He Just Wants To Dance.


Aaaaand the rest of the family has now been felled by Yet Another Fucking Cold. Felled, I say! Like mighty oak trees! Except...well, more like low-lying shrubs at this point. Or that dead hydrangea in the backyard.

Noah is still home from school, which is nice in a way, because I miss playing with him, but also kind of eyeball stabby, because I don't understand how a child can go from a napless wonder running laps around the house at 7 pm, shrieking at top volume and demanding PLAY-DOH CRAYONS MARKERS TRAINS WANNA PLAY MY TRAINS NO WAIT BUBBLES, to feverish and miserable and wailing MY EAR HURRRRTS by 10 pm, thus re-setting the "he can go back to school tomorrow yay!" clock back to zero.

But I don't know. There's still something extra endearing about them when they're a little peaked and still bedheady and pajammied at lunchtime:


Anyway, I clearly have some important lying-in-bed-and-moaning to do today, but I still invite you to have a laugh or an eyeroll at my expense over at The MomSpeak, where I wrote about my dread fear of coupons. Yes. Coupons. You probably thought it was not humanly possible to have a dumber phobia than volcanoes. And then there I go. With coupons.