Holding Pattern



He's in surgery now. We're waiting. Ezra is here and being the best baby ever, as usual. Fish tank! Fish tank! Nurses! Whoo!

We're good. We're optimistic and okay. Except for the Rachel Ray Show on the TV here in the waiting room, which is making me want to punch something. I think I shall punch this gigantic blueberry muffin. Right after I eat it. 

The hospital's wifi flags both Facebook and Twitter as inappropriate. Too many doctors trying to liveblog brain surgeries? So...I guess I will update my BLOG, like in the OLDEN DAYS, oh my GOD. It'll be a few more hours before we know anything. 

(For those of you waiting to hear more about the blueberry muffin, well, I'm sorry. Important updates only. I KNOW. It's downright medieval.)



I've been reading your blog forever, but never really comment. I thought that this would be a good time. :) I really, really hope everything goes well for your father!


Stay strong!!!

Sprite's Keeper

We've got our fingers crossed for him, Amy!

Sensibly Sassy

I will be thinking about you and your family, sending nothing but good thoughts today!


Fingers crossed, all good thoughts.

How's Noah handling the hospital, or did he go home with Jason?


Hey good luck to your Pa. We are praying for you all. Especially re: the lack of Facebook. That is just wrong.


Hey I used to have that same couch. And the afghan too I think. But not the dog.

Prayers to your daddy.


Good luck Dadalah!


I just asked twitter land to send out some good thoughts for you. Hope that is ok. Every little bit helps right?


Sending good thoughts your way...


There is not a whole lot that's worse than The Waiting, especially The Waiting with Pissy Wi-Fi.

Jessie Mae

Good luck!


Amy, your dad will be in my thoughts and prayers, as will you and your mom.


Thoughts and prayers are going you & your Dad's way. picture of Ceiba is way too cute!


I'm praying for and expecting a very positive end to this saga, Amy. Thanks for updating.


thinking about your dad and your family today!!


You are in my thoughts right now...


Good thoughts and prayers to you and your dad. I've been where you are too many times. Hang in there!


Delurking to say I know what this wait feels like. Hoping the best for your dad, and virtually holding your hand while you hold your breath.

Black Hockey Jesus

Sending you magical good luck super powers.


Sending all positive thoughts.


Good luck. We'll throw some prayers your way and hopes that everything will turn out good.

Miss Grace

Your family is in my thoughts.


I love your blog and check it for updates every day. Just know that you and your family are in my prayers. Hopefully, everything will go well with the surgery.


Happy thoughts and white light and all that kind of stuff heading your way. Hang in there!

Oh, and please don't punch the dog.


Amy, I read your blog all the time and post sometimes too. Was just coming here today to let you know that you were in my thoughts and I hope everything goes ok with your dad.


Sending good thoughts to you and your dad and your entire family. It is probably a refreshing relief to have Ezra there and oblivious but cheerful.
BTW, not that you need to (I think you have more important things to think about), but you can post to Twitter by texting yr message to 40404. Gah, I feel dirty just typing that.
Hope the surgery goes swiftly and well. Hang in there.


We'll be thinking of you and your dad and wishing him the swiftest recovery possible!


Sending good vibes. Hope all goes well today and in the days that come.


Sending good thoughts your way. Hope it all goes well.


I can't stand Rachel Ray either. Get up on a chair or something and change the station. She makes me want to scratch my eyes out.

I hope everything goes well with your Dad's surgery.


More good thoughts for your dad and family.


Said a prayer for your dad and your family this morning. Hope to hear good news this afternoon.


Judging from all the wonderful comments, I think the entire InterFaceTwit is praying for your family and especially your dad. I'm sure having you and Ezra there has been the best medicine for him!

Geez...you'd think a hospital would have a little respect for a girl's FB and Twitter addictions!

Sending up prayers right now...


Another one here praying for your dad and the rest of your family.

Brooke Williams

When I woke up this morning and realized that today was Friday, I immediately thought of you and your dad. I hope things go well for you all..

Parsing Nonsense

Live blogging brain surgery would be amazing, I bet that Twitter feed would be extremely popular.

Good luck with your Dad and enjoy that muffin!


prayers for your dad......

Alicia Millis

sending prayers


Prayers for your dad and family


Sending more thoughts and prayers for you and your family. Stay strong.


Thinking of you and your family


Sending my prayers for your father, your family and for you!

Stephanie Melton

Praying for your dad right now...


Thinking of you and sending good thoughts!


Sending tons of positive energy to you and your Daddy. The picture of him yesterday with Ez is just so wonderful. May the Universe watch over you all and keep you well.


My prayers are with you.


Continuing to pray for all of you...


Sending every good thought and vibe I have towards you and your family. I hope everything goes well and your Dad can go home soon. Take care of yourself.


I'm praying for you guys.


We, The Internets, are pulling for you all.


Good luck.


Man, I've been in engagement lalaland for the past week and logged on to ask a dumb wedding ettiquette question and I'm met with this awfulness! I am so sorry!! You and your family are in my thoughts.


Thinking of you.


Your family is in my thoughts today. Looking forward to good news.


Lots of prayers for your dad. And for you and your mom. Based on my experience with my mom's bypass surgery...he's going to be one cranky individual when he wakes up. And for some time after. Good luck to all of you.


Thoughts and prayers.


Sending lots of prayers for your family today.


Hoping for the best possible outcome! Also: hope the muffin was delectable, a bad muffin is a terrible thing.


heya, you don't know me from adam, but you're in my thoughts and prayers. good luck.


Sending good health vibes to your family. Keeping fingers and toes crossed!


Sending lots of good thoughts your way.

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