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Preschool is the new KHAAAAAAANNNN!

Of Sleep & Germs & Filler

So the baby has started sleeping SIX ENTIRE HOURS at night. SIX. Two whole nights in a row, this has happened, and two whole nights I have watched those six hours slip away, utterly wasted, as I've remained wide awake for one reason or another. Firstly, no one informed my boobs of the new schedule, so Saturday night was a blurry combination of soggy pajamas and sheets and moments of PANIC PANIC THE BABY IS SURELY DEAD PANIC.

Secondly, Noah is sick again. Up all night with a hacking cough, all moist and sneezy, home from school today, and DEAR GOD, we have watched our new WALL-E DVD more times than honestly should fit into the number of hours we've actually owned the thing.

We've also discovered the joy of construction paper hand turkeys. Oh, boy, were THOSE ever fun, like, the first 14 or 26 times.

Some photos, though, from healthier moments this weekend:


And just now, from today's pajama-veg-out-fest:

Eh, you know, this two kid thing isn't so bad. There's a lot more germ-smearing than I was expecting, and minutes after I took this picture Noah beaned poor Ezra in the face with a dog toy, but other than that, not so bad at all.



We bought WALL-E this weekend, too ($15.99 at Target--couldn't resist!). That happened on Saturday--so far, we've watched it 4 or 5 times, I think.

Awesome that Ezra's sleeping so well, shitty that Noah is sick again/still(?). My son and I are having hacking contests--his from a draining sinus infection, mine from bronchitis. We are having some fun up in here, let me tell you.

Hang in there, all will be well.


Younger sibs tend to be much more hearty than those delicate firstborns. I'm the youngest of six, I can practically walk through fire.


I pshaw on your dog toy! My then-4-year-old shot his then-3-day-old brother in the forehead with one of those rubber suction dart gun thingys.

Right between the eyes too. After the initial "oh shit" it was freaking hilarious.

exile on mom street

Perhaps in the not-too-distant future Ezra will do what my husband did and become MUCH bigger than his older brother. I don't think my brother-in-law has gotten over that one yet!


Aw, how freakin' adorable is it that Noah is holding Ezra's hand in all those photos?! Looks like he's taken to the Big Brother role quite well. :-)


Noah looks like a 5 year old in some of those pictures.
My son likes to knock his sister over and say, Oh, No, baby fall over.
Yeah we're working on that.


It is quite wonderful having two, once the shock of the change has passed. Love every moment.


I love that you can't get both kids to smile at the same time. Also Love the cute jammie pic.


Oh my, those pictures make me want another baby boy. Not a good thing since I have a brand new baby girl attached to my chest right now and have no business wanting another so soon!

Germs are my major fear with the two kids. Older brother wants nothing but to love on his new baby sister, but damn I know where those hands have been and no amount of hand washing seems to help!


The love Noah has for Ezra is so apparent.

Unfortunately, my own experience tells me that the cold/germy stuff may be just the tip of the iceberg. But once those immune systems are all built up it'll be awesome and the germs will be but a distant memory.



The small creature they're on is pretty cute, too. Oh, ok, and the big one too.


I love few things more than striped onesies on a little baby boy! Can't wait for my own to come on out already so I can dress him up in rugby stripes! And those boys of yours are gorgeous too!

Maxine Dangerous

I see Ezra has his "How YOU doin'?" face down pat in photo #2. :)


Your boys make 2 look awesome. So sweet.

Good luck in ridding the germs!

Sprite's Keeper

6 hours already? Please tell me his poops smell like lilacs! You stepped in something good here!


Lisa - HAAAA! That is awesome. Like "glad there were no eyeball injuries blah blah," but AWESOME.

Sprite's Keeper - negative on the lilacs. This kid can totally wreck a room already.


Six hours is huge- before you know it you'll start to feel like a human being again.
(ah, in the sleep department, anyway)


I have nothing pithy to say except that your posts always make me smile. Even the semi-tragic ones. You have a rare gift, Amalah, and I'm glad you're sharing it.


Staying in jammies all day at home with my boys is BY FAR my favorite thing in life. This makes me realize we don't do it nearly often enough.


"This two kid thing isn't so bad." ... Oh boy, those are words you are going to regret in about a day. Kidding. Kind of. Wait til you have them both home with you by yourself for more than one day. You will consider sending Noah to school in his sick state just to get a moment to yourself.

Jen O.

Um...Amy? Don't be alarmed, but your first adorable button is trying to pop your second adorable button like a balloon. With love, of course.


Amy, you want WRECK A ROOM? My husband had a colonoscopy (which he persists in calling a colostomy) today. No lilacs here, either.
Great pics. In 1993, my four-year-old son sent his two-week old sister down our driveway in her stroller--she hit the trashcan and landed upside down, dangling from her seatbelt, unscathed.
I was absolutely rooted to the spot in horror and he was impressed at how high the stroller bounced.

Jen L.

Um, sorry, can't leave a long comment today, have to go get pregnant with another boy RIGHT NOW after looking at those pictures!

Rattling the Kettle

If you've got an abundant supply (sounds like you might), you could put some pumped milk in a cup for Noah, it should help with his cold (flu?).


The cuteness to the second power is blinding.


We took Michael to see Wall-E in the theater and he didn't like it at all. He saw the DVD at Target and has asked for it non stop. I'm like dude, you saw it, you didn't like it? What makes you think it is different now? Sigh, maybe I'll go buy it, add it to the Hanukkah pile.


Loving the big brother holding the baby brother pics--and the hand holding shot is absolutely perfect.


Six hours?

You have amazing baby-sleep karma. My little demon didn't sleep for six hours straight until, oh, three months old.

Seriously? Six hours?


It's like seeing Noah and then little Noah. =P


Do Noah's moose pyjamas come in woman size? Love 'em.


Those pictures are adorable. The last thing you wrote reminded me of something my sister used to do with me. She is three years older then me. I think she thought I was like her doll because one time my mom saw her pushing me around the house in her doll stroller and I was really little so I wasn't sitting in a very good and she made my mom very nervous, but I was fine. She did a few other things too.


how is it, that you give birth to toddlers?


When did Noah turn into a toddler with brown hair and blonde highlights instead of a little towhead baby? WHEN?


"Noah beaned poor Ezra in the face with a dog toy" - and then I realized that my 3 year old is totally normal with my 5 month old......


Noah is so snuggly with Ezra! They are so cute.


we haven't gotten wall-E, but my 2yo discovered Thomas the Train this weekend and we've watched the episode about cows on the track about eight billion times so far.

p.s. your kids are GORGEOUS.


That second photo is pure cute. So sorry Noah's sick!


that is such a precious pictures, almost makes me think i could handle a second, i probably should read the rest of your posts though!


Not to pee in your pepsi or anything, but I just read that Spencer and Heidi eloped. Then I thought of you. Just wanted to give you a heads up...

(handing you a towel to wipe up your exploded brains on the floor.)


Such adorable pictures. Treasure them. I have one like that of my little boys, one a fat tummy 3 year old and one dark haired little newborn, with their daddy. They are now both over 6 feet, one moved out and in college, and oh, how I love that picture and those memories.


Oh they look so very sweet together.


Don't go tantalising us with paper hand turkeys and then not show us! Turkeys!

Also, that 'hug the baby very slightly too tight' posture is SO familiar from many many pictures of my two boys together.

Ps - They are gorgeous.


Oh girl--six straight hours! My second kid didn't sleep that long until she was about 2, and by then I had another newborn. After the milk supply adjusts, you'll feel like a new woman. Six whole hours! Oh, and those kiddos are so absolutely darling. I love Ezra's smile!


Untolerable levels of cuteness.


Wow, six hours? I think we were well over a year with The Offspring before we got that! Those boys are awful cute. Hope Noah feels better soon ... and doesn't infect the rest of the family.

Alicia Millis

SICK Again!!! wow.

I hope he gets better real soon, pj feast will help with that though!!

such cuties you have :)

Mariana Perri

This makes me start to think whether I should actually consider going for number 2...lol


Your boys are SO adorable! And wear did you get the moose PJs and tennis-shoe socks (?)...I would love to get some for my nephews! :)


Oh, I remember those first nights when the baby slept longer, and the unhappy boobs could win prizes at a fair for shooting milk 30 yards... they never tell you about that in prenatal breastfeeding class.


Amy, I can't help it...forgive me..but that second photo of Ezra and Noah? Looks like Ez is totally trying to fart on Noah. Sly little guy. It's totally adorable though.


I love the pics of them together...too sweet.

It totally bites that Noah is sick again...ugh.


you should really have a talk with your boobs. 6 hours is amazing!

Chef Lori

gotta love it when you get some sleep =). They are both adorable!! I am including this link, it's our kitten, hope it makes you smile =)



You birth the cutest babies ever! I bet you sit around just staring at them. Congratulations, honey!

Heather B.

Sometimes I think it would be cool to live on Axiom. If it had like a gym or something.

Oh wait, that wasn't the point of this post. Sorry.

But think about it.

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