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A Bunch of Turkeys

Preschool is the new KHAAAAAAANNNN!

Oh, goddammit. We're all sick again.

I'm not sure a six-week-old with a cold is any more or less pathetic than a three-week-old with a cold, but I do know that they are a hell of a lot more indignant about it.

Our Thanksgiving plans have been jettisoned, what with illness striking down every branch of our family tree. (My mother seems to think she needs to protect the baby from her own case of the flu -- it's kind of adorable that she doesn't realize that it's actually US who are the traveling band of pestilence, sent from the DC Metro area to spread disease and mucusosity up and down the East Coast, and she should really change their locks.) So we're staying home now and cooking dinner for ourselves.

Although I dunno. I'm pretty tired; couldn't I just skip the cooking part and just eat sticks of butter directly out of the package?

In other news, I started this website five years ago this week. I also remember saying something like, "If I'm still doing this dumb website in five years, you can go ahead and shoot me."



Seriously?! Again?! That seems entirely unfair. I would at least make the mashed potatoes- those are necessary AND go quite well with sticks of butter :) Have a good holiday and get well you odd, sickly family!


Me, too! I'm home with the youngest, who was sent home from school by the nurse and the oldest and dad went on ahead to spend the holiday with the in-laws. My idea. Mom-in-law is getting on in years and at least she can see her son and grandson. Don't tell anyone that I was inwardly pumping my fist in victory at having escaped the 10 hour drive. Let's hear it for holiday illness!! Woo Hoo!


Dude, just call Boston Market or someone. At this point, you really need a break!

Hoping that the mucus clears out soon so you can have a healthy remainder of the holidays...


Also? Congrats on 5 years! I don't think I've kept up with ANYTHING for that long.

Which should bode really well for my motherhood capacity, eh? ;)


Damn, you people are some germ magnets, huh? I hope everyone gets (and stays) better soon! Have a great holiday!


Happy birthday blog. Since finding out I am pregnant in September, you have quickly gained the title of Most Favorite Blog of the Entire Blogging world!
Hope you all feel better soon.

Sprite's Keeper

I think now would be a good time to take back that promise. Maybe in another five years, but now? Oh no. Keep going!

Sprite's Keeper

Oh yeah/ Feel better and Happy Thanksgiving! (And Bless you!) (You know, for when you sneeze next..)


You poor thing. I know you were probably looking forward to going to your mom's so she could spoil you and your children. That so stinks!

On that note, I will impart to you my favorite Thanksgiving tip..slow cooker stuffing. Plop it in in the morning, don't have to worry about it until dinner time, and it's perfect. Go to allrecipes.com and type in "slow cooker stuffing." Gayle somebody wrote the recipe. Wish I could claim credit for it is wonderful.

And give hugs and kisses to your two adorable little turklets for the whole Internets, mkay?


Aww, I hope you all feel better soon and can at least taste whatever you end up making or buying!
I'm glad no one's drug you out into the street and shot you. ;)


i'd rather not shoot you. or have you shot at all. i quite enjoy your site. but sticks of butter? ew.


That sucks about being sick again. We have been passing the same nastiness around our little family of four and now to the poor nanny for about four weeks now (maybe longer but I just do not want to think of that as a fact because BAH...) It sucks. Hang in there.

Happy Thanksgiving and FIVE years - that is truly impressive!


I say full steam ahead on eating butter straight from the fridge. It's the fat that counts at Thanksgiving, really.


That doesn't really seem fair, to be ill again. Although quarantine is not so bad provided you have sticks of butter at hand. Hope you all feel better soon.

Alicia Millis

serioulsy!?! unbelievable. I like you need a good round of flu shots all around! haha. I hope you are feeling better soon!!!

wow 5 years, thats crazy! Well I am glad you are still writting, and I hope you keep it up for at least another 5!


The only thing you should be shot with is a syringe full of NyQuil.
And the slow cooker stuffing is fab.
You may be surprised how a cruddy-seeming holiday may turn out to be truly wonderful.
Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Anniversary and hope you all feel better soon.


Wrap a waffle around those sticks of butter and VOILA! BREAKFAST!

Hope you guys start feeling better soon!


Congratulations on 5 years!!!
Hope you are all feeling better...I'm sure there might still be some restaurants out there that deliver...or you can just get Chinese :)


I hope you all feel better very, very soon! And happy Thanksgiving!!


Sick again...Perhaps your father in law was onto something with the Clorox wipes. As far as Thanksgiving, dude totally call Whole Foods and order something.


A)Feel better Amalah et all!
B) I'll thank you for not shooting yourself or being shot. This blog has made me laugh when I didn't think I had anything to laugh about. I NEED YOU!
C) I'd go with the butter thing.

Being sick around the holidays is the worst. When I came down with the ickiness 2 weeks ago I thought "hey- at least it will be over by thanksgiving!" Yeah, MINES over. Now I have 2 very displeased children and a husband who would probably kill me if he had the strength. Also to add a little extra fun my (almost) 1 year old has chosen this week (with the snot and the gooiness)to practice giving open mouthed slobbery kisses. What do I do?! It's so cute but soooo unbelievably gross!!


I hope you all feel better soon.

No shooting Amy!


I really hope no one shoots you, because I love reading your blog!

Sorry about the ick--my son's still getting over a sinus infection, and I am (please God) getting over bronchitis, so our T-day feast may consist solely of a Pop-Tart medley. But I think my husband may divorce me if I don't manage to throw together a sweet potato souffle, so we'll see.


Ugh...that sucks. We've all had everything but the vomiting for the last month, so the vomiting started this morning with my 5 year old. I am realizing the error of only owning one Little Einsteins video. I keep chanting "don't let the baby get it, don't let the baby get it" Poor Ezra -- he's gonna have the best immune system ever. Sending healing vibes your way...


Happy anniversary. I recommend ordering chinese food to go, in honor of the thanksgiving that never was.


Call out for EGGROLLS!

You can have your very own Christmas Story complete with Fa ra ra ra ra's.

There's no way you should cook when you are sick. Sickness requires lounging.


At this point I think people would shoot you if you stopped.

Also, sorry about the ongoing sicknesses. That sucks.


It is a grandmother thing. I was convinced the strange tropical illness I had from the Canadian visitors who came across the straits from Victoria was a threat to my grandson who lives in the third largest city in the country. Because.

Do order dinner from any local grocery store or eatery. I am pretty sure in order to be Thanksgiving butter must be dowsed with a lot of sugar and who has the energy.


Man, I remember those days. The Offspring is in Kindergarten now, and it's sort of true, he doesn't catch EVERY cold/flu any more ... only every second or third one. Still, it's an improvement. Hope everyone gets better soon.


Oh, and congratulations on five years! You've educated me, made me laugh, occasionally made me cry, and generally made my world a better place. Thank you.

Abra Leah

We are all sick here in Houston, too. Don't know if we can blame you.
Feel better!

all things BD

Congrats on the blogoversary, condolences on the illnesses, and I think the grocery store does a lovely holiday spread that you DON'T have to cook yourself. :)


We are having the same Thanksgiving as you. We were supposed to travel to see family in Williamsburg- with 3 out of 5 of us sick, we're now staying home too. Hope you all feel better soon. Happy Thanksgiving.


brown sugar goes very well with sticks of butter and sounds Thanksgiving-y.


Here's hoping that there is (at least!) 5 more years of blogging in you.

Feel better soon.


Bummer! I hate being sick on the holidays. That was us last year. I suggest only making the stuffing and be done with Thanksgiving. Butter, water, and a box of Stove Top is all good.


We have 6 kids in 4 different schools. Wehn something goes around....ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE.

I love your blog and am adding you to my Bedside Reading


Crikey, if you have grocery stores that make you dinner and deliver to your door you'd be mad not to order in. What a great country you live in.

Hope you all feel better soon.

And congrats on 5 years, I've been reading for 3 of them, please never stop.


Happy blogday, Amy!

(Hope y'all feel better ASAP.)


Oh no...sick on the holidays bites! Hope y'all feel better soon.

Happy Blogoversary!

Jerri Ann

Sick kids are no fun how you look at it, but I have to one up you here...I'm at home, alone sick while my family is out eating all over the place.

This time 4yeas ago on Thanksgiving I was on my way to labor and delivery and I did have a baby and guess what, every one was out eating having a good time that day too!


We're all sick now, too. And congrats on five years. I just celebrated three years this week. Apparently the end of November is so depressing it drives people to start blogs.

Melissa from Pittsburgh

There will be no shooting.

Thanks for persistence. longevity. Humour. Fun.


I'm sorry, but I would just not feel comfortable shooting the mother of two baby boys. Unless maybe it was with a nerf gun.

Wacky Mommy

Chicky, I would be missing you if you left. You know this.

Yes, mo' buttah is mo' bettah.

And plz remember: Life gets better after you give up all hope. Happy Holidays!


You did the right thing by cooking, for man cannot live on snot alone. (Though I've been told it's a lovely sidedish.)


I hope you're feeling better because being sick really sucks. Bless the creator of Nyquil although I have a bone to pick with him/her about the taste. Happy anniversary. The website I have right now which is just the one with other mashed in together hit the big one year in October. As for the blogs they have all made it past their one year mark and I'm going to shut up now since I'm in babble mode which isn't always such a good thing because I'm more likely to lead the person reading what I've typed to a case of confusion.


congrats on the 5 years. that is perseverance, woman.

and regarding your last post: why did noah take all of ezra's hair and how does ezra feel about that?


ugh!!! Hope you're feeling better!!


I love this word: mucusosity
That just made my day. Sorry it came at the expense of your health and all...

CONGRATS on the 5 year mark! That's huge. I thought one month was a big deal. Geeze, I'm just a wee babe in blog years.


Happy Five Year Blog Anniversary!! Wow!

Hope you all feel better soon :)



Happy blogiversary, and feel better soon.


Must definitely be something in the DC air as the baby and I were both sick too. Though mine turned into an evil stomach bug that I ended up infecting grandma with. Not good at all. Hope you all feel better soon!


Congratulations on your 5 years! I love your blog, and I have to report that I just finished reading Sleep is for the Weak over the Thanksgiving holiday (while pumping, thank you very much...ladies, the book's great for reading during pump sessions and whenever you have a few minutes!). I loved the book and can identify with so much that was written. Great book, congratulations. I hope that you & your family are well again & hopefully got some sort of Thanksgiving meal this holiday!

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