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Sad. But Not, You Know, Saaaaad.

We're snowed in (well, more like ice-and-slushed in at this point), we're slowly on the illness mend, and the news from the hospital is neither particularly good nor particularly dire. (They're...shocking his heart? because it's still beating irregularly? and he's at high risk for a stroke and the pneumonia has taken a turn for the even worse? and while this sounds terribly awful they seem rather nonchalant about the whole thing?)

(Also: they! I shake my fist at you, they!).

It's always just a matter of time, I've found, if I post a few complain-y, overwhelm-y entries, before the suggestion is made that I am depressed and should call a doctor and consider some meds. Which always makes me toss up my hands and wonder when it suddenly became impossible for someone to just be SAD when things are not going especially spectacularly? Can't anyone just be SAD anymore? But that's not really fair, since I know people really do mean well, and when all you have to go on is that series of complain-y entries, you might assume I really AM doing nothing but wallowing in my nice bowl of sadness soup.

(Mmmm. Soup.)

I assure you that I am not, really.  I think I'm managing pretty well, all things considered. I am sure eating a lot of comfort foods (seriously, get me some soup! and make it cream-based!) and I think it may be time to watch a stupid sad movie and have a good cry. (I just need one that doesn't involve anyone DYING, so if anyone has a suggestion for something wussy that still packs a Steel Magnolias punch, please leave the title in the comments.) But still. I'm good. Tired, but good. Worried, but good. Coldish, but good.

My days are bigger than this blog, and yet very small, and I like them that way. Noah's on a Dr. Seuss kick, so we're all about Horton and the Grinch and Green Eggs and Ham. Ezra's about two minutes away from laughing and is actually starting to maybe take naps in his crib knock on wood oh my god right now. He is so round and fine and handsome and looks at me with an expression of pure glee because HI! IT'S YOU! MY FAVORITE!


And last night Noah ran out of the usual bedtime stalling excuses (potty, drink of water, one more song, etc.) and came out of his room to announce that "I NEED MY TOENAILS CLIPPED."

I'm still laughing about that one, because you just can't get any gooder than that.


(OH. Duh. A Little Princess! Done.)


Sprite's Keeper

And there went my suggestion. Good for cream based soup, gorgeous snackable baby arms, and witty toddlerese to bring us out of the funk. Still, praying for your dad some isn't going to hurt either.


Since Mom died I've made a new rule: meds are for irrational sadness, fried chicken is for rational sadness.


Beautiful pictures, beautiful boys!

Feel how you need to feel, and eat all the soup you need (but don't wallow in it, it'll get in your hair).


Hi, Amy!

Prayers for your family continuing over here. Great pix of the boys - I LOVE the one of Noah - that would make a great Christmas card!

As far as movies go...I'm trying to think of one where no one about "The Way We Were?" with Robert Redford & Barbara Streisand? That one always makes me cry and no one dies!

Take care.


Love your blog!! Take care sweetie I think you're doing just fine.

Can I recommend P.S. I love you? I cried the ENTIRE time! oh wait, nevermind. it's is about dying... I don't think there is any sad/tear jerker movies that don't invole dying... sorry girl!


Finding Nemo? Does that make me a wuss?

The saddest movie of all time with a v. happy ending is Truly, Madly, Deeply. It is about death sort of, but the person who's died is already dead at the start, and everything gets better. The End.


I'll be thinking about your dad and hoping he recovers quickly. A Little Princess is a great idea, haven't seen that in ages!


I think people often forget that blogs are mostly for venting, for a lot of us. You sound like you're doing okay.

The movie "Babe" always made me cry. Yeah, animated pigs make me cry. Shut up.

Especially when he says, "I miss my Mom!" in this tiny little voice? Yeah. Wailing.


Here ya go:

Because of Winn Dixie, (sweet movie), a big bowl of Mac-n-Cheese, and some warm chocolate chip cookies.

Feel better soon!

Amy K

Aw, your boys are so cute! I hope your dad feels better soon.

As far as movies go...have you seen Once? Nobody dies, but I'd call the ending bittersweet.


Why not watch one your dad's favorite movies?

Lisa M

"Dan in Real Life" The only death happens before the movie starts. I saw it when I was 8 mos preg with # 2 (and way too emotional about not being ready for 2 kids OMG). I was embarrassed to walk out of the theater with my puffy red eyes and fistful of snotty tissues. But it was funny and kind of charming, too.

And cream of crab soup with extra cheese and good french bread will fix the rest...well, maybe a pan of brownies, too.


My suggestions for sappy/cry inducing movies are:
- Tristan and Isolde (tagline: "Before Romeo and Juliet, there was Tristan and Isolde." Need I say more?)
- Atonement (Another "these kids just can't seem to get a break" movie, but with James McAvoy. Mmmm)
- Waitress (it's charming, it's sweet, tears are shed, babies are born. lovely).
And many others. I am a horrible sap and cry at everything and anything (I cried during the previews/special features included with Atonement.) I cry at books. I cry at insurance commercials. Maybe I too am at a risk for this de-press-ion.


Keep hangin' in there. You're coping with a lot of tough stuff all at once and you're still feeding the kids and comforting yourself and being there for your dad.

Parsing Nonsense

It's totally fine to be sad! When bad things happen and you're not sad, they say you're in denial, so really you're just screwed either way in the courts of public opinion.

It sounds like both boys are doing so well, and that picture of Noah is adorable, and I continue to send my good wishes for you and your family east.


Hang in there Amy...sounds like you are doing great under the circumstances!

Ezra and Noah are too adorable!! nom nom :-)


I miss being little enough to ask my mom to trim my toenails, but I was never clever enough to use it as a bedtime stall.

The Lorax might be a bit long for Noah to want to read/have read to him right now, but it works as a sad but no-one dies kindof thing for you.

Have you guys read On Beyond Zebra? It's my favorite Seuss.


To Each His Own. It is old but it is amazing!


You're going through so much right now. It's perfectly okay and understandable to be sad and in the dumps. Have cream-based soups. Munch on yummy baby parts (nom nom nom). Wallow in Seussness (much less messy than soup)! Make a snowball for me and put in it the freezer (What? I'm in Alabama!).

Personally, my movie when I'm feeling down is Love Actually. I luuuuurve it. I also resort to technicolor muscials from the 40's and 50's.

I've been where you are, pretty recently, in fact. Some escapism is good for you. Still sending prayers and good vibes your way!


love Noah's snow pic!


I totally agree about Finding Nemo-- makes me cry every time. I hated PS I Love You-- it made me cry TOO much. Sense and Sensibility always makes me cry-- but happy cry! at the end when he proposes. Love Actually is another good one. Maybe I just have a Hugh Grant thing going on...


Feh, Meh and Crap. I was so hoping for you to get a better report from home. Soup is good, but a few TastyKakes would probably help as well! Sorry I can't help with the tearjerkers but us Dads are not supposed to succumb to those sorts of things. (Damn you Old Yeller)
Hope the Sad doesn't stay too long.


Totally off the topic of sad, which I hope becomes un-sad soon . . . I will never forget the first time I learned that some breeds of chickens actually lay GREEN EGGS. Well, the shells are green, anyway. And now I have a chicken of my very own that lays green eggs! Just like the Dr. Seuss book! Except no green ham, because that would just be gross.


From what I've read here (which isn't the same as knowing you, I know) it sounds like you're handing this all surprisingly well. Be sad. Eat cream based comfort foods. Watch uplifting tear-jerker movies (trying to remember titles, drawing a blank).

I feel funny telling someone I don't know this, but I pray for your family, especially your Dad everytime I see a post in my Google reader. Hoping he's on the mend soonish.


I was going to recommend Shakespeare in Love, which I absolutely adore. But A Little Princess is just so wonderful! I could loan it to you on VHS...

die frau

OK, Finding Nemo stolen. Yes, mommy fish dies in a Bambi-like way, but the rest is all heartstrings. I cried about six times.

Love,Actually? What about something totally kitsch, like Moonstruck? You have to laugh at Nicolas Cage getting totally melodramatic: "I lost my hand! I lost my bride!"

Panera has a lovely tomato soup IN A BREAD BOWL. Bread bowls are lovely comfort food all soaked with soup and maybe some butter...aghhhhh [drool]

Hey, I cried at the end of The Mentalist last night. My husband made complete fun of me. Mind you, I had PMS and was a little tipsy....


What a fantastic picture of Noah!


E.T. and An American Tail make me cry buckets. And I'm not even 8, I swear.


The Notebook!

You will cry your eyes out AND fall in love with Ryan Gosling all at the same time!


I highly recommend "The Visitor."

It's soooo good, it made me cry, and no one dies.


He needs his toenails clipped --- hahhaahha What a smart little boy. And that picture of him out in the snow is priceless.


Sounds to me like you are coping well with life's curveballs, and you've had a few of them thrown at you as of late.

I'd recommend some chicken poblano corn chowder from Whole Foods, preferably eaten while watching His Girl Friday, the Philadelphia Story or maybe just Flight of the Conchords. (Back away from the sad movies. You need to laugh!)


How about Cinema Paradiso. Italian but dubbed. About love lost, missed connections. The IDEA of what was lost makes me bawl my eyes out.


The Color Purple makes me cry every time. And I don't think anyone dies. You could probably just watch the last 15 minutes and still have a good cry.

Hang in there!


Sad is okay. You've earned it.

Sleepless in Seatle: I watched it this weekend. Maybe I'm just mushy/hormonal/old but it made me happy teary because it's just so sweet and magical.

Now I feel like a sap.


You SO SO SO have to watch August Rush. Netflix it! It's so cheesy, weep like a fool, happy ending good.


Mulan. It's a different kind of cry. She just wants to belong and be right-ish. I think it taps into my lurking teen insecurities though I'm well into my 30s.

Tina Ericson

When my father had quintuple (SP?) (5) by-pass last year the doctors and the nurses used weather style speak to tell us (Katie and me) about everything, like: "when we put his heart on the machine that pumps for him while the surgery is taking place...." etc. My moment of Zen came when I realized that this must be weather speak to them and for that I should be grateful. I would not wnat them scremaing and running up and down the hallways, screaming. That was for ME to do. Life is messy. and messier still is aging parents. You are in my thoughts.


Juno or Waitress always work for me. Those are a some adorable little boys you have!


Snow day so snuggle in with your beautiful babies, eat warm brownies (Katharine Hepburn's brownie recipe on epicurious if you want a quick brownie (sugar rush)) or cream based soup, read Wacky Wednesday my fav Seuss book(I think that was Seuss?), and watch Sense & Sensibility, or go for something fun & girly like Bridget Jones's Diary or Legally Blonde. And stay in your pajamas allllll day!
PS Love the pics of the boys!


Awesome fotos, but that baby is growing WAY TOO FAST! Hang in there, we are all pulling for you and your dad.


Awww! Seriously great photos. And nice to know you're not Saaaaaad. And yes, I think there is a difference.

yet another from the legions of Amys

I second Shakespeare in Love. I LOVE that movie. But I can't think of any original movies other than what NOT to watch: Shadowlands. My dad is in perfectly good health and I seriously cried all night after watching that one. I can't imagine what I'd do if he was ill.

And yes, you are absolutely allowed to be sad because things suck sometimes. I'm actually quite amazed that anyone, especially a random internet person, would suggest otherwise.


ohmygosh! sad happens. i've been depressed. reading your blog, i wouldn't say you're depressed. sad? overwhelmed occasionally? still recovering from having a baby (srsly, mine's 11 and i have days where i feel like i'm still recovering) and having a toddler at the same time? ohmygosh. that's enough to make anyone feel glum on occasion. sheesh.

things with the boys will be good. i'm sending your dad (and whole family) good feelings. <3


Sending good thoughts for your dad! Hope he's better real soon. Movies that majorly tugged my heartstrings: Searching for Bobby Fischer, Becoming Jane, Lars and the Real Girl, and Waitress.
(Could your boys BE any cuter?? I think not)


You are doing just great. When my dad was in the ICU I was so depressed that I didn't have the gumption to do much of anything, much less update a blog.


I know exactly what you mean with the whole "watching a movie to cry about". In fact, just posted about it! The top of my list is up at my site if you're interested.

And frankly, given all you've got going on, you're doing pretty well at holding it all together. Good luck through all this!


Whenever I'm sad I watch Titanic and when it ends I'm all like "Well. At least my one and only true love didn't drown in a sea of ice." and I feel immensely better about life. That, and the odds of it ever happening and ruining my feel-good movie seems pretty remote, lest I cruise through Alaska often.


Oh Amy, I know depressed, depressed that requires medication to shake it off. I've been there. Depressed is when you simply can't function. Can't get out of bed, can't get dressed, can't stop crying over the littlest, insignifican't things. You certainly sound in the realm of normal to me. Sad happens and you deal with it the way you have been doing it. Eat something comforting. I love cream of wheat with sugar and cinnamon and half-and-half. Watch a sappy movie to get the tears out. Snuggle with the kids and cry because you love them SOOO MUCH. Things will get better. It just takes time, mind you not when you're ready for them to get better, but when the world is ready to cooperate (damn it!)


MICHAEL! It's got John Travolta in it and it's about an angel and I thought it would be stupid but it's quirky and sweet and made me weep!


I think, as a culture, we're still working on figuring out the difference between situational distress (normal, and this too shall pass) and clinical distress (not exactly abnormal, but probably won't pass without some help).


Believe it or not, my son has used the "My toenails need clipped!" excuse SEVERAL times- going so far as becoming hysterical if I suggest clipping them in the morning instead.


You know Amy? If you're TOO happy then you're a heartless insensitive witch who should be burned at the stake. If you're TOO sad OMG COMMIT HER TO A HOSPITAL FOR SHE WILL DROWN HERSELF IN THE POTOMAC. (Or whatever body of water is near you)I say, have some wine, throw yourself a pity party and laugh whenever you feel like it. I'm sending good thoughts your way!


Thank you Amy,

Thank you for pointing out that sadness is the healthy response when bad things happen.

When I am sad I need to experience sad, not anger because someone is trying to suggest that I'm not sad I'm really nuts and in need of medication.

Anyway hugs and my best positive wishes and love in you and your Dad's direction.

And yeah, just reading Keely's mention of Babe missing his mom, made me choke up a little just now. Its a sad spot in a beautiful movie.

And lovely shots of your boys - Noah is so cuteand joyful and Ez is getting pretty handsome (He is losing his George Raft look)

Take Care.


I am surprised no one mentioned The Notebook. I also give you PS I Love You. Sat with the box of Kleenex the whole time. And what about An Affair to Remember...


I second, or third, or whatever "Love, Actually". Sentimental, sweet, funny and sad. Makes me sob every time.

Sad is ok. Sad is a natural reaction to sad things. People that are perpetually happy make me suspicious.


That picture of Noah is absolutely sublime.


Sleepless in Seattle. Yes, the mom dies but you don't see it, and it makes me laugh and sniffle at the same time.

Or Princess Bride. Sweet, and the good guys win.

And I highly recommend mac and cheese (Frozen Stouffer's, not the boxed kind) for comfort food.


They! just did that shocking heart thing to my mom a couple of weeks ago!! Talk about scary. And then they! act like it's nothing. I'm praying that the pneumonia goes away soon. That's the hardest thing to shake.

On a lighter note, I cannot wait to see video of Ezra laughing! And I sixteenth the pic of Noah being the greatest thing ever!!

I always watch "Forrest Gump" when I'm down or when I'm happy or just whenever. Things were so simple for him.

Ginger :)


Oh God - A Little Princess. How perfect. The indian dude gets me *every* time!


have you seen Once? happy and sad!


Dear, brave Amy, there is something I've learned the hard way, from first-hand experience, that I think you should know, even though I hope it isn't necessary. Doctors and nurses will not tell you if someone is near death unless you ask, because they don't want to frighten you. However, if you want to know so you can be there and comfort the person you love, and help them through, then you may have to ask. Doctors are slightly more likely to tell you, but nurses almost definitely won't if you don't ask. They drop hints, but if you are like me, it is still so inconceivable that your parent might die that it is hard to pick up fully on those hints. It makes such a huge difference for people to have their family with them when they die, to calm and comfort them. And on the other hand, if things really are going okay and within a normal, very recoverable spectrum, then they'll tell you that too, and you can feel better.

I'm sorry if this isn't what you want to hear, and probably your commenters will jump all over me, but I think it is important to face all the contingencies so that you don't have anything to regret later on. It's hard to think clearly at times like this. Warmest wishes to you.


"August Rush"...I cried, at the end (but I'm still crazy hormonal so maybe you wouldn't cry I dunno). Still, it's a movie worth seeing. No one dies. Or you could just repeatedly listen to the Bush twins letter to the Obama girls, it gets me everytime.


A Little Princess is a wonderfully sad (but happy!) movie, but make sure you know which one you're getting. The early movies are true to the book, where Sara's father dies. The most recent one, with Liesl Matthews and Liam Cunningham, is Disney-fied and has a very happy ending where Dad lives! Naturally, I prefer that one.

Other suggestions: Dear Frankie, Field of Dreams (baseball as a metaphor for life, a real three-hankie movie), Whale Rider. I know there are a ton I'm not thinking of, but this is what comes immediately to mind.


My Neighbor Totoro. You'll laugh, you'll cry, but things end up okay in the end.

Reluctant Housewife

Sure you can just be sad - go right ahead! Hugs and all that.

I hope things look happier soon and that you got that soup. And some crackers and do you like garlic... I recently had this really good roasted garlic havarti that would go really well with the soup and crackers. And hugs again.

PS: I've been reading for ages and I love your blog and I think your boys are adorable but I haven't commented before (at least not often). So Hi!


Ok, you are going to think me absolutely positively *INSANE* when I tell you this but I always cry at "When Harry Met Sally..." I can't even explain it, but I start weeping uncontrollably when Harry calls Sally and she won't pick up and he leaves the message on the answering machine about how her not picking up the phone has lead him to believe that she isn't at home, or doesn't want to talk to him, or she really *does* want to talk to him but she's trapped under something very heavy. (It is at this point in the movie that start yelling at Meg Ryan to "pick up the freaking phone already".) (OMG I getting teary even just thinking about yelling at Meg Ryan. There is something seriously deranged about me.)
Anyway that's my 2 cents for a movie rec'.

Many warm and healing thoughts going out to you and yours. And CURSE my computer for not having a working speaker system. I won't be able to hear Ez laugh if you post a vid. *hint hint hint hinthinthinthinthinthintandpout* Stupid computer.

Amanda B

Hey, I wish I could bring you some warm, homemade biscuits and sweet cream butter to go with the soup. Hmm...

The best movie that's sad but ends well is "Ladyhawke" (1985), with Michelle Pfieffer, Rutger Hauer, and Matthew Broderick, an achingly good love story. Their love conquers all.


Oooh, good call with Michael! I start sniffling in the dog scene (you know what I mean if you've seen it, if not, I won't spoil it). It's a quirky, sweet, funny tear-jerker with a positive feeling. I second Michael. I will try to come up with something that somebody else didn't already name.
And yeah, I am baffled by the suggestions that we should medicate away the hard times - true depression is feeling like shit when things are objectively okay. Feeling like shit when things are kinda shitty is not depression, it's life. And (I promise I'll shut up soon, but I only comment once a quarter or so) the cardiac staff is nonchalant about your father's issues because for them, it's Wednesday. These are "routine" complications to them - for the family seeing it for the first time, it's anything but - but keep the faith that they can get a handle on all of it. And those boys of yours? Beyond gorgeous. Snuggle them and eat something decadent, and watch sweet comedies. Okay, I'm done for Q1 09. :-)


Oh, wait, does that mean I'm weird because sometimes the fact that my toenails catch on the sheets bothers me and I have to get out and clip them because if I don't I can't sleep?


Everyone deserves to wallow in a bowl of sadness soup now and then. Have at it.


I just watched Juno the other night and thought of that one.

I never understand the whole "you need to be medicated" thing. Maybe those people should get off their meds! I've never thought you were overly depressed. Life can be overwhelming and that's okay. It's normal. Acting nonchalant in not normal. So I'm sorry to break it to you but you seem normal to me.


Okay, the movie I watch when I need a good cry is "Return to Me." It does have one death, but it happens at the beginning like P.S. I Love You and gets much much better after that.


(((((hugs))))) Sometimes that's all you need. Praying that things get a lot easier really soon....hoping you father is on the road to recovery as we speak! Wish I had a movie suggestion!


you really CAN'T get any gooder than that :-)


Rent the movie "Tiptoes". It's fabulous and it is somewhat of a tear-jerker (nobody dies, though). The acting is absolutely outstanding, and, bonus, it has Matthew McConaughey in a little known serious role that he just nails. It's an indie film, but fantabulous - and even though there are points where you cry hard, the ending is lovely and poignant, so you're left feeling uplifted.


Love the photo of Noah in the snow!


If it makes you feel any better, when my grandmother had her heart "shocked" back into rhythm, we were all terrified because she was 87 years old. Let's just say 30 minutes after the procedure, she was sitting up right in her hospital bed wanting to know where lunch was! They actually shocked hers on two different occasions and she was fine both times. She actually said she felt better and it wasn't a big deal.


"My days are bigger than this blog."

I think I'm going to steal that one for MY blog. And totally give you credit. Cause you need more readers, right?

I'm glad and not surprised that you are coping and managing and enjoying your boys even during the tough family stuff. Take care.


IF you weren't sad right now I would suggest you get to the DR and ask for some meds!
The good old Simpsons gave me my favourite quote ever this week. " I am wallowing in my own crapulence" Which says it all, there are times when you have to just let it be what it is and wallow in it, it will change and sometimes it gets better.
Those boys of yours are such splendid beings. Laughing babies is the best medicine there is, may you be getting an overdose every day!


Some Kind of Wonderful always makes me cry. And it has the added bonus of cheestastic 80's clothes (Fringed gloves! Girls in Waistcoats!) and 80's music.

Holding thumbs for your dad.

kim at allconsuming

DUDE - feeling BAAAAAD that I was one of those who suggested perhaps you were depressed a few weeks back. Whoops.

You have a LOT on your plate at the moment. And yes, sometimes you just have a really bad run, sometimes shit happens, sometimes you are just sad. We just worry about you.

Soup is good.

Awesome news on the Noah and therapy front. Awesome.

Cheering for your Dad over here.

Could that wee chap called Ezra be any cuter???

kim at allconsuming

DUDE - feeling BAAAAAD that I was one of those who suggested perhaps you were depressed a few weeks back. Whoops.

You have a LOT on your plate at the moment. And yes, sometimes you just have a really bad run, sometimes shit happens, sometimes you are just sad. We just worry about you.

Soup is good.

Awesome news on the Noah and therapy front. Awesome.

Cheering for your Dad over here.

Could that wee chap called Ezra be any cuter???


I'm about your dad. Hang in there. Sad is good. If you weren't sad, that's when you should be worried.

So go rent "My Life" which will make you sob until snot runs down your face.

p.s. While I'm typing this, my two boys are crawling around the floor pretending they're cats. I'm not allowed to call them by their names - only Rusty and Pug. This is what a snow day does to us - makes em a bit crazy.


My husband's family coined the phrase "go do your excuses" for the bedtime routines. Four boys there and I'm not sure "clip my toenails" came up. We still say "go do your excuses" though. It fits.


Oh Shit - that comment above. It should say I'm sorry about your dad. I'm sorry he's not doing as well as could be expected.

And now I'm sorry I forgot sorry.


A Little Princess - perfect! The Indian guy gets me *every* time.


My suggestion is Dumbo. It's short, AND the kids can watch it with you. (But I always fast forward through the Pink Elephants, cause those seriously creep me out.) Anyways, when he goes to visit his Mom who's locked up and they play Baby Mine? I cry like a baby every time.


Oh, you definitely need to watch Love Actually. That'll get do it for ya.


I have to throw my lot in with "Love Actually". Happy tears, sad tears, unrequited love, love fulfilled, it has everything. Also, "An Affair to Remember" and "Casablanca". Being sad is healthy and normal and necessary. From reading your blog for a few years I suspect you know when sadness is crossing the line from normal to depressed.


Might I suggest a healthy serving of bacon? That's always a comfort, even when you're not sad.


Hang tough. Be sad. You are allowed, you know. :)


"The Shawshank Redemption"


I vote for miso soup, dumplings, and watching Wall-E. I cried even after the reboot.


FWIW, you're handling this amazingly well. And I don't mean to offend, but you don't seem excessively sad. Who wouldn't be sad over seeing a beloved parent be very ill? And that is just human, not depressed in my book. Sometimes people are sad and I think that is healthier than not being sad. And now I sound like a Dr. Suess book.

One piece of assvice - avoid the Horton movie. My fairly tough daughter saw it after she turned 4 a year ago and it gave her nightmares- she is still talking about it.


It is so - ha, well not funny because it's about depression but timely that you wrote about this. I am pregnant and have two bad kids and I cry - a lot. Often, even. And even though I know that's a sign of depression, I don't feel depressed - I feel sad and overwhelmed, which I AM. But I know it won't be like this forever. I know that soon it will be worse! Ha! That seems sort of depressive too, doesn't it? But - I mean, I just think you know. You know that if somewhat crappy things are happening to you and yours, if the weather SUCKS ASS, and if you're tired, you might be sad. I hope you get less sad soon! :)


You know what, dealing with your parent's illnesses does cause depression, but it's situational depression. It doesn't mean OMG, Get thee some Prozac! It means that you are depressed and sad because of what's going on. Take it in your own stride, but keeping my fingers crossed that he's ok.

And on a happier note...OMG, sweet, yummy boys :)

Kate F.

I was going to come up with something sensitive to say about how there's nothing "depressed" about being sad in a situation like this, but the second commenter beat me with "meds for irrational sadness, fried chicken for rational sadness."

Also I cannot believe what a clone of his mother (but in a boy way) Ezra is!

Missy P.

You need a big bowl of mashed potatoes and Hope Floats on DVD. I's totally ridiculous, but it makes me cry every time(plus, Harry Connick, Jr. is even better than mashed potatoes if that's even possible.)Or, hell, just watch Grey's tonight. Every Friday morning I look like I've been punched in the face because of all the sobbing during stupid Grey's. Damn that Dr. Bailey! Last week during Private Practice I practically had to be committed. Hmmmm, maybe I'm the one who needs help? Hang in there.


I have gotten the toenail excuse before!! It's like seriously, I like to sleep, why don't you?


What about something horrifically cheesy like The Notebook?

Also? Being sad because difficult things are happening in your life? Does not equal depressed.

And the shocking thing? They did it to my dad earlier last year due to an irregular heartbeat. Freaky but not uncommon.

Hang in there--I'm sure your boys will help you get through it.

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