Make That the Mighty Mighty Ez

Here is Noah (the 9 pound, 15 ounce chunk of Christmas Ham) on the day of his two-month check-up:

Noah 2 months

He was 12 pounds even. 24.5 inches long.

And here is Ezra (the 7 pound, 7 ounce miniature deep-fried peanut), after today's two-month check-up:


12 pounds, 12 ounces. 24 inches long.

HA. HA HA HA. HAAAAAAAA.  Outstanding work, little man. Out. Standing.



Wow, what cuties! It's amazing how much they look alike.


WOW. Ezra's a champ. They look so different, too!


Okay, now that's just funny.


outstanding work, amy's boobs!


I think that's more an impressive tell of your BOOBS. Wow! Good work both of you!


Outstanding work, Amy and "your girls!" Credit, where credit is DUE!
Beautiful, beauty-full boys.


That is so cool to be able to compare. You are right to be so proud!


You are too much! Putting them in the same onesie in the same pose is just too perfect. And look at that little chunk Ezra smirking in the picture like, "Yeah, I know I'm awesome."


must be the boob juice!


It appears to be distributed in the rough approximates:

3 additional ounces for the extra chin and 4 additional ounces per THIGH!

What cuties.


The awesome thing is, you can see such a difference in their faces. And Noah looks so lanky! Both adorable & sweet. And are those stickers on their right legs?


Amazing! Look how stocky Ezra looks compared to his turtle brother, even though they are only a half-inch apart in length...Noah looks like a string bean, and Ezra a juicy grape. Well done, Mamalah.


Yay!! Good job, you two :)


You put them in the same onesie! And they both have matching band-aids on their scrumptious little thighs! Outstanding, indeed.


Make sure you label those picture clearly because 15 years from now you'll be totally confused about which is which!


Aww, so cute!! Great job there, lil man!


I think they look very different, but are both very adorable! Glad you're having so much fun with them!


WOW! Rock on, Amy's Boobs, and ROCK ON Ez with the good eating habits!!

So impressive. I want to NOMNOMNOM both of them, btw.


Outstanding work, Mama!
He appears to be working on a high score on the thigh fat roll meter - having given birth to a noodle who NEVER had thigh rolls, I am way jealous.

the ex

I'm always struck by how different they look!


I love that they are in the same onesie for those photos! Also, it's amazing how much 12 ounces really shows on babies... Ezra definitely looks chubbier than Noah there!


I love how their personalities shine through in these photos -- watchful Noah and happy, snuggly Ezra. Assumptions, of course, on my part, but you get the idea ...

Miss Grace

That's some serious family resemblance.


Long and lean meet roly-poly! So cute!

Has anyone ever asked you if Noah is Better than Ezra?

.... ok that was a bad joke but I couldn't resist.


How cute, their left toes are in the exact same position.


Oh, look at those yummy legs and toes. Nom, nom nom!

Heather B.

Ok I don't care if your kid pukes on me again. He's so fucking cute that I want to cuddle him some more. Please? Pretty please?


Congratulations Amy! that is a hard job!!!!! and takes a lot of sacrifice.... What my doctor told me that you should now is that breastfed babies weight more than formula ones and that when they reach 2 years old mark they become leaner, and I found that true, my baby was always on 95th percentile for weight and 75th for height and last monday at her 2 year old checkup she is in 75th percentile for height and 50th for weight (she was breastfed until she was 1 year old), so from now on maybe Mighty Ez might look a little heavier that Noah, so GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!

Katie R

I agree with Zoot, go boobs! They're doing good! Nursing my second boy was so easy compared to my first! And I was amazed at weight gain with the second. In his first 2 weeks, he gained 2 pounds, that's like 1/3 of his original weight! I looked at my boobs and applauded! They were actually good for something for once!


Go boobs go!

MJ was 7 pounds 7 ounces too. He has his four week appt. on Thursday and I'm very curious to see what he weighs because my jacked up grownup scale method says it's 11 pounds. And WTF.


Goodness Ezra looks so much chunkier. Who knew 12 ounces could make such a difference!


It is amazing how much they look like each other!


The little Noah baby looks so much LIKE NOAH! Brilliant observation, I know. It's surprising to me. Also, I read the post after fawning over the images and coming to that conclusion. Babies have that power over me.


I love that they're wearing the same onesie for their checkups! If Ezra keeps it up, though, you might not be able to do that for subsequent visits!

Congrats - you and Jason make adorably baby boys!


LOVE the chunky chunk thighs!


Oh the faaaatttt baby thighs! How do you get any work done with those thighs to be nibbled all day long??


Yaaay, boobies!

Nice work, girls.


You really should warn people when you are going to do Yummy Babies Times Deux.

(I miss Noah starring as The Turtle.)


It's awesome to compare the two - Ezra is such a chunker compared to Noah! They're both beautiful.


Wow! It must feel SO good to know that he is 12 lbs, 12 oz all from your boobs. Seriously wow. I wish breastfeeding had worked out for me. :(


What a hunk of burning love. Good work, Mama.


NOM NOM NOM. i could eat them up. SO CUTE.


Way-ta-go Amy's boobs! whoo hoo! love the baby thunder thighs.

Sprite's Keeper

No fair! I just got off the treadmill and now will regain what I lost due to chomping cheeks! Ezra looks wonderful, Amy! Go give the girls a hug!


Way to go Ezra!!! You'll spend the rest of your life trying to beat Noah (sorry Noah, the younger ones always want to do better and more) and you're off to a great start. :)


That is one CUTE chunky monkey!!!! Way to GROW!!!


Way to go Ez!


aww. the boo-boo bandaids get me every time!

Rae Ann

Nom, nom, nom! I could just EAT those chunky baby thighs. My chunky baby is almost two and has lost his adorable fat bracelets. Must be time for another one!


Noah is perfection, as we've all agreed. Ezra is a different kind of perfection, that is equally powerful. Nom, nom, nom...what? oh, sorry. I didn't mean to nom his cheeks when you don't know me and stuff. So sorry! Tee hee!

Beth C

They do look very different in these photos. Noah must look like Jason because Ezra looks so much like you!

katie ~ motherbumper

outstanding work momma.


am I the only one who thought Noah's band-aid was an unfortunate poop explosion on first glance?

Katie Kat

OMG, the chubby thighs and those chins... *FAINTS!*


QUITE a bit chunkier looking. Chunky baby legs. Yummy. He's smilier than Noah was, too. Although, Noah looked like he knows something we don't know.


Too cute!


Look at those chubby thighs on Ez! I love fat rolls on baby thighs!


Ezra is such an adorable little pudgeball! For all of his superior birth-size, Noah was a much leaner baby. Also? I love the turtle neck extension thing he had going on.


They're both adorable. You're blessed.


The green bean vs. the sack of potatoes!

Yes, I just gave your children vegetable nicknames.

Must Be Motherhood

We've got a similiar scerario going on here with boy 2. Why are they so much chubbier the second time around while being nearly the SAME weight and height? I would have failed Anatomy or something.


your boobs are clearly doing something right, eh? ;)


I love how Ezra's got the "bruiser" pose down, too! Too cute. Oh, I miss the baby stage...


Outstanding work, Mama, is what I say! Go Boobs of Abundance!


He's mighty, mighty.

Congrats to you both.


OMG. I want to chomp on those thighs! Nom Nom.

My second boy just turned three. He outweighs his 5 year old brother by 4 pounds. I'm almost afraid what the doctor is going to say at his check up!

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