Let's Go To The Zoo, Part Three
Capturing the Moment to the Extreme

The Baby Who

I dressed Ezra in a certain blue stripey fleece sleeper today, and had to step back from the changing table for a second, like, "whoa, which baby are you again?"





And of course, I mean that in the nicest, most delicious way possible.


You're also the baby who won't smile directly into the camera, which means a lot of ridiculous behavior on my part and blindly-snapped, blurry photos.


Every once in awhile, I catch you. Sort of.


You're the baby for whom that whole thing about a "regular, consistent bedtime routine" nonsense actually WORKS, and after months of us basically keeping you up until we went to bed, in hopes of delaying your buttcrack-of-dawn waking, we've finally figured you out, a little bit. A bath and a book with your big brother at 8:30 (plus a little boob while we read Dr. Seuss), a tight swaddle and in your crib by 9, and lo. You stay there, and you sleep. Until the buttcrack of dawn. When you wake up anyway. Eh. But then there's more boob and more sleep, off and on, until dawn has officially yanked her trampy low-rise pants up over her buttcrack and it's time for us to start our day.


You're the baby who doesn't demand much, besides our constant attention. You want to be held and nursed and held and nursed and talked to and tickled. You're the baby who LIKES my singing, who LIKES the back-and-forth of pretend conversation, where we coo and you coo and we say, "my goodness, and then what happened?" and you smile and try so hard to tell us what happened, who LIKES all the baby toys and loveys that your brother ignored.


You're the baby who HATES the swings that your brother loved, who is indifferent Brown Bear, Brown Bear, his most favorite book in the world, but who loves the books with the photos of baby faces, except for the pages where the baby is crying. Those pages make you sad.


You're the baby who will only take a bottle if I'm not around. And by "around" I mean "NOT IN THE HOUSE." You're my champion, my baby bird, the baby who righted the one small pang of regret I have from your brother's babyhood, and I'm so happy we can do this for each other.


You're the baby who patiently indulges your big brother's affections, whenever he randomly attacks you with a hug and a head pat and accidentally drops a metal car on your face. You're a mystery to him, I think, as he's sometimes not sure what a "baby brother" really is. He thinks All Babies are baby brothers, and I'm not sure he's aware that you will grow up and be a person he can talk to and play with and who will steal all his metal cars. He bit you once, not so much out of anger or meaness but curiosity. Would it hurt? (Yes.) Would you cry? (Yes.) Would you taste like an M&M? (More like a pork chop, I'd say, from experience.)


You're the baby who, just like your brother, takes my breath away on a regular basis, because you are so lovely and miraculous and mine. The baby who, despite being wanted and tried for over and over again for months and years, showed up when we least expected you, whose tiny, near-microscopic presence on an ultrasound felt like a complete surprise, whose presence now still feels like winning the lottery. Because oh, how we love the baby -- the son, the brother, the person -- you are.




Heather B.

I'm like 10 miles away right now. I should just come over and smoosh that little boy.


ZOMG this made my ovaries ache. And I'm a man.


I always feel a little creepy when I'm the first to comment. Not a stalker, just good timing, I swear. Amy, thank you thank you thank you for this blog. You and your family=amazzzzing.


You are making my ovaries hurt with this story. Want another baby NOW.

Isn't it funny how different two brothers can be? I am always surprised by the differences in my two son's personalities.


So sweet! This post makes me miss MY baby brother...who is about to turn 18. But, he'll always be my squishy baby brother.

Your boys are so lucky. I really wish our Mom had blogged our childhood!


The fat one....oh I love it. Those cheeks are adorable. I wanna squish him.


Seriously, I am pregnant and you made me cry.
He is so freaking sweet. I can't wait to bring our little girl home and let her brother drop cars on her.
You have incredibly munchable children btw.


Isn't it amazing how different two siblings can be, yet they both captivate your heart so completely?

Older: pacifier, had to be held all hours of the day and night, and had three toys he loved and the rest 'meh' No routine until about 12 weeks.

Younger: no way on anything but the boob unless mama wasn't home, then only a bottle, liked to be held, but didn't have to be, was happy with whatever was nearby and had a routine lickety split.

At nine and twelve, they're as different as night and day. Asperger's and Neurotypical. Brothers. Buddies.

We're so lucky.


This is such a sweet wonderful post.
And he has such a cute round little head.


You write the funniest posts, and man are your boys adorable. I also clicked on the link of the old post and Noah made the cutest faces as a baby... so precious.

Parsing Nonsense

You write such lovely things about your children. Ezra sounds like a very happy and lovely baby and it sounds like Noah is adjusting to his new big brother status well!


Geesh he's cute! Mine is almost 2...I can't remember her ever being that small!


You birth the most beautiful babies.


God, he's PRECIOUS. Just precious.


The fat one, HA! Funny, beautiful, touching entry, thank you for sharing your babies with us.


Your kids are so lucky to have you for a mom.


Oh wow...I've decided to start reading your blog and this was the first one I read...I don't even WANT children and this actually made me sad that I don't. He's soooo stinkin' chubby and fabulous..................... Ok, my want for children has passed LOL.


awe, what a sweet post! he is soo preciously cute!


man, they sure are brothers. but noah is the amy version and ezra is the jason version. :)

so cute!


I want my baby to be done cooking and come out for smushing NOW. I completely understand your inability to do anything other than gaze adoringly at him.

Really, several of those pictures look a lot like the pictures you've shown us of Jason. It's funny how babies come out looking so much like different parents and yet so much alike.


What a beautiful post.


Aww. I love him. I do. And that post made me cry. But you should have seen my face when the post first opened and I saw the picture of the first baby, which I now know is Noah. I was like OH MY GOD!! WAS THE BABY ON A DIET??? lol

Rae Ann

"until dawn has officially yanked her trampy low-rise pants up over her buttcrack and it's time for us to start out day"

Possibly the best line on a blog ever written. Ever.

Jen L.

Holy crap do they look alike! They am beautiful squirrels.


Just one word: THANKS!!! :)


Man, he has quite a range of expression already, doesn't he?


Awwww, this was lovely. Ezra is absolutely gorgeous!


fantastic post! thanks!


This rings so true for me. (complete with my 15+ pound 12-week-old.)

It boggles my mine when M is in S's old outfits. BABIES. WHAT?

Also this one likes to talk to me more and I love it. I goober at him constantly.


Thanks for sharing; this is beautiful. My younger one didn't ever smile for the camera either & her baby pictures are all blaaah. Now, at 3, she is mainstage, baby - she's got voices, she's got faces, she's got sarcastic comebacks. Look out Hollywood! And maybe you.


Awwww, he's so round his little head looks like a perfect circle. I have three and this *still* made me kinda want another. Well, if someone else would do the pregnancy part for me.


what a post! what beautiful boys! and may i be surprised that noah was willing to bite ezra, what with his suspiciosness of new food? :)


Slight tangent-- not sure if you saw this, but the First Lady was reading "Brown bear, Brown Bear" to kids at Mary's Center (a DC charity). Here's the pic: http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/84729339/AFP


Just beautiful, Amy.


Just beautiful, Amy.


so. very. most. precious.


So sweet.

Please stop making me cry.

Mariana Perri

Just face it... you are good at this baby making business!!!!


The second to last picture says it all. Like "humph mummy. Thanks for all the hype but I'm just about done" expect for this one last picture where I will look at you with a tiny bit of curiousity in my eyes and how did I end up being so lucky to have a mummy like you and a brother who bites me and drops cars on my head which I know means he really really loves me.

Beautiful blog.


Weepy. That is I.
Since I am only a recently formed Amalah fan, I didn't get to read all that you wrote about Noah so tying the two together like that ("am squirrel") just doubles the pleasure of reading your writing.

Oh..and those rolly polly babies do taste like pork chops. MMmmmm!!
Personal experience. :)

Sprite's Keeper

Damn it, you're making me ache for another baby!
Seriously, a very sweet love letter to a gorgeous little boy who must have a killer smile if he only reserves it for special people.

Dawn B

Such a beautiful post.
you almost made me want to have another one.


What a punkity-punk-punkinhead. I yuvs him.


love the post!

Wacky Mommy

u know I've been over here waiting for the squirrel for months now.


You do have the most gorgeous boys. Loving the happy smiles, loving the squirrel flashbacks to Noah!


It's not that Ez is fat -- Noah just has a distinguished, pointy chin, is all.


2nd babies rock :)


he's the baby with the almost perfectly, geometrically, mathematically round face. ; )


What an awesome post! And what a beautiful boy...

Jennifer @ Here I Stand

Coming out of lurkdom to say: oh, my word, comparing the behavior differences of your two little ones as babies is exactly what I've been doing with my two daughters. My older was/is "high maintainance"--like my husband was as a child. My 7-mo-old daughter is way more mellow.

About two weeks after my younger one came home from the hospital, my mother-in-law and I just watched her in amazement as she lay in her bassinet, wide awake, looking around, just CONTENT. We couldn't believe it. Because neither of us had had babies (up till then) that we could put down without them crying immediately.


Beutiful post. Beutiful Ezra.


I was reading this to my husband and stopped dead in the last paragraph because I just started weeping. We have an almost 19 month old boy and are expecting another boy in May. I hope we come through with flying colors, like you and your family have. Thank you for sharing.


Thanks for putting into words how big brothers look at baby brothers...Mine are 2 and 4 months and the mix of curiousity and indifference baffles me sometimes. But to see how the little one already adores big brother...I can't wait for them to grow up together and be buds. Forever.

Little Dutch Girl

Too funny, I did a comparison between my kids too yesterday, and my baby girl also has much chubbier cheeks! Your boys are adorable.


This is a truly beautiful post.

However, it is a truly great post because of this: "...until dawn has officially yanked her trampy low-rise pants up over her buttcrack..."


Cute turtle and squirrel!

(BTW, big sale on king size sheets at IKEA on Saturday. In case you were looking for something awful to do that day ;^)

Katie Kat

Gah! All the blogs I read from mom's who recently had another baby make me wanna have another one! I'm sure MY experience would just suck though, so I'm not doin' it...

Ez is the spitting image of Jason, and so cute it's just ridiculous! I'm SO glad you got the good stuff this time around to even the whole cosmic experience out! (Not that Noah was "bad stuff," just that just more difficult, er challenging, ummm... YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.) :)


Sniffle sniffle...yet again, you've brought this pregnant woman to tears. I'm expecting boy #2 and am always curious if he will look like #1....I cannot believe how much your boys look alike! They'll be best buddies.. . So adorable...

Tracey B.

First, they are SUCH brothers! Wow.

Second, I am amazed that you haven't eaten him yet. He IS delicious!

Kimberly C

Honestly, when I scrolled down and saw the Noah baby pic, I was like woah, when did Ezra start looking like Noah. Then I scrolled down further.

Thanks for telling us all that the little hurts and regrets from #1 sometimes get healed with #2. Though I am nowhere near ready for #2 I am still in the process of learning that 2 kids are not always the same.

Beautiful post...


I think entries like this should be illegal. This makes me want to go over there and gobble him up!

In a good way...


Ezra is so adorable. Gosh you have the most beautiful babies!!
How is your dad doing?


Okay, I know you know Ezra is adorable but OMG I think he is the cutest thing EVER. This coming from a woman who doesn't have or ever want kids. Except possibly for Ezra - him I like. Can I borrow him for a bit?


DEAR GOD! EZRA! THE CUTE! *BANG!* (Head smacking desk during full body melt.)


I know you've written about how surprised you were that Ezra took to nursing so easily and that you were glad that it went smoother and was more successful than with Noah.

What did you do to get it started differently this time? Is it simply a matter of a different baby, different way of nursing? Did you pump / bottle feed / SNS at all at the beginning?

I'm curious because my first baby didn't nurse well. Had tounge tie, a recessed chin, not much of a sucking reflex. I'm pregnant with #2 and hoping for a better breastfeeding outcome (but also in a better position to not beat myself up about it this time). I just wonder if there was anything you feel that you did that made it happen better the 2nd time.


ohmygoodness he is just so dang adorable.


oh Amy, Ezra is just the CUTEST! My favorite photo of this bunch is the one below the one of him looking in the crib mirror, the one with his mouth open like he's telling you a funny story. We did that same thing with our babies, listened to them coo and then said "oh really? And then what happened?" funny how that's a universal thing. Hooray for babies who sleep, too!

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