ezra" taunts in the middle of teenaged arguments, which is awesome.

I hope you recover quickly and that there are many, many cute Noah-and-Ezra moments in the future.

the mamanatrix

OMG. OK, now that the fresh out of the oven look is gone and you can see his features, I see he's very obviously a Storch child. But in his own, gorgeous, Ezra (love!) way. Great job. So beautiful. The pic of Noah and Ezra is precious. It almost makes me want to give my girl a sibling.


Congrats, Storch fam.


He looks so much like Noah! Congrats to the entire family!! You are truly blessed! 2 Mama's Boys, they are going to cherish you forever!


OH I want to munch chomp those beautiful baby cheekers!! Welcome Ezra!! Noah will love and protect that baby brother of his forever, I can see it in his face!

Heather B.

Screw it. See you Monday.

I want to hold the bayyyybeeee!


Aw, sweetie - he's just perfect. Congratulations!!


OUCH MAH HEART!!! You have officially left me in a puddle of my own tears. I'm 27wks along with my 2nd little boy and my 1st is 2mos younger than Noah so they're almost exactly the same age difference as your two. You have made me both breathlessly excited and completely full of terror. It scares me sometimes how big our hearts can grow in mere moments.. Congratulations on two perfect boys and thankyou for sharing this with all of us. Happy belated birthday Ezra!


Wow. You two make some truly gorgeous little boys.


I died a little from all the cuteness.

ok...a lot.




He is adorable. He really does look like Noah and, so, he really looks like you. I think he has your eyes.
I love his little chin, too.:)


Just look at those two beautiful boys. Just so beautiful.
Congratulations, Amy. I'm so happy for you.

Emily Jones

I'll say it again! He is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

LOVE HIS NAME SO MUCH, and I have a suggestion for a middle name...how 'bout..

Ezra EDWARD ;-)

Anita Doberman

great pictures! little guy is so cute...when my last baby was born (n. 6) I thought she was so tiny.....but cute!

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