I Spent So Much Time Writing This Post I Have No Words Left For a Title

I Has A Sickness

So a few weeks ago, I told Jason that I wanted to switch to cloth diapers. He was all for it, of course -- I mean, we have an ENTIRE DRAWER of Gerber pre-folds that we use for burp rags! We'll just go to the store and like, buy some pins.

(He's so cute, really. He is. Precious.)

Of course, I quickly schooled him on the Modern Cloth Diaper System, with its space-age absorbency and inserts and snaps and the fact that Noah and Ezra can actually wear the SAME SIZE, like oh my God, we can finally stop spending all our booze money on Lightening McQueen Pull-Ups (the prices of which are totally the diaper manufacturers getting all passive-aggressive on you: Oh, you want to potty-train your kid? You just need something for naps and nighttime? Oh, let us HELP YOU with that! And reward your years of faithful diaper purchasing with a totally extraneous product that inexplicably costs twice as much. Fork it over, suckers, we ain't done with you yet.).

I pointed out the number of times already that we have Totally Forgotten To Buy Diapers and driven to the store in a panic begging the baby not to soil himself (a second child phenomenon if I've ever seen one -- there was exactly one time that I ran out of diapers with Noah and had to slap a too-small swim diaper on his butt and drive all white-knuckled to the store). I pointed out that Ezra's bottom is always a little irritated and the earth and whatever and blah blah blah and Jason was all, "I said I thought it was a good idea, why are you still talking?"

And at that point I jumped up and down like I was getting a goddamn puppy and promised to always keep the diapers clean and washed and folded and take them for walks EVERY DAY, I SWEAR.

Jason eyed me suspiciously, as he damn well should have, since you'll notice I left out two pieces of info:

1) That the initial purchase cost of a decent number of decent cloth diapers is mumble mumble approximately eleventy frajillion willion dollars oh look a PONY, and...



(After I went through both of the yellow diapers I put him in a sage one that matched the design on the t-shirt. Although I did have to change his socks. Last night he wore a periwinkle diaper and a blue t-shirt with purplish lettering and then oh my god, these argyle legwarmers that totally matched and yes, even when he's wearing footie sleepers I still like to make sure the diaper sort-of matches.)

(You might wonder if I have a similar tic when it comes to my own underwear. You might need to go mind your own fucking business.)

(YES. I DO.)



OH MY GOD this is SO not getting weird! Or... am I also getting weird now because I think the whole matchy-match thing is absolutely frickin' the best thing ever?

PS: Every kid picture you post reaffirms my comment that you and your husband possess the unique and greatly coveted "cutest babies ever" gene. Me = jealous.


Love it! Our first is due in June and I'm planning on giving cloth a go. Which ones did you get?


I LOVE our cloth diapers. Best decision we ever made. Yeah, it's some money up front, but we've more than saved it already.

What kind did you get/where did you get them from?


ooohhhh....I cloth diaper too and damn if they aren't just the cutest things ever. I can't wait 'til summer when I don't have to cover them up. I don't know what kind you're using but I dare you to wander over to etsy and check out some of the cutest baby butt coverings ever! Your wallet may not survive though.
You'll soon discover that running out of diapers is easily matched by not getting the laundry done in a timely manner...and any sort of washing machine break down becomes a disaster of epic proportions. But the diapers are so cute, and you are saving the planet! Yay.

Amy in StL

I thought I was the only woman in the world who matched her bra and panties with her outfit. Really? I'm not? I'm totally going to tell the female members of my family that they're the weird ones!


Jason, you SO have my sympathy right now!

Courtney D

OMG... bumGenius Rocks My WORLD!! Who knew that diapers could be so frickin' exciting?!?! It almost makes me want to go throw a load in the laundry right now... almost.


nkc - Fuzzi Bunz. Not gonna lie, though: we're having some leakage problems with them (of course, we are spoiled from disposables). We need to double-bag both of the boys at night with extra inserts.

But the cost savings potential and The Cuteness cannot be denied, and they sure do seem comfy and cozy.


Yes, but it's a cute sickness!


There is absolutely nothing wrong with matching underwear. NOTHING! It just has to match or I feel weird all day...


OMG, yes, I have this sickness too! We started to use cloth diapers on my husband's suggestion for the earth-friendly, cost-saving issues but then I discovered that they are SO CUTE and FUN and it totally became my thing. My mom really doesn't get it and looks at me like I am insane when I ask for diapers for the kids' birthdays and Christmas and whatnot. Sigh... But it's fun and you really do save money if you can keep yourself from buying too many and then there's the planet and all. Yay!


Haha the yellow colour-coordinated outfit is very cute! ;) And uh, I maybe totally don't *ahem* do the same thing as you haha.


Oh look you are in the honeymoon stages of cloth diapering! So sweet! we have been using them on and off for a year now and they are still holding up well, but I really hate the smell of old urine. It just hasn't grown on me like I thought it would.

Sprite's Keeper

You slay me! When I even thought about cloth diapers, the upkeep alone had me hugging a Huggie. (I kid. I use Pampers.) Good luck and please show more pictures like this of squishy babyness. The cheeks, the legs, the arms, not good for the diet!


We use bumgenius and have not too many leaks, in fact very few at all. Not to toot the bumgenius horn at all....

Amy H

So I guess this means you like them. haha.

1. where do you get them?
2. give me an much do they really cost?
3. how much extra laundry are you doing?


I did cloth diaper for the first year. It was great. No diaper rash, never ran out of diapers, totally saved money. Then I went back to work. Day care won't do cloth and I have less time for laundry. Sigh... It's pampers all the way now. And one exploded the other night! Srsly, I unzipped the jammies Monday morning and gel crystals everywhere. Yuck!

Rock on with your cloth diapers!

Miss Grace

I cloth diapered. I used a mix of old school prefolds with pins, and SUPER CUTE OMG GOODNESS. Loved it.


We love the cloth!! FuzziBunz are awesome, and actually what we are using at night right now, but yes. You have to double-stuff 'em to avoid the leaks - we are using a hemp prefold along with the cotton insert and so far, so good. And that diaper weighs about 8 tons in the morning.

misguided mommy

My socks have to match my underwear. I'm weird. I don't care if my bra and panties match but dammit my socks better match my undies. Also, my kids socks have to match their entire outfit. I can't handle a red shirt and green socks. That would send me right over the goddamn edge.


Thanks for the info. We decided on fuzzi bunz too, though the bumgenius ones were mighty tempting. I think double bagging at night is definitely the way to go.

Dr. Maureen

Yay! Another convert! You'll be so happy you switched! Plus, you get to feel all smug when people start talking about the environment.

You got a diaper sprayer, right? Key element, that.


Very cute pic of Ez!


Fact: nothing makes you feel frumpy and un-pulled-together like underwear that doesn't match your outfit. Similarly, precious little in life feels better than underwear that perfectly matches your outfit right down to the socks. I am totally with you on this.

Poppy Buxom

Yay for cloth diapers coming back into style!

I switched when I walked out of Target with $150 worth of infant and toddler sized Pamers. $150 on baby shit==Poppy's head exploding.

My kids have $500 in secret hidden bank accounts that I set up with the money I wasn't spending on cloth diapers.

And I actually enjoyed laundering them, folding them, and stacking them up in cute little piles.

It really is a sickness!

kim at allconsuming

Pull-Ups (the prices of which are totally the diaper manufacturers getting all passive-aggressive on you: Oh, you want to potty-train your kid? You just need something for naps and nighttime? Oh, let us HELP YOU with that! And reward your years of faithful diaper purchasing with a totally extraneous product that inexplicably costs twice as much. Fork it over, suckers, we ain't done with you yet.)

Is just one of the many reasons I have this irrational love for you.

And dude, I have to hang washing on the line using the same coloured pegs on the one article of clothing and ideally a colour of peg that is the same or at least complimentary to the article it is hanging.

I win.


Oh my holy hell, THAT was hysterical. Thank you. I needed that today. LOVE YOU more than my luggage.


Now I'm totally ashamed that I put a bright green diaper on him under his blue pajamas last night.

Must Be Motherhood

This is hysterical.

But I sense that it will be topped by your next post about cleaning the effing things. Scraping poop daily? Do tell.


I don't think I'd have the heart to try cloth diapers. Because change is scary. So is doing laundry.


Can we get a follow up post on how the washing and blow out containing effectiveness is going? Just when you're ready, no pressure.


OOOHhh...he's like a teensy weensy little duck in all that yellow!


That actually sounds perfectly normal to me. Because I used to match sippy cups to clothing. You do that too, don't you?


I wouldn't be brave enough to clean cloth diapers.

One of my friends makes sure that her bra and panties match her outfit every day. For me, that's way too much effort. I think its a feat that I can remember to put on one of each every morning.


We're transitioning to cloth right now, too

Before Peeper was born, I bought some prefolds & Pro Wrap covers from a friend, but then she was early and tiny and no way they were going to work at first.

Now that she's 4 months old, and plenty big enough for them, I see that they're kind of a pain.

Enter my doula / La Leche League leader, who sells cloth diapers, etc online: "I like Bum Genius, would you like a few to try?"

She gave us a sample pack of four (pink, yellow, green, blue) to test drive and we've been alternating those (yay! Easter-egg-baby-butt, happy happy Mama, willing-to-use-them Mommy!) with the prefolds / covers (meh. Giant, lumpy baby butt, annoyed Mama, completely-freaked-out-by-them-Mommy) when we're at home with what-the-fuck-are-these? where are my "swaddlers - with cotton!"? "Baby Dry" Pampers when we're out and about.

I emailed her today and asked for twenty more.

Everytime I put a prefold on Peeper I tell her "don't worry, the good diapers are on the way!"


I could tell by your color names that they are fuzzibunz. We use them, too, and here's my tip - I fold up a "burp rag" as you call them and stick it up front. Where the, er, business end is. It makes all of his pants fit weird, but contains a lot of the wetness.

We do disposable at night, because there is no way FBs are gonna hold on for 10 hours or whatever. I want to spring for G Diapers at night so I can love the earth and yada yada, but have not yet convinced the thrifty husband that the extra expense is worth it.

Final note. We bought Mediums before the babe was born. He turned out to be a giant. They are a little tight on his 10 month old chub thighs, but tough noogies. (See: Massive Upfront Expense!!! You Will Wear These Even If Your Legs Fall Off From No Circulation, Kid!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahaaaa.)


We just started part-time (nights and weekends) cloth diapering our 9 month old. We went with Bum Genius 3.0. We've had a few leaks...mostly overnight but remedied that with a hemp babies little weeds insert under the microfiber. I'm also in the honeymoon stage and obsessed with the cute, actually enjoying laundry, etc...we will see how long it lasts.

Suzy Q

Cloth diapers come in colors?

*crawls back under the Rock of Ages where all the other oldsters hang out*


Dude. It's totally true. Why don't the disposable diaper folks get it? WE WANT CUTE BUT PLAIN DIAPERS. Not your Sesame, Pooh, Blue's Clues commercialized diapers. If they made cute plain diapers, I would buy them and swear it was because they "work better."


Amy H:

1), although really, there are four hundred million websites out there selling the same diapers for essentially the same price. I went with that site simply because they had all the colors I wanted in-stock, offered free shipping AND would send you one free diaper if you ordered 12 or more. (Click on the tab that says Free Diapers for info.)

2) Well, Fuzzi Bunz are about $18 apiece, more or less. The more you buy, the cheaper each individual diaper becomes. I bought a package of 15 (including inserts) for $250. We'll need about 10 more diapers and a bunch more inserts for laundry purposes, but I figured I might want to try another brand (bumGenius, probably). But! Like I said, Ez and Noah can both wear the same size (medium), and hopefully Ezra will wear these same diapers for a loooooong time to come. (They're a little big on him now, actually, and Noah STILL isn't on the biggest snap setting.)

There are also sites that sell secondhand cloth diapers for cheaper. Which I'm sure is a great deal but does kind of trigger my twitch factor.

3) Right now, with only 15 diapers and inserts, double-stuffing at night included, I can either do close to all of them every other day, or do one very small load every day. I also wash our cloth wipes (I KNOW, I KNOW, fucking tree-hugging hippie crap, but I really like them too) and burp rags and such at the same time. And then I toss in a load of clothes, just because I'm THERE and DOING IT.

So I don't know if it's so much as "extra" laundry as "impetus to get up off my ass and stay on top of the laundry we already have that's threatening to kill us all."

(And yes, I know there's the whole debate over whether constantly washing cloth has any less of an environmental impact than disposables in the landfills. I really honestly decided to do cloth for my own pocketbook dollah dollah bill reasons.)

Are disposables easier? Hell yes. I will never bullshit anyone about that. If I worked outside of the home I (PERSONALLY) would find it pretty damn annoying to stay on top of. But cloth is so far pretty awesome in its own, different way and not nearly the pain I once thought it would be. I mean: it's laundry. Oh, woe, what suffering. I've been dumping man-sized poops from diapers into the potty for a couple years now -- I don't have much squeamishness left, I guess.

AND SO CUTE. And fuzzy.


Do you know about Potty Pattys? You'd want Potty Scottys for your kids probably... My daughter is a tiny bit older than Noah and we were able to buy a lot more wine once we found these and stopped buying stupid princess pullups.


(Gah, just re-read that novel and wanted to clarify that I toss in a load of our clothes AFTER I wash the diapers and put them in the dryer. I'm not washing my shirts in with the poop, or anything. Not squeamish and yet...a little squeamish.)


Oh, I do miss my daughter's enormous, cloth diapered behind. When she potty trained we were shocked to discover that she actually has NO ASS to speak of. She was bootylicious while it lasted.


So freakin adorable! And, YES! to the whole pull up SCAM.


We had a Bad Leaky Experience with fuzzibunz when Megan was a newborn. We've been using Bum genius for almost a year now and SO SO AWESOME! Rarely do we get leaks. We still don't brave cloth at night though, we use 7th generation disposables at night which are good for 14 straight hours:)


I do too!

Crabby Apple Seed

When I decided to cloth diaper, my whole family acted as if I'd decided to give up deodorant or raise my daughter in a mud hut. I'm not sure what the hang up is, because of all the ideas I had about parenting, cloth diapering is really the only one that I don't look back on with embarassment over my naivete. It is really that easy.

Oh, and count me among the bumgenius fans- I also like Happy Heiny's, in spite of their poor grammar (unless, of course, Heiny makes all the diapers.)


Oh and I work full time and am still using cloth, no problem, like you say, it's just LAUNDRY after all. We're not pounding our diapers against rocks then wringing them out by hand after all:)

I just send three or four cloth diapers to daycare every day with a CUTE little tote bag and pick up the bag full of dirty diapers, then add them to my diaper bin once I'm home. Easy peasy.


I use Fuzzi Bunz too and I have had some problems at night so I just use disposables - I don't know if my daughter it some kind of monster pee-er or what but I had to switch because it was making me insane. BUT I just read on a cloth diaperers Flickr page that she uses this microfiber ... towels or something? From Costco? Like a Sham-WOW! kind of? She folds that over the insert and it sucks up all the pee and I am going to try it the very next time I go to Costco.

I bought my Fuzzi Bunz used and I have already sold my size smalls for exactly what I bought them (which turned out to be rill rill dumb since I am already having another baby) so I only had to pay for the washing.

Also do you use a lot of detergent? I think it works best, absorbency-wise, if you only use about half the soap you would normally use for a large load. And no bleach or fabric softener, natch, but you probably know that. And maybe someone already said it? If so I apologize I just - it was very frustrating for me in the beginning to have all that damned LEAKING and it has become all sunshine and roses (practically) since I started doing all the above.

And they are adorable, right? I have ones with the bugs on them and it drives me insane with glee when she wears them.


Oh, man, so I am NOT the only one who matches her underwear to her outfit?? That is tremendous!

I will be completely honest here--I have sometimes changed my underwear after changing my mind about what I'm going to wear simply because it makes my brain itchy to know that they don't match (or at least coordinate).


I love cloth! I've been using in on my 7 month old since he was born. When he was super tiny we used kissaluvs, now he's in bumgenius. Now that he's eating solids, dealing with poop is a little grosser than it used to be, but luckily about half of the time I can figure out when he's going to go & just hold him over the toilet. But, for vacation & traveling purposes, putting him in disposables make things a lot easier.


We have been using Bum genius for 6 weeks now on our 2 year old. Our newborn only weighed 4 # 13 oz so we have a few more weeks to wait for her to make it into the diapers, right now they practically go up to her chin on the smallest setting. We have no leaks at night as long as we use 2 newborn inserts along with the regular insert. And this kid can pee! I am being totally honest when saying we have had NO leaks at all with these diapers. Also make sure to get the sprayer attachment that hooks up to the toilet. It gets all the poop off so none ever makes it in to the washing machine. We love these diapers!


we love cloth diapering. but i'm not a huge fuzzy bunz fan--more leaks, and not as absorbent as bum genius. the downsides with bum genius is that their colors aren't as nice, and they are bulky. happy heinys are in between the two--nice colors, a little more trim, better than the fuzzy bunz but not quite as good as the bum genius.

the total life saver when nice breast milk poop turns into solid food poop is using liners.


Thanks for a best laugh I've had in days. Hysterical, Amy.


Wow, your couch looks COM-FY. *is jealous of The Awesome Couch*

And Little Man Ez? Totally nommable.

Great work on sofa purchases and cute-baby making Amalah!


Admittedly, I am a Landfilling Water Conservationist, but I can see the appeal of cloth diapering. Sorta. Except for that whole "must do laundry" thing that keeps turning me off from the whole venture. Although, I must say, I am resisting knitting up a pair of longies myself just because they are so frocking cute.

That said, I am actually looking into cloth alternatives for training pants and swim diapers. Also, I am with you on your stance towards the nefarious Pull-Ups. What a conspiracy.

the Wife

YAY! We've been cloth diapering since the Boy was 3 months old and we LOVE it. We use the bumGenius 3.0s and I just bought some more because they are that pretty. And frankly, when you have to wipe someone else's bum, it's nice to have something pretty to look forward to at the end of it. Yay for you!


Been thinking about moving to cloth diapering. I like it in theory, but then I remember being a kid and changing my sisters diapers when my mom switched to cloth... so I have icky childhood memories of swishing the diapers in the toilet that I need to get past before I could truly consider using cloth on my own kid.



Big Gay Sam

I've always suspected that you were a gay man trapped in a woman's body. :P


We just switched to cloth a few months ago for #2 (now 10 months old) and I love them (especially the cuteness! oh, yes, and the saving of the earth thing! woo hoo!). We do use disposables for long outings and nighttime because I hated having him be wet and cold in the morning because he leaked (even after double stuffing). After experimenting with a few brands, we've settled on bumgenius. I really liked the fuzzi buns - mostly because they're cuter and come in more colors - but they leaked more.

Oh, also...old urine smell sucks. But everything's a trade-off, no?


As a 22-yr-old pregnant college graduate, I announced that I had "better things to do than wash diapers." But as a 23-yr-old SAHM, I realized that I didn't. I don't remember the brand we used (16 years ago), but they were great--although just white. My kids also potty trained really easily--perhaps because wet cotton feels nasty.

Aimee Ledwell

Whatever you do, DO NOT try a goodmama diaper if you want to keep your sanity and your money. They are seriously the BEST THING EVER. I love them like cake.


Yup. We went with the BumGenius 3.0s for our second child, and can I say how much I love them?! The colors...and the savings, so nice.


Bumgenius and Fuzzibunz are awesome! The Bumgenius insert in the Fuzzibunz diaper works best for us at night. I've been cloth diapering for the last year or so with my three year old son and 5 month old daughter. Like other people have mentioned a diaper sprayer is so helpful and if you have a problem with smelly inserts (later down the line) Bumgenius makes an odor control spray that works pretty well (don't inhale any though!). Good luck and have fun with all the lovely diapers!


I already completely babbled on this subject on your Advice Smackdown, so I'll just add: Yes, the matching-ness of the diapers to the clothes is KILLER cute. Our baby has his matching diaper on in our Kaileen Galhouse photos (another gift your Web site has given us!) and it is so awesome. Good luck!

MeL - Stay At Aum Mom

AHH! Me too! Kid #3 and I finally bit the bullet. I have to say, I keep wondering what the hell I was so afraid of! I use gDiapers (but instead of the pricey eco-friendly disposable inserts, I just fold up prefold diapers to the correct size and shove them in.) I also just bought a bunch of bum genius 3.0 one size diapers. It's addictive. I got the wahmies dirty diaper sack and put lavender essential oil on the special little scent tag thingamajig and I have been toying with making my own laundry detergent for all the loads and WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT?! Yeah. THat's the same look my husband gives me. Before he backs away slowly and reminds me that now that the whole cloth thing has been instituted at my insistence he is NEVER changing another diaper. And I agreed to this. Because I obviously need to lower my meds. Or something.


Okay, so maybe I didn't have the right new-age variety but after my son was born my "plan" was to use disposables for a month or two to give myself a break and then switch to cloth. I tried a snappy-with-inserts type... then just used prefolds for a while because the others were SO BULKY AND NO GOOD. And then the prefolds were leaky and I felt like he was never comfortable and I was changing him SO much more often... and I reluctantly went back to disposables. So can someone tell me is it just a matter of finding the right cloth ones? or are you essentially signing up for a baby that a bit bulky & wet if he's not changed every 1/2 hour? New baby in-coming and I'm willing to try again if it's a matter of just buying the right stuff.

Momo Fali

A pony? Where?! I want one! Either that or some of those a-DOR-able diapers. Who cares if my kids are ten and six?

Dr. Maureen

We used a combination of FuzziBunz and BumGenius when Jack was a newborn, but once he grew out of the smalls we replaced all the FBs with BGs. We have a few BG all-in-ones in M and L, but then we have the BG One-sizes. BGOS's save lots of money, because they last three times as long!

Oh,and someone up there was suggesting microfiber towels as doublers? It sounds like you're not having a problem using two inserts, but if that ever gets too tight, might I suggest using a Trader Joe's viscose bar towel? They saved our lives when Jack was sleeping through the night but couldn't stand to wear two inserts.

Actually, I have a whole primer on CDing on my blog, if you or anyone reading these comments is interested:; click the "Cloth Diapering Manifesto" links on the sidebar.


Am I thinking of someone else who had every itty bitty baby outfit they owned strung up in the kitchen due to a laundry device failure days after you brought number 2 home?

Its enough trouble to keep everyone in clean clothes at our house, forget trying to add cloth diapers. But oh, is that matchy matchy cute!


Bumgenius 3.0 rules my world. I love that they are adjustable and you can use them for the duration.

To those of you wanting to cloth diaper and work out of the home...daycare centers should NOT give you beef about the new cloth diapers! They are EXACTLY the same as disposables...instead of throwing it in the garbage, just have them throw it in your own small garbage bin and you take the dirties home every night. My daycare center does it for me and it's working out really well. Also, you can always tell them that your baby has an allergy to disposables and has to use cloth.

The key to cloth and not making yourself crazy is to really invest in a good stockpile so you're not doing diapers every day. Or even every other day. I spent a lot of $ upfront...probably over %500, but as those of you who use disposables know, that's a drop in the bucket compared to what you'll spend overall. Not to mention better for baby and environment!

Bumgenius hasn't given us much trouble with leaks and our guy sleeps at least 10 hours a night. I double up with inserts at night. There's the occasional wet bed, but I think you'll get that no matter what you use.

So buck up ladies! You can do it! You can work and do it! My hubby and I take turns washing them...and we usually do it about twice a week. We've got # 2 on the way and are just going to increase our supply and assign "diaper days" so we don't get giant overflowing pails that get more daunting by the day.

By the way, I got my diapers on ebay as well as from (I think give you a $10 off coupon for first time orders). Just google bumgenius 3.0 and you'll find lots of retailers. Expect to pay 18-20 bucks per diaper. So worth it though.


I share your sickness, I'm totally addicted to cloth! The meetings are on thursday.


Cloth diapering becomes an addiction in which you will always want to be buying more, even though you don't need to, because look, they come in new colors!


Just another comment to say Yay! I love BumGenius (I've used every brand out there) and the laundry is sooooo not a big deal. And 16 months into the cloth diaper endeavor and I'm still folding and stacking them while gushing over their cuteness. And totally patting myself on the back on the cost savings and the environment. You'll never look back.


Maybe Jason will become like my husband and be a cloth diaper evangelist? Because whenever we are anywhere J tells the world about the diapers.

We do Bum Genius and Fuzzi Buns and really, no leaks at all. Once you figure out the sizing and stuffing it is brilliant. Whenever I use disposables we have tons of issues so I am probably on the weird side when I say cloth is a million times easier (for me) and wow has it saved us money.

And I work outside the home full time so it must really be easy.

Lindsay Kavet

Yeah! I hope you inspire others to try cloth.
Stick with it!!


Cloth diapers are yummay. My fav is BumGenius except that the colors suck. No red? How could they not have red??? Happy Heinys have OS cow print which rocks. Gotta say I hate snaps though...they seriously piss me off.


I love our cloth diapers too- we have been using them for over a year and I will never go back. We use Fuzzi Bunz mostly with Bum Genius at night (stuffed with two inserts) and have some Swaddlebees mixed in there too. Most of my FB I bought as seconds and have had no problems with them. They usually cost me around $12. Cloth wipes are the best too. I'm lucky the daycare we use will do cloth dipes.


I had to chuckle at your last two paragraphs. I, too, suffer from said tic. And apparently (yea!) I'm not the only one.


*GASP* He looks like a little suuuun!!! A chubby, perfectly round-headed, shiny little planet that nourishes the whooole world with his nommy cheeks!


Yay! Welcome to the Dark Side! :) I made the switch after Evie was born and ZOMG I loves mah diapers. (Okay, that sounded weird.) Whatever you do, don't ever DARE go to because if you do you will never have spending money AGAIN.


Good for you. I'm a little jealous but it the laundry it entails is much too daunting for me.

If only you could rent the cloth diapers for a few weeks to try them out.


I just have to say that you need to post MORE pictures of diapers and matching outfits. They are too cute. (I used fuzzi buns too)


Okay, can you please share details on the overnight diaper that fits a big kid? I've actually been googling something like this all week, with no luck. My four-year-old is HUGE and yet still wets the bed, and I am also sick of paying for the Toy Story pull-ups.

And really? Only ONE desperate moment with a swim diaper?? That is like a monthly occurance in my house. Have also pulled from the newborn stash on my 2-year-old in a pinch. Kinda like a g-string diaper, but saved me a trip.


No offense, but yellow is not Ezra's color.


This totally sums up my fear of cloth diapers.


We've been cloth diapering for a couple years now- a mix of fuzzi bunz and bum genius. I prefer the snaps of the FB- the velcro on the BG are getting pretty frayed, and my almost two year old can undo the velcro. Not so for the snaps!

I have found that leaks also depend on how your child sleeps- if they are on their side, BG are awful. The stretchy side panels are not water resistant, and have become soaked on overnights.

And, for anyone considering moving to cloth, there is an excellent website that gives a good run down of the types of diapers, reviews on brands, and also lets diaper vendors post sales that they're having;

I highly recommend it!


We've been cloth diapering for a couple years now- a mix of fuzzi bunz and bum genius. I prefer the snaps of the FB- the velcro on the BG are getting pretty frayed, and my almost two year old can undo the velcro. Not so for the snaps!

I have found that leaks also depend on how your child sleeps- if they are on their side, BG are awful. The stretchy side panels are not water resistant, and have become soaked on overnights.

And, for anyone considering moving to cloth, there is an excellent website that gives a good run down of the types of diapers, reviews on brands, and also lets diaper vendors post sales that they're having;

I highly recommend it!


We've been cloth diapering for a couple years now- a mix of fuzzi bunz and bum genius. I prefer the snaps of the FB- the velcro on the BG are getting pretty frayed, and my almost two year old can undo the velcro. Not so for the snaps!

I have found that leaks also depend on how your child sleeps- if they are on their side, BG are awful. The stretchy side panels are not water resistant, and have become soaked on overnights.

And, for anyone considering moving to cloth, there is an excellent website that gives a good run down of the types of diapers, reviews on brands, and also lets diaper vendors post sales that they're having;

I highly recommend it!

Love the matching outfit!!!
But can you keep it up? that's a lot of outfit changes in a day..... not saying you cant do it, but i will be impressed!


Very, very excited to see you post about this! I love your blog; we have much in common. I have a 3 yr. old and a 4 mo. old. The older one is using our one sized diapers at night while the younger one uses them all the time. I LOVE Cloth Diapering! Save buttloads of money, they are cute, help the environment a bit, and eliminate rashes. Only downside is the laundry... but what is one more load, really?
My favorite one sized diapers are Fuzzi Bunz and Bum Genius... we also have a Swaddlebees Econappi, a Starbunz (cute!), a Blueberry, and I'm waiting on a Rumparooz. Seriously, the best site to learn more about CDing (and to sell 'em when you're done-- seriously, there are people who will buy them) is DiaperSwappers.

katie ~ motherbumper

I dress from the inside out too (b/c you never ever know when you might have to show them and then if that happens, at least you don't have to worry about folks thinking less of you, OR they will distracted by your coordination so that whatever made you strip down becomes less stressful - or not. Anyhow, dressing for success from the inside out makes life less stressful).

And I did cloth for approximately 80% of diapering for the first two years. The cost benefit made it completely worth it. So yah for you (and Ezra's cute little tushy).


We love our bumGeniuses on our 3 month old. We have never ever once had a leak in them, even though she regularly sleeps 10-11 hours, waking up to eat and fall back asleep without a change.

We use a combination of them, some bummis + prefolds, and the free Seventh Generation diapers we got from our Amazon registry. It works great! Luckily our daycare provider has no problem with the bumGeniuses. I can't wait until warm weather when I can dress her in just a BG + shirt!


So glad that people are still using cloth diapers! You go girls! My kids are 14 and 16 now and I actually had a diaper service(still cheaper than disposable)and LOVED IT!!!!! Cloth diapers rock! And um yeah panties and bras so totally have to match. I too am not above changing one or the other to make sure I am color coordinated!


Oh, and I also work outside the home, four days a week. I just went back three weeks ago but so far so good with the laundry. It's a load on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. And cloth diaper laundry is totally the most fun laundry to fold and put away! I'm a dork.


Hemp is your friend! To anyone having difficulties using fuzzi bunz at night, our foolproof solution has been to use 2 normal inserts with a hemp insert sandwiched in between. We also will stick a hemp insert in (they're SO thin!) if we're going to be out and about on errands.

We used fuzzi bunz for my 3-year-old and are now using the same diapers for my 1-year-old. I love them!

PS - don't forget to get cloth wipes! You can make your own or buy some super cheap.


Oh, and we had a diaper service for the first 12 weeks, courtesy of Nana. DC area, so if you are at all interested, I highly recommend Dennis is super helpful and awesome, and the only reason we dropped it was she started going to daycare and we sent her with bumGeniuses. It kinda negates the cost saving part of it, though :-) I was glad not to have to do diaper laundry for the first weeks of crazy newborn-ness.


Wow--I hate laundry, so can't imagine using cloth. Luckily my kids are way past that stage. I also want you to know that I have a 13 year old son with Aspergers Syndrome. When he was 2 or 3 we were also looking at SI issues and speech/language therapy and doing all that stuff. Got the AS diagnosis at age 6 and started Ritalin to help with impulsivity--wow what a difference! I think the biggest advice I can give you is not to put so much pressure on yourself to "get it right." With these kids there IS no school that is exactly designed for them, you just make the best out of what your options are. (Mine is in regular public middle school, in gifted classes, with a full time 1on1 para-professional provided by public school) You will make it through, and he will progress, and the issues you are dealing with at age 3 are different than the issues you will deal with at age 13. For me, every day is a surprise. Things seem to be going along swimmingly and then BAM! Some bitch teacher says she thinks the IEP is a crutch. Or you get a note that he refused to do an assignment and is getting an F. Then you get a note that he is doing awesome socially for the past two weeks. The point is, take a deep breath, drink some wine, and know that you may never have "THE ANSWER," but you will always do the best with what you're given. And you'll keep plugging through, for the rest of your life, and so will he.


Holy matching socks-and-diapers, I was all prepared to leave a comment about how impressive it is to make that kind of move, all green and eco-y with the recycled diapers but I got so distracted by HEIDI KLUM talking at the bottom of the site I forgot what I was going to say. SHe must be your new BFF.

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