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Done But Not Over

The breaks. We cannot has them.

Since I posted on Friday, things went from Fine to Not Fine. "Kaflooey," is my mom's technical term for it. My dad's lung collapsed, his blood sugar went through the roof, he developed an arrhythmia and most likely pneumonia. He's had his lung drained of fluid and several panic attacks because he simply can't breathe. He's been on and off oxygen treatments for days, constantly dancing around the edge of ventilator territory -- improving a little but not quite enough, remaining solidly in the high-level cardiac care unit, which we keep telling him is actually a million-dollar spa getaway when the nurse comes to thump away on his back. I'm sure his insurance company would find us HYSTERICAL.

On the other end of the whining spectrum, I woke up on Sunday with another cold. Meaning I could do nothing more for my dad than miserably wave at him from the doorway while covering my mouth and nose, and could do nothing more for my mom than drape myself over the chairs in the waiting room and pretend that I was still awake. My body just plumb gave out, so I came home.

And yet I will be dragging my feverish ass out of bed this afternoon to take Noah to a speech evaluation -- a private one, which I suppose our insurance may also find rather amusing. Also, I think I will bet myself 10 bucks that I can get him to say "kaflooey" to the speech therapist. It's good to have goals, people.


FunnyGal KAT

Hang in there!


Oh, Amy... we're all here with you. On the innernets. Much good wishes to you and your family.


Ugh. Hospital humor. You gotta do what you can with what you've been given, but it's still...ugh. Hang in there. Still sending white light and happy thoughts!


Oh Amy, I'm so sorry to hear that things went kaflooey. I'm rooting for your dad to pull through this. And it's worse for you when you're sick too and you can't see him. I've been there: my brother had a stem-cell transplant last year and I had a cold and couldn't visit him at all. Here's hoping everyone gets better ASAP.

Parsing Nonsense

Oh man, that's terrible but it sounds like your dad's a fighter so keep up the good cheerleading! I hope the speech eval goes well and that you feel much better very soon!

Sprite's Keeper

Kaflooey is better than Kablooey, right? Hang in there!

Fraulein N

I'm so sorry about your dad. Hope Noah's evaluation goes well.


Teh breaks, you deserve them. Hang in there.

bethany actually

Oh, Amy. Praying for you, your mom & dad, your dad's nurses, Noah, the speech evaluators, pretty much anyone I can I hope it gets better.



Bless your heart.

Your Dad sounds like he is receiving good care. Sending prayers his way and yours.

Take care of yourself.

Sorry you are sick again, especially right now.

Anonymous New York

Oh goodness, Amy. I'm so sorry that you're not feeling well and can't be with your dad right now. I'm also sorry about the Kaflooey. I hope they get him back on track quickly!

Good luck to Noah at his speech therapy today!


Thinking of you and sending your whole family healing thoughts and energy.


Amy...I'm so sorry your dad is having such a rough time of it. Praying for your Dad.

Feel better soon and hope the speech eval goes well.

bethany actually

Uh, saw words missing in my comment after I hit "post." Haven't had my coffee yet.

Alicia Millis

Oh Amy, I am sorry to hear about your dad. I really pray that things begin to improve for him. And what a lame time for a cold, I guess our bodies can only handle so much till they start to break down.

Good luck at the speech evaluation. I will be thinking of your whole family today.



Awww, sweetie. I'm sorry. So, so sorry. I'm rooting for your dad! And Noah!

Take a break. Get some rest. I know that's easier said than done. But with everything you have on your plate, you're gonna need your strength. Your family (and especially your babies) need you.

kim at allconsuming

I love the smell of speech therapy in the afternoon.

Thinking of you and the fam and your dad constantly.

Kaflooey now added to the vernacular.


Crum Amy, the sickness is not welcome, I hope you feel better right quick. Lots of water and pills and rest if you can. Sending you immunity, and strength to get to your eval...


Ahh, hun. I wish I could pat your head and give you soup. Stay strong.


I'm so sorry. I hope everyone is back on the "Fine" end of the spectrum ASAP!!


So sorry to hear that kaflooey happened, but the ICCU is a good place to be if ya gotta be somewhere sick. Hope to hear better news soon, and also hope that you get some positive answers this afternoon with Noah. Stock up on Clementines! (The vitamin C load keeps the colds at bay)


Sorry to hear of your crap-tacular weekend. Hope you are feeling better today and that Noah rocks his eval today. Best to your family.

De in D.C.

I'll think good thoughts for your father. It sounds like he's a fighter so hopefully can get through this mess in the next couple of days.


Unasked for advice:
In case oxygen masks drop down, put your mask on first, then help your kid(s.) In case of overworked, exhausted, and emotionally drained Mom, hire a sitter so you can have a three hour nap, then you can help your family. Poor Amy!!


Oh, poor things. Poor you, poor your dad, poor your mom. Praying that he turns around soon.


I'm so sorry that your dear father is going through such a health challenge. I'm really close to my father and I cannot imagine the roller-coaster you have been on. I read everyday but don't often comment, so I just wanted to say --we are thinking of you--
I do suppose it's better to have him say "kaflooey" to the speech evaluator rather than AHEM! "bucket".... or whatever that sounded like.
Good Luck to you guys, take care of yourself. :)


Whatever, betch. You're not whining. I'm sorry things diddn't go so well. Sounds like he's strong though, and that's all anyone can hope for. Hang in there!


My thoughts are with you, Noah, your dad, and the rest of your family.

Best wishes with the evaluation!


Teh cold bugs--you cannot has them!

Hang in there--we are all praying for you and your family, especially dadalah. He is in the best place he can be and I know is receiving the best care possible.

Sending up more prayers right now...


I'm so sorry to hear that kaflooey happened! I hope you are able to get some rest after the speech eval and that with rest will come peace and good news.


Oh, Amy, I know it doesn't help much, but I am so sorry. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.


Holding you all in the light, as the Quakers say.


Ugh, you guys deserve to catch a break. Keeping you all in my thoughts...


Lots of tough things happening; but I'm sure (we're praying for it) that your dad will be better in no time (and that Noah will kick butt today!).


Sending positive vibes from the west coast. Fingers crossed and good luck withe the speech evaluation.


hang in there, the internets are thinking about you and your family...


We're just hoping this is the storm before the calm for all of you.

Mrs. Flinger


That's all.


The hells. You really cannot catch the breaks, can you? Maybe you need a bigger mitt. In the meantime, here's a hug instead.


I was so nervous on Friday, does that make sense, to be nervous and sick while grocery shopping because all I could think of was a photo of a man I'd never met, and hope he was okay? When I finally saw the good news, I was limp with relief.
Now I am nervous again. I know what this is like, unfortunately, all this not-breaks-having. But I remain among the many strangers pulling for your dad, praying for him, and for your family.


Oh Amy! Lots & lots of hugs coming your way...

Tracey B.

Well, shoot. Honey, I hope he gets better. Hope you do, too. Hugs.


oh kaflooey. sending you lots of positive thoughts.


Oh no. It must be so hard to be home, but clearly it's worse than useless for you to be at the hospital. You're doing what you can and it does sound like your dad has a great team pulling for him. Here's sending you some of my breaks.


Thinking of your dad, LOTS... sending good healing thoughts in his direction. Much aloha to you all, Amy.


So sorry to hear about your dad. Poor you to be sick on top of everything else. Good luck with the speech eval. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help. I'm local (can't type that without thinking of 'The League of Gentlemen') so give me a holler if I can be of assistance!


Oh no Amy, yáll just don't need any kaflooey in any amount! I'm going to quadruple up on my prayers and good wishes and resend them your way. Hope your dad and you both are kaflooey-less very soon.


Oh, Amy! So sorry to hear your news.

Hang in there. We are here rooting for you all!


When my dad had open heart surgery (3 bypass) they told us he would be in ICU for 2 days then go to a regular room for 3 days then home. He was in ICU for over 2 weeks. I think he had every complication they warned us about. YIKES! I finally asked him if he had thing for the nurse (joking of course) because that had to be why he was taking his sweet time getting out of ICU. He finally when to the regular room for over a week and when he got home, he had to be taken back to the ER and/or the doctor just about everyday. It took him over 6 months to get straight, but when he finally did, he was better than ever. Have hope, your dad will get there, it'll just take time.


Many continued prayers for all of you and I canNOT wait to hear how the eval goes today.


I'm so sorry-lots of prayers to you and your family. I hope you get better soon!


Wow, that is a lot to deal with. I am beaming positive karma your way, for your entire family. I hope your dad starts conquering some of his battles, and I hope you start feeling better, too. And I hope Noah's speech evaluation goes well - whatever that means. And I hope that your insurance company doesn't laugh at any of it!

Marmite Breath

As we Leicester people say, "Chin up, Gel" (with a hard g sound, not like hair gel, sheesh!)


Amy, I haven't commented before, but I just wanted to tell you to hang in there, and let you know that my mom had sextuple(!!!) bypass in the fall after a mild heart attack, and I know what you're going through.

She seemed fine for a couple days, then there was fluid in the lung, and they drained that, then more, then a collapsed lung, etc. It was incredibly scary, especially since nobody seemed really clear on what was happening or why. She's now 6.5 months post surgery and doing really really well -- still not as energetic as she'd like, but so much better than before! (I hadn't realized how pale she'd been; her color is so much better! And she can *do* things again!) It was a long road, and it's still ongoing with exercise etc, but it's turning out well.

I don't know if anyone's explained stuff to you; a close family friend of ours is a PhD in nursing and has worked cardiac care. She explained a lot about why the fluid may be there, etc, and it's all quite normal. (Not the usual thing, but not crazy abnormal either.) They don't really know why it happens sometimes and not others, but it almost always resolves itself.

So, to sum up: I know it's scary. I'm praying that your Dad will do as well as my Mom (or better). And I hope hearing about other folks with similar experiences will help.


Oh, lordy. Yah jes' can't win.
Remember to take care of yourself, as much as possible. It will be extra hard to ride the laps with an empty gas tank, so fill your gas tank, with whatever it takes. (Preferably not wine. Think: massages and movies that let you cry.)


Thinking of you and your dad. And your mom. Which may be creepy I guess, since I don't really know you.

But, seriously. Sorry things are sucky. Hang in there.


Thinking about you and your family...hang in there!

And "kaflooey" seems to fit perfectly in this situation.


Open heart surgery pretty much kicks a body's ass. Many of the effects are "normal." I'm not just blowing sunshine and rainbows up your husband had many little setbacks, yet....15 months to the day after his surgery he ran a marathon. Yes, really. Keep thinking good thoughts and I'll keep vibing for you from here. I hope if all works out as well for you as it did here.

Springsteen fan

Amy, I'm keeping your dad in my prayers. Get well soon, both of you!!!


oh Amy, I'm sorry. Sending big virtual hugs for you and your family.


Let us know how Noah's eval went today.


I leave this week to see my dad through his lung cancer surgery on Thursday. Aaaaannnnndddd, I too woke up with a cold yesterday. WTF? I have a feeling I will be a masked face waving from the hallway as well.

I will continue to hold you and your family and your father in my heart. And good luck with the speech eval! Give them kaflooey, Noah!!


Sending you strength and humor. And keeping you in my thoughts.


sending you and your family warm thoughts...


I prefer Kerflunkey to kerfluey but what ever it takes.... I'm so sorry things are not looking up quite yet but I have faith that they will. We're all here for ya in the meantime.


awww :hug: We're all out here pulling for you.


ugh, not the update I had hoped. Hang in there girl. Sending good vibes.


Thinking good thoughts. Hang in there.


Your cold sent a feverish friend my way. one of those darn internet-transmitted colds. I am thinking of you and your dad with good happy thoughts.

Jen L.

Kaflooey, indeed. Keeping your family in my thoughts. Hope you feel better soon!


Get some much needed rest and good luck with Noah.


I sorries you can not haz the breaks.
we're pulling for your dad over here. my dad had surgery this year and complications too...i remember how scary it was. stay hopeful!
plz to halp us with updates.


De-lurking to say hang in there! Same thing happened to my Dad, was supposed to get out of there a few days after his bypass. The day he was supposed to leave the hospital, his suture broke and he had this major bleeding, and ended up staying longer. But that was a year ago and now he is doing great! Lots of hugs to you!

Tracey Wright

I've never posted before, but I wanted to let you know that as JDR's dad, mine went in for an appendix and ended up in the ICU for whacko blood sugar and oxygen problems.
He ALSO got pneumonia. The man was healthy as a horse...with blood sugar problems, but the surgery put everything out of whack.
He is now so healthy he just got engaged at age 76 which really squicks me out to consider....ooooo.
Anyways- the moral of this is- dads scare the crap out of us in the hospital to get even for all the nights we were out late and they imagined the worst.

Thrift Store Mama

This is a rough time for you which sucks. Muddle through - nurse our baby, hug your big boy and your husband. Eat. Be gentle with yourself. Be really gentle with yourself and just. muddle. through.

Thrift Store Mama

Meant to say "nurse Your baby." Guess I'm still sad my nursing days are over.


Sending hugs and fluid-free thoughts.


I'm a first time poster but I read you religiously. (my son has a big ol' speech delay and i find you to be incredibly reassuring, admirable and quite hilarious!)

Thinking only good, healing, wonderful thoughts for your Dad.

Thanks for all of your words.


aw. Hope things get better. x


Good luck with Noah and prayers for healing for your father-and you.


Poor Dad - he'll be beating back those lung issues soon!

I hope you're feeling better too. Lots of luck.


Crap on a stick, that just sucks. It sucks and we've all been there, or rather, we've all been somewhere very similar with at least one close family member. And it totally sucks.


I'm de-lurking to send many prayers and complete stranger cyberhugs. I won't be trite and say all those trite things that are well meant but completely useless. Just know that there are many prayers & well wishes for your family.


So so sorry about your news. Hang in there, it's bound to get better!


Oh, honey. Hang on in there. Hope, prayers, fingers crossed and anything that'll help. You'll get through this, all of it.
Remember we love you, even though we're only weird Internetty people who've never met you... but you just have that effect, so there.
Love from the badger xxx

Dreams and False Alarms

I'm so sorry to hear about your dad's stuggles.

katie sullivan-vivar

In october my mother too had the bypass and then every complication you can think of including her kidneys wanting to get in on the fun stop working for awhile. Instead of the 2 days in CCICU we were told she was there 5 weeks.
But here we are now in January and she is already so much better then BEFORE the surgery.
It sucks, it's exhausting, it's draining, but you will get through the tough times.


For whatever it's worth to you - a total stranger here in NYC rooting for you and your family and positive that you will all get through this and everyone will be healthy and happy!

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