The Worst Thing Ever That Actually Really Wasn't

He Just Wants To Dance.

Ezra slept for eight solid hours last night. I slept for three, thanks to a complete and utter inability to breathe due to the aforementioned Y.A.F.C.

Noah -- who has made a full recovery and is back at school today, probably contracting the next bacterial scourge as I type this -- slept for less than eight hours but more than three, as I heard him conversing until midnight with an imaginary scary goblin who lives in his closet and is his new best friend in the world, because he's a NICE scary goblin. They go on ADVENTURES. Shut the DOOR, Mama. I BUSY.

I am pretty sure the scary goblin is actually the garden gnome from our neighbor's yard.

I have no idea how he ever got so hopped up last night. It's like someone was ordering him to dance until he collapsed headfirst into the furniture in exhaustion right before bedtime, or something.

Noah's Dance from amalah on Vimeo.

(Totally gratuitous footage of the baby doing absolutely nothing of interest is at the end. You're welcome.)

(Also, yes, we are out of butter. Thanks for the update, Jase.)



Good to see the little guy is feeling better!

Thrift Store Mama

My 3 y.o. does a similar dance for no known reason. It's always prefaced with "Watch this"

Sprite's Keeper

And he's back!

Morgan S.

Ohhhhh, the baaybeee is SO CUTE!!!! And I like Dancing Noah, too!


I love how Ezra keeps licking his lips.

You think he's watching his big brother dance, but no, he's daydreaming about booooooobs.


Oh my, your boys are adorable. I could watch Ezra do nothing all. day. long.


Too cute! And I love watching babies do nothing. They can't talk, walk, mess up your stuff, or ask you for rides to their friend's houses.


It's Da Noah Show. Thank you, Amy.

Hello Ezra!


Ezra's head has attained perfectly spherical proportions of chubbiness, I want to smoosh him! Just wait until they are both dancing...and smashing into each other, and screaming, and breaking stuff...so cute!


It's DeQwan's Dance Moves for Toddlers.

Also? Ezra is delicious.


Your boys - they are both so adorable! Love Noah's dancing and Ez's gummy smiles!


The preschool news stinks and I hope everything gets sorted out quickly and in Noah's best interest. Despite all of that, he is a great dancer! Better than me, that's for sure.

Ezra's tongue cracked me up!


He's got the mooooves.


Ezra was not "doing nothing," he was smiling and cooing and making me ALMOST want a second so that this time such moments are properly appreciated.


Yeah! Noah feels better!

And the girls at work have now dubbed Ezra the cutest baby ever made. :) The tongue was the best!


My damn ovaries just EXPLODED. Too cute for words.


GASP! Baby's head looks like it's made of the mooooon. In the best way, of course. What a cutieface!

tracey b

I personally love the look on his face when you say "do it again!" and he's like "WHERE?!? The baby's toys are everywhere, ma!" :)

And, you know what? I TOTALLY understood him! He sounds great, Amy.


Oh my GOD those boys are so cute. And Ez was totally doing something at the end- with his tongue! Just happy as happy can be! Thanks for posting that. My 17-month-old ruptured her eardrum yesterday so I've been living in a state of hell since. Thanks for the cheering up!


what's on your TV?


i love the tongue! hah! so cute!


I love the dancing and I love the gratuitous baby footage. Your kids are awesome. Kids dancing is the best.


That video made me smile. A lot. Thanks.


Oh mah goodness. I totally want to pinch Ezra's cheeks! (Sorry to scare you that a some stranger wants to pinch your babies cheeks, but I can't help it- those are some cute baby cheeks.)

I think Noah's dance should be called the preschooler dance because my 3 1/2 year old dances exactly like that too!

Walking With Scissors

He was licking his little lips and grinning. That's not nothing of interest at all! In fact, my ovaries are cursing you and your adorable kids (both of whom are younger than mine) at this very moment.


Noah is awesome as ever. Ezra is not "doing absolutely nothing" though. He is looking at you and thinking you are the most delicious thing he has ever seen.


Totally helpful update by Jason, because I am out of butter, too. And, we're expecting a snow storm, so you know. I need to get to the damn store.


LOVE the footage of Ezra rooting. I miss those days so.


Ezra..........that chubby little bitty face...........ahhhhhhhhhhhhh that made me smile and I needed that!


Seriously, you should teach him to do that Beyonce dance, he would rock it! And Ezra doing nothing is a heck of a lot cuter than my doing nothing. I'm definitely doing it wrong.


Watch out Dancing with the Stars, here comes Noah of the famous Da Noah Show! He will knock your socks off and make babies smile and adults melt.


OMG, could Ezra's little face be any rounder? Holy crap!


The good news is that the fucking colds/flu/germy nastiness sick all the time shit stops taking over your entire family every week all winter long once your kids are teenagers.

They bad news is that you have to live with teenagers.


Good grief! I swear it felt like my milk was letting down just watching Ezra in all his delicious baby goodness! And I haven't nursed for almost 2 years! See what you have to look forward to?


awe! too cute!!

Katie Bug

Okay, watching Ezra make the tongue motions made me want to find my son and nurse him. Ethan totally would have been given boob in response to that!

Your boys are too cute!


Dude, when I was his age the only thing that lived in the closet besides a huge mess and occasionally my cats was The Big Bad Wolf. I wish I'd know a Nice Scary Goblin to chase him away.

I also wish my grown-dance moves were more than marginally more well-thought out than Noah's adorable flail dance.


Check Noah out
"I wanna dance!"
It just makes me smile :)


The good scary goblin made him do it.


The kids are adorable and delicious as always! But for some reason, when i click on your link page, the video frame pops up and obscures half the links, and i don't know how to get rid of it :(.


He's not doing nothing! He's sticking out his tongue and dodging your fingers and smiling a little. Oh, and being chubby and cute.


Sorry about the weekend. I wanted to let you know that I'm sending a book for Noah for Christmas, except it will actually be a New Years gift. It's from a really cute series that we love and I think Noah will like it, too. And there may be some coffee in you future, too!


Don't ALL kids do that dance when it's three days 'til Santa?


Yes, your quirky kid does rule :)


I love gratuitous baby and small child videos ANYTIME. And I TOO, have YAFC!!! JEEEBUS!


Preschool teacher gone rogue? Yeah, wouldn't want to be in her shoes. Looking forward to a post about it. And yes, my lfe on Christmas break is completely lame and I am left to check twitter and comment here about it. But hey, at least the kids aren't fighting!


You must send Ezra to me immediately! Thanks!

They are both adorable.

Katie Kat

Okay, I officially don't need ANYTHING else for Christmas. Ezra will do just fine, thank you very much.


Donna P

Noah looks like he's doing the Matt Harding dance.

That's one chubby happy baby!


Noah seems a LOT like my now 4 year old third child, high strung at times, in EI for speech but soooo totally within range of NORMAL toddler behavior! I have an 8 year old with Sensory Integration Disorder mainly involving CLOTHES and OMFG it STILL makes me crazy but after 8 years I have learned to navigate around it and she does too. Initially, I had a pediatrician tell us she was just defiant, nope her clothing and shoes actually drive her to the breakdown, avoiding her triggers; buttons, jeans, anything but CROC.S is just easier I know lazy mom but 4 kids have given me a tough skin. I know it is rough, hope just knowing another mom has felt that big (F)ailure stamp and survived helps. Noah WILL be ok and you will too!(Oh and your kids are so freaking adorable!)

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