But It's Tradition, Dammit
I Know

Septuacentenial Cupcake in a Cup

As a Very Important "Beauty Insider" member at Sephora (translation: HA HA, WE GOT YOU TO SIGN UP FOR A CARD JUST FOR FREE SAMPLES, SUCKER), I am apparently entitled to a birthday gift every year. Provided I make a purchase during my birthday month. And remember to present that stupid card.

Anyway, my gift was a small bottle of shower gel. It's glittery and sparkly and smells like cupcakes. Thanks, Sephora! How did you know I was turning 12 this year? My mom says I can wear the tinted kind of Chapstick now too!

(I guess I should be grateful that they DON'T customize the birthday gift too much, since if they were to base it off my recent purchases I'd probably get an anti-wrinkle cream that smells like lemon verbena. And desperation.)

(Oh, and I'm 31 now. Everyone kept telling me that 31 would hit me harder than 30, but it didn't. I guess there's something about having TWO CHILDREN that makes you already feel older than dirt, what with how terriblly haggard you look next to their chubby smooth perfection [seriously, if you ever want to feel REALLY BADLY about yourself, press your face against an infant's and look in a mirror], and I'm possibly a little senile because I swore I was turning 32 this year and had to use a calculator to check the math. 31? Is that all? Wow, I'm going downhill faster than I thought, but I guess you might as well get a head start on these things.)

And now, a couple holiday-ish pictures, as required by law.


Noah, looking especially dashing in his holiday sweater, if perhaps a little baffled by the whole affair. He caught on after awhile, and will now randomly announce that he is ready to open another present now, thank you.


Ez, in one of the rare photos where he is actually wearing clothes. Everybody seemed to prefer him in nothing but a diaper. In our white trash defence, the turkey DID take a lot longer to cook than anticipated, and his thighs make for some awfully good chomping.



Happy Birthday and hooray for getting younger!!


Raising my hand here because I'm coming up on 32, too. Happy Birthday!

Sprite's Keeper

Happy birthday, Happy holidays, Happy New Year! I'm sure there's other happies to be had, but I don't want to desensitize you to it.


My birthday was earlier this month and I also received the same gift from Sephora.

The bubbles it makes were NOT impressive.


My child scarcely wore any clothes until she was two. A look back through pics of her first year look like a junior nudist camp photo album.


Hey!! My birthday is tomorrow and I didn't get any free, albeit crappy, present from Sephora!

Happy Birthday, you young thing. I will be 44 tomorrow. Yes, it sucks.


Oh, Noah is getting SO BIG!!!

And I would pass up turkey for Baby Thigh Chomping any day. :)

Happy birthday Amy! Many, many more.


Ha! I actually got that horrible cupcake bubble bath and put it directly into the gift closet for the next 10 year old girl's b-day. Sparkles aside, the smell makes me heave...oh, Sephora.


snicker... I too have watched WALL-E way too many times.


Ah, shit. I *always* remember to send you a note on your birthday, because, of course, it is the same as me! me! me! And this year, probably because I am pregnant and therefore stupid, I forgot.

Happy belated, fellow 27 Capricorn.


Happy Birthday! Looks like a great holiday was had :)


Oh, um, I kinda liked the sparkly cupcake Sephora gift. SHAME.


Happy belated birthday, Amy!

It could have been worse. The gift could have been Love's Baby Soft or Heaven Sent.

Lady in a Smalltown

I will be 33 in May and I think that will hit me harder than 30, 31, or 32. But hopefully I will be a mom the next week, and that will make it all better (if by all better I mean, make me feel really old).


Oh, yes, the baby-mama skin comparison. It never ends well. It does cheer me that my 85-year-old grandmother's skin has somehow regained baby smoothness. Sure, it's wrinkly, but it's almost as soft as my son's, not all dry like mine. So there's that to look forward to, perhaps. Or maybe that just means my skin pales in comparison to that of a baby and an 85-year-old. Yikes.


Happy Birthday! Ezra looks stoned.


Happy Birthday!! I was pleased to read that you did not know your age either. For months I kept telling people I will be turning 33 -- and it took a friend of mine to remind me I turned 32!! Old age. Humph.


I see your 31 and I raise you seven more years in which to feel haggard. You infant. Cry to me when you are 38 and all the gray hair in the Northern Hemisphere decided to have a family reunion on your head.

Noah looks like a Ralph Lauren ad. Minus the grandma. Even though I totally think the grandma rocks, but apparently RL doesn't because they don't use grandmas in their ads but maybe they should because then more grandmas would buy their stuff?

And can Ezra look ANY MORE like you and Jason? I think not. And I'm more of a baby neck roll chomper.

What was I saying again?

Mrs. Who

I just went to Sephora for the first time today and am now a fan for life. I just thought it was a cheap makeup store; I had no idea they had all the FANCY stuff too.


Happy Happy Birthday.

Jen L.

Happy birthday! I didn't realize we were the same age. (I'll be 32 in Feb.) Enjoy your cupcakey stuff. ;)
Noah DOES look dashing in his sweater. My little guy has been spending a lot of time in just his diaper lately, too because:
1. It's 70 friggin' degrees in AL
2. He turns 1 next Monday and that is the only way I can still see him as a little baby. That is, until he gets up and pushes his wagon across the room. Waaaah.


Happy Holidys and Happy birthday.
I do have to say tat you have officially just made me feel older. I turned 41 about a week and a half ago.


I have watched Wall*E 137 times.

This week.

Katie Kat

When Bethany was about 3 months old, my hubby took a picture of us napping together. I thought it would look all dreamy and precious and like a Hallmark card. It didn't - I looked like a haggard old ninny with wrinkles on my neck (for gawd's sake) and age spots! ISH.


ok, I just turned 43 and (whispering) I liked the bubble bath.
As for aging, I didn't get gray hairs until I gave birth .. and all that tiredness has taken quite a toll


I may be a little slow on the uptake (which is what happens when you realise that LOTS of people are SO MUCH YOUNGER than you - I'll be 40 (gah) in May), but do I take it that you and Jonniker have your birthdays on 27 Dec? If so, I'll bet you're both just thrilled to discover that you have the immense privilege of sharing your special day with my elder daughter, Carla, who just turned 7 (going on 17). If that's not your birthday, well hey, it must be damn close.
Slowness on the uptakeness (2): what's with the comments about Wall-E? I haven't seen the film and don't get it...*sniff*
Oh, and happy birthday, happy holidays, happy 2009 and all that jazz to you all!

ame i.

Clappy Clappy Birthday, Clappy Birthday to you! Sorry, I've forgotten the rest of the Clappy Birthday song local restaurants like to annoy people with.
Regardless, Happy Birthday!
That said, shiz, lady, 31 ain't nothin to even half-way freak out about. Try turning 40, freaking 40! Or 30 ten, as my 11 year old so kindly said.
Love, hug, kiss, embrace your thirty years. I don't look much different now than I did at 30, but still, when I add the numbers between my birth year and the current year, I don't like it.


I got the same body wash for my b-day. Do you really think they give everyone the SAME GIFT? I thought it was JUST FOR ME!!!

Happy B-day! When are we going out for drinks?


Happy Birthday. Your mom looks great, btw, which must be a fantastic extra birthday gift !

PS: I dropped my birthday cake scented Sephora body wash in the shower and the bottle exploded. My bathroom smelled like a bakery for a month.

xoxo, SG


Ezra looks as though he is so over all this picture taking holiday nonsense! Bless his heart. Noah is a big old boy in his glorious sweater.
This very evening I made the mistake of smooshing my grand baby's face and taking a picture....am very disappointed that nobody EVER tells me that I look too young to be a grandma dammit! I am 46 and sadly look every day of it.


OMG that's so true about feeling OLD when looking in the mirror with your face smushed against your 1-year-old. I do it all the time -- after baths, and OMG I am OLD!


LOVE the title. We watched that today. It warms my heart to hear my son walking around singing a diddy from one of Babs' famous musicals. Notsomuch for the dear hubs.

Oh and happy day to you. Tough luck having it so close to Christmas, though. How often did you get jipped growing up??


Happy belated Birthday! I've been reading your blog for a while now - I had a baby girl the same week Ezra was born so it was great reading someone else who was in the same boat :) My bday was Dec. 23 (next year will be the big 3-0 for me) and my daughter's gift was an explosive diaper - prune juice works wonders on constipation by the way.


White trash? Then so am I. If we could afford to heat our drafty old house adequately, the baby wouldn't wear a stitch of clothing ever. There is NOTHING like a naked baby. NOTHING.


Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Biiiirthday dear Aaaamy,
Happy Birthday to you!

Took me a minute to get the WALL-E reference in the title there :) Adorable photos of Noah and Ezra!


Was yesterday your 31st?? (12/29) I ask because it was my 31st birthday as well. I am expecting my first in April though, so I'm a bit behind you! Happy belated birthday!


Happy late Birthday!!

Noah will catch on to the Christmas thing too well by next year. My 4 year old totally got it this year. :)

And Ezra looks so chompable!


Happy holidays! I hope Santa was good to you all!


If it makes you feel any better (and it won't), I didn't know whether I was turning 37 or 38 this year. Turns out it was 38, guess I just blocked the horror of approaching 40s from my mind!

BTW your blog was voted a favorite by my readers on my blog so I included a post linking to you. (But this isn't new news, since you're regularly featured in blogs/newspapers/books everywhere. Still I thought I'd mention it. Happy birthday and Happy new year!


Happy birthday young sistah!


I got Wall-E as a Christmas gift from my parents! That movie STILL makes me laugh out loud AND get all teary-eyed.
ANYway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I love love love your blog and am continually thankful for how much you share with all us intertube folk :) Yay Amalah!


I was just thinking today, "Oh! I need to order something from Sephora before tomorrow! To get my free birthday gift!" because last year it was Bliss body butter. Which did not smell anything like a cupcake, although it did kind of make me want to lick my own skin all the time because it felt so effing amazing. But now that I know all I'll be missing out on is sparkle cupcake shower gel, I can pass. So thanks for that.


Happy Birthday!
I actually received the same gift last year w/o having to purchase anything: I absolutely LOVED it! If you don't want yours, I'll take it :)

Oh, and imagine how old one might feel when that someone is soon to be 30 and has no kids or husband. See, don't you feel better?


I got that cupcake sparkly thing, too. All of us 12 year olds will be having a sparkly bathtime!

My kids *love* it, though!


Happy Birthday to a fellow "Beauty Insider!" (OOOH AAAH) Treat yourself to something nice...maybe some Bonne Bell Lip Smacker?


Happy Birthday!!!

I was at Sephora today and despite my birthday not being for another 2 weeks all the bells and whistles went off and the confetti exploded over my head and I was handed my little bottle of body wash.


Last year I get an almost full size bottle of something like Philosophy Cake flavor.

Thanks, Sephora.

I'm still banking all my points for "the big gift."


Happy birthday! Dude, I'll be 33 in March. To be fair, I do not have 2 kids - yet. ;-)

However, I would like to lather up with cupcakes in the shower...mmmm...I imagine my husband would like me smelling like cupcakes too!

The Gori Wife

Boy, do I hate that tinted chapstick...

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