A Million Points of Light. Or Maybe Just Eight.


Hey boys, let's get some pictures of you in those super-cute matchy-matchy big brother/little brother tees that the Redneck Mommy sent us:




Okay! I can sort of read one of the shirts. Close enough! Moving on!


A little aside to myself here, you know, something for the baby book that I will probably never assemble:

Remember last year when you hit the post-Christmas sale at the Hallmark store and you found those cute little Thomas the Tank Engine ornaments and you were all, AWESOME and PROUD and BEST PARENT EVER? Do you remember what Christmas ornaments are actually FOR? That they are not TOYS, that they hang on a TREE, high above your toddler's REACH? Did you honestly think that would be FUN? Were you honestly surprised that your toddler did not ENJOY THAT? Are you still all kinds of PROUD now that you've successfully turned the Christmas tree into THAT THING WITH THE TOYS THAT DANGLE JUST OUT OF MY REACH and do you have any ideas for washing your child's bitter, salty tears out of the velvet tree skirt?


Dear Ezra: I will only buy you stupid-looking ornaments that totally suck and are not interesting at all. You're welcome.



OMG Ezra! Is so cute! Seriously, your babies = gorgeous.


a whole bunch of holiday cuteness right there! I just want to eat the cheeks...I wont though!


Your boys are gorgeous! I don't know if this will help, but when my girls were little (they are now 14 and 16) they had their own seperate little tree with unbrekable ornaments hung with ribbons (no wire hooks!). They were allowed to play with that tree and the ornaments to their hearts content as long as they left "Mommy's" tree alone. To this day, they have their own tree with all the ornaments I have collected for them over the years. Of course the ornaments are now more elaborate and many are breakable, but it is a cherised tradition at our house to have a "children's" tree. Hope it helps!

exile on mom street

Probably too late, but I told our little guy (age 2.5) that it his VERY IMPORTANT JOB to make sure that all of the ornaments stay on the tree.

He MUST protect the tree from our pets and any roving dinosaurs...

It is actually working. If an animal gets within 3 feet of the tree he yells, "No, naughty!"

Might be worth a try with Noah...

Alicia Millis

ahh that last pic of Ezra is soooo cute!!!

Haha to funny about the tree ornaments! Poor Noah!


When did Ez become spokesman for Pillsbury Cookie Dough? He is so yumnumable...And don't get me started on The Noah. I have left enough gushing comments about him in the last three years.


I love that last picture of Ezra. It looks like he's thinking, "Yeah, right, mom."

Can someone that young be snarky?


Your boys are so adorable together.


Your boys = cutest boys ever.

Too bad about the ornaments. The bottom of our tree is completely naked due to Curious Fingers.

Miss Kate

I didn't know how to take the whole "Ezra is a TANK" thing, but oh my goodness, he IS a solid, adorable boy... tank! Without intending to sound completely inappropriate, way to go Amy's boobs!


They are adorable!! I love the last one of Ezra...he looks very self-satisfied.


That first picture is so awesome I don't even have the right words.


What adorable boys! But, they're boys and probably won't get the whole idea of a static decorated tree for a while. Kids like dynamically changing trees.
Experience taught me that while they're little:
1. Use unbreakable ornaments on the entire tree. Trees can fall, glass ornaments aren't compatible with little kids.
2. Put toy ornaments, plus
easily moved metal, straw, paper, wood, and foam ornaments at the bottom third of tree, where kids will constantly redecorate/move ornaments around. (They will, so might as well not outlaw this, otherwise you'll spend much time policing,
that's not fun for anyone.)
3. Abandon any visual concept of 'the perfect tree' until kids are much older.
4. Expand the definition of what an ornament is, use lots of found objects, make paper ones from reinforced Christmas cards.
5. Don't worry, special ornaments you buy like the Thomas trains will be treasured. (My son loved Thomas also, and I bought beautifully painted Thomas ornaments, had exactly the same experience you did. However, when the kids turn into poker-faced teenagers and open the ornament box, see the trains and are rapturously transported back to their days of Thomas fandom, you'll be very glad you bought these reminders of their particular childhood passions. You can either let Noah play with them now, or buy some inexpensive plastic toy versions, to hotglue with hanging loops. You could put the expensive good ornaments away in his keepsake ornament box for later if you don't want them distressed or if they have breakable parts.
My kids are 16 and 18 and still get a kick from several old ornaments we made from Happy Meal toys, favorites from their childhoods like the Rugrats, Cat/Dog, Doug. Our Christmas tree back then had a stratified appearance, angels and nativity ornaments on the top third; photo ornaments,
and misc. in the middle, and the kid friendly ones near the bottom. This worked well for us and the best part is that now the kids decorate the entire tree themselves while my husband and I admire their efforts.

samantha jo campen

Wow, I never thought of the toys-you-can't-touch thing with the ornaments. Luckily I have another year or so before that happens with us. But good to know.

Awesome pictures. Just fabulous.


The boys are delicious!!Ezra will love his stupid-looking ornaments...


Nom nom nom! Seriously, your boys are so chomp-able!

And I'm considering not putting the ornaments on the tree. Just the lights so far are too tempting for them, am afraid the ornaments would send them into a Christmas meltdown!


Oh, one last tip,
use nylon fishing line to tether the tree to a hook on the ceiling and upper wall(s), then it's much less likely to fall over...
Good luck, Amy!


By the time I was about 7, I was able to handle the ornaments and appreciate them, but old enough not to play roughly or break them. They'll get some use eventually! I especially remember loving the ones with lights or moving parts, they were fascinating.


My God you make cute kids!



Thanks so much! I was planning on going out and buying a Disney princess tree ornament for my friend's 2-year old. But you've convinced me to go for a different one. So, I guess I'm saying that my friends thank you so they don't have to deal with a toddler having a meltdown over the fact that her 'toy' is in the tree.

Tammy K

That's it. I'm having another baby. I mean how many of those pics of baby fat rolls is one person expected to take. Your kids are gorgeous!

the ambitious mrs

God that kid is cute. Christmas trees with toddlers are ridiculously overrated. I'm in time out hell and we've only had the thing up a few days.


I want to kiss your baby. Is that creepy? I think so.


Your children make my day.

Thank you.


I purposely bought non-breakable ornaments for the bottom 2 feet's worth of our tree. Now, the floor is littered with the ornaments and the tree is freaking bare. Then, the 3 year old pulls his footstool and takes ornaments off at a high level. THEN, his 17month old sister uses the same footstool to help HERSELF to some ornaments. I give up - our trees looks like shit. But hey, I live in KANSAS, so I can get away with it. Right? Right.


Everyone is cooing over Ezra, so I'll take the opportunity to say Noah is STILL CHOMPABLE, nom. That hair and those cheeks. Delicious preschooler.


Will you look at the cheeks on Ezra! I just want to bite into him!

My worst tree decoration nightmare was one time while heavily - HEAVILY!! - pregnant with #2, I had a Tupperware party. Yes, people really did that. My toddler attended, of course. At one point we were playing some stupid game where the person directing the party was handing out the tiny little ball-type tree ornaments, you know, the ones about the size of a large cherry? Toddler walked up to Mama to see what she had in her hands, picked up the cherry-looking ornament, popped it into her mouth, and crunched down on it. Amazingly she was not harmed at all. But she is 45 years old now, and this memory still fills me with horror.


I have to say, watching li'l Ez fill out is pretty darn amazing. That and how Noah is now the spitting image of his dad compared with him; I used to SWEAR Noah was all you until you introduced the little peanut.


OMG look at that cute, yummy, fat happy baby! YUM, NOM NOM!


Dear Ezra:

Your smile made my day.


So, so cute. Those pictures put me in such a good mood I don't mind starting my final essay! Go Noah and Ez! :)


Wow, your kids are just too cute! Noah and my son could be twins! You must love all the happy comments over EZra. Im going to go with Noah being cuter though (although Im partial because he looks like my James)


So cute! And yeah, that last picture of Ezra's little smirk-ADORABLE!!!!


Oh, Amy, I know it's cold comfort, but I learn SO MUCH from reading your blog for when I someday have children. So, you know, the salty tear stains on the velvet tree skirt have at least educated some internet stranger. Thanks!


The pics of the boys are dahleeng! Think of all the memories to come. And do you still PAUSE when you say "boys" (plural)???

Thanks for including the snap of Ezra crying...I went back to look at that and (selfishly) thought, "oh good, her 8 wk old cries, too!"

What are the stats on Ezra? He is so big! Your tiny baby is so plumpily kissable...!


We got the Hallmark Thomas and Percy ornaments from my mother-in-law, and the first night our tree was up, my 3.5 year-old-said, "Only for decoration, not for playing", and left them completely alone after hanging them gently on the tree himself. I was gobsmacked.

The next morning he had broken the tracks off of them because they wouldn't "drive right". They are now in the ornament hospital till next year.


uhg. the cuteness of your children makes my uterus do flip flops.


i'm suddenly thankful that i'm jewish ;)


Little smirks of brothers - screw ornaments. Hang pictures of the little ones.


Keepsake ornaments are the best. I put up my own grownup tree for the first time this year and can't tell you how much I love it that my Mom has given me all of "my" ornaments from our family tree. They hang in my house now - and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Your boys will appreciate it. Someday...


Your babies are so so so very cute! I'm not looking forward to when my Ana is old enough to want to play with the three. Gah. Probably next year.


Oh, honey. Seriously. Ezra is so chompable, nomable, nom, nom, NOM, NOM!!!! Noah is perfection as well, of course, but there's just nothing like a chompable, dimply baby!!!!

Redneck Mommy

Oh dear lawd, my uterus just exploded with the cuteness of your childrens.

If you ever decide you don't want to be a mommy I'm totally tossing my hat in the ring to adopt them.

Just so ya know.


It is silly that they make these delicate ornaments of kids characters. I guess they are for the kids who manage to keep all their toys in perfect condition - still in the box (those kids did not live at my house ...) But doesn't it just totally shed light on how when you are a little kid, when you saw something attractive you could almost feel it in your fingers! (not in your eyeballs - if that makes any sense)

We had these totally indestructible ornaments that I fondly remember, even tho they were *kind of ugly* there were some little wreaths that must have come from the fuller brush man - they were actually scrub brush heads tarted up to look like wreaths - they are still - 45 years later, in the same condition. There were also some made of that flat crunchy foam but in the shape of ginger bread men colored light brown with plastic "icing" which are also in the same condition (with a couple of bite marks - we couldn't resist biting then a little because they made an awesome crunch sound when you did!)

There were also some other simple wooden and paper mache balls that were pretty indestructible that were ours to hang within reach. My mom put the more delicate ones up higher. She let us hang one or two of the delicate ones as a reward or gesture of maturity. It was cool to feel the preciousness. And then we would just look at the one we just hung all quiet for a minute or two.

I don't know if that was even on the radar at 3 for us, but I bet Noah would be proud to be able to gently place one special one because he's the big boy.

Wow, that is possibly the most happy maternal memory I have of my mom!


Ah ha ha ha!
I read the part about the ornaments to my husband and he laughed out loud, too. Lesson learned, I guess!

Oh, and your boys? Still cute!
(Ezra in the background of Noah holding the ornament- I love how cute he looks just lounging there!)

Sprite's Keeper

This completely justifies why my tree is naked from the waist down.


Just.... cuteness!!!!

I remember putting on outfits one day just to take pictures of them with my oldest. I think we changed clothes 5 times.

I don't think I told you...as if you'd remember...being the rock star that you are and having throngs of admirers.
I had a baby 6 days before you.
October 9th. A girl.

I named her "ERIN"

I think "Ezra & Erin" would be a cute "couple" name...don't cha think?

Just kidding.....not stalkerish at all. Seriously.


As if Noah wasn't cute enough, you went and made Ezra, who is all kinds of adorable! That face, I want to smooch it!


Your kids are SO photogenic! Or maybe those are just your awesome photography skills.. I think they're just so cute you just can't take a bad picture. Ez is so full of smiles all the time! What a happy baby!


Here's a comment for the first time (thanks to Dad Gone Mad) to say I really enjoy reading about your family and I LOVE adorable kid pictures, whether they're mine or not! Thanks for the smiles.


I'm having the same issue with the Hallmark Cinderella ornaments (daughter - no son. :-)). Yeah - the tree is supposed to be PRETTY and FESTIVE - not FUN. Who made her think this holiday was for her anyway??

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