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Oh, just...BAH

Memory Cards

So you know that thing about second babies and how you never take as many photos of them and then one day you're forced to explain why their baby book makes it appear that they left the hospital and went straight to kindergarten? I hate to admit that it's mostly true, even for us crazy obsessive blogger types, who should AT LEAST be motivated by the occasional writer's block to pick up the camera.

(Liiiiiike, saaaaay, YESTERDAY? HMMM?)

I initially had a brilliant, sappy-as-all-get-out hypothesis about why I have trouble remembering to take photos every day -- listen to this, and see if you can spot the post-c-section Percocet -- I decided that it was because I now fully appreciate how FAST, how FLEETING infancy is, and that I CHOOSE to not witness it through the lens of a camera. I CHOOSE to simply drink in the moments and faces instead of diving for the camera every few hours. Forget Flickr, I'm too busy making MEMORIES here, memories that I will never, ever forget, even though I now call every member of my family JasoNoaEzCeibaMaxYOUTHERE. The important memories aren't going anywhere, I swear.

Of course, this is a gigantic steaming pantsload. I won't remember a thing without photos or video or obsessive blog entries or bright pink Post-It Notes on my steering wheel asking me DID U REMEMBER THE BABY? before I back out of the driveway.

No, the real reason is more that babies are kind of boring. They just don't do much. We're so used to taking pictures of Noah DOING something or shooting video of him SAYING something that we forget that for an infant, just LAYING THERE really is pretty much the most photo-worthy thing they can do.


Exhibit A, Gold-Medal-Worthy Just Laying There

We took Noah bowling last weekend, and now have plenty of seizure-inducing cinema-verite footage of him rolling a bowling ball down a lane illuminated with Christmas lights, painstakingly following said ball with the camera as it sloooooooooowly made its way to the pins, then panning back to Noah who was not at all interested in watching the pins fall over but who was so! very! excited! by the ball return machine.

At one point I aimed the camera at Ezra's carseat, where he sat snoozing away, a barely visible lump under a hat and bunting. And after a few seconds of that...well...okay. Existence documented. Moving on.


Exhibit B, Champion Ceiling-Fan Watcher of the World

We keep waiting for Ezra to DO something. Hit some milestone, find his fingers, notice his brother, his dog, engage with ANYONE OR ANYTHING AT ALL. He held his head up! He's putting weight on his legs! He's...okay, he's floppily staring into space again.


Which...of course that's all he does. He's brand-new! A nice medium-rare at best, meant for nothing more than Just Laying There, eating, pooping, chubbing up, existing. His expressions and vocalizations are almost all related to his digestive tract. He enjoys staring at the miniblinds and long leisurely looks the pot rack. There are few problems that cannot be solved by boob, butt pats, Miracle Blankets or bouncy pacing around the house. Except for the problems that seem to require all four.


So why are we in some rush for rolling over and crawling and walking and talking spending $35 on a bowling lane for a kid who only cares about the ball return machine thingie?

We'll blink and be there soon enough, I know. In the meantime, it IS hard to tear myself away from holding him, watching him, waiting for what's coming next long enough to grab the camera.


Who knows what can happen in the blink of that shutter.



Hey, in that second picture, Ezra maybe/sorta/kinda looks a wee bit like Noah!

I can't blame Noah for being fascinated by the ball return thingie. Given how terrible I am at bowling, that's the most exciting part for me, too!


Amy you are blessed beyond measure girl....i know exactly what you mean about the million pictures of baby #1 and maybe 2 picture of baby #2...my daughter reminds me of it daily.


2nd baby syndrome indeed... He's beautiful.


These pictures, and words, are gorgeous as always. Thanks for sharing your blessed family.


I know just what you mean. With my second, I kept wondering... he's going to smile soon right? I even asked my mom (before she left), "When do they start doing things again?" Cuz I couldn't remember to save my life.


Then for the third one, you just take pictures of them doing nothing, wanting to remember the quiet. I pray mine does nothing for a bit longer. One kid that doesn't speak or argue or get into anything? A baby that stays where you put him and doesn't leave leetle bitty toys out for me to step on? Priceless.


What is this "miracle blanket" you speak of, and do they make it in grown-up size?
Realy really sweet pictures of baby being adorable sweet baby! He's soooooo good at it!!


soo interesting, i never thought of that! i have yet to experience the miracle of one little sitting around baby, so I am sure when my little girl gets here I will be all camera crazy with her, but with the 2nd I can see how that would be different!

BUT i still LOVE all these baby doing nothing photos of ezra, so keep them coming :)

PS I just went through your archieves and found noahs birth story and it made me cry, both parts! and then i read ezras again, and again cried! what wonderful kids you have!


He looks like he's from the Lollipop Guild in that first photo.


Ha ha, that first picture is funny. He's like: Just wait until my gross motor controls kick in, I'll get you later!

exile on mom street

The part that's hard, I think, is that the first time around the just laying there is FASCINATING. As a first-time parent it's all brand new for them, and brand new for you.

The second, well, it's all new to them, but not to you anymore.


where is noah's bowling movie?!


Awww, I want an Ezra.


I love exhibit B...what I always fondly call the "turtle neck". I love how babies appear to have no necks until one day they stretch it out and there's all this loose skin, like a turtle. Love that picture!


Bowling, bowling, how could I have never of thought of bowling? I must take Michael bowling. Where is there a bowling alley by us anyway?

Sensibly Sassy

oh...wow, that last picture, uh oh man...so cute!!!


I think I did it backwards. With the first baby I didn't own a digital camera, therefor I have about 200 pictures. With the second I had caught up to the rest of the world photography wise, and thus there are about 7 billion shots of her. First kid totally calls me out on it too.
"Why do you take so many pictures without ME in them?"


AAwwwww, I want one!

Jessica  Gross

Not knowing you or him of course, but having seen your pics and now his-he looks just like you! I am jealous because mine looks JUST like her Daddy. Thanks for preparing me for #2 to arrive next August!


That is some Olympic-caliber laying there, all right.


Alison's existence is inside our computer, documented on Kodak Easyshare. Her older brother's is in a baby book and loads of photo albums...I wonder if she will feel unloved? Perhaps I should get those pics printed out?


Oh! But those TOES!!! Those delightfully, adorable toes!!!

nom nom nom...


a-MAZ-ing~ pictures! Man, I wish I'd taken some like this of my kids. Adorable little one you have there!

Heather B.

Well now I feel better about calling your child boring and wishing he'd do more.

But you have to admit that they're just so precious and cuddly at this age. Not to mention surprisingly sturdy! ;-)

little dutch girl

I love taking pictures of both kids together though! That is how I keep up with taking pictures of the baby...


I agree with you on the 2nd child just doesn't DO anything. I haven't taken as many videos of our 2nd because the smiling and cooing isn't as interesting as the saying new phrases and drinking out of the dog bowl.


All he has to do right now is be adorable, and he's doing a fine job of it, I must say!


I still think he looks like Jason. Or, like a mix of you/Noah and Jason. He has your nose and Jason's eyes.


Yay for memories! And wow, he is just the cutest thing. And go Noah for being okay and not overwhelmed by the crazy strobe lights of the bowling alley!


My favorite are the butt pats. It is so neat to see each child unfold and explore. And you're right, at this stage, there isn't much... but the smallness and baby-ness you certainly capture in pictures. So cute!

Mrs C

I have it in my head that if I had a third child I would draw that child every day for a year.

OK. I know that is pretty weird but wouldn't it be interesting to see the evolution over a year?

Yeah? I thought so too. However, I know me. I am downright lazy. And I don't know if I have enough discipline to do something like that and then there is the life that has to be, you know, dealt with, and drawing takes time.

I think it more likely that I would at least snap a photo every day and then, when I could, I would draw that and catch up. But then, if you can do it with a camera, isn't that just as important a documentation as a drawing?

But I suppose the point is moot because I don't know if I'll ever have a third child.

And for some reason I had to share that.


Yeah, once he's doing stuff (crawling to hide from mommy, breaking your computer, eating the dog's ear), you'll look fondly back and photos of when he did nothing but gaze.


I'm only on my first, but she is also brand new. Just a few weeks older than Ezra. And DUDE. So boring. I love her to death, and I do stare at her all day and spend a lot of time smushing my face into her hair (ohmygosh where did this kid get all that hair?). But I can recognize that she's pretty boring.

And what is WITH the ceiling fan? She's seven weeks old and is only ever interested in the ceiling fan. "Babies love faces, especially yours," say all the books and websites. What? My baby just started maybe sorta glancing at my face once in a while, no matter how much yapping and hand-fluttering and funny-face-making I do. She is all about the ceiling fan. It is her One Ring. It's frustrating for me since I'm worried she'll hit six months and will have developed socially to the level of a two-week-old puppy.

Also, Ezra = cute. Very cute.


As always - you have such a genuine way of putting it into words.

We are on Baby #1 so we are still utterly amazed by every little sneeze and gurgle. And I think I take a hundred pictures a day...


Not quite sure I agree with your theory. I know that when my second daughter was born, not only were there fewer pictures of her as an infant, the number of pictures being take of her older sister - theoretically doing picture-worthy things according to this post - also took a steep down turn. No, I think it's mostly about a lack of time and energy. For me anyway.

Although I will say that the milestones of #2 didn't have the same miraculous quality of #1. We had, after all, seen all that before. Her accomplishments were still special and wonderful, but there was a feeling of confidence that X Y and Z WOULD occur as opposed to the fear that there might be something terribly wrong and the overwhelming relief that everything was okay after all.


Reminds me of The Simpsons when Mr. Burns gave them the Omec head and Homer kept asking what it did and Marge said "Whatever it does, it's doing it now."

But babies are still cute even if they aren't doing anything.

Especially Ezra!

Jessica (aka @kikarose)

Oh hai. I feel guilty because I take pictures of the second WAY more than the first. In fact, that's clearly documented on my blog where easily 75% of the pictures are of the toddler and only 25% are of the preschooler... Ooops.


Oh! That face!
It's amazing and fascinating to me how very original Ezra looks, yet how I he looks like his family members in various little ways, too.

That last picture had me swooning a little bit. Gorgeous :)

(P.S. I, too, am interested in seeing Noah's bowling video! :)

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